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Sylith the Lich (War for the Fangs! version)

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8/1/2017 0:26:57   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Putting up a thread in case others have issues beating her, like I did, until...

Monster/Quest Name: Sylith the Lich
Character Link: Good day, ladies and gentlemen.
Guardian/Adventurer: Guardian
Level Version of Monster: 115
Build: "Mystical Dunamis" (Effect Spell Dunabrid?)
Items Equipped:

  • Weapon: Zealot's Wrath
  • Armor: Whispering Raiment, White Knight Z
  • Shield: Chieftain's Ironthorn, Cerberus Ward
  • Spell: Purple Rain, Moonwalker's Grace
  • Pet: Dunamis
  • Misc: Shadowfeeder Pendant, Blood Contract, Irt of Bastet

Previously Used Strategies: I tried beating her a lot of times without spamming AAs or without Whispering Raiment. Never did it work, until I caved in and bought the armor just for this battle. Afterward (admittedly this was NOT done against the Challenge Sylith):
Equip Whispering Raiment + Cerberus Ward before the battle starts, and hope the initiative bonus lets you go first. If Sylith paralyzes you during that turn, no harm is done. If she does it again right after, you're probably already dead. If not, begin this rotation:

Cast Purple Rain. Equip Shadowfeeder Pendant and try to gain Celerity. Cast Moonwalker's Grace. Equip WKZ + CIT. Cast Purple Rain again until the checkpoint has been rewound. Equip Blood Contract or Irt of Bastet (probably a matter of preference, I had both active for one use of the Lance). Click Radiant Lance twice. Sylith should be dead, unless she somehow blocks one hit (This happened before, she blocked one hit and survived with 180 HP, then proceeded to nuke me). Finish off the Minion.

Notes: Just putting up a thread in case others have troubles against her.

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Post #: 1
8/1/2017 5:46:27   

Given that there's a checkpoint immediately before the fight, I found it best to just go in with a weapon that has a good chance of instant killing and spam it until I eventually win. In my case I used the Arcane Ultra!!!Guardian Scythe.
AQ  Post #: 2
8/1/2017 8:15:47   
Lord Tenebros

For Pure characters, I would not even attempt this fight unless you begin with +105 initiative. Otherwise, your chances of getting hit by the Spirit Rend Spamlock first turn are very high and chances are you're already screwed.
Post #: 3
8/1/2017 8:23:16   
Silver Sky Magician

You can use Heart of the Ramleon for Fear Resistance or Ambush Potion for initiative to help with this fight. Windter Crown also helped a lot for me to stun her more times. Beast characters should use Love Potion instead of Shadowfeeder as it has IIRC a higher chance of succeeding, especially with Accordion Shield if you have it.
Epic  Post #: 4
8/1/2017 8:56:48   

i just use brain spider shapeshift, and if its on a day when naga necklace is active in your shadow crystal misc 1 just use the daylights savings time shield and the weapon from the chest. it lets you mow through all the enemies quickly
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 5
8/2/2017 2:40:50   

Basically I have few to no idea how you defeat this boss without old standark CIT poeskill celerity or 100 momentum. I'm not using Shadowfeeder and had 100 and my most powerful light spell didn't kill her - she used memento mori and healed, luckily then second imbue cast did two LS and pushed Sylith to low health so I was able to finish her off while she resummoned the minion and all this on normal mode.
Actually, if she is like Ryn, who is tankaeable by FD BMM with some rares, it might be not that bad.
Here is the strategy:
200 LUK use ambush potion
Equip Twilight armor and Luminous shield and Liliana's ring(assuming she has wind attack)
Summon Solar Flair Angel and get out FGM heal mode
Cast Bigh Dictionary's Panoply and manintain it.
Tome regain mana and cast in this setup Creation Burst or use Mogloween Candy bag to keep the health up as appropriate.

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AQ  Post #: 6
8/2/2017 7:02:38   

i can confirm that the challenge one is "unbeatable" without way too much IRL luck involved, i barely got it to 30% hp on my "luckiest" run before it stunlocked me and finished me with a 4k LS wind "skill"

as for the normal one Shadow of Doupt or Ultimon Armor can make this fight a lot easier, make sure you have a wind armor to prevent her "skill" from killing you.

start with the shadow armor with a light shield and a darkness misc item that multiplies darkness damage for best result, as his rend is based on your light defence it is good to have very low light so you will get only a bit more darkness modifier which the misc will easily reduce to normal damage.

this should be done until she is out of mp where she will fall back to its darkness and wind attack, so far i haven't figured out how to stop its disease from draining too much sp regeneration as its based on both your wind and darkness modifiers and there is no dark/wind compression armor, so its best to start fight with high SP as you won't regenerate it later in fight.

