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Professor Pugilist's Final Exam

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6/16/2017 3:32:02   

Hello students, it's a pleasure to see you all here today.

As you well know, the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. We have just a few short weeks before summer vacation begins. Doubtless you're ready to return to your homes, eager to show off what you've learned, and I must admit that it's an alluring prospect! My lessons cannot possibly compete with this dramatic homeward draw!

Instead, I have concocted...an object lesson, if you will. Yes, my students, the class will be engaged in a tournament! The tournament will be round-robin style, so each student has a chance to test every other student's mettle. Once everyone has had a chance to duel everyone else, the victories and defeats will be publicly tallied, and the victor will receive a guaranteed 110% in my class, plus a secret prize!

Yes, I see you murmuring worriedly amongst yourselves. I know that duels and dueling have not been popular at the Academy as of late. Your test scores are, simply put, dismal. I haven't seen this many Ds since I was in college myself! But study hard and you may come out the victor.

There are a few rules and restrictions surrounding the tournament. I've covered standard duelist rules before, but SOME people may need a quick refresher.

1. The fields of battle will prevent lethal injury and instantly heal those who exit its boundaries. Both end the duel instantly. I've explained the mechanics of the system before. Pay more attention in class, and you may understand it.
2. To win the duel, one must either inflict a grievous injury or have their opponent leave the ring. By their own volition...or otherwise. Dueling is a sport, not an honor killing, and with the myriad defensive options available to you all, it should be fairly difficult to kill any of you. I should hope.
3. Magical effects have been suspended outside of the dueling ring. Once the duel ends, you will not be able to cast spells, and any spells in progress will immediately end. You have no idea how difficult this enchantment is, because you don't study.

Good luck, students! Study hard!



You are a second-year student at the Arcane Academy, and you did not do your homework. In fact, nobody did. By some twist of fate, each student completely forgot about the final exam and crammed the morning of, managing to commit only 3 spells to memory.

Your goal is twofold: Win as many duels as you can, AND convince Professor Pugilist that you actually prepared for the exam today and didn't just study everything the night before...or worse.

At the end of each duel, I (acting as the Professor) will assign both participants a letter grade.

A - 4 points
B - 3 points
C - 2 points
D - 1 point
F - 0 points

Your grade is not dependent on a win or loss. Professor Pugilist is happy to award As to losers and Fs to winners, if he feels they deserved it.

Professor Pugilist may be getting on in years, but he is not some archaic traditionalist fuddy-duddy. If you don't use your spells creatively, he'll slap you with a B or C. Which is good, because you just misspelled your Glyph of Warding, and you're REALLY hoping he'll take the resultant explosion as something you did on purpose. But be careful about what you do...if he thinks you made a clumsy mistake, you'll lose those points anyway. Better sell it...hard!

You will additionally get 1 point for every duel you win.

The contestant with the highest point total will win the Grand Prize!!



I understand that this is a competitive RP, and that it's going to be difficult to get you all to behave (as well as keep the RP from dragging on forever). So here are my rules for this RP:

  1. Follow all AE Forum rules and RP forum rules.
  2. Play fair. The nature of this competition is such that it's not just possible but, in fact, expected that you will wind up in a situation where there is no way to find victory. You will be relying on your wits and a spellbook the size of an index card. Which is convenient, because your flashcards went missing and all you had on your desk was 1 post it note with some hastily scribbled notes about Merlin's autobiography in pink highlighter.
  3. Have fun with it! You literally crammed your spells that morning. You are not expected to get your spells right every time. Getting your spells right too often will actually result in point deductions, because it'll be too boring and Professor Pugilist will fall asleep. This is not a rule, it's just a reminder.
  4. You have a 24 hour posting period from the time of your opponent's last post. Fail to observe this time limit and you will forfeit whatever duel you are currently engaged in. THIS DOES NOT DISQUALIFY OR ELIMINATE YOU FROM THE TOURNAMENT.
  5. 4 posts each, per duel, is more than enough. We're already looking at a full week of posts! Failure to resolve the duel within 8 days of starting it will result in both players receiving an F for the duel, with very few exceptions. Collaboration is heavily encouraged.
  6. The tournament ends when one player finishes their Round Robin queue. All ongoing matches will conclude as soon as possible, and then all points will be tallied up.

I will expect all signups to be in by June 21st, 2017. However, I know that SOME OF YOU have a SLIGHT PROBLEM with TIME MANAGEMENT, and I will allow you to join the tournament until July 1st, 2017. You will not join the official Round Robin Queue (the one that determines the end of the tournament), but you WILL be added to the running-total queues and students will have the option to challenge you.

Combat operations will begin on June 22nd. I will explain the IC mechanics in greater detail as we approach this date.

This RP will be put on hiatus once the Elemental Championships begin, and will resume once they conclude.

In RP Time™, this entire RP happens in the space of 1 day.



I will expect a short bio including your name, appearance, background, and magical major. These are largely for fluff purposes. Once your bio has been approved, you will craft 3 BEGINNER-LEVEL spells and PM them to me. This is your spellbook.

Spells in the Wizarding Academy are cast using Arcane Invocations. An Arcane Invocation is a precisely worded verbal command that instructs your mana to take some action. Some Invocations are written in a language the caster speaks, but others rely on archaic languages or languages that are associated with the caster's heritage. For example, Fireball could be cast with "Ignis!", "Fireball!", or "Bola de Fuego!" depending on the caster's background, preferences, and personality.

Your Spellbook must contain the name of the spell, the invocation used to cast it, and the general effects of the spell. When you submit your Spellbook, it will look something like this:


Sample Spellbook (1 spell):

Fireball - "Fireball!" - Summons a burning orb of flames that hovers above the caster's outstretched hand. Can be thrown to create a small explosion.

Once in the duel, you have the ability to be a little creative with its effects. What happens if both hands are outstretched? What if neither hand is? What if the incantation is uttered a little too enthusiastically? Too quietly? What if you said FireBOWL by accident? Completely up to you.



  • You are a very non-studious student in a dueling class
  • You are participating in a round-robin tournament with very strict timing and pacing requirements
  • You will be graded on your performance and creativity, rather than on your wins
  • You only remember 3 spells D: For shame!

    Any questions, class?

    (This was going to be PMd to Starflame as a possible way to duel but I realized it would be way more fun to watch as a full-fledged tournament. It's a little stream-of-consciousness and was written at 3am, so sorry if I lose you at all.)
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