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RE: the new innkeeper?

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5/19/2017 20:44:20   

Yup, I really love the creativity Tomix puts in everything he does. He could have easily made another generic bread lady, but I think he really enjoys making characters that are interesting, and I'm 100% certain our new innkeeper is going to be anything BUT not interesting!

And besides, I'm certain that further into the story there will be more basic designs for characters, but for now I am totally digging how every new character has such a unique design! Faust, this guy and Falwynn have been some of my personal favorites.
Post #: 26
5/19/2017 21:22:56   
Question Mark?

The name is reminiscent of Galen, the legendary doctor from ancient Greece, so presumably he's a healer or a cleric of some kind, which makes a lot of sense! It'd be nice to have an actual trained doctor in town instead of relying on... well, whoever has healing magic, I guess. OMG, with the rainbow color scheme and healing background, he could be a foil for Dove! I hope that's where this goes... :D
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 27
5/19/2017 21:36:05   
Dark Lord Urmi

outside of his hair being the victim of a printer ink explosion i don't see how he stands out, he looks very gentle and kind (sure looks can be deceiving but right now its all we have on him right now) i'm sure those who feel uncomfortable will adjust in time oddly enough i understand though it's like a new stepparent many feel like he is not our real innkeeper (dad XD)

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 28
5/19/2017 22:13:29   

@dark lord urmi

so, what you're saying is, we might have an interaction with the the new innkeeper along these lines:

hero: you're not my REAL innkeeper gaelen! GAWD!!! *slams door to their rented out room*
gaelen: hero, please, can't we talk about this?
DF  Post #: 29
5/19/2017 22:16:14   
Dark Lord Urmi

^ i would laugh so hard.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 30
5/19/2017 22:29:05   


Serenity might have been a generic breadlady, but she definitely fit the place way more and made it feel like an actual relaxing place. Her not being that interesting / relevant wasn't an issue because it complimented her position.
And even then, a character does not have to look like they do their hair with rainbow every morning to be interesting. I can't help but feel like this is kinda squeezed in just because Tomix felt artsy. And like I already said, that work could have totally went into something else.

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5/19/2017 22:32:15   
AQW Lore-titician

@Subon I kinda liked the idea because he said he comes from Tkaanie, so the design definitely tells he is from more exotic lands. His whole backstory just makes me want to explore more of Tkaanie, that place seems to fascinating. If I could contact Tomix more often, I would love to ask about writting a release in Tkaanie in AQW x3
DF AQW  Post #: 32
5/19/2017 23:32:44   

thanks for the link, I refuse to own a twitter account, the whole platform is toxic.

anyways s/he did replace her, I have a feeling that was the only reason they had him/her put in the in to start with.
they probably thought that no one would miss Serenity so it would be easier to replace her even though she has been with many a player for a long time.(until her murder and that was when the team learned how much many people actually cared about her even though she was just a 'background' Char).

and replacing her with that fur ball could be seen as a slap in the face.

though all I can say is at first the IC looked like a woman but is a male.. *shrugs*
at least he can protect himself and others unlike the fur ball.
Post #: 33
5/19/2017 23:37:56   

I feel like I'm the only one who thought it was obvious he was male at first :L
Post #: 34
5/19/2017 23:44:32   

I think it might have been the rainbow colored hair, only time I ever seen hair style like that these days have been on.....

I hope he has a strong background and not something like symone(I have had enough of her to last me a life time).
Post #: 35
5/19/2017 23:48:46   

@vj well, remember, spruce had been there since book 1. i'm not sure they planned THAT far in advance to add spruce to the inn just so that she could bee a temp after serenity died. i'm not sure they even planned serenity to DIE until book 3 was released.

also, i'm glad i could help with that link. one benefit of following tomix and verly on twitter is that there's actually concept art for the next updates before they're released.

@friendofafriend well, like i had said in the original post, he looked male to me.
DF  Post #: 36
5/19/2017 23:53:55   

not the only one who thought the new IC was a female. just sent a text to a few of my friends who still plays DF and asked 'Who's she?'
Post #: 37
5/20/2017 1:14:30   

So with the new innkeeper, Gaelan uses his staff as the lazy bread making roller in a possible cut scene and stirring spoon for soups to stews?
DF  Post #: 38
5/20/2017 2:34:31   

