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=AQW= Farming Discussion Thread

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6/12/2017 13:06:05   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

Come here to discuss anything and everything which can be farmed for! Gold, experience, reputation, Legion Tokens, Nulgath reagents, Blinding Light of Destiny, monster drops and so much more! If you can farm for it, you can talk about it!

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  • The =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules and =AQW= General Discussion Forum Rules apply.
  • Any discussion of cheating/botting will result in an automatic official warning.
  • Civility is key; someone may suggest a method that has a large flaw, for example. You can point this out, explain why it's a flaw. Do NOT tear it down for being a "dumb, terrible way".
  • If asking for advice, state your character level, membership status, classes and so on, or provide a link to the character page of the character you are seeking advice for, so that the methods provided may accommodate your situation.
  • The guides, listed below, are helpful resources to check for farming. That being said, these guides are NOT the final say or be-all, end-all methods to use. That's part of the reason for this thread; to discuss ways that may differ from those in the guides to help improve the guides.

    Useful Resources

  • A Guide to AQWorlds Farming
  • Reputation Farming Guide
  • Comprehensive Legendary Items Guide
  • The Undead Legion Handbook
  • Tercessuinotlim and the Nulgath Nation
  • Let's Party! Thread

    < Message edited by Shadowhunt -- 10/5/2017 15:30:22 >
  • AQ AQW  Post #: 1
    6/12/2017 14:06:51   
    The ErosionSeeker

    Starting spading on best Doomatter source.
    Chaos Vordred dropped 10 in 100 kills, will attempt again tomorrow. Highly likely that it's >5%, magnitudes better than Creature Creation's 1-3%, although likely worse than the regular Vordredboss seemingly frequent rates.
    DF AQW  Post #: 2
    6/12/2017 17:15:46   

    Lets assume that its not likely that staff went back to change the drop rates on Doommatter.
    While farming Chaos Vordred for essences, I averaged 5 doommatter every 100 kills (trust me, I got a lot of 100 kills).
    But as per RNG, sometimes you'd see only 2, somestimes in your case, you'd see 10.

    Turns out assuming a 5% drop rate, the expected number of Doommatter drops in 100 kills is 5.
    The standard deviation on the number of Doommatter drops is 2.18.
    So seeing 10 Doommatter drops in 100 kills is slightly over 2 SD over expectance.
    DF AQW  Post #: 3
    6/12/2017 17:26:15   
    The ErosionSeeker

    I'm glad I took stats last semester because I can understand at least a little bit of that. I didn't bother recording any numbers beforehand, although I remember getting ~7 in 100 during a previous instance.

    Obviously going to go for more tries, there's a wealth of data points to chart.

    Also, Breastplate Shard from Carnax is ~75% over 300 kills.
    DF AQW  Post #: 4
    6/12/2017 23:28:31   

    how do you get 2 totems of nulgath fast?
    AQW  Post #: 5
    6/12/2017 23:42:47   
    Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

    If you get lucky, you can get two from Assisting Crag. The quest doesn't take terribly long to do so it could potentially be the best option, but it's not a guaranteed thing. Other than that, 60 Essences a pop using Drudgen's probably the best. This is assuming you don't have CVKS in your bank, since it isn't on your CP. If you do have that, it seems to drop Totems pretty often, so you could probably get a couple of them quickly from it.
    AQ AQW  Post #: 6
    6/13/2017 7:33:04   

    I've finally started to get Nulgath items after 5 years. I really want the DOOM locks in the AFDL set, but I really have no idea how long it will take, or what I'll need to get. Can someone point me in the right direction? These Nulgath quests are so much more complex than just farming Legion Tokens.
    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 7
    6/13/2017 8:32:43   

    Step 1. Willpower Extraction.
    Uni 13 required to accept the quest.

    Shadow Lich (Rank 10 Evil).
    Dragonfire of Nulgath (3 Totems, can be bought back from the Buyback shop upon use, so you only need the initial 3 Totems).
    Uni 19 (Low drop from Supplies/Assistant).
    10 Essence of Nulgath (10% drop from Makais in Tercess and /Nulgath).
    Mystic Tribal Sword (Rank 7 Arcangrove).
    5 Doomatter (Either farm Creature Creation, or go through the story battles in /Vordredboss)
    5 Necrot (Best place to farm these is /Deathsrealm).
    5 Chaoroot (Drops from any Chaos Lord, or Chaos Beast, if you farm with Supplies instead of Assistant, you will gain more than enough Chaoroots by killing Escherion)
    50 Archfiend Favor (Drops from mostly anything in Evilwarnul, I suggest you farm on the screen with 2 Fenirs and 2 Bruisers).
    Mortality Cape of Revontheus (35 Favors and 10k a piece).
    King Klunk's Crown (Low drop from Fenrirs in Evilwarnul).
    Facebreaker of Nulgath (Reward from the "Kindness" of Nulgath quest. Because it's a "you will recieve one of" quest, make sure you keep the Axes if they drop, it will guarantee subsequent turn ins to drop the Facebreaker).

