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=DF= Design Notes May 19: My Spot!

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5/19/2017 20:50:20   
Level 1 Laughing Tog


My Spot!

It is finally time to go back to Sulen'Eska!

Head over to Mritha, click on the New Quests button (if you have completed the Starcrossed quest!) and visit Kara.

She is back and ready to tackle the day!

And she has a new quest for you! (Make sure you also completed the Tournament of Champions too!)

This week, you will be relaying info to the leader of the rebellion, and preparing for the upcoming royal event!

You will need formalwear, after all!

Tags: Tomix
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
5/19/2017 21:02:28   


How dare he stay in my spot and my cliff I shall beating him with my compassion(or with compassion need to replay) and a stick. The never on some people.

I really liked this quest.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
5/19/2017 21:06:46   



you mean "she", and considering who i THINK she might be, you PROBABLY want to reconsider raising a hand against her. especially considering who her father is if i'm correct.....


also, it was really sad seeing danyel again, seeing as we know what's going to happen to him in the future

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 5/19/2017 21:09:11 >
DF  Post #: 3
5/19/2017 21:09:51   


Well I do not know I can not differentiate between a boy or an girl at that age I was one of the people that said that Vilmor is a man after I saw his child form. Boy was I wrong. But its my spot how dare she take my spot. I will remove her with compassion and an stick.

This quest made me laugh especially at the end. Oh the look.

< Message edited by dragon_monster -- 5/19/2017 21:13:10 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 4
5/19/2017 21:13:38   
Dark Lord Urmi

"What's wrong with my doom knight outfit?" I know that changes but hearing my character say that made me laugh.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 5
5/19/2017 21:14:13   
EST OverLord

@dragon_master do you know the /punt command i wish we could have used it
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
5/19/2017 21:14:16   

Is it weird that I had decided to wear my master soulweaver armor before I even started the quest, just love the look but it sure drains the mana. The boy I'm assuming is Tomix's brother, forgot the name, since we haven't actually met him yet and he has red hair. Honestly the thing I loved most about the quest was talking with Draco, there's not enough quests where we get to just hang out, banter, fight specifically with, or just talk with Draco.
DF  Post #: 7
5/19/2017 21:14:20   
Lord Alsvinich

this quest was very enjoyable I can't wait for the gala

I hate dramatic Irony
Post #: 8
5/19/2017 21:17:27   

I wonder how many belts one must acquire to become a Master Soulweaver...


Oh man, is our cliff-thief Gravelyn? It's been so long, dude. Look at how big she is now!
Post #: 9
5/19/2017 21:20:09   
Silver Sky Magician

The premise of the quest was somewhat odd for my character since she usually wears a skin-tight Togslayer armour, so there should be no problem fitting that under a dress. Plus unless all our class armours are actually magically enchanted to have damage resistance even if they're just thin cloth, we could actually just strip and fight in the buff.
Epic  Post #: 10
5/19/2017 21:23:19   


What age do you all think that child has? Just so I can you know prove something.

@above You are right and that will be so funny.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
5/19/2017 21:23:50   
Dark Lord Urmi

wait a minute..

the kid with the red hair is that gravelyn?!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
5/19/2017 21:41:42   

@dark lord urmi

i'm pretty sure it is. which is why i warned @dragon_monster to maybe reconsider his idea involving a stick.....

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 5/19/2017 21:42:27 >
DF  Post #: 13
5/19/2017 21:42:37   

she was blonde.
Does anyone else think it's ironic to play this quest for a SW made outfit while playing as a SW?
DF  Post #: 14
5/19/2017 21:44:27   

I'm so excited for the gala! Can't wait to see what we'll wear ^^

It was nice to see Danyel again and that he no longer blames us for Tomix's death. I have a feeling him coming over to Lore might lead to something interesting, or funny.

We've all seen it by now but the red haired girl on the cliff. Red hair, blue eyes, black and red theme; we might of found Gravelynn. She looks pretty young, 6-7 years old maybe? Gravelynn couldn't have been more that 1 during Book 1 IMO so the ages match up.


DF AQW  Post #: 15
5/19/2017 21:45:06   
Dark Lord Urmi

Greyor_42 honestly i didn't read those posts XD

gamma who was blond...it certainly was not

and that kid had red hair
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 16
5/19/2017 21:53:20   

Urumi, you were right, it wasn't her. It was Sally, I was getting them mixed up. And Silver, I thought she was more like two or three back in Book 1.
Can someone please give me a clue how to use spoiler tags? I can't figure out how to hide my spoilers, and it's hard to talk around them.
DF  Post #: 17
5/19/2017 21:55:05   


but instead of quote spoiler.

So let me ask you all something at what age did you all reach your parents chest in height because she is at that height?

< Message edited by dragon_monster -- 5/19/2017 21:56:07 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 18
5/19/2017 21:59:54   

With the new Innkeeper, we now know what to call those people turned into Mana Duracell. Because that's still a thing, right?

Otherwise, the only complaint I have about the new Innkeeper was that I liked Spruce. I have no complaints about Magical Bread. None at all. Will we get an Adventures of Spruce side-quest?
DF  Post #: 19
5/19/2017 22:06:40   


I just took a guess at Gravelynn's age during Book 1. I don't have anything to go on besides those two quests we saw her in. I feel safe in saving that she doesn't look any older than 3 at the most but aside from that it's gonna hard trying to figure out her age.
DF AQW  Post #: 20
5/19/2017 22:07:46   

@dragon_monster well, we can't really determine, because people in dragonfable are apparently that height from age 6 or 7 all the way to around age 15 or so......

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 5/19/2017 22:08:32 >
DF  Post #: 21
5/19/2017 22:19:24   


Can't one thing in this bloody world not mess with our spot!?!? (kidding) Though it will be nice if that truly is Gravelyn in which case I wonder if Amaedus is near by if she is still with him that is...also we yelled at a little girl probably not so good if anyone happens to see that.

Honestly though I thought that was Piotr for a moment until I saw the eye colors and hair and I thought we're getting ever so closely to meeting up with Secundus especially given that we saw Danyel again, but then I re-read the timeline

Also can't wait for the Gala, clearly something is going to go wrong or maybe we'll be playing detective in much like another game I know. Although I more interested in how our meeting with Jaania will be. Will it be awkward silence? Silent resentment? Silent swooping?...MOCKERY OF OUR OUTFIT!?!?!...maybe. Ah the anticipation is killing me and I can't wait to see what you guys do for all of this as I'm sure it will be smashing.
DF  Post #: 22
5/19/2017 22:19:38   
Dark Lord Urmi


adopt her and rub it in seppy's face XD
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 23
5/19/2017 22:23:58   
AQW Lore-titician

heh, I too found funny playing as Master Soulweaver xD


And when Danyel said his students could become Master Soulweavers, I couldn't hold saying out loud "and speaking of master soulweavers..." xD
DF AQW  Post #: 24
5/19/2017 22:25:40   
Lord Alsvinich

@GammaCavy, there is a forum telling you how here

like so

if it is Gravelyn, then this whole gala thing is about to get a whole lot more complicated
Post #: 25
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