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My thank you to Epicduel (A Love story) from a friend

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7/3/2017 5:53:44   
Daph Duck

Hello everyone, a good friend asked me to share his story for EpicDuel. He has no account so he asked me to post it here. But he wrote it himself about his experiences. It was hard for him but he's finally ready to share.

It's been 7 years since I started playing this game....... It has been so long and I have been through so much but I have one thing to thank for; the girl I met on epicduel.
(Names changed to protect privacy, similar tho.. you migh know who im talking bout by chance)

I started playing epicduel when I was 15... at first I was playing adventurequest but it was starting to get boring so I decided. I needed to try a different game, and on the side there was an ad for epicduel.
It was the year 2010 I believe it was in the beta phase. I tried it out and the first time I played it I got really bad lag. I started in a 2vs2 and kept missing turns because of my bad lag... My partner was yelling at me he was like, what the heck what are you doing. I felt so bad and I kept apologizing but he said it was too late he was going to report me. And I got really upset but there was one girl a female tech mage on the other team. She told my partner to stop yelling at me it wasn't his fault. And she skipped some turns to make me feel better.
I was so grateful... Unfortunately I forgot to add her. I was sad and I didn't feel like playing a laggy game so I just logged off and went back to playing adventurequest.

But 3 months later I decided to log back on adn try it again. Now I was no longer lagging so I started to spam pvp and I eventually got to level 15 or something. I was walking around trying to find a shopkeeper for this item that a person I'd met in a 2vs2 told me to buy because apparently it was the best stats for non variums. While I was walking through I recevied a friend request from a female tech mage named Alison. Now I did not remember her at first.. but we started talking and she eventually brought up that she was the girl from level 2 who had defended me when my partner in 2vs2 was yelling at me for lagging. I couldn't believe that luck had broguht us togther so we decided to become friends and we would talk whenever we saw each other online. We talked about all the players we had faced and met and discussed different battle strategies and each update. She was there for me when I reached level 31 and she was there when I reached level 32 also. However I think she stopped playing around level 25? Either way, even if we stopped talking about epicduel, we always found something else to chat about.

It was only natural that I had started to develop a crush on Ali. But I was too scared to tell her even after all of the nights we stayed up till 4 together and all the jokes we shared and the songs we listened to together. I remember us skipping school and waiting together for the Gamma update. We were so excited and even though she didn't really play anymore she listened to me talk aobut all the new things that were coming and she said she might even start playing ED again. But she started to come on less and less. What were hours of conversations daily turned into 10-20 minutes of her popping online and asking how I was then saying she had to go do some stuff in real life and leaving. One day she did not come online at all. I waited and waited for her but she never came back. I realized I didn't know her last name or her social media or phone number, for gods sake I didn't even know what she looked like and I felt stupid that I even fell in love with someone that I didn't know as much as I thoguht I did about. Well I continued to play epicduel and I started to interact socially more with other people.

Now these other people included girls. I was hanging out with my bro when this Bounty hunter girl jumped to us. Her name was Chloe and if flirty had a face it was her. She said I was cute the moment I met her and she didn't even know what I looked like. My bro had to keep telling her to stop because he had a gf already in real life who was easily jealous. So Chloe lost interest in him and started talkign to me a lot more. She eventually revealed to me that she kept flirting with people on epicduel and other websites because she was going through a LOT of stuff in real life and it just made her need an escape and to feel something somewhere else where she could hav efun - out of respect for her I won't say what it was but it was the kinda stuff you saw in messed up TV shows. But I felt so bad for her and I wanted her to feel loved. I told Chloe that if she could stop flirting I would be with her and make her feel respected. I was only 15 so I was bad at love but I really felt something for her.

So Chloe and I started dating. It was good and I kinda forgot about Alison. Until one day she jumped to me out of nowhere. While I was with Chloe. I didn't even open my friends list that day and didn't notice that she'd ocme online. She started talkign to me and I was just shocked. Alison told me that she had gotten in big trouble with her parents and she didn't want to worry me so she never told me, but she had to sneak around to talk to me on the computer and then one day her parents found out and got so mad that she sent her to live with her grandparents without wifi, and then she eventually made up with her parents and went back home. But she said she missed me so much and she actually had a crush on me back then but she never had the guts to tell me, and after what happened she realized she had to live in the moment and say things.