    Each turn in grants 1, 2, 3 or 5 Uni 34 and you need 10 for the next quest.

    Step 2. Nulgath Demands Work.
    Uni 13 required to accept the quest.

    1 Uni 13.
    15 Tainted Gems.
    30 Dark Crystal Shards.
    10 Diamonds of Nulgath.
    Uni 27 (Turn in Uni 26, which you have hopefully gotten by now from Assistant/Supplies, with 5 Tainted Gems from the Ordinary Cape Quests).
    Mem Voucher.
    15 Gems of Nulgath.
    2 Blood Gems of the Archfiend.
    Golden Hanzo Void (Archfiend's Favor x200, Diamond of Nulgath x50, Tainted Gem x30, Dark Crystal Shard x15, Nulgath's Approval x50, Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem) x1, 100,000 Gold).
    10 Uni 34 (Obtained from Willpower Extraction).

    I would recommend the first thing you do, is to make sure you have enough space for this, it's going to require 15+ spaces, easily.
    Secondly, I suggest you farm Supplies/Assistant untill you have at least Uni 19 and Uni 13, while keeping all possible reagents you get in the meantime, with exception of Uni 10, it's mostly worthless.
    Once you have an Uni 19 and have the Facebreaker of Nulgath, you can start looking at farming the individual resources for Willpower Extraction.
    Rinse and repeat this process untill you have 10 Uni 34s.

    The next step is just Resource farming for the most part, so it's prety straight forward.

    Tainted Gems: Cube reagent.
    Dark Crystal Shards: Essence of Defeat reagent.
    Diamonds: The quest at Evilwarnul (requires uni 13).
    Gem of Nulgath: Larvae, or Voucher Item: Totem of Nulgath, if you have a Non Mem Voucher (can be accepted from Drudgen in the shop preview).
    Blood Gem of The Archfiend: Kiss the Void, from Nulgath.
    Uni 13: The Assistant, Supplies, or Larvae (low droprate).
    Non Mem Voucher: Low droprate from the above mentioned quests.
    Mem Voucher: Somewhat high droprate from the Larvae quest.
    Totems: Voucher Item: Totem of Nulgath, if you have a Non Mem Voucher. If not, then the Totem of Nulgath quest from Nulgath, it's inefficient compared to Voucher Item: Totem of Nulgath, but it still works.
    Favors and Approvals: Evilwarnul mobs.

    All of this is assuming you don't have access to any special farming pets, or the like.

    It will probably take a couple days to a week, with average luck. The whole quest chain is RNG incarnate anyways, so it's kinda hard to predict anything. If you happen to get Uni 35 from Nulgath Demands work, I would suggest holding on to it, if you ever plan on finishing the AFDL.

    < Message edited by Metakirby -- 6/13/2017 9:45:26 >
    AQW  Post #: 8
    6/13/2017 10:08:18   


    Wow. Thank you.
    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    6/13/2017 12:08:49   

    The RNG gods do not love us at all. Just did my 19th turn in and not a single Uni 35 in sight. Sadly I'm just too greedy and cant take no for an answer so I guess I'll just keep going until my patience meter gets turned into mush....
    Post #: 10
    6/13/2017 18:02:52   

    Right now, I'm going crazy with farming Undead Essences via Soul Searching quest. Right now, I need 97 more Loyal Spirit Orbs to so much as do anything with the Blessed Barium.
    Post #: 11
    6/13/2017 23:20:35   

    @Frigus, roomhopping or private rooming battleunderb is faster than Soul Searching. With the increase of Bone Dust's max stack from 50 to 5100 (one good thing that came from NSoD), you can stay in battleunderb for a while before having to go back to Necropolis to turn them into spirit orbs.
    DF AQW  Post #: 12
    6/14/2017 11:28:14   
    Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

    ^ Is it really? Soul Searching can pretty easily be done in a minute or less, if you're a Legend, while BattleunderB doesn't guarantee you the Essences. When I farmed my first BLoD I found that BattleunderB was about 3/4 the rate of Soul Searching, but that was a long time ago. It'd be interesting to see how they compare now.
    AQ AQW  Post #: 13
    6/14/2017 12:20:51   

    hi guys why cant i get Behemoth Blade of Light as a non mem after i have farm 500 combat trophy,Basic War Sword, and Steel Afterlife than it say i need to upgrade my acc???
    Post #: 14
    6/14/2017 12:31:03   

