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RE: =AQW= Class Discussion Thread

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7/10/2017 23:27:17   

You're right. I tested it now and, for some reason, the Righteous Seal + Awe Blast combo only works against (Ultra) Blood Titan (except during Bloodrage).
AQW  Post #: 26
7/10/2017 23:44:57   

ArchKnightshade of AQW GD/Q&A/Guides

Huh, you're right. If I had to guess, it would be because (U)BT does Magical damage. Commandment also seems to stack with Righteous Seal, which doesn't happen for any other mobs in-game.
DF AQW  Post #: 27
7/11/2017 0:53:43   

guys i need a opinion should i enh luck r wiz for uok?
Post #: 28
7/11/2017 1:03:20   
Edme MacHeath

The problem with awe blast is that it deals so little damage compared to the others (aside from PWD), also 15% Weaken is a bit in a bad state. In a lot of cases the heal in health vamp heals you for more than you'd reduce with awe blast.
Also since weaken's don't exactly stack additively any class that already has a resist or weaken won't exactly get the full 15%. Which is a lot of classes.
It's the least value out of all aside from PWD. A lot of changes could happen, more damage, perhaps a blind would be more effective and fitting than the weaken.

PWD needs to be significantly reduced as it's basically like having another rank 10 skill that's a nuke that almost never happens. It should be closer to the chance of DBSK's rank 10 or Doomknight's rank 10. considering that the damage from a single proc of health vamp on certain classes can be anywhere from 3k-8k, having health vamp, mana vamp or spiral carve happen 10-20 times could well equal the damage of a single PWD. It's also not counting the other effects of the awe enhancements. I also think PWD should be way stronger than it is, just to guarantee that's actually a power word die and not just a chrono nuke. Power Word Die is otherwise just a bit misleading.

On a side note: I hope AE updates depth enhancements to lvl 85.

The difference between luck and wizard on UOK is marginal. In terms of DPS luck slightly comes out while wizard would give you some better survival.

< Message edited by Edme MacHeath -- 7/11/2017 1:04:37 >
AQ  Post #: 29
7/11/2017 1:09:07   
Aura Knight

I've been using wizard with UOK but lately I've been hearing it does just as well with luck and that luck gives better damage while still giving a good heal. Luck seems to be the best enhancement for many classes.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 30
7/11/2017 1:22:31   

btw what class benefit from using mana vamp?
Post #: 31
7/11/2017 1:37:58   

AQW  Post #: 32
7/11/2017 1:44:01   

Honestly, most classes that are still viable are the ones that don't have mana issues to begin with. Though, one class I can think would benefit is CDK. To get the most out of the nuke, you have to spam every ability you've got.
AQW Epic  Post #: 33
7/11/2017 4:18:24   

I bought back EPL (Evolved PumpkinLord), even though I already have other single target damage classes like UOK and VHL.

Honestly I just love using it, idk for some reason I enjoy using EPL. Has GB like crit chance on default, haste buff, good HoT, decent DoT, EPL is good with spiral carve and EPL has no mana problems. Decent chance at proc'ing the spiral carve if you ignore using vine whip and just auto attack when everything else is on cooldown. The downside being that you murder all your HP from not being careful with explosive pumpkins.

On a side note, I noticed that when I was using EPL, it doesn't lag as much as it used to or if not ever, because I remember using EPL a long while ago and after prolong use it would make the game too laggy for me to play until I refreshed the game and log back in.

< Message edited by ArchNero -- 7/11/2017 4:20:28 >
Post #: 34
7/11/2017 5:12:29   


btw what class benefit from using mana vamp?

More or less any class that doesn't have infinite mana, Rogue, Warrior, Rustbucket and Co., Dragonslayer, Dragonslayer General (vs non dragons mostly), Dragon Shinobi, Cryomancer, Arachnomancer, Ranger, Necromancer (somewhat), Shaman/Evo Shaman (when using it against a boss mostly) , Blademaster Assassin, Legion Blademaster Assassin, Ultra Omniknight, Collector, VoT and the list goes on and on.
If it's more beneficial for some of these classes to use Mana Vamp over Spiral Carve or Health Vamp, that's another story, but all of these classes will benefit from Mana Vamp to some extent.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 7/11/2017 5:29:52 >
AQW  Post #: 35
7/11/2017 5:43:33   

Why is the Omniknight HoT effect so small? I'm only getting like 40 hp per tick, and it only increases by 2 each time. I'm using full wizard, with a stable (ish) weapon.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 36
7/11/2017 6:57:52   

What server? UOK's HoT seems to work fine for me on Yorumi, getting 400+ when fully stacked and over 700 when Omni Reversal is active, at lvl 70.

