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RE: =DF= July 28th Design Notes: The Inn at the Edge of Time Update!

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7/29/2017 23:33:31   

nDA/nDC here

I beat the dragonoid second try with necromancer. What i found was really helpful was killing both mechspawns withing one turn of each other and using my defense ability right when they respawned to take them out before they could do any serious damage

As for the triple trouble, i just used the dragonslayer armor. It was crucial to have defense up whenever possible and also to blind either Gelunguis or Trigoras whenever defense is not up because they can stun me. Took them out in the order of Gelunguis, Trigoras, then Oratath, mostly using the dragon poison, scales, and blind accordingly.

For both fights i used my baby dragon which is fully trained and the dragonblaser which still able to do work while only at level 70.

Shamelessly LOVE the nonDA drops

Both fights were relatively easy compared to Ultra Meltface Merged Akriloth

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DF  Post #: 101
7/30/2017 4:52:48   
dark garuda

@Pedro - It's personal taste where things fall on the cheapo scale, some would even consider using a competent (so T3 or Paladin, Necromancer, Ranger) class to be cheap most of the time. You can't really call 1 thing much cheaper than another except like, Doom Knight Mk. I, since you add effects onto your character that cover their weaknesses. If you have good damage output but poor survivability, you can level up your potion skill, you can bring guests (Mritha's defensive rotation isn't flawless incidentally, if she gets stunned by Gelunguis on the two turns Shield Wall is down you're so boned), you can stack END, you can equip Not-So-Tiny-Bubbles or grab the Rotten Hardtack or Seaweed. If you have good survivability but poor damage output, there's offensive stats, you can bring offensive guests, you can show a weapon with an effect to boost up your damage. In all cases it's pretty just getting out the filler and filling in the cracks in your class' kit. Still, in HM defence isn't as reliable since they seem to get some invisible enhanced bonus in my experience. I assume if you can keep your M/P/M above 100/ D/P/B above 200 though they'll still auto-miss.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 102
7/30/2017 7:45:16   
Silver Sky Magician

I managed to beat the Dragonoid with Necromancer!!! (non-DA, non-DC) Many thanks to xelessarx for the great advice!

Basically the mistake I kept making yesterday was to kill the MechaSpawns on different turns, which would trigger the Dragonoid's Overclocked damage. I didn't know you had to kill those demon spawns on the same turn to avoid that.

Once you've understood that mechanic, all you have to do is to reserve your shields for the Dragonoid's summons and the Dragonoid's target lock skill combo, and make sure you have all your offensive skills ready when the Dragonoid re-summons its spawns near the 50% HP mark. Full Protection Baby Dragon pet and 200 END also helped a lot.

Once again, thanks to xelessarx for the strategy! I'm really impressed at Verly's ability to balance bosses even for non-DAs and at enterprising players' ability to figure out the mechanics. Great release!!
Epic  Post #: 103
7/30/2017 10:59:09   
Baron Dante

So going back to this message:

If you kill the far one and the close one remains alive, the Dragonoid regenerates health per turn. If you kill the close one and the far one remains alive, the Dragonoid gains a large additional damage boost - that's the only real threat from not killing them both at once. I didn't know to kill them at once but you really don't have to, since if he regenerates some health it's basically irrelevant given that it's the start of the fight and he's likely at full anyways. You just need to kill the far one first and then the closer, which it should've been anyone's instinct to do anyways because nullifying a shield is much more important than nullifying a 30% damage boost (especially since it hangs around for quite a few turns after being buffed on any one turn).

So I was recording the Hard Mode run, I accidentally killed the far one without realizing, and this led to the Dragonoid getting the damage boost rather than the healing.
EDIT: Actually. I think the fight changed. Dragonoid seems to have passive healing while the Spawns are in, at least in the beginning?

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 104
7/30/2017 11:18:51   

@baron dante

the fight hasn't changed. it's always been that the heal is passive, and it gets a massive damage boost/goes into a berserk state if you only kill one of the mechspawns. i've always targeted the farther one first and gotten the berserk state since the release happened.
DF  Post #: 105
7/30/2017 11:43:29   


PS: Tomix has been working on the Shadowwalker of Time class, and we hope to get that out very soon!

I'm glad people who bought the 2017 calendar will enjoy the class soon! But um Verlyrus stated that there's one more Archivist skill comming. Was it included in the work? (I hope it's a Caitiff animation!). Anyways, take your time Tomix, you've already did much to Dragonfable!

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AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 106
7/30/2017 12:31:32   
Baron Dante

@Greyor: That doesn't sound right though. I know the Dragonoid had a mass heal at some point involving the respawned Spawns. It certainly didn't showcase that here.
And I don't think I ever noticed it having a passive heal at all times if even one of the original Spawns is around, but admittedly I didn't pay that much attention. It's just one of those things you tend to notice when you spend hours fighting the same thing :P
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 107
7/30/2017 17:37:32   

I don't have extended time to test out the boss. Just four unsuccessful attempts with Guardian and IBR.

Ironically, the spawns are much more dangerous than the dragonoid.

Things to note:
The dragonoid resurrects the spawn when it's health is at less than 50%
When you kill the top spawn first, the dragonoid will gain additional damage for a number of turns (didn't quite take note of how many turns, probably 3 at least)
When you kill the bottom spawn first, the dragonoid will regen to full health.

I didn't notice the passive heal since there was no indicator and I didn't pay attention much.

