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Do you still enjoy AQW as much as when you started?

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8/4/2017 21:07:49   

So, this is a bit of a serious discussion. Personally, when I started the game some several years ago, I was a major fan of the game. I can't really place it, but there used to be this certain charm to it. The storylines seemed more well written and thought out, events seemed more entertaining, et cetra. I'm not sure if it's because of how much time I've been playing the game or if it's because I'm getting older, but I find myself becoming more and more disappointed with AQW. Everything seems a lot more careless and thoughtless now compared to then. The storyline is full of plot holes and often comes off as rushed, characters are often one dimensional and don't receive much (if any) development or any interesting interactions, nothing just seems to hold even a fraction of that same allure the game had when I first started.

So, I wanted some additional thoughts to see what other fellow players thought, to see if it was just me. Does AQW still hold the same enjoyment for you as it once did? And if you're like me and are steadily growing more disappointed, are there any specific reasons why? I'm very curious to hear what others have to say. Thank you!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
8/4/2017 21:12:57   

My peak excitement for the game was the Chaos Finale. I don't think we'll ever see such a well written saga again considering the QoM multiple reboots etc and scrapped plans.
DF AQW  Post #: 2
8/4/2017 21:28:56   

Snow Angel of AQW GD/Q&A/Guides

I would say that on the whole, I still enjoy it as much as I did when I first started, which was more than nine years ago now. I think a large part of it, though, is because of what my focus is in AQW. I've personally always been more of a farmer, going for the items that I enjoy and want. AQW's a great game to hop on for a bit, go farm some stuff, and just relax for a little while. I've never really cared all that much about the storyline or the characters or any of that, which means I'm not really disappointed by it. It's not strange for me to go at least five or six months without playing any releases, and then I'll go do a bunch of them within a few days. It helps things flow a little better to me. But there's almost always something else I can go farm for, as a bunch of content gets released, and so I'm still able to do what I've always enjoyed most about AQW. So, ultimately, I do enjoy it as much as when I started.


AQ AQW  Post #: 3
8/4/2017 21:34:07   
Aura Knight

The chaos saga stories were all alright. Got repetitive with the whole, fight chaos beast and then chaos lord thing, but each fight was unique in its own right and that made things enjoyable. Once the chaos saga ended, that's when things got iffy. There is a lot of potential for decent story but that's ruined by questionable writing. I don't enjoy the game as much as I used to, but maybe that's because my interests changed. I do still play, but usually just for the weekend releases. The last time I was excited about the game, that I can recall, was back during The Throne of Darkness. I can rarely find anything positive to say about the game, but I fear if I do keep mentioning the bad, that will only label me as a hater, which is unfair. If something isn't enjoyable, should I just keep quiet and give false praise to make the devs feel good? I'd rather not do that. I think it's better to make the faults known so they can be improved upon later. The one thing I will almost always be excited about in AQW are classes and as long as we keep getting more unique classes created, I will continue to play. And hopefully the stories and quests become more enjoyable too.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
8/4/2017 21:35:11   

There are a lot of things I want to say about the current state of the game, but fair to say that no, I've not been having the same pleasure of playing AQW as I did years ago. In my opinion, rushed releases, forgotten content, and lack OF content are the reasons why I haven't been enjoying the game as much as I should be.
AQW Epic  Post #: 5
8/4/2017 21:36:33   

I think what did it in for me was the feeling that if you wanted to achieve anything actually good in the game you need to do a relentless amount of farming over time and inevitably battle with RNG for some farming quests.
there are other things i'm not going to mention for the sake of the general playerblase

I mean i've done so much farming i think i'm trapped in a mindset that if i don't farm for something then i shouldn't be playing the game, which really isn't smart thing to assume

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DF AQW  Post #: 6
8/4/2017 21:45:50   
Arcane Energy

Nope, when I first started playing this game it felt like an ADVENTURE but now it just feels like a grind.Lmao items and leveling up are 100% time consuming without pets or membership. The peak of my excitement was the Dage Vs Nulgath War, that whole month of July in 2012 was perfect for me. Then right after that 99.9999999999999% of the items went rare, the maps went rare, and everything seemed to get less entertaining and I only found myself looking forward to new classes. Now I'm just waiting to see if the server rewrite brings good change to the game :c.


I mean i've done so much farming i think i'm trapped in a mindset that if i don't farm for something then i shouldn't be playing the game, which really isn't smart thing to assume

Feel the same way. When thinking about it I have had this same mind set for the past half year. I didn't even take part of the 7 Deadly Dragons saga until 2 days ago when I read that 1% keys drop from the dragons and can be merged into something that may or may not be amazing at the end of the saga. Without these 1% keys, I know for 100% fact I never come on this whole month for as long as I have.