I think the real reason people don't like Gaelen is because he's a more apparent representatio of how much the game has changed. People are fine and dandy with the "darker" story, but once characters get altered or cut out, even if they're insignificant like Serenity was (let's face it, she was insignificant. Most of the outrage for her death was simply because of how sudden it was.) then dislike arises. For some reason fans are more critical of the changing art styles, as Tomix's style is different from that of others on the team, and see it as clashing with more "classic" models even though we see our fair share of colorful NPCs. Even still, the art shift has been handled well, as most of Tomix's character designs are characters residing in Tkaanie. For the argument that Gaelen's design is too "artsy", this is a game managed by a lot of talented artists, it'd be a shame if they didn't put their talent to use to push the boundaries of the universe's characters. And even if you don't like Gaelen, Book 1 Falconreach is still in the game, and Serenity's still there.
Post #: 39
5/20/2017 4:10:32   

I don't mind the new IC, I know as time goes on things must change for time waits for none and moving on must happen or the game may die other wise.
and I do agree the DF team are good at what they do and it was nice that they got rid of the fur ball.
Post #: 40
5/20/2017 4:29:09   

This Gaelan character, I like him. He seems more 3-dimensional despite being in a 2-dimensional game. Also, that hair tho. So fabulous. Not as fabulous as Dove's hair but fabulous nonetheless.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 41
5/20/2017 14:28:54   

to be honest, I tend to ignore the hair, its to flamboyant for me.

to be honest I wouldn't be too surprised if that fur ball to take over was planned a long time before it happened.
remember they have stuff in the works from day one, who who knows what they had or hadn't planned from the start.
if they did have her death already planned out it would make sense that they would have chosen someone they thought could be easily be replaced(and boy was they wrong).

Post #: 42
5/20/2017 14:45:23   


Tomix's artstyle has nothing to do with the design of the character, Im sure Tomix is plenty capable of drawing a normal looking human being.
Post #: 43
5/20/2017 14:56:35   

Man, tough crowd.
DF  Post #: 44
5/20/2017 14:57:38   

There's plenty of people IRL with rainbow colored hair lol. I think we all might be getting a bit...too worked up on our fun new Innkeep having flamboyant hair :P I think he looks great XD

Plus, he's from Tkaaine. He shouldn't exactly look normal :P I'm sure there will be more 'normal' looking male characters later on in the story, Subon :P
Post #: 45
5/20/2017 15:00:01   

FriendOfAFriend, remember, there is more to Azaveyr than just Tkaanie!
Gaelan is from Azaveyr, not necessarily from Tkaanie.
Tkaanie is just one of the regions!
DF  Post #: 46
5/20/2017 15:04:30   

@Tomix: Was about to edit my post saying so! I just checked the dialogue ingame, guess I mixed up forum post-assumptions with stuff people said in the forums. My mistake!
Post #: 47
5/20/2017 15:05:54   

He is from the Shapless empire and I do not think Tkaanie is even part of it. Maybe its and buffer state between the 2 empires.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 48
5/20/2017 16:15:41   

I think he looks really cool! Unusual and magical, and kind of mysterious, maybe that's what's making so many people distrustful of him?
Considering we can change our skin color at the hairdresser and change our hero's gender in a dark back alley, gradient hair doesn't seem all that strange

Edit: Just met him in-game! He seems nice and kind and open-minded, and the snippets he mentions of Azaveyr are intruiguing. Is it just me, or are some aspects of the Shapeless Empire reminiscent of Tevinter from DA?

< Message edited by Tables -- 5/20/2017 16:40:31 >
DF  Post #: 49
5/20/2017 17:01:34   
dark garuda

Wait, for real people think that on the designs front? I mean, without meaning to come across as a brown-noser, Tomix's char designs have always been my fave. When I play DF I wanna sit back and let rip. I wanna see something zany... I honestly love how DF both adheres to, parodies and sometimes completely veers off to the left of classic fantasy tropes; just depending on how things're feeling that week! I'm no expert, but it feels like the DF devs really get to let rip with their imaginations as they fancy, and I reckon the game's better off for it.

We got a great ending with Serenity when all was said and done, and a great new chapter in Guardian Kain's story as well, so I think the little people are being respected as well as the plot-defining characters. It's a tilter only when characters aren't respected. It's perfectly fine for characters to suffer and even die, but if it feels like some are there only to be expendables down the road, that's a shame. Serenity's had her full story, and... even though her killing is still sad, because of her death and the long catharsis thereafter, she became a much greater presence on the story, a much greater character because of it... when she wouldn't have been otherwise.

Granted some could argue that the denizens of Falconreach escaped Black Winter remarkably unscathed all things considered, but I'd call that a deserved reward after those thirteen meeeelleeeeoooonnn waves! I guess it's like if George R.R Martin made you break a sweat for Tyrion's sake.

P.S: Oh yeah, I'm with Friend. Gaelan looked decidedly dudely to me on first sight. He's got a soft-skinned face, even an unblemished one, but it still straightaway looks like a man's face.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 50
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