I was so shocked that I had no words. And then Chloe said: "umm idk who you are but that's my BOYFRIEND." Alison was silent for minutes and then just logged off and said nothing. I felt so bad and shattered and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Chloe told me to justforget about her and spend time with her instead because she was the one I was with. And I was like yeah ok because I actually knew stuff about Chloe and had her phone number and we had video chatted one time - Chloe was really pretty. But there was just something about her. Chloe got mad at me sometimes and i felt like i had to force some things that weren't going my way. With ali it just felt so surreal like we understood each other. But I tried to forget about it.

But if my week could not get any worse, I was playing on my alt account one day and I somehow got into a 2vs2 against chloe. I didn't say anything at first but then her partner strated flirting with her. And guess what she did? She flirted right back. I was so mad that I had nothing to say. I left the battle, went on my main and deleted chloe. I was so done right there that I just quit epicduel and decided to focus on high school and real life.

I did pop on here and there. Checked on chloe a few times, apparently she had gotten engaged and graduated and gotten her life together. Good for her, I had no time to spend on her. Never was able to find alison. But then one time I logged back on epicduel and it was omega. EVerything looked so different and I felt compelled to stay for a while. It was during the gifting season of 2015 and people were having fun and spending money and all that. I made a twitter for ed and decided to start grinding and playing again. I did it just to track gift locations and stuff.

One time there was a very late notification for a gift location. I was the first one there and a level 40 girl showed up very soon after I did. She immediately said... "Brayden?" I was shocked because I never met this girl before and she some how knew my real name. I pressed her stats and my god, what luck I had. Her faction title was Ali Cat. I profusely apologized to her for what had happened so, so many years ago. She forgave me and told me that she had done a lot of thinking in the years that we spent apart. She came back a few months before I did but never found me and by luck she somehow came across me just then.

She told me that I was the first person she developed feelings for online. I told her I felt the same and what happened with chloe and how I looked for her but never found her. We told each other how we regretted not staying in touch and this time we realy did give each other our fb andn umbers and I saw a picture of her. Lemmme tell you, I've seen my fair share of beautiful girls but Ali was the prettiest. She had beautiful black hair down to her chest and the most piercing big brown eyes. We reconnected instantly and talked for hours till the sun was up and eventually we just like declared each other boyfriend and girlfriend because it felt like it anyways, why not make it official.

Then the worst thing happened. I said I love you and she stopped replying. I was devastated. It felt exactly like it did 5 years ago when she saw me with chloe, but about 2000 times worse - I grew up and was able to understand all those feelings and it just hit me so hard. I felt broken and empty. I did not talk to anyone for a week and just stayed in bed and cried. The last night of the week my phone pinged. It was a message from Ali's account.

"Alison passed away last night from heart failure. Before she did she wanted us to make sure that you knew how much she loved you. Her mom, Jessica."

Apparently ali had a heart attack shortly after I said I love you and had to go the hospital. She drfited in and out of a coma before she passed and said some things to her family about me before she finally went. Everything that had come back to me was gone just like that. How could life be so unfair? I fell into a deep state of depression after that happened. I was failing classes in uni and barely went out with friends. I stopped replying to their messages and even my family's. I just stayed inside and moped around and watched TV and ate junk food, I probably gained about 20 pounds in that time. I couldn't bring myself to go back on epicduel because it hurt too much, everything reminded me of Ali. But somehow the one time I decided to I looked in my friends list and what the heck, Alison's account was online. I sent her a PM but no answer. I have no idea how it happened but I jumped to her and I was in the west naval yard sunset. I don't know how but in that moment I just felt cleansed.

