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=AE= What is the most epic battle in DragonFable?

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7/12/2017 17:40:53   
Battleon Sorceress

Hello all,

I have a very important question for you -- what is the most epic / memorable / your favorite battle in DragonFable history? It can be from any storyline, any encounter... but it must be mind-blowingly cool!
Please reply here with your answers, and I will check back over the course of the week.

Thank you, and Battle On!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
7/12/2017 17:52:57   

The Xan fight when he burned down Falconreach. Nothing else quite like it.
AQ DF  Post #: 2
7/12/2017 18:10:35   
Rafiq von den Vielen

1) Aspar, Book 3 Ravenloss, before Tomix died... I have never cried more over a single plot arc. Never. The emotion is strong within this one.
2) Final 13th. Accept no substitutes.
3) Greed, at the end of Book 1 Ravenloss.
4) Kathool A'choo. How did I actually forget this manipulative beast of an enemy who first fed us the utter hopelessness we faced on more occasions later on. Plus, the Lovecraftian Water Orb saga and Ravenloss are my favorite sagas ever. Totally not obvious, is it?
5) The first fight with Caitiff after she, well, became Caitiff.
6) Titan Wargoth. I don't fully know why I'm thinking he's that epic but I blame this on the general story.

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Post #: 3
7/12/2017 18:12:26   
The Jop

Just to add one that hasn't been said yet, Kathool Achoo. and I'll throw on Corrupted Davey since the music and story were pretty intense at that moment as well.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
7/12/2017 18:13:44   

This is hard I guess the first battle with Varlith he was ressurected by using artifacts from our worse enemies and someone else. sure later we find out that it did not made him especially powerfl the items where just for his ressurection but at that time we believed that he made him well I believed and the hero beat him forcing him to retreat. There where some debates if we won or lost but the thing is at that moment he was the manifestation of our worst enemies and we beat him.
It was just epic and made the hero quite impressive in my eyes. Sure later thing changed that view but that moment was the most epic battle I had.

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
7/12/2017 18:15:33   

well, it wasn't much of a battle, but the short fight between Safiria and Frydae. it was really awesome
Post #: 6
7/12/2017 18:26:03   

I've never been as pumped for a fight as I was in the Gathering Shadow's Saga--the first fight with Caitiff where our Allies would switch out in the middle of the fight--like all of us were fighting It at once, and the second fight after our brave little Dragon Wrecked Caitiff's with a Wave Motion Blast from it's mouth.

The fight Against our Dragon's corruption and the Doom Amulet responsible for it in the Gathering Shadow's Finale is a close second.

We were trying to save out closest and dearest companion with whom we share a bond that only ours with Aegis approaches. I was heavily invested.

Actually, just in general that entire War. At the end when we started speeding up like Crazy I suddenly hit a massive adrenaline rush and was up all night.

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AQ DF  Post #: 7
7/12/2017 18:27:37   

I'm repeating at this point but the Book 1 finale against SMUDD, Tomix/Envy at the end of Book 3 Ravenloss, every fight against Caitiff. It's a bit hard to pick just one, there's been so many good ones.


DF AQW  Post #: 8
7/12/2017 18:58:30   

Xan fight from way back then.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
7/12/2017 19:24:12   

I agree with rater i terms of sheer epicness the finale to the gathering shadows arc was incredible and fighting the amultet felt like a real boss fight like something from a final fantasy game. Fighting alongside everyone and beating down the tendrils of darkness corupting our sweet baby dragon was a thrill, only made better by the build upof the arc itself.

I do love the story of the tomix saga but i felt the boss itself while an emotional encounter was a rather anoying felt in which i had to rely on random luck to hope i woldnt just get vaporised. The final 13th while an impressive battle and a great arc lost a little of it's impact for me when the comedy of the Bacon element was added.

I also really liked the Wargoth battle battling him from multiple planes was a very cool aesthtic but i never had quite the same emotional attchment to the arc as i did with some of the others
Post #: 10
7/12/2017 20:06:43   

1-SMUDD fight
2-battle drakath alongside sepulchure
3- akriloth with fire orb
4-donovan (dragonsgrasp)
5- wargoth
6-exodus (titants of battleon) because i love this timelines thing

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
7/12/2017 20:46:10   

The battle against Avatars was purely epic. First seeing their great power and then witnessing the extent of Warlic's power.

Dragonrose war boss was also epic due to that unique skill that dragon had. Noone can deny that it is visually the best skill ever a mob has had in DF.

