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RE: Return of the Dragonfable Riddles!

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8/7/2017 15:05:25   

Not Z(add) either, but you're a bit closer!
Ultimate, the clue could also be something like Galanoth's spear, which comes with a wall-mount in dragesvard. So somebody's weapon that we can fight with, or by as a house item.
DF  Post #: 76
8/7/2017 15:25:50   

Could be that too! The funny part with riddles is when you think you have the fitting answer but still you forget it has to fit with the entire riddle.
Happens to me from time to time! xD!

EDIT: Okay, GammaCavy! I got another guess. Is it Fiamme?

EDIT 2: I do recall Galanoth's spear being broken into two pieces when Aisha transformed into a dragon and starting chewing him.

EDIT 3: @docblade Ok, I suppose it isn't Galanoth either? By the way, the more I read your riddle the more I begin to understand.

EDIT 4: Hey, is it not Sek-Duat XV? (To your first riddle)

EDIT 5: To your latest riddle, is it Aspar?

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Post #: 77
8/7/2017 18:39:10   

I will give you one final hint. But is it really a hint or just an distraction? You have to decide...

The person mentioned in my riddle is not the person you want. But with this person, you have the answer

@^ All of your answers are wrong

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DF MQ  Post #: 78
8/8/2017 10:19:00   

@docblade I have another guess to your first riddle, is it that Undead Professor from the quest "The Body Shop"?
Post #: 79
8/8/2017 10:47:11   

A tiny bit closer....but for the wrong riddle. Sorry, please insert 1 gold for the next try
@v Your answer gets closer, in a way. but still wrong.

< Message edited by docblade -- 8/9/2017 0:24:21 >
DF MQ  Post #: 80
8/8/2017 15:19:20   

@docblade Now when I take a closer look to your first riddle it sounds like Alexander but I still have trouble with that part with the weapon and the wall.

EDIT: Is Kasuf the answer to your other riddle? Or the Final Boss Necromancer in the Archknight saga?

EDIT 2: @GammaCavy Fiamme, Pandora or Nythera (or something about the corundum corruption?)?

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 8/8/2017 15:51:27 >
Post #: 81
8/8/2017 21:37:24   

Not Fiamme, Pandora, or Nythera.
Hint: it's someone who works hard and never turns away from the job, no matter how thankless the task may be.
DF  Post #: 82
8/9/2017 4:58:54   

@GammaCavy Raven?

EDIT: Or Ash Dragonblade?

EDIT 2: Now, I'll get a bit busy but I'll see you all soon! Keep on making those amazing riddles, let your creativity flow!

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 8/9/2017 15:33:02 >
Post #: 83
8/10/2017 14:00:30   

UltimateDoom neither of the above, although you're slightly closer with Ash.
DF  Post #: 84
8/10/2017 15:13:11   


is it the hero, by any chance?
DF  Post #: 85
8/11/2017 9:53:01   

@docblade To your latest riddle, is it The Chairman?

EDIT: To your first riddle, is it Captain Rhubarb or does it have to do with pirates?

EDIT 2: I have a possibly even better answer to your first riddle! Is it... Serenity Okami!? (Serenity and Imaru)

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 8/11/2017 15:20:52 >
Post #: 86
8/11/2017 18:58:00   

Right again Greyor! The hero it is! The bit about snatching the stars was a reference to the Clashening.
DF  Post #: 87
8/11/2017 19:13:57   

pretty sure i'll never be able to guess a docblade riddle, though. those things go straight over my head........

in the meantime, while i continue to lurk, waiting for another riddle that isn't borderline impossible, let me re-post the one i gave two pages ago:


my owner lost me
you tried to seek me out
two places i can hide, your house
and past the end of all time.