    Yes, you need to be member to buy any item that has the Legend tag, wheter it's merge shops, or any other sort of shop.
    I feel sorry for you, if you actually thought you could get Dragonblade as a non mem, there's a reason you rarely see that weapon around.
    AQW  Post #: 15
    6/14/2017 12:37:41   

    ty for replying to my question now i know and tbh i see lot of non mem player wearing DragonBlade of Nulgath so i thought i could get it and i have waste 9 totem for nothing

    < Message edited by darkhl7 -- 6/14/2017 12:41:31 >
    Post #: 16
    6/14/2017 12:46:40   

    If I had one wish in regards to AQW, everyone would be member for a day
    AQW  Post #: 17
    6/14/2017 13:20:03   

    Based on my luck, it would be on that day where I forgot to log in.
    AQW  Post #: 18
    6/14/2017 14:34:09   

    is Greaves Shard a 100% drop
    AQW  Post #: 19
    6/14/2017 14:36:37   

    I have never not gotten it, so yes, it's a 100%, as long as you have the quest accepted.

    < Message edited by Metakirby -- 6/14/2017 14:56:12 >
    AQW  Post #: 20
    6/15/2017 2:29:43   

    @Frigus, as people have said i dont know if roomhoping in battleunderb is faster than soul searching, i remember farming for blod when soul quest was the faster way and with a good group and a mem(to go faster to the battleunderc boss) the quest is done in seconds, also alts can be helpful too. For what i heard for most people roomhoping has become the faster way.
    AQW  Post #: 21
    6/15/2017 4:56:02   

    I think there's a couple factors that makes roomhopping faster, although I never thought of Soul Searching as being faster, especially if you don't get the boss drop on first try, that can happen from what I remember.

    1. Soul Searching has way more travel time, even with the so called "mem shortcut".
    The thing is, bosses are the end of the maps, not the start of the maps, this means, unless you make 3 alts and put them at the bosses, you will either need to go to the next battleunder and go back into the boss room of the previous one, which wastes a couple seconds, because you need to wait 5 seconds (according to the game, never tested it) before you can make that trasnsition. If you choose to walk all the way, that's also pretty inefficient.
    Even if you choose the alt route, you still need to have 3 alts, having them be somewhat short names and remember which stands where, but thats maybe not the biggest hurdle, just name them something with 1, 2 and 3 at the end, repsectively, or the boss name, or something you can remember. It means you will still need to type at least 2 of the names manually, per quest turn in. This is more an argument for the stress factor. Battleunderb only requires you to copy paste a single thing, no manual typing required, which for someone like me, who doesn't necessarily type the fastest, is a valid argument. That and not needing to have 3 alts on.

    2. The extra levels, better AoE classes and access to undead damage weapons that isn't BLoD.
    Back before Blaze Binder, the new Shaman etc. good AoE classes that could consistently kill all the 3 enemies in a single hit, or just a couple seconds were hard to come by. It has gotten easier to kill everything within seconds and sometimes with a single nuke, even without undead damage weapons, at the higher levels. The general screen clear time has just gotten so much better over the years.

    It may be a little bit of bias talking, but I would prefer roomhopping over Soul Searching. You also gain more Undead Energy while roomhopping, which can add up to a couple hundred Spirit Orbs.
    AQW  Post #: 22
    6/15/2017 6:40:17   

    To add on to MetaKirby's point 1. Without alts, this is the most efficient process me and my friend came up with for Soul Searching. We farmed in a not-Artix server (Galanoth) to increase the odds, essentially guarantee, that we would end up in the same public room.

    /join battleunderc-1221, get/turnin the quest
    Walk back to battleunderb to Undead Champion
    /join battleunderb-1221
    Walk back to battleundera to Bone Terror
    /goto <alt> at Crystallized Jellyfish

    It was definitely much faster at the time, even with only 2 people, albeit with more effort.
    But with Bone Dusts's max stack increase and better AoE classes, roomhopping saw an increase in efficiency and became better.

    However, this was before the recent release of better classes and level cap raise to 85, which affects Soul Searching more it would than roomhopping.
    I just did some more testing, and with 2 or more people, Soul Searching is back as the fastest method, but only slightly.
    If you're on a strict time constraint, use Soul Searching as outlined above. Otherwise, I'd say roomhopping is the better choice, and the one I recommend.
    DF AQW  Post #: 23
    6/15/2017 14:04:21   
    The Forgotten

    Exquisitely pathological (AQ Q&A/Strat)

    To ask a completely unrelated question, is Assisting Crag a good daily to do for Nulgath reagents? I know it's useful for forcing Voucher drops, but is it decent enough for Dark Crystals/Tainted Gems or the other random drops, or should I be grinding for those directly?

    Thanks. :P
    AQ AQW  Post #: 24
    6/15/2017 19:11:29   

    An update on my BLoD quest: Turns out, I forgot to factor in the 5 extra LSO I have to get. In reality, now I need 97 more LSO. This sucks.
    Post #: 25
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