I looked in my friends list and now Ali was offline. I think that was her way of saying goodbye, I don't believe in angels but if there was one in the world it had to be her. I decided I needed to be strong for her. She always talked about seeing the best in people and even when she was talking aobut her deadbeat brother she had hope and faith that there was good in him and he would make it. I had to do it for her. I went back to college and tried hard and you bet I passed all my classes and got that diploma. I got a great job, I've started out well in my field and am on the path to a good future. I don't think I'm ready to start dating again, but I know Ali would want me to have a good life and a loving family. Starting out slow but she inspires me everyday.

I loved you Ali and I still do and I always will, I regret all the time we didn't spend together. I wish you could be here with me right now, but life is just that. I don't know why you never told me about your health problems but I know you had your reasons and I understand no matter what they are. You taught me everything I know about compassion and love and the meaning of life and to you I will always remember and honor you with everything I do in life.

And most of all thank you to EpicDuel. We have been through many moments some of which were not that pleasant. And I was never ready to tell anyone about what happened but I think I'll start here where I met Ali. I don't think we would have without this game, as bizarre of a chance as it is. But I did meet her here and I have to thank you guys for allowing me the pleasure of meeting the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful, sweet, loving, inspirational girl that I will ever know: Alison Mae.

Eternally grateful,
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7/3/2017 16:44:13   

Well that was certainly a lengthy read.
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7/4/2017 3:20:37   
Silver Sky Magician

Very bittersweet. But I'm glad that Brayden and Alison were able to find love and companionship through this game. Despite ED's reputation for fractiousness, many players, including myself, have bonded with in-game friends and enjoyed aspects of community interaction. One of the reasons why so many still remember ED with nostalgia.
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7/6/2017 1:47:12   

I know that this game has very little activity and almost no one will read this but here goes

Prior to reading this lengthy post, I was mostly a lurker if you will, a person who would come log on once in a while in game and on the forums to see if anything new happened. This is the first time in a very long time that I have ever posted or commented and this story compelled me to type up a short response despite it being very early in the morning. I can strongly relate to Silver Sky Magicians and Braydens sentiments about this game. I spent endless hours upon hours playing epicduel; it was a game i loved very much. It provided an escape for me when I as younger, especially those Beta days where I had no idea what I was doing. I remember starting off as a bounty hunter and investing all my skill points into Str because I thought I had to do the most damage possible. I did tons of stupid things and I learned and progressed slowly but surely. I spent time talking and overall having a great time with other friends through chat.

I genuinely believe that I would have been a worse person had it not been for epicduel. Yes, epicduel has taken a turn for the worse(very low levels of activity compared to the past) and the chances of it ever returning or exceeding their #'s are slim. I've mostly moved on from epicduel; this is the first time I've checked in 6 months. However, as cheesy and stupid as this may sound, epicduel will always have a place in my heart that filled those lonely adolescent years with comfort and enjoyment. Thank you, epicduel and everyone who contributed to this game in any way, whether it be the incredible programmers, artists, and players like myself. I wish this game the best, along with everyone who enjoyed the game as much as I did.
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7/14/2017 5:59:07   

Hate to ruin the story, but wouldn't it also be a possibility, that your friend might've been just a tad bit smothering? So "Ali" came up with an elaborate plan, to avoid telling him the real truth, and then logged off when she noticed your friend was online to avoid confrontation? Whatever the case may be, I guess there's no harm done. If in the end, these all are all fond memories now, and your friend became a better person as a result. Which is always good.

Just some speculation.. I've definitely had my own share of bad experiences, and questions I still may never even find answers to. But that's life I suppose. With that said, there were still some good ones. I'm sure a lot of us who were young, and basically grew up playing these games all have relatable stories. In fact, it was because of AQW I used to talk to a girl from Australia every morning till sunrise. Haha, good times.

Still also hoping for the best for AE. Obviously looks like I'm not the only one, who comes back periodically to check how things are. Steam/Mobile is in fact looking more and more like the future.
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7/15/2017 13:43:11   

Yep, I also check back periodically just to see how things are going and i do agree, Steam/Mobile is just growing and growing. I genuinely wish the best for ED, whether the ship sinks or not, I'm eternally grateful for the memories.
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