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RE: =AE= What is the most epic battle in DragonFable?

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7/13/2017 6:38:39   

1.) Tomix Saga Finale - The fights against Envy/Tomix. Just like Rafiq, I have never cried over anything in a game. It was my first time when I first played through the finale and I'm damn proud to say that I did.
2.) The entire Book 1 Finale/Final 13th, especially the fights against Dragon Drakath (With Sepulchure) and the Mysterious Stranger.
3.) The entire Gathering Shadows/Caitiff Saga. Whether it be the fights against Valtrith or the fights against the Doom Amulet and Caitiff, I loved them all. (I'm probably one of the only people who actually liked Valtrith heh)
4.) Titan Wargoth, no doubt. It was a really unique titan fight, at least for me.
5.) The fights against Akriloth and Drakonnan, with the Frozen Claymore and the Ice Katana, respectively.
6.) The fights in The First Weaver Saga.

There are probably a few more but those are the first that come to mind.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 26
7/13/2017 7:08:41   

Defeating the ultra mega dracolich dragon, one of the reason I brought a dragon amulet.
Post #: 27
7/13/2017 7:54:50   

Most epic for me was the Dragon Drakath battle. I waited for too long for uus to finally give him a true whopping.

Otherwise, Drakkonnan. Badass and really heartbreaking at the same time.
Post #: 28
7/13/2017 10:52:16   

Interesting topic, homework? Chronicling the algorithm for an awesome fight? or just curiosity?
I'd say the last, given most fights i think you guys have number 2 figured out.

I am disappointed though, various good suggestions and fights, but does it dig deep? Into what is awesome and undeniably cool? Does it punch the viewer with a cold hard punch of Destructive un-reality?
ehh...maybe. MY opinion :

A lot can be said about a fight that you are not meant to win, but offers every opportunity to do so, Fluffy is that fight.
Fluffy. yes, that one, not the SMUDD but the titan fight with Sepulchre riding his Dracolich companion (also, note to general public Photobucket isnt doing 3rd party image hosting anymore so... yeah) It is the general and simple equation of : Awesome + Awesome= Awesome to the MAX! and it delivers, that cutscene where we witness the small baby Dracolich turn titan size, the back and forth banter between hero and villain, even the disappointing failure is rewarded with a helmet that is still in my inventory (vault). It works, how many times did i replay that quest when it was first released? 5 times, 10 times? 20? 30? How many times was i close to victory? How many times did Baron Dante win (probably all of them, thats why it got buffed)

That fight was a combination of ideas that hasnt been repeated until Merged Akriloth (add a fusion of Xan and Drakonnan to the mix and you have generic fanfiction) yes an Undead Akriloth controlled by Xan was kinda cool, but it wasnt Merged Akriolth cool, or even Fluffy+Sepulchre kinda cool.


Before Xan, before the fall of Falconreach, The Irismancer existed. Popular enough to get his own duplicate weapon ingame, and appearing in a minigame starring Valencia (Golf Clap) they are a fight to be enjoyed. Few people may remember, but that war? That war had a contest, and the winning entry was, you guessed it the Irismancer, the fact that it was a fan who created (or inspired) this boss fight is mind-blowing to a degree, and as i've previously mentioned the dialogue afterword? Due to its generic content, it can be applied to Book 1, 2 and 3, while remaining true and current. (Bonus points for a rare Sub-species type enemy, my collector spirit dues have its weaknesses.)

Big Fat Whale Tongue
and Draydenfish Zombie.
A perfect example of needlessly strange fight done right. Your fighting a tongue. If im not mistaken it is the only time you fight a tongue, and its a whale tongue. (Props to the Pinocchio reference) What gets me every time is the fact that the Tongue can be shrunken, the fight is so ridiculous it works out so beautifully (especially with a shrunken tongue). As for the zombies: Half Fish, Half Zombie, Half Sneevil, so basically a ReverseMermaid-Sneevil Zombie, or Draydenfish Zombie for short. Once limited to the Sir Koffagus quest it has expanded it locations, a ridiculous enemy that has my sympathy for looking like a sneevil, and being undead, but dumb enough to attack me like a fish. (Splash is ineffective, have you learned nothing from the time you were alive Magikarp?)

Exodus Titan

Look at it! It is epic by itself, the fact that it is a titan fight that can be reached by a time travel booth only enhances that aspect. Along with Corundum and Zards, they become a throwback to my old AQ days and it delivers nostalgia in all its forms.

Simas Prime + Kordana 13.0
Mech fights. That is all.

