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=AQW= Design Notes May 30th, 2017: June Upgrade Bonus: Legendary Broodfiend

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5/30/2017 18:49:19   


May 30, 2017
June Upgrade Bonus: Legendary Broodfiend
This Friday, upgrade to unlock the Legendary Broodfiend gear!
This Friday, upgrade to unlock the Legendary Broodfiend gear!
This weekend, Nulgath the ArchFiend returns to create a very special set for our June upgrade bonus: the Legendary BroodFiend armor set! Unlock this fiendishly-awesome gear when you buy any membership or AdventureCoin package worth $10 USD or more starting this Friday, June 2nd, at 6 PM EST. This upgrade bonus leaves July 7th, 2017. Full package details will be released later this week!

Concept art for the in-game set by Nulgath the ArchFiend

The AQ3D team is also planning to release the Legendary Broodfiend gear in the future, but based on the extensive modelling changes the outfit will require, we do not have a set date. Keep an eye on their Design Notes for an announcement and more details in the future!

Last chance to get the LightStrike Commander set!
The LightStrike Commander set leaves this Friday at 6 PM EST. Unlock the full set when you buy any membership or AdventureCoin package worth $10 USD. Upgrade with a 12000 AdventureCoin or 12 month membership to get the ShadowForce Commander set, too!

Tier 1: LightStrike Commander
Fight for what is right... fight with the light. Keep your goal in sight and the Queen of Monsters will never be able to rule our world!

Get the Gear with a
  • 3 month membership
  • 6 month membership
  • 2000 AC pack
  • 5000 AC pack

Unlock the rewards
  • LightStrike Commander
  • LightStrike Helmet
  • LightStrike Banner Cape
  • Aerodynamic Strike Wings
  • LightStrike Aura Energy Blade/s
  • 5 Rep, XP, Gold, and Class Points boosts
  • Character page badge

Tier 2: ShadowForce Commander
The power of darkness will ensure our victory. With it, the Queen of Monsters cannot take over our world!

Get the gear for both tiers with a
  • 12 month membership
  • 12000 AC pack

Unlock the rewards
  • LightStriken and ShadowForce Commander Armors
  • 3 Helms
  • 5 Capes
  • 4 Weapons
  • 7 Rep, XP, Gold, and Class Point boosts
  • Character page badge

Tags: Alina


May 30th, 2017
This Friday: Elements of Change
The Reshaper's Story continues on June 2nd!
Seasons change from spring to summer, fall to winter. Stars fade, and children grow. For almost 15 years, we’ve watched Aria blossom into a remarkable young girl. But nothing stays the same forever. The time has come for her and the Darkblood race to branch out. Aria's ready to make her mark on the world... you and Eremon just need to find her first!

This Friday, battle alongside Eremon, leader of the band of Darkblood Pilgrims, as you attempt to rescue the kidnapped Aria AND search for any sign of his goddess, Kolyaban, first daughter of the Queen of Monsters!
Tags: Alina

Tagged ~Kiyone

< Message edited by Kiyone -- 5/31/2017 9:20:47 >
Post #: 1
5/30/2017 21:15:12   

Meh, im not feeling the new package so far. But i'll give it a chance when they release more details.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
5/30/2017 22:08:25   

Way too bulky. Would love a black/gold version for the second tier.
AQW Epic  Post #: 3
5/30/2017 23:11:53   

The broodfiend looks creepy. Probably has something to do with having, like, three faces.

On the one hand, Yay more Darkblood! On the other, y'all had better not Kill Aria. Y'all just had better not do it.
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
5/31/2017 3:49:23   

I really hope the claws on this armour are Armblade-type weapons. That would be so awesome; i'd simply have to find many colour-custom armours to experiment with using them.
In the past, there have been some of Nulgath's armour sets ported to AQW that I haven't liked so much, but the Broodfiend looks good to me. I wonder how it will look in AQ3D...
Post #: 5
5/31/2017 12:30:46   

Continuing from last Friday, we'll be going on a rescue party to find Aria after she and a reshapen Lucky went missing.