when she has enough sp make sure you are in a wind armor and shield so she won't 1-hit you.

also she seems to have a very very strong nuke that did 32k damage to me on the first turn, i donno how it triggers but its definitely a setback, not sure if normal version has this or just the challenge one but it seems very rare.

edit: v@Rafiq guess i didn't see that one, but i guess disease will stay strong enough to prevent sp regeneration.

another edit: challenge version one seems to be valnerable to the Ultraguardian dragon from the scythe so that's ... the only guaranteed strategy to beat it, mu695 is right.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 7
8/2/2017 7:14:26   

Archmage Research is a good way to take out her mana.
AQ  Post #: 8
8/2/2017 7:16:48   
Rafiq von den Vielen


no dark/wind compression armor

Terror Set. Although that admittedly costs tokens.
Post #: 9
8/2/2017 13:54:37   
High Paladin

Anyone got a good strategy for a pure warrior here? Even the "normal" version is killing me within three turns, with me only acting about once which is making it hard for me to develop a decent strategy, and all of the advice I've seen so far have been for how mages can beat her.
AQ  Post #: 10
8/2/2017 15:50:34   
Rafiq von den Vielen

Whispering Raiment (or Ambush Potion if accessible) are a must. If Sylith goes first and paralyzes you, you're dead. A nuke skill like Radiant Lance also helps. You unfortunately don't seem to have such a nuke active that Sylith is weak too, outside maybe Svadlifari's Oath and loads of praying.

While I did it with a weird Dunabrid I fear, from the way your inventory looks, the only thing you can do is pray while hoping the UltraGuardianDragon (from a temp Ultra!!!Guardian Scythe) sends her flying. Unless you're willing to change up your equipment.
Post #: 11
8/2/2017 17:00:44   
High Paladin

I'm perfectly willing to go out and get anything I need outside of loads of token equipment to beat this fight, but I kinda hoping there was more I could do than just pray for an auto-death attack since that's not really a strategy IMO.
AQ  Post #: 12
8/2/2017 22:16:32   

I beat her easily using my FD caster and sub-optimal equipment: Light Magestaff, Twilight Armor + Shield, Mirrored Specs, Mana Healing pet (I used Soluna, FGM is just as good). Strategy is cast Star Forge until out of MP, regain with a tome, repeat. Switch to Fujin Armor when she's low on Mana and ready to use her SP wind bomb if necessary.

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AQ  Post #: 13
8/3/2017 0:01:26   

How I went about beating her --> Click!

Utilizing Purple Rain, arguably the best spell in the entire game.

Cast it.
Used a series of effect items including Gandolphin, Moonwalker's Grace and Panoply from the Big Dictionary weapon.
Also used Shadowfeeder Pendant and Love Potion for a free three turns just in case.
Cast Purple Rain again, and the battle sets.

From there, spammed White Knight Z whilst using Leprechan, Poelala and Paladins Oath misc. HPPK'd, she didn't touch me once.

I am going to leave the video but in the future remember to run any video through http://quietube7.com~afterlifex

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AQ Epic  Post #: 14
8/3/2017 13:54:42   

I just tried challenge mode and:
Her mana is easily dealt with Imbued AMR when you win the first turn and dark resistance misc. Just make sure to recast it in darkness armor when she is about to cast.
Skill is not tankeable, as it deals 2k on 69% neutral+50% wind misc.
Sylith deals enough damage with normal attack to disable heal-looping with FGM only.
Your best bet to beat challenege mode is hope that all her skills land on 13% resist, dealing about 400 damage, which is practically impossible, so:
Every time she is about to use her skill, top off your health with health potion so it doesn't kill you in your wind/darkness resistance gear.
Do as much damage between her skills and draining her mana as possible - the best way around the challenge battle would be making her return to her underworld after first skill and before the second.
Mind fear debuff so that she doesn't get an ambush skill/spell on you.
AQ  Post #: 15
8/3/2017 14:13:34   
High Paladin

Sooo....Is there actually any strategy for a pure warrior beyond hoping for an insta-kill attack? Because everything I'm seeing here involves stuff like purple rain/spell nuking which isn't going to work for someone like me.
AQ  Post #: 16
8/3/2017 14:25:53   

Try PR Raygunning her to primary dark and the spamming terrror FSB.
Or like the OP did nuke her with Light Realm skill+CIT+SME+Zealot in a shadowfeeder turn with duo dun.
AQ  Post #: 17
8/3/2017 14:51:20   
High Paladin

Except the OP used spells which clearly doesn't work for a true pure warrior...and I don't have the resources available to buy the full terror set so that's kind of a moot point.
AQ  Post #: 18
8/3/2017 15:13:12   
Rafiq von den Vielen