I probably suggest a fully offensive class to quickly finish the spawns after they're resurrected or a fully defensive class to survive the spawns' attacks.
Hybrid classes may work but takes a lot of work for it to push through.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 108
7/30/2017 21:56:50   


Thanks for the advice!
DF  Post #: 109
7/31/2017 0:44:02   
Sakurai the Cursed

As far as I can tell, the dragonoid both mass heals AND berserks every turn past the first that there's an imbalance, stopping when both are dead. I've never found any difference in different kill orders and I've done this a lot. The first minions also heal him for ~4% every time either of them attacks, but the 2nd minions do not. That's how it's worked ever since the first time I fought him, but that was on Saturday so I don't know if it was like that Friday night.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 110
7/31/2017 3:41:30   

I managed to defeat the Triple Challenge at the expense of all of my potions and mana. Despite using only standard gears, this is still probably one of the hardest challenge I've encountered this year. Not even gonna bother with Hard-mode because fighting a single dragon is enough of a pain in the butt already.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 111
7/31/2017 5:11:34   

Been continuing experimenting. Riftwalker managed against the Dragonoid but it took insane amounts of luck and some dragon retraining (moved 200 points from Mischief to Protection). I'm talking shown-healing-weapon-procs-every-other-hit-and-dragon- type of luck and even then, potions had to be used and there was more than one nail-bitey moment. But, at last. Triumphantly, my Riftwalker stands. T'was a nice feeling.

Then she got the dagger I've been trying to get for my main rogue file and a little part of me just died inside.

Now to see if my Ascendant will get the sword and continue the cycle of misery. EDIT: She got the staff on first try. Sometimes, the RNGods have mercy.

Also, tried with Pirate. It might just be because my main is much higher in level compared to my secondaries but that was a lot easier than with either Riftwalker or Ascendant.

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Post #: 112
7/31/2017 9:56:21   
dark garuda

Okay, I think that my mistake comes out of something weird... when you kill the far one first, for some reason he doesn't berserk on his next turn, but will overclock the turn after that (which also does the same for the respawned versions). When you kill the close one first, he berserks immediately. But you're right, he does enrage from the far one being dead too, it's just delayed. I'm not sure if the healing effect is then a turn delayed from his opposite (to make it a symmetrical effect) or if that's immediate. Sorry for saying something wrong about the Dragonspawns; although I fought him a bunch of times, once I'd checked that the berserk didn't happen on the immediate turn after like I expected, I just stunned him or killed the other Dragonspawn to continue the fight so I came to equate that with it never happening.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 113
7/31/2017 10:10:03   
Baron Dante

Hm, I'm pretty sure he shouldn't go berserk immediately.
I don't know, I'm pretty done with this fight for now.
Ice Claymore for those cheese strats yo.

I am kinda curious what'd happen if you got the Dragonoid to the respawn point without ever taking out the Spawns first. Hm.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 114
7/31/2017 11:35:32   
dark garuda

It took a very long time to find out but yes, if you can grind him down enough so that he takes a turn underneath the threshold (extremely difficult due to constant defensive shield and high healing each turn but possible), 'MECHSPAWN PRODUCTION RE-INITIATED' appears and the existing Mechspawns immediately switch their attacks to those of the respawned Mechspawns. He also stops healing from the Mechspawn attacks. Basically it behaves exactly as if you did the fight the normal way.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 115
7/31/2017 13:36:14   
Sakurai the Cursed

Aww, that's too bad. That would've been a good way to cheese the Hard Mode if you could buff his heath resist enough that you could whittle him down through the constant heals.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 116
7/31/2017 15:53:11   
dark garuda

Possibly - it's quite difficult even to outdamage it on normal difficulty though. The defensive increase is very strong so you need a class with a high Bonus steroid to begin with which limits your selection by a lot (off the top of my head I think that's just Exosuit and Ranger, since even 25 or 30 Bonus boosters like most classes have don't give you very good accuracy). Even then he regenerates probably about 8% (I think your estimate was bang-on) per turn - even with a much lower regen percentage, with that much larger healthpool as its basis... yeah, very challenging.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 117
8/4/2017 6:04:43   

Is the Dragonoid weapon type drop rate random? Because I've been got the Dragonite Dagger 4 times in a row on my warrior. I hope it's just my terrible luck and not a weird bug
Edit: 5 times Also, does upgrading the Dagger/other weapon type soft lock the reward to only be the type you upgraded

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 118
8/4/2017 9:02:30   


i'm pretty sure that the sword, dagger, and staff have an equal chance of dropping from the quest, so if your base class isn't rogue and you've gotten the dagger 4 times in a row, it's just a case of hitting a bad spot of RNG, and i know how upsetting that can be. if you're persistent, you should end up getting the weapon you want.
DF  Post #: 119
8/4/2017 9:56:33   

Thank you for the advice , I just did it a few more times and got the Sabre.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 120
8/10/2017 13:17:45   
Silver Sensei Lugia

Finally managed to beat Triple Challenge using dragonslayer and stan the scan orb....but without any guests! Had to use all my potions for health though.


DF  Post #: 121
8/10/2017 13:27:36   
Baron Dante

You know what'd be fun?
There's going to be a third set of Dragons, right? What if the second of these was Dragonoid again, but instead of having the Spawns, it has 2 Orataths?
Actually no, that'd be terrible and I hope Verly doesn't take ideas from me ever.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 122
8/10/2017 22:55:50   

@baron and when they shield themselves they shield the dragonoid
Post #: 123
8/10/2017 22:58:20   
Silver Sky Magician


How about fighting SMUDD...in a non-titan, regular battle?
Epic  Post #: 124
8/11/2017 6:36:01   
AQW Release Tester & Lore Connoisseur

I apologize in advance for my laziness of not wanting to scroll back through previous posts. Could someone briefly tell what the most popular method of defeating Dragonid is? I would really appreciate it.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 125
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