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Post #: 7
8/4/2017 21:55:51   

Well, honestly, when I first started playing this game, I had no clue what to do, didn't know what was going on, and thought that the game was way too hard since I was only level 30 and the concept of "farming" and "grinding" had never occurred to me. I had no idea that there were any forums, or that I could actually go to Yulgar or some place and request people's help for defeating difficult bosses. Instead I just stood in the boss room until someone else came along (and that took a really long time). It's probably why I stopped playing the game for a while.

So yeah, I actually enjoy the game more than when I started playing it because I actually know how to play video games now.
AQW  Post #: 8
8/4/2017 22:02:39   
AQW Designer of All Things


now it just feels like a grind


I mean i've done so much farming i think i'm trapped in a mindset that if i don't farm for something then i shouldn't be playing the game, which really isn't smart thing to assume

DF AQW Epic  Post #: 9
8/4/2017 22:06:51   

AQW was used to be adventure games, now it feels like dress up game, which gives you a bunch of cool arts every month of membership.
I wish they develop more story and game mechanics more than they make art.

Good art won't save this game from losing players, just saying. A good story will.


rushed releases, forgotten content

I couldn't agree more. The worst things that happened in AQW.
For instance, go to /shadowfallalliance, talk to Gravelyn, and see the middle button. Another instance, where is the hair shop in Swordhaven, or Dreadrock?

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8/4/2017 22:20:46   

(thread slowly turns into a rewrite thread once more)

In all honesty, I don't know what they're doing with the story anymore. I feel like Artix's releases are much more entertaining than a storyline where there has to be AT LEAST one war in order for the story to progress.
Like, you kill off a prominent NPC because you want to show everyone how much of a "threat" the new antagonist is? No, it's more annoying than scary, and then you have to make up something about how Aria is still perfectly intact in every other map.

Oh, and don't forget about how the plague badge was forgotten. Further proves my statement of rushed releases.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 11
8/4/2017 23:37:01   

Honestly while I'd say pure unabated excitement isn't necessarily on par to past storylines I also recognize that younger me was just far more easily excited. Nonetheless i've yet to truly feel bored or even disappointed with continued releases although occasionally I am rather apathetic to a given week's topic. I'd have to say after a lot of thinking as to why I find myself somewhat lest invested is that it isn't plotholes (because in such a mostly humor intensive game those, for me, are easily waived away, as are forgotten topics. indeed forgotten pieces are more like gems, in that the fact we the players remember certain things is a great indicator for what the team should revisit.), its really just the feel of retread ground when it comes to new content. AQW could very easily improve by expanding on certain nuances of the storyline and contrasting some more serious moments against the more jovial nature of the game. Alina's Dark Box quest was excellently done, dark and foreboding and all too cognizant of the fact that every day our character doesn't manage to save everyone. The lack of blatant direction also managed to elevate your attachment to the items received, much like the original questing for Void Knight and the Uni items did when people had nothing but word of mouth to go on in the hunt for its necessary items. While some people might be stumped with the challenge of just not knowing off the bat what they need, it serves to further connect you to the community at large when you travel Yulgar from Yulgar asking around seeing if anyone else knows more.

More often than not, Artix's storylines are so well recieved largely due to offering a refreshing breather from complete world-saving and offer more emotional connections to the kind of non-complex gameplay AQW offers. Fighting off Vordred was incidental to helping Artix the Paladin, to see AQW's greatest undead slayer defeated and our quest was to help him arise anew and defeat the foe which threw him off to begin with, all the while subtly exploring Valden and Lynaria's love. AQWZombies explored the dreadful alternate reality where Sepulchure was successful and had us lay witness to a constantly losing battle, giving us a great taste of hopeless loss as even the player was initially unable to help in any meaningful way. The common thread between them is we see character development spread beyond the player himself, to better understand what we fight for and why. The things I want to see out of AQW are tied to its characters and not its main plot.

What if the moglins are beholden to the Queen of Monsters? Would we be forced to slay Twilly or does the player desperately attempt to find some goose chase cure only to waste time and see other allies laid low? How has the absence of death affected the underworld? Did any souls escape before another reaper took control? What would our allies urge us to do, and how would they develop depending on how we respond to say, leaving be an escaped soul of another's long dead love? What would Gravelyn do if the Queen offered Sepulchure's return? How would Drakath deal with being challenged by other beings of Chaos for control of the militia, or better yet what if the Queen sends an emissary she claims as her new Champion to usurp him? What turmoil between the Princesses/Queens will result when their differing methods of retribution and vengeance find them butting heads? What kind of politics would arise if Maximillian returned and offered a legitimate claim to the good throne or just its existing military in the absence of the king? Would the Queens turn to Gravelyn to offer help unrestrained by Swordhaven law, or would they refuse the potential subversion of what that law does to keep the more power hungry nobles/their corruption at bay? All this and more I often wonder at, and genuinely consider would be worth exploring because of the emotional depth ripe for the taking. They aren't big-bads the player can just beat to the ground, and because of that we'll have to really think our way through and the consequence of the choices we eventually decide on (potentially as a collective Telltale style). AQW has done similar tones before, with Dage vs Future Dage, Doomwood, Throne of Darkness, and smaller textual hints of such scattered throughout dialogue so I have full faith that they're capable of exploring darker paths, on smaller scales. Because of this while I may not always feel as elevated as ages past, it does little to injure my hope for future stories, it took Star Wars the Clone Wars almost 2 seasons to begin its exploration of moral consequence and grey area, and the AQW team has a MUCH shorter time frame to find their footing and analyze/respond to what works and doesn't.
Post #: 12
8/5/2017 0:12:07   

No, not anymore at least. There maybe I few times that I enjoyed a release but that's very few.