You should be able to get one cast of Moonwalker's off with just Elahi Irt of Osiris equipped, and one should be enough to roast her with the strongest nuke skill you can bring.
Post #: 19
8/7/2017 17:59:25   
aq DarkKnight

Monster/Quest Name: Sylith the Lich (Challenge Battle)
Character Link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=70499719
Guardian/Adventurer: X-Guardian
Level Version of Monster: 150
Build: Pure BeastMaster Mage
Items Equipped:

  • Weapons:Rainbow Raygun --> Solar Flair Staff
  • Armors:Ulitmon's Armour --> Pyromancer Bloodmage
  • Shields:Guardian Luminous Shield --> Celtic Wheel
  • Spells:Purple Rain + Archmage Research + Creation Burst
  • Pets:Fairy Godmother
  • Miscs:Shadowfeeder Pendant --> Cozy Fire Orb
  • Guests:Guardian Angel Elder

Previously Used Strategies: My strategies doesn't really worked because of her seemly unpredictable attack patterns and being dealt with 32,767 damage on her fourth turn. I went into battle second with the Ulitmon's Armor and Guardian Luminous Shield on to tank her Summoned Minion's attack. Immediately, I casts Purple Rain to save this point of the battle and then cast Archmage Research. I got Spirit Rend on the next turn and loses more than 1/3 of my HP to her attack. Hesitantly, I switch my Armor and Shield to Pyromancer Bloodmage and Celtic Wheel and spam Shadowfeeder Pendant to get a extra turn, despite ending up using more than half of my SP. I unsummon Guardian Angel Elder so I have enough SP for Purple Rain and Cozy Fire Orb, casts Creation Burst twice (missing some of the hits), killing the Summoned Minion and along with taking 1/4 of her HP. At that point, I am in quite a tight spot due to being low on SP as well as being unable to act the next turn as she swiftly destroy me with her next attack, which dealt a tremendously amount of damage that I unable to recover from (which randomized as either Wind/Darkness damage that reach the Damage Cap). Even having Fairy Godmother and Guardian Angel Elder out is barely doing enough damage to even change the outcome of this battle. I had try using the Ally Assist system in the next two battles with the same equipment setups, but it also failed to grant me a win. The only positive result using Ally Assist is I only able to get off four turns, withering her HP to less than 2,000 before being obliterated again. And all these time, I even had 100 Momentum to help me out.

Notes: Having the Whispering Raiment and Ambush Potion to begin with +105 initiative is pointless as she always go first no matter what I do as I only have 50 Luck. Windter Crown won't work as even with the quick-cast of MK to SP, I still get nuked by Sylith in the end most of the time. Love Potion doesn't always work as she keep resisting it's paralyzing effects most of the time and I also do not want to have to go out and buy White Knight Z, the Shadow Templar, or Moonwalker's Grace just to pull out a win. Not even the Ryn the Undying (or new Void Boss, Sea Titan of Level 150 or even the The'Galin) give me this much trouble. Since Mage could theoretically beat her if they could made Sylith skip all her turns, I do not see how a Pure Warrior could beat her with or without Rares or premium equipment and a ton of real life luck (like Kalle29). How can I beat her with what equipment I have on-hand in my inventory without resorting to getting new premium equipment and/or just hoping for a Powerword Die to finish Sylith the Lich off?

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Post #: 20
8/8/2017 0:06:06   

^ Enter the battle with full SP, full MK and optimal darkness resistances and try your best to defend her first attack.

Purple Rain cast.
Use Moonwalker's Grace, Gandolphin, Shadowfeeder Pendant and Love Potion (use Accordion Shield with this in order to have a better stun chance).
Hit Purple Rain again.

Switch to Lumenomancer's Robe with dual Poelala, Celtic Wheel, Light Magestaff and Paladin's Oath and spam Creation Burst. Use Windter Crown when necessary to regain SP and use Shadowfeeder or Love Potion again and spam Creation Burst more until she's dead.
AQ Epic  Post #: 21
10/19/2017 10:09:24   

Challenge Version

Not too difficult in ultimons armour and a good darkness shield if your END is around 150. Don't worry about the wind attack too much,you can just tank it.Use a darkness misc.Use AMR to knock out her mana at start of battle asap. Gandolphin has its use if you need to use MP as a damage buffer.

Used around 10 potions for heal and mana. Keep health high by drinking pots (above 1/3 max HP) to tank a nasty wind assault. When possible use a good light spell or Artix Ally Assist if you don't mind using them.

Get her down to about 2000HP then simply nuke with pyrobloodmage skill. If the minion comes back and Sylith is within killing distance (say only 1500 HP left) then finish her off first.The minion is easy to deal with alone

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AQ  Post #: 22
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