Zorbak Moglinster
Big Moglin, Little Staff. You know a Big guy tiny Fez kinda deal, the fact that he doesnt summon undead or do more magic based attacks only adds to the humor of the exchange of punches (or Love taps)

A memorable fight is much more than a memorable villain or difficult fight, it involves animation, feeling, that unseen love behind every frame (and sometimes the exchange of dialogue if any) I feel that the above do so in such a way that i can not and have not forgotten them.
Most of Tomixs Saga have done that (its why i didnt add them here, if you didnt enjoy his Saga you did it wrong, go play it again, now!),
The most memorable part of his saga, was not a fight, but a death. Not Tomixs, heroes die every day, but a childs death. Needless. Pointless. Evil. Truly the work of a villain (the action of placing the child as a lock mechanism, not the writing, that was a job well done, it stimulated the reader to feel a "passion" towards the story)

Catiff? No, just no. Yes they are memorable, both as a villain and a fight, however their creation was filled with such sentiment that drove a portion of the playerbase away, i can not deny what they feel or felt. The fight , the last one, was filled with rage and hate, my keyboard is lucky it didnt break, i was not able to truly enjoy the fight with Catiff, i was simply filled with hate and sadness.

In the end, all fights are the variation of the same fight we've always fought: Enraged Gorillaphant due to Moglin being punted in their Face, and you know what? I'm okay with that.


In case I don't see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 29
7/13/2017 14:18:56   

Regarding epic fights, it would either be the Hero and Sepulchure teaming up against Dracolich!Drakath or the Hero teaming up with other people against Akriloth during the Fire Orb Saga.
Post #: 30
7/13/2017 15:01:29   

Wait wait wait wait... How could I forget my most favourite battle ever!?

It was the three way battle against Caitiff and Valtrith, definitely! If only one of Caitiff's skills didn't stuck occasionally... Still, it was more epic than Final Caitiff battle IMO, fighting two villains when they are fighting eachother!
Post #: 31
7/13/2017 15:37:24   

I liked the Dragon's fight against Saellah in Book 3. The opening cutscene to that fight was super epic and well animated and it was pretty cool how the Dragon just completely destroys Saellah, no contest.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 32
7/13/2017 16:21:08   

Skimming I didn't see the 3 way fight between the Hero on their Dragon, the Entropic Dragon and Titan Trey Surehunter. That was super cool. And of course I will agree with everyone who said Wargoth and fighting Drakath with Sepulchure.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 33
7/13/2017 17:43:39   

I'll always say Catiff vs the Hero and allies. Despite how easy it was, the battle structure made it feel hopeless with guests being forced out of battle as if they were really taking the heat.
Post #: 34
7/13/2017 20:01:05   

Same with the others too, the two-part battle with Caitiff.

The new mechanic of guests switching added atmosphere into the fight and the last battle with Caitiff along with your dragon is well done.
I actually prefer non-Titan battles since I can use different classes for the fights.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 35
7/14/2017 0:41:13   

1) The fight when we had to clear out waves of skeletons for Sepulchure to reach Drakath. In my mind, as the quest progressed and Seppy was just raging and climbing and all, I had this image of Broly from DBZ just shouting KAKAROT! and charging. Only Seppy would have been shouting profainities and insinuations to the slugwrath lineage that may not have been kid friendly to print on screen.

2) The entire Ravenloss saga. From the introduction of Tomix (properly in the halloween event) till his fall at the void core. Loved the final battle, and the way the quests worked.

3) Catiff. Good. Freaking. God. That final battle with our dragon. Just...

4) Final battle with Drakonnan. I liked the way that it had a lot of elements from the original AQ quest line as well, what with zooming in and having text play in between. Shame we didnt have that in more quests. Stuff like the Wargoth finale and Artix vs the Undead quest would have been pretty interesting to watch.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 36
7/14/2017 2:48:03   

The three recent fights in the Caitiff saga (The three way against Caitiff and Valtrith, the Doom Amulet, and the final battle{s}) would have to be some of my favourites. Also the fights in the Tournament of Champions, albeit that was more of a storyline thing. Essentially, fights that force you to actually think about how to play them, and have storyline significance.


~original: @monstervet
Interesting topic, homework? Chronicling the algorithm for an awesome fight? or just curiosity?
I'd say the last, given most fights i think you guys have number 2 figured out.

I am disappointed though, various good suggestions and fights, but does it dig deep?

It appears to be AE's market research, given that it's in every game's thread. I agree that it's a strangely shallow question, however.
For DF at least, a large part of the appeal is in the storyline. Gameplay elements have more significance when tied to the story. While I'll admit the other games have a very intense focus on gameplay, and less so on storyline, that doesn't really do them any credit.