I also want to add Book 3 Sek Duat here. It was also a quite exciting fight which we fought side by side with Rose. Magus Hansa <3
Post #: 12
7/12/2017 23:14:37   

The final battle with Caitiff all the way, I haven't felt that much adrenaline fighting someone like her since the Titan Wargoth battle, it was awesome.
Post #: 13
7/12/2017 23:19:12   
Master in the wind

Xan was the first boss I've ever faced, leaving a first huge impression on me, but to mention one that has not been named yet, Akriloth on melt face(who I somehow beat at full health without aiming for it). I loved teaming up with friends.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
7/12/2017 23:27:53   

Every caitiff fight was amazing particularly the final one just for how satisfying it was to finally destroy them. My absolute favorite is definitely the fight in an unlikely duo though, teaming up with Seppy to defeat Drakath will never not be awesome to me.
Post #: 15
7/12/2017 23:34:05   

As much as I adored the final fight against envy, it just wouldn't have the same impact without the huge lead up. So if the plan is to put this fight in another game, I don't recommend it. Castoff, can, Drakonnan, Kathool, and you and seppy vs Drakath are all favs of mine
Post #: 16
7/12/2017 23:59:32   

The Finale of Ravenloss (war at the core, death of Tomix, etc.) Is #1 for me, no question.

A close follow-up is the Final 13th, all of it. Sepulchure, Dragon-Drakath, SMUDD, and in particular the eating of the sun and "destroy a planet" parts.

For third place, the final battle with Caitiff.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
7/13/2017 3:06:04   

The fights involving Sepulchure in The Final 13th, but the ones against and with him. The involved cutscenes only made the fights all the more impressive.

If you had asked this when I was first playing through the Caitiff storyline, I would have loved to include the some of the Caitiff quests as well. But that was before I got to the horrible design decisions made with some of those: If you want to make such challenging fights, don't put a long cutscene, let alone an entire quest, in there before the fight. Just let it be a standalone fight, potentially with a cutscene afterwards. With these particular instances, especially the finale, not only did you place long cutscenes at the beginning of the quest, but you also included entire actual quests as well. If the player doesn't manage to go through in their first attempt, having to sit through all that again, can very well transform the whole thing from an amazing experience, to a "thank god it's over" type of deal, where all the effort put into the quest, becomes overshadowed by the frustration. That is what happened to me, which with a few single quests, managed to transform an amazing story into an absolutely abysmal experience, that I never want to wish upon anyone else.

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Post #: 18
7/13/2017 3:42:32   

The Final 13th is my favorite, Seppy vs Drakath is so cool :D

Then followed by Tournament of Champion, the scale might not be big, but the fight is very enjoyable, especially before Fangblade and Faust get nerfed.
DF Epic  Post #: 19
7/13/2017 3:42:43   

personally, my favorites were the akriloth fight(us coming in with the frozen claymore to take down a dragon so powerful we couldn't do anything against it from atop our OWN dragon? sign me up!), every major bossfight in final 13th, the calamity finale bossfights(they just kept one-upping themselves with pure awesome!), both greed and aspar from tomix's stories(it was mainly the story behind these fights that got me, though the visuals were pretty great with the greed one as well), and drakonnan(this one almost purely for what is arguably one of the best musical pieces in DF history....if it worked again....).

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DF  Post #: 20
7/13/2017 3:47:40   

The final Caitiff fight was amazing. A long time nemesis defeated in such a great way. The cut scenes, dialogue, and music were all spot on.
DF  Post #: 21
7/13/2017 5:04:44   

Hey Alina! ^v^

Really tough question. I had to keep changing my mind as I read what everyone had to say! The final fight against Drakonnan, Warlic vs the Avatars, Greed, Sepulchure, Titan Drakath, the SMUDD, Titan Wargoth, and of course Caitiff's final form are the ones I find the most memorable.

If I had to pick a favourite I'd say Titan Wargoth, but not by much. I remember being so stoked when one of his forearms started attacking. The music was great, and the animations really blew me away.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
7/13/2017 5:11:56   

Final 13th VS SMUDD and Hero and Sepulchure vs Dragon Drakath. Also Warlic vs the Avatars and Tomix and Pandora vs Asper/Envy for fights without the main character.
Post #: 23
7/13/2017 5:17:45   
Winters Key

Alina! Long time no see.

For me, it would have to be the SMUDD Bossfight on the Final 13th storyline because of how tense it was, Merged Akriloth because of the atmosphere and the music, and this is going to be an unpopular opinion - but Dr. When, too. It's the only boss that felt really fun to me - he didn't use a stun, nor did he use a defensive skill or negate your damage. The whole battle was fought all-out from the start, and the boss worked so well that's it's worked wonders deciding the strength of certain classes. Also served as some great comedic relief to the dark nature of the Final 13th Saga. Same reasons for Jimmie of Fallcon + Jimmie of Kindle - but if that fight was to ever return, i'd remove Coldbear from our allies list though.

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 24
7/13/2017 5:26:39   

Yea, Dr. When is indeed the very first wall to break through in DF
Beating him felt like you've accomplished a great feat :D
DF Epic  Post #: 25
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