Edit: I get the same result on all non mem/non testing servers, 400+ to 700+ with full Wiz and a normal damage range.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 7/11/2017 7:16:31 >
AQW  Post #: 37
7/11/2017 17:09:38   
Code Red

Can some one give me a list of classes that do good with luck?
AQW  Post #: 38
7/11/2017 19:41:32   


What weapon were you using? UOK is purely magical, so all of it's damaging abilities, and possibly even the auto, suffer from the median damage range bug. If you had an unstable weapon, the HoT would be very small.
AQW Epic  Post #: 39
7/11/2017 21:19:53   
you stop

@Code Red that'll be a long list but i'll list all the classes that I have that work decently with Luck

Classic Legion DoomKnight
Legion DoomKnight
DragonSlayer General
Eternal Inversionist
Glacial Berserker
Elemental Warrior
ShadowStalker of Time
Basically nearly every Physical/Hybrid Based Class

pretty sure there's a bunch more classes that work well with Luck but I dont have them in my inventory right now.
AQW  Post #: 40
7/12/2017 0:45:31   

Gonna add Chaos Slayer, Scarlett Sorceress, Pirate, Undead Goat and Evolved Pumpkin Lord to that list too.
AQW  Post #: 41
7/12/2017 1:30:58   
Aura Knight

I'd say every class does just fine with luck even ones you'd expect to do better with other enhancements. If the crit modifier wasn't so useful things might be different. It's a broken enhancement but sure makes things easy.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 42
7/12/2017 3:36:21   

@Stronius I'm using a stable weapon, Legendary Broodfiend Claws. Is the HoT supposed to start off that small?
I currently start off with a 40 hp HoT. I checked one of Zereldo's old videos, and he starts with a 100 HoT, just like I did the last time I used Omniknight.

< Message edited by Foulman -- 7/12/2017 3:45:17 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 43
7/12/2017 6:24:00   

What's a good enhancement for Archpaladin?

I'm currently using full wiz, but it doesn't feel like i'm doing too much. Would Luck be better?
AQW  Post #: 44
7/12/2017 7:47:22   

Is shadowstalker of time worth the 6k ac's even If i have classes such as VHL/BB/CDK/archpaladin/UOK? Does it bring something to the table that the others cannot?
Is the Useful and Recommended Class Builds guide accurate for PvP instances? If not, what are the best enh for bludrut brawling with dragonlord/defender/warrior/paladinslayer?
There wasn't anything in that section about the likes of blademaster/sentinel/beastmaster so what would be best to use on them too?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 45
7/12/2017 7:57:29   

@Foulman Yes the dot starts out small and builds up overtime. If you immediately use Omni Reversal after the hot activates you can reach over 100+ from the start.

@Appocolypse Archpaladin isn't really meant for damage outside of Undead Type of enemies but yeah Full luck is what you want to go for if you want to squeeze out more damage out of it.
MQ  Post #: 46
7/12/2017 7:58:03   

Damage-wise, Luck is better.

Edit: Snipe'd.

If you have VHL, there's no need to buy that. SSoT does have a nuke that increases over time, but you gotta be luck to dodge attacks to recover MP or look for support.
I don't know the answer to your other questions.

< Message edited by iDreadnaut -- 7/12/2017 8:02:09 >
AQW  Post #: 47
7/12/2017 8:40:39   
Rancore AQW

What would be the max critical done or allowed on AQW ? I heard it's 87 Million damage with ChronoCommander.Like on the highest hp boss.Or maximum critical limited on aqw normal servers ?
Post #: 48
7/12/2017 9:12:08   

Maximum highest?
You would probably die from the heat death of the universe long before you even reach that many stacks to get that damage though.
Post #: 49
7/12/2017 11:34:15   
you stop

@axell5 if you have CDK and VHL and ure not necessarily a class collector, no need to use SSOT. SSOT is worse than VHL on solos and worse than CDK if u had support. Enh I would recommend is either Wiz or Luck (i mostly use luck because i cant decide)

as for the other classes, i believe we cannot discuss PvP here. Try PvP Discussion Thread instead :^)

༼ ง ◕_◕ ༽つ*:・゚
AQW  Post #: 50
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