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RE: =DF= July 28th Design Notes: The Inn at the Edge of Time Update!

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8/11/2017 8:24:27   


so far, it seems like using a more defensive class that's capable of surviving the second wave of mechspawns seems to be the best bet, and you should kill both of the first two mechspawns simultaneously(apparently PDL really shines in this fight).
DF  Post #: 126
8/11/2017 9:23:08   

Well.. I was able to defeat both the Dragonoid and Triple Dragon Challenge using Evolved DragonLord without too many difficulties, just really time consuming as it really is a war of attrition. You don't need even need Dragonlord's Patience or Rage, regular DragonLord should suffice. A trinket with an evasion/blind skill may prove useful though.

"Not so tiny bubbles" is an incredible trinket to consider getting. It has a no cost blind skill that has a very fast cooldown.

Here is my strategy for both bosses:

Phase 1: Take out the 2 spawns first, without overclocking the main boss. Once that is done, spend as many "stall turns" as you need to get yourself back to full using regeneration skills (HP and MP heal). You can blindlock the enemy if it's a simple 1v1 (since Dragonlord on its own should have 3 evasive skills (blind, shield, stone - combine with a trinket, you have 4), so this should not be too hard. Get the Dragonoid close to above 50% HP. Make sure you have all your high damage output skills and shield+stone skills charged up before reaching this point.

Phase 2: You should now have close to full HP. Raise up a shield before you take the Dragonoid below half health. This will give you at least 2 turns (3 turns technically, but you need 1 turn to take the dragonoid to below 50%) of "invincibility" before you start taking damage from all 3 enemies. Using those 2 turns, whittle one of the spawns to low health without killing it. Then use Stone to grant you 4 more turns of reduced damage. In 3 turns, you must then whittle the other creature to a similarly low health. On the last turn, multi and kill both spawns. You will have taken some heavy hits in between, but they should not be enough to kill you. You should be at pretty low health by this point, but it is now a simple 1v1 now. The rest is easy.

Triple Challenge:
This challenge is quite a step up from the previous. Firstly, all enemies have basically equal amounts of health. It is important to identify which enemies to take down first, and in what order, as they each have special abilities. My proposed order is Gelunguis -> Trigoras -> Oratath.

The logic being:
1. You can't hurt Oratath quickly enough to overcome its heal ability, whilst fending off 2 other dragons at the same time.
2. Trigoras has a rage mode which activates when you get him to low health. You don't want to deal with that with 2 other dragons trying to eat you alive.
3. Gelunguis is the most powerful. It has the highest damage output, highest chance to stun you (which easily ends a run), but it doesn't have any "special ability" when you knock it to low health. This makes it the ideal one to go for first.

By the logic of the first point, Trigoras should follow next, then Oratath becomes a simple 1v1.

There are a total of 5 defensive skills that you should cycle through constantly
1. Trinket Skill
2. Shield (Darkness Dragon Spirit)
3. Stone (Earth Dragon Spirit)
4. Blind (Light Dragon Spirit)
5. Heal (Wind Dragon Spirit)

Phase 1:
Ignore Oratath for the most part. He has the lowest damage output on average and all he really does is shield himself. Occasionally he blinds you, but it's nothing major. Instead, focus on keeping Gelunguis blinded at all times, or keeping yourself protected, may it either be shield or stone skills. You don't want Gelunguis to have a chance to stun you with its frost breath, or hit you with its damaging multi hit skills, so make sure it never lands a hit. Also keep Trigoras at bay with defensive skills - especially when he gets a 100% power boost. Shield/Stone is especially useful since it protects you from universal damage - combine this with Heal and you can get a significant portion of your health back. While cycling through these defensive skills, be sure to hit Gelunguis whenever you can with Offensive skills. You can't last forever, so taking Gelunguis out as quickly as possible would be ideal. Keep your MP at stable levels. Whenever your health drops low, take a swig of potion, and carry on fighting. It will take many many turns, but you can and will whittle down Gelunguis HP eventually. Repeat until Gelunguis is dead.

Phase 2:
At this point, the worst case scenario is that you have low health and no potions. But it doesn't matter. Because of Dragonlord's defensive nature, you have more than enough skills to heal yourself back to full if you just focus on defense (don't even think about attacking Trigoras yet). Once you get yourself back to a stable state, the rest of the battle becomes fairly easy. Repeat Phase 1, but now Trigoras takes the role of Gelnguis, and Oratath the role of Trigoars. Beware that Trigoras can still deal massive damage so make sure you always have defensive skills on the ready. You should be able to heal faster than they are doing damage though. Repeat until Trigoras is defeated.

Then the battle becomes a simple 1v1 with Oratath, which should pose absolutely no problems at all.

Hope this guide helped a little to those who were struggling a bit?

DF  Post #: 127
8/11/2017 11:46:50   
Baron Dante

@Silver Sky Magician: Too easy.
SMUDD has no special skills to speak off, and is Darkness element. Paladin is a 1000% counter at higher levels.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 128
8/11/2017 12:30:49   

ArchKnightshade of AQW GD/Q&A/Guides

SMUDD apparently gives you -100 Darkness, so it's not necessarily a fight you can't possibly lose with Paladin, but with 0 Bonus and its low Immobility resist, you could still take it down with pretty much any class with a decent defense skill + NSTB. Assuming that Verly wouldn't modify the boss to make it appropriate for Book 3, that is.
DF AQW  Post #: 129
8/11/2017 13:07:50   


while SMUDD can give you that debuff, it doesn't really matter, since paladins can reduce an opponent's damage, AND increase their resistance to darkness. and they can do absurd amounts of damage to darkness enemies anyways. paladin pretty much IS a hard counter to any darkness element enemy as long as they don't have an insanely high resistance to light(that's what it was meant to be, after all. it's basically to darkness enemies what dragonslayer is to dragons, just not at such an insane degree).

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 8/11/2017 13:08:35 >
DF  Post #: 130
8/11/2017 17:04:22   
Baron Dante

I never realized this thing actually has abilities.

In that case, no, Paladin wouldn't be a hard-counter, because it'd have one of the few abilities that can break through the over 100 darkness resistance cycle. stuff like mana drain, stuns and lowering darkness resistance are some of the fairly few simple things that can potentially break it.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 131
8/14/2017 17:22:54   

Managed to beat Hard Mode Dragonoid with the good old chickencow armour: A very high fire resistance paired with the FC special turns his mechspawns into on-the-go healers amusingly enough

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 132
8/20/2017 0:30:53   

I'm not sure why people say they had trouble with the new mech dragon on every class except Necro. I only got beat 2 times with DL on full tank build before I managed to figure out how to take down the respawns.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 133
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