If they say Kolyaban is the oldest daughter of the Queen of Monsters, I think we'll encounter the oldest son of the Queen of Monsters soon. Especially since we don't know how old Extriki is.
AQ  Post #: 6
5/31/2017 12:56:50   
Aura Knight

If I get hate for this, so be it, but I no longer think Nulgath created sets have a place in AQW. This set seems better suited for OverSoul than this game. And if it is to be in game, it's more suited to be a monster than anything we can equip. The design and colors is great, don't get me wrong, but I still don't think it'll look that good in game. The set looks like an upgraded version of the Assassin of Nulgath and I didn't think that set was all that amazing. No hate on the artist as the dude's obviously talented but having a talented artist doesn't mean all his works must be liked.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 7
5/31/2017 13:27:43   

^I actually agree. While most of Nulgath's armor designs look amazing, alot of them look MUCH better outside of the game than in the game. In the game they're eh.

I think this might look really good in aq3d, though.

< Message edited by Timsii -- 5/31/2017 13:28:14 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
5/31/2017 16:13:48   
Keeper of the Owls

Will the sword pet have any quests?
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
5/31/2017 17:32:19   
thulsa doom

Meh... why can't we ever get any of Milty's good themed sets. For one thing I'm getting kind of Void-ed out (enough already) and this game is sorely lacking in 'Good' content -- or if we do get a good themed set it has to have feathers attached like we're some fallen angel or something.
Whaterver happened to sets like Mirror Drakath or Heroic Zombieslayer Armor?. This is what I'd like to see more of. Not another Void monster; I mean IMO it's just becoming passe'.
AQW  Post #: 10
6/1/2017 7:37:05   
Rancore AQW

If this gets CC for the 12k ac pack.I'd buy it.Otherwise i really hate those colors.The armor looks weird and it will look like an image slapped on the screen rather than a set.I wonder how it will look in AQW version since this clearly looks like an Oversoul sharacter as above players said.
Post #: 11
6/1/2017 10:01:29   
Silver Sky Magician

Y'know Milt should do some Kill la Kill parody armours, would totally fit his style
Epic  Post #: 12
6/2/2017 14:25:06   

Alright, I take it back. It looks pretty good.

@Silver Sky Magician
Do you seriously think something Kill La Kill related would get in game?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
6/3/2017 20:04:12   
Doxus the OverLord


Broodfiend sets are all cool.

Anyway I think it was so poluted cuz you'll get lost when trying to search what's weapon, armor, helm and cape.
But before anything, it was about to be an demonic look for a demonic being and it must be related to Nulgath. So, it's okay how it is.

Just adding more one comment, try asking Nulgath something a little different than the usual. Swords, talons and sword pets. It seems to be like a gliche.
I think that something new, maybe investing more on axes (cuz it's more bestial/brute) or spears (due to its design) could be nice. And I like the minimalist style when we are talking about Nulgath stuff. Want an example? Void Paladin is my answer. Want other? All Evolved Orbs sets.


I didn't like what happened to Aria. I won't spoil much but I was expecting to see her intact. Anyway, I hope we can change she back to normal in future.
There's only 2 NPCs that I really like: Gravelyn and Aria. If both of them become something that they aren't, AQW will lose a lot of its sense to me.

< Message edited by Doxus the OverLord -- 6/3/2017 20:06:52 >
Post #: 14
6/3/2017 22:38:27   

Ah, alas. One problem I have with this set is that the Arch Broodfiend Talons and Legendary Talons are not properly positioned as other Talons have been (Cyberfiend, Evolved Fiend and the original Talons of Nulgath).

If they were fixed so that they were held correctly, it would be a perfect set- they actually look like proper claws on the Talons.
Post #: 15
6/3/2017 22:52:35   
orc orc orc

Agreed. Would love the talons to be repositioned akin to its predecessors. I think they may have been last-minute additions to the set, since it uses some of Zee's art assets. They're pretty nifty, though.
Post #: 16
6/13/2017 10:51:27   

Color on the eyes sucks... why is it red? there is no red glow anywhere in the armor including the pet and the sword...
Post #: 17
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