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the new innkeeper?

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5/19/2017 13:42:07   

for those of you who haven't seen it yet, the other day tomix posted an image of what appears to be the newest innkeeper of falconreach. so for those of you who for some reason i can't quite comprehend despised spruce, there you go. spruce isn't in charge anymore.

anyways, what are your thoughts on this new inkeeper? personally i think he might be interesting(yes, i said "he". he looks pretty male to me).
DF  Post #: 1
5/19/2017 13:45:08   

If I knew we would get this I'd stick with Spurce lol
Post #: 2
5/19/2017 13:53:17   

where is that image?
also as to spruce, s/he just isn't a decent replacement of Serenity.
Post #: 3
5/19/2017 13:53:51   

I am very excited. Did you guys see his staff thing? Tomix also states he knows how to keep himself and others safe...could it be that we finally have an innkeeper who knows how to protect people?! :D

Plus look at that HAIR! Sooooo cool!

@Subon: Why's that? O:
Post #: 4
5/19/2017 15:02:49   


and that's why i don't understand your dislike. they're not SUPPOSED to be "replacements".

if you leave a job for whatever reason, and someone new comes in and gets that same job later on, that new person isn't a "replacement". they're just taking an open position. replacement would be if the person had gotten kicked out specifically so that a new person could take their place.

edit: he posted it on his twitter yesterday.


i know right? that's some pretty interesting hair.

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 5/19/2017 15:35:53 >
DF  Post #: 5
5/19/2017 16:20:53   

Can someone post a link to the picture?
DF  Post #: 6
5/19/2017 16:27:24   

I can't find his twitter account.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
5/19/2017 16:27:46   


here you go.

@alamiran it was renamed to dove. or you can just look up @tomixDF

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 5/19/2017 16:28:35 >
DF  Post #: 8
5/19/2017 16:32:25   

@Above I know that, but there are a lot of peopleon Twitter named Dove. I found it already though, but thanks anyways!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
5/19/2017 16:42:53   

I'm excited to see what he's like, I'm hoping we'll get to meet this upcoming release. I wonder if Spruce will still help around the inn.


DF AQW  Post #: 10
5/19/2017 16:57:43   


she probably will be. she IS supposed to be the assistant after all.
DF  Post #: 11
5/19/2017 18:34:52   

I think we were all a bit ungrateful picking on spruce.

< Message edited by San Robin -- 5/22/2017 15:48:33 >
Post #: 12
5/19/2017 18:35:13   
AQW Lore-titician

that hair is just FABULOUS!
DF AQW  Post #: 13
5/19/2017 18:40:19   

I'm probably, well, almost certainly wrong, but the way that hair looks and Dove's confirmation of his abilities, part of me thinks he's one of those "Light ones" Caitiff was talking about. (Assuming Dove/"Light One" isn't Prismagon)
Post #: 14
5/19/2017 19:04:30   

Just so all of you know, it's a boy. One look in Tomix's replies says it all.
I guess that's a... good thing? I don't really know, nor do I care at this point.
Post #: 15
5/19/2017 19:48:08   
dark garuda

Damn, DF's been toting a lot of rather winsome lads as of late. A lot! My boy Grevi may walk around with his bare chest hanging out - bloody Atealan 'combat armour' in action - but even he's gonna be left feeling emasculated!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 16
5/19/2017 19:50:18   

@Alli: Well, that comes off a bit rude :P

I think he looks amazing, and he is totally going to be a badass. Do you SEE that staff? He also has experience 'protecting' other people, duuuude, he could be a light spirit of some kind like Dove! I honestly love him already.

@Subon: You've said you dislike him twice pretty much, but why tho? I'm curious O:
Post #: 17
5/19/2017 20:04:22   


My somewhat tiredness doesn't exactly come from disliking the new innkeeper, more from the fact that I feel all this work should go elsewhere

That aside, not a big fan of his design either, I feel like when it comes to characters like these I'd prefer someone more... comfier to be around, Serenity was perfect in that she was a simple breadlady, Spurce not as good but he worked, this... thing on the other hand just screams stranger danger. I'd be plenty fine if he was placed somewhere else, but I cant imagine seeing someone like him first thing after I wake up, let's just say I'd rather sleep on the street.
Post #: 18
5/19/2017 20:05:57   

I thought he looked plenty nice but yeah, can see how he might come off as dangerous looking. I guess we'll see what his personality is like soon though!

Also, he's clearly a male XD So not a 'thing' :L

< Message edited by FriendOfAFriend -- 5/19/2017 20:07:57 >
Post #: 19
5/19/2017 20:08:41   

Even if he was the nicest person on earth, I feel like he's way over the top for someone that role, it's like if we got a knight in a shiny golden armor instead.
Post #: 20
5/19/2017 20:10:36   
dark garuda

I guess that's a not untrue point. Gaelan looks like he's got some secrets with him to tackle. Something to give him depth, but maybe it's skeletons in the closet. He doesn't look like a simple, innocuous type at all, which is maybe what we've come to expect from a good DF innkeeper. Granted, this is all going off looks. He could be the most boring dude ever in practice. God forbid, he could be a League of Legends player!
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
5/19/2017 20:20:53   
Silver Sky Magician

This innkeeper is the last person you'd think of when finding a place to relax, save an actual enemy. He'd look out of place anywhere on our continent, would probably fit better near Edelia.

You know who should be our new innkeeper? Fangblade.
Epic  Post #: 22
5/19/2017 20:22:45   
Baron Dante

Subon: You know, I can kind of agree on the note about wanting this work to go elsewhere, but are you sure it WOULD go elsewhere?
Think it this way. One day, someone was bored, and wanted to make a thing for fun. Then a decision occurred, and now the thing is being used for a purpose.
It's always worth keeping in mind that the staff are, in fact, humans, and might want to do artsy stuff that's not necessarily meant for anything.

It's kind of like if you make videos about a game, you can still just enjoy the game while not making videos, and sometimes that experience can change into something useful for the videos, to put that into experiences I can relate to, being a decidedly not an artsy person.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
5/19/2017 20:34:04   

If anything, I'm glad that we finally have an innkeeper who seemingly knows how to actually defend themselves.
Post #: 24
5/19/2017 20:39:38   
dark garuda

Talking work?

Well, Tomix can do whatever he fancies in my book. Seems the wilder he goes with his concepts, the more left-field, the better the end result! That's my kind of trend. Okay, more specifically, he can do whatever he wants as long as he's not whistling up some plot contrivance to bump my boy Adam Kain.

Granted, I do take the point that more efficient and directed working means less stress in the work for the devs. Just striking a balance in everything. 'Course, I wasn't great at that with my uni work...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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