Perhaps it's simply that the main thread is written with a younger audience in mind-- namely AQW or AQ3D-- but regarding an event as 'cool' is a separate affair to considering it 'significant'. Cool events would be typically associated with 'cool' characters; not necessarily the deepest or most interesting of characters, but the ones who can wield a sword and look good, dammit.
So this type of research is perhaps good for attracting a particular type of audience; say, one who would think Dragonball Z is cool. As opposed to an audience who would find it stupid.
While there's nothing intrinsically wrong with the former, the latter consists of more people and age ranges. If you want grassroots promotion, your players need to spread the word; they aren't going to get a friend or relative to play the game if they don't think it will appeal to them.

Or this is just to settle a bet, and all this marketing stuff is superfluous.
DF MQ  Post #: 37
7/14/2017 9:58:29   
Fire alandry


The three recent fights in the Caitiff saga (The three way against Caitiff and Valtrith, the Doom Amulet, and the final battle{s}) would have to be some of my favourites.
I agree.
2. Red, Green and Blue in the end of War at the Core.
3. Wargoth.
4. Razen.

1. Why caittif? Firstly, because those fights have a significant story. Caitiff became my worst enemy in B3, because I'm not a Rose-hater and he did exactly what I always want to do- learn my enemy in order to defeat him. Not speaking on all the other things he did: Falconreach burning, my dragon, Serenity...
Secondly, the battle mechanics were great! Triple fight, guest change, the shield in the last battle..
2. Same- story wise, they blocked our way to finish Envy, and in terns of mechanics we got 3 monsters with very different skills.
3. Wargoth- well, he had destroyed a planet. And we won him!
4. Maximum strategy for weak classes.

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"Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language."
DF  Post #: 38
7/14/2017 13:45:43   


Or this is just to settle a bet, and all this marketing stuff is superfluous.

"I'm telling you guys, EVERYONE is gonna say the Manaphages were the best boss fight!"
Post #: 39
7/14/2017 16:32:35   

My dear shiny, the biggest issue with someone understanding you is the inability to say that phrase, which i most adore, "Nobody understands me", within a context that is factual correct.
So i should be thanking you, but i cant say that nobody understands me anymore, and i loved saying that, so, nope. Thank you however (if anyone asks, i shall deny it)

However you have oversimplified what kids think are cool:

the ones who can wield a sword and look good, dammit

All you need to do is know what is "cool" or looks "good"
Which is why i stated the fights i did, not the most well known fights but each have a certain thing, what the french call an "I don't know what" kinda feel to it.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 40
7/14/2017 21:02:21   

When we teamed up with Sepulchure against Drakath

Against Kathool Atchoo

The Ravenloss Final (Against Tomix/Aspar)

Against Wargoth

Against SMUDD
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 41
7/14/2017 22:30:35   

The best fight was definitely the Doom Amulet, it (along with the Mirage Valtrith) marked a new fairness and balance in Dragonfable's gameplay.
DF  Post #: 42
7/15/2017 10:34:12   
Cherubic Card

Have to say, near-everything with Caitiff during the Black Winter War. Both forms of the Doom Amulet and then Caitiff itself. I'd have to say that was a pretty epic battle.
Post #: 43
7/19/2017 1:06:35   

Nothing tops the Wrath of Xan.
First time FalconReach ever came under attack, first villain to thrash us like that, and he's always had such a memorable personality.
Simple and to the point, he just had everything going for him.


MQ  Post #: 44
7/24/2017 1:52:52   

for me definitely the first part of the ravenloss saga, ending with the war and battle with Greed, it wasnt the hardest fight but it was one of my favorite. That storyline was just so intriguing to me when i was playing through the first time.

followed by the Book 1 finale and the 2013 Frostval and full moon wars where i was able to reach 1000+ waves

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 45
7/24/2017 5:20:55   
AQW Release Tester & Lore Connoisseur

Our final fight against The Mysterious Stranger as SMUDD was definitely the most epic battle in my opinion. It wasn't necessarily the battle itself but that we were facing the true villain of Book 1 who had been someone that was standing in plain sight the entire time.

The second most epic battle, in my opinion, was the final fight against Wargoth. It was so epic because we were fighting him from two fronts: the real world and the Dreamscape.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 46
7/28/2017 21:25:25   

I have to agree with most of the ones posted here.
I think a super cool fight was the one against Z. I loved that reveal when it turned out it was Zadd the Golemmancer. It was good because it was both hilarious and serious at the same time.
Kara really looks badass in that fight.
Oh yeah and who can forget the fight against the robot that had taken over Popsprocket. I honestly thought that whole cutscene/fight was great and hilarious.
Another great fight was the one against the dragon controlled by the rose. It was the first time the Rose really demonstrated how monstrous and heartless they could be.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 47
7/30/2017 13:39:11   

Now you've done it Alina...There are so many epic bossfights in Dragonfable, so MANY! (imo) Honestly I wish DF would get a 3D revamp/reboot with Warframe-level graphics so that all these fights could be more awesome and epic! But anyway I'll try to narrow it down to only 10 fights! Here they are in order of epic-ness.

