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RE: =AQ= War for the Fangs!

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7/16/2017 21:27:09   

I've got my Legendary Purifying Crescent Blade ready to fight some undead and save the Werewolf King.
AQ  Post #: 26
7/16/2017 21:34:57   

Ooooh I didn't know about the connection to Paladin, this definitely looks like it could be a lead-in to the revamp. As for the war itself, I doubt it's gonna be a timed or v.s war.
AQ  Post #: 27
7/16/2017 22:16:35   
Aura Knight

A timed war seems very likely as this seems to indicate both sides would need to work together to reach their leaders and we only have a specific amount of time to do that. I just hope this doesn't mean that in case of a loss we lose both leaders. They're too iconic to just get rid of them in such a way.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 28
7/16/2017 22:34:01   
Silver Sky Magician


Maybe they both turn undead if we lose! We'll still have those characters but they'll look hilarious.
Epic  Post #: 29
7/16/2017 23:52:06   

Now this sounds fun. Though, I do wonder just how many factions will try to get themselves involved in this. Also, I do hope that the staff remember to acknowledge the werewolves' victory in the War of the Fangs event in this war's dialogue.
AQ  Post #: 30
7/17/2017 2:31:57   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Sylith the Lich and War of the Fangs? Well color me surprised it was mentioned that WotF should be continued and here it is.

Having the old paladin class boss play a role may only be more interesting. And please make her look spiffy.
Post #: 31
7/17/2017 4:12:17   

Well I like where the release is going, but I just hope people aren't to burned out due to the recent war...
AQ DF  Post #: 32
7/17/2017 4:30:29   

I would love a challenge mode for the boss.

Just imagine how powerful this Lich must be to capture both the Werewolf King AND Safiria.

Time to comb the pedia for high-level powerful undead/darkovia/darkness trigger weaponry.
Post #: 33
7/17/2017 7:03:41   
How We Roll Winner

I absolutely love Darkovia wars since beating the living daylights out of Vamps and weres is soo much fun. I'm gonna try to war until the very end for this one.

That being said, anyone interested in talking/chatting should come over to the discord server for this event!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 34
7/17/2017 8:11:02   

Oh man cant wait to return to Darkovia, this war sounds pretty awesome so i guess its back to slaying monsters
Post #: 35
7/17/2017 14:05:46   

Mail Moogle of AQ/AEGD & CFG&H

Just a reminder that the discord server is not officially endorsed nor moderated by AE, and as such direct links to it on the forums is not allowed.

That being said, you can ask for it via PM to ss2195 or others that are there.

Also, go fluffies! I mean werewolves!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 36
7/17/2017 14:22:45   

I hope we'll get a level 135 0% proc weapon that triggers against all "were" monsters (as in, all "were" monsters and not just the "were+wolf" ones). We recently got one that triggers against "demon" monsters so any future wars against demons will have a go-to weapon now.
AQ  Post #: 37
7/17/2017 18:08:14   

I'm excited for this event, but I hope that it's not a timed war. We don't have a good track record with those lately, and I'd hate to see both the Werewolves and the Vampires suffer from that...

That said, my estate is recovered from the last war, and I'm assuming we're going to be facing a lot of undead, which means that fast warring shouldn't be too difficult. Gonna have to make sure I devote a good chunk of free time to this one, lol!
AQ  Post #: 38
7/17/2017 19:09:03   


ORIGINAL: ss2195

Will the #WolfPack reunite? most of it's members have split but a few still endure

Old friend, the #WolfPack never left

Coming from a fellow former role-playing Necromancer...This lich is going down son!


ORIGINAL: Dreiko Shadrack

paladin class revamp prelude hype?

You know, the fact that it's been 3 years since we've had a formal class release, this idea doesn't sound too bad at all. For you wonderful Pallys of course :D

Darkovia is dark and full of (night) terrors baby! But that ain't gonna stop us from doing what we have to do.

You with me fam?!

< Message edited by Muchiha -- 7/17/2017 19:19:40 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 39
7/17/2017 19:32:04   
Dreiko Shadrack

The pallys did win the right to get their class revamped first.

And our illustrious IMR is known to be working on it.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 40
7/17/2017 19:41:41   

Return for the #WolfPack and the #Necrolegion? Now this should be an interesting week indeed
AQ  Post #: 41
7/17/2017 21:53:28   

I might pick up Shadowscourge Pyroscepter for this.
And maybe Vampiercer if it hasn't been nerfed
AQ  Post #: 42
7/17/2017 21:59:44   

Mail Moogle of AQ/AEGD & CFG&H

@Dreiko- It's a war for the fangs. Why on earth would the paladins be involved? This is nighthunter territory if anything.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 43
7/17/2017 22:03:50   

Because the reason the war is a thing is that lich, which is the boss for paladin rank 10

Seems to be all connected
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 44
7/17/2017 22:29:38   


Something is stirring in Darkovia, forces are moving on either side. The Werewolf King and Safiria have finally been located! One slight issue - they are being held captive by a powerful lich that plans to drain both leaders of their powers and add their legions of night breed to her undead army. The lich, Sylith, must wait until the Blood Moon rises to complete her ritual, leaving you a small window for a rescue mission. In a moon-bathed clearing, on the edge of the Darkovian Forest, a small contingent of night breed have gathered to form a plan. Will Vampires and Werewolves be able to put their ancient conflict aside long enough to save their leaders? Can you reach Sylith before the final night of the Blood Moon?

I could be misreading this, but it sounds like we're on a rescue mission, working together with vampires and werewolves to save their respective leaders, fighting against undead armies.

So the war monsters are undeads, not vampires/werewolves. And the final boss is a Lich.

Sounds like Paladin territory.

Unless this is a multi-side war, where we can take the side of the Lich, and fight against the night breed who are on the rescue mission.

OR the Vampires/Werewolves can't even work together to save their leaders, and they end up wasting resources fighting each other.

Situation like these, you lose sight of who the real enemy is.

< Message edited by BlazeBane -- 7/17/2017 22:33:14 >
Post #: 45
7/18/2017 0:46:07   

Alright fam, I decided to drop one of my mixtapes on Sylith and this is what happened.

Warm Up!

Mixtape #2 will be dropped on Sylith very soon. Stay tuned people
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 46
7/18/2017 4:46:41   
How We Roll Winner


Old friend, the #WolfPack never left

Coming from a fellow former role-playing Necromancer...This lich is going down son!

Nice to see an old, familiar face once again. Although I kind of want to fight against the Weres/Vamps just for kicks...

Alright, old call to arms but #WOLFPACKASSEMBLE!

I'm gonna change my font colour to Red just for this event!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 47
7/18/2017 8:20:11   

Will the good old Requiem be good for this war?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 48
7/18/2017 8:43:49   

If it's against Undead, sure especially for spell casting. Zombie Bane Scepter and Lions Roar would be good too for magi.
AQ AQW  Post #: 49
7/18/2017 9:04:19   

X of the AQ Q&A/EC/BS

Prepare for war you furry bats and fluffy dogs your masters are in peril. To save the night you must save the day! Don't let that mean old lich get the best of you.

Now just to wait 2 to 3 more days.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 50
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