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 8/11/2017 19:15:21 >
DF  Post #: 88
8/11/2017 19:36:17   

@UDMK You may have beaten me this time, but my other riddle is still out there. Yes, Serenity Okami is correct
DF MQ  Post #: 89
8/11/2017 19:45:56   

Greyor, just a wild guess... Cysero's left sock?
DF  Post #: 90
8/11/2017 20:13:33   


that's correct.

it's a house item you can get for DC's(and in my opinion, the best house item ever), and you can also find it under the challenge board at the inn at the edge of time.
DF  Post #: 91
8/11/2017 20:18:23   

I knew about the House item. I wasn't sure about the edge of time appearance, because you said at the end of time, not edge, but I guess that might have made it too obvious.
And on reflection, it makes sense that it's in the inn. After all, we last hear of it in a time rift he opened, when he stole it from himself.
DF  Post #: 92
8/11/2017 20:30:52   



After all, we last hear of it in a time rift he opened, when he stole it from himself.

.......why does that make perfect sense?(you know, that almost seems like a riddle in and of itself. the fact that cysero can do these things but still make absolute sense while doing it....)

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 8/11/2017 20:31:10 >
DF  Post #: 93
8/11/2017 22:13:48   

yeah, well, that's Cysero for you. He went back in time, and said he found that sock he lost years ago. he picked it up for safekeeping and stole it from himself.

New Riddle:

Referenced and seen but never explored,
I hold a mystery in frozen wastes
In freezing cold the water poured
What lives within, as yet unstirred
we do not know. Nor ever shall
but where is it? Seen and referenced how?

This one should be tricky.


sincerely, your friendly neighborhood warrior thespian dark lord and counter guardian Gamma Cavy
DF  Post #: 94
8/12/2017 5:41:13   

@docblade YES! UltimateDoomKnight is back in the game! (The Doom Knight Rises. xD! )

EDIT: To your other riddle, is it Dragonmaster FrostScythe?

@GammaCavy So it WAS the Hero after all? Well, I kinda knew it but I mostly thought you meant somebody else. Oh well, it isn't a competition.

EDIT 2: Will be back soon with a couple of guesses.

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 8/27/2017 14:26:58 >
Post #: 95
8/15/2017 1:23:11   

Repost of my unsolved riddle

(Solved by Greyor
Some say i have a special taste
But i do think its bad to waste
the thinks you have; but i was bad
wanted to get rid of that brat.
Now she is dead, and i am too
I love you, schmookey pookie-poo.

@v It seems i have another opponent. Yes, its correct

< Message edited by docblade -- 8/15/2017 4:05:44 >
DF MQ  Post #: 96
8/15/2017 2:17:31   


i can't believe i'm saying this, but i think i have it figured out. is it necromancer klaatu?
DF  Post #: 97
8/15/2017 4:09:21   

The Riddle Master is far from beaten. Take This

The fire burns, but deep within
Reducing souls to weaky dim'
Its not my will that made me fight
The fabric saves from heavens eye's might

@v The Answer is correct....in case you wanted to give an answer who is completely wrong
EDIT: Sometimes the first guess is correct. This is one of the cases. (Correct)

< Message edited by docblade -- 8/15/2017 10:00:26 >
DF MQ  Post #: 98
8/15/2017 4:48:17   

@docblade Is it Danyel?

EDIT: My first guess was actually that Atalean General. I think her name was Veyla, is that it?

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 8/15/2017 9:30:03 >
Post #: 99
8/15/2017 15:44:01   

Congrats Greyor, you beat a docblade riddle!

farewell my foe! Far get you gone!
And better fate to vanish in waste
than wrath of hero's blade to taste
for all the gold you won from me
I curse you to the sky and sea
O mealy mouthed and empty shell
O creeping darkness cold and fell
that shrinks like moth in fading light
and laughs so cruelly under night
You never shall return again,
to hill or vale or marshy fen
all whom you tricked swear watch to hold
from youngest to the wise and old
so come you crawling, craven thing
who once was fear on stolen wing
who once spread dread over this place
If still you live, then show your face!
DF  Post #: 100
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