Since I already invested so much time in this game, I just can't stop.

The story is all over the place.
The whole game is all about showing off gear.
The quests are designed to just prolong the game (kill a bunch of these mobs and click these things all over the map)
And of course the grinding, while I'm fine with grinding, much of the game relies to much on RNG when it comes to drop.
I really don't get why the staff are equating low drop rate items to "hard items".
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
8/5/2017 0:37:22   
Paulus Xiphos

I really enjoyed the game very much back then, but the things is, AE puts so much concentration on RNG rather than pure effort. I eagerly drove myself to bet BoA- but then I got bogged down with Runes for 7 months, even though I farm for like 5 straight hours. Then the farm for BLoD was fun and my zeal to play was high, until I had to deal with Blinding Aura. The decay in good items and newer classes (or at least improvements to old but iconic classes) made the game less enjoyable.

RNG isn't fair. Some people get it in a few tries, some in a few weeks, others not at all. Yet AE makes RNG their most difficult trial- it ain't a challenge, it is pure luck. NO sense of honour or fulfilment at all.
AQW  Post #: 14
8/5/2017 0:45:14   

I hope they read all of this.
As I recall from above, most of the problems are game mechanics (RNG, drop rate, "hard item") and story (unfinished rushed release).
I think I know who to blame.
Post #: 15
8/5/2017 1:49:08   

Last time I really liked a release was probably in the Etherstorm Saga.
I've brought it up before but my view on the game changed before the Chaos Finale when Cysero did that Q&A thing where he called free players leechs and he said they brought down the game.
Then mysteriously after that the gigantic Guild Purge happened and we lost half or more of our total players for very good reasons I'm sure.
There have been two times where I've dropped the game. Once for 6 months and once for 9 months and come back only to have missed rares and not much more.

We need something like a team building exercise for the entire community and we need to make consequences from events actually stick to the world.
We need Good, Evil and Chaos (shout out to my boy Neutral for zero recent representation) to not be purely cosmetic.
At this time we're to the point where its just easier to use the SpongeBob quote "How many times do we need to teach you this lesson old man?" in relation to every time something like this thread comes up.


When you think you're stuck, just think of all the people who have 3, 4, 5 or even 6 thousand dollars invested.

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AQW  Post #: 16
8/5/2017 2:11:23   
Aura Knight

I'd like to consider a different view on this and ask whether or not the ones working on AQW actually enjoy the game they create or if they see it as a pointless hassle to appease a few persons. The game may not be so fun to play at times but is it fun to make things for it each week? How much pressure is put on the devs each week? It's easy to look at things from a player's perspective because we only get to witness and critique the results but I wonder how things are from the side of the ones who make the game we can complain about or praise.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 17
8/5/2017 2:44:12   

The game was the most interesting to me back in 2010 after I just found out where the story begins from. It was because I was new and I had a lot of material to progress through. Now tho... I'm waiting for a whole week for something to come and there's a chance it will be part of the story/side release/seasonal release. I'm also missing out on a few things to farm for and by now it's getting pretty annoying imo. Then there's also the PvP aspect which I am not going to talk about, just going to say I hope there's going to be a lot of work put into it for the future. For these reasons I honestly decided to log in for new releases in the saturdays and only then(unless something gets released midweek)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
8/5/2017 2:46:26   

Well, I still have as much fun as I had in 2008/2009. Back then, I didn't care for the storyline because I didn't know English. Now I finished my English language course and I couldn't care less for the storyline (maybe I got used to skipping cutscenes), except for the ToD saga, the way that story was told was great.
Back in 2009, I would farm for some random items I thought were cool and I would try to match them with anything else I could find. I'd also /join some random maps just to check shops and drops, as well as complete that map's quests.
Nowadays I still do the very same.

I'm not against RNG, I actually like trying to get some items with really low drop rates (<3%) from monsters and somewhat-short quests. I like ranking up classes and reputations, and farming for hardcore items as well.
I.e. I love the grinding.

Of course I don't play as much as before, but that's because I grew up. I have more responsibilities, more games to play, more things to read and watch. That's only natural. I'm not that kid from 8 years ago who couldn't wait to play AQW again.
AQW  Post #: 19
8/5/2017 4:30:01   

Do I enjoy the game as much as I did back then? Yes, but in a different way.

I