1. Dragon Drakath: I'm sorry, but Rage of the Forsaken is, to this day, one of the most epic pieces of music I have ever heard, and fighting a massive dragon both on foot and on dragonback, first competing against then fighting alongside Sepulchure? I found it to be way more epic and blood-pumping than SMUDD. During the SMUDD fight my attitude was: "This must be done, We cannot afford to fail." During the Drakath fight my attitude was more like: "DRAKATH! I don't care HOW many time you beat me back, I WILL destroy you!"

2. Wargoth: The music was nearly as epic as the fight itself, this battle is the reason I bought a dragon amulet, because after struggling so much to beat the normal Wargoth (who still gives me actual trouble btw) I wanted to become a Dragonlord because I thought: "Well if this is where AE is going with Dragonfable's difficulty, I may NEED to become a DL".
- Fighting a god-level entity that can generate nuclear explosions with a wave of his hand? Check.
- Riding our extremely powerful dragon? Check.
- Fighting alongside an old enemy turned tentative ally and a wise old sage-type character? Check.
- The battle is occurring across two realms/realities and not just one? Check.
- The world will be destroyed if we don't win this time? Check.

3. Caitiff: The true final battle was the single BEST ending to ANY saga I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. "Goal within Reach" is one of my all-time favourite pieces of music and in combination with the fight itself and the entire saga it evoked so much emotion in me... I've taken to calling the song "Tears of Rage" because I think "Goal within Reach" doesn't fully communicates the level of passion it invokes. The fight's mechanics were different enough to make it genuinely interesting and challenging, making it feel as if we truly were in a fight for our lives. Will remember forever.

4. Any bossfight set to the music that played during Safira's rampage against Frydae. No I'm not kidding you. Best piece of music for almost any bossfight you can imagine. Hands down.

5. EnTropy vs Gorgok: Truly a darkly epic battle. Two forces of devastating destruction in a fight to the veritable death, with the one survivor emerging stronger than before. The music communicated this perfectly and the whole experience brought back memories of reading the Star Wars Darth Bane trilogy for the first time. Like I said, darkly epic.

6. Valtrith (The first time): While the music could have been better (personally I think the music used in the Nightfall quest later on would have been much better suited to it) the fight itself was epic (and sometimes annoying/rage inducing/salt rubbing) and definitely the most difficult and challenging battle in DF to date, no substitutes.

7. The Stranger: While not epic in a traditional sense, the fight was a sudden conflict with a mysterious and somewhat terrifying enemy set to harrowing and otherworldy music. It gave me chills and the creeps at the same time.

8. Nytherra vs. Void Dragon boss (I forget how to spell the species name) Epic character, epic foe, epic music, epic setting. What more needs to be said?

9. Crest: Fighting a girl made of pure mana? Just another Tuesday for an epic hero!

10. Kathool: The music could have been better, but the fight itself was pretty epic in so many ways. I love battling Lovecraftian horrors with magic and dragon powers! I just wish there was a hard mode kathool with 2 times as much health and maybe a dmg buff plus a mechanic or two, that'd make the fight really re-playable!

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 48
7/31/2017 4:12:13   

Undoubtedly for me, it was the fight against Wargoth. In those moments did not know much about strategy and really the fight was a great challenge
DF  Post #: 49
8/4/2017 9:30:33   

For me the coolest Fight of all and I never tire of doing is the Fight of En and Tropy to defeat the Gorgok dragon and thus turn into the Entropic Dragon, Another cooler was the fight against the Ice Queen Pallor, she transformed The frost Moglins in Mogkees with wings, the fight against Zealot and mixed Valtrith where Mogloween and Frostval got together was a lot of fun, but the Tomix Saga against Aspar was one of the best for me, I love playing as Aspar by deep void, know its history and Crying to see Tomix dying sacrificing himself. The fight against Valthrith vs Caitiff, the Doom Amulet and Caitiff im Saga Calamity was a lifelong experience. And I'm really looking forward to future battles within Rose, Saga Weaver with Secundus and Piotr, I still do not know what's going to happen, I want to fight against Akanthus, Sealha, Sofist and Theanos in the Tnorn Saga, and the best of All Me as The Queen Of the ice vs Jaania it freezes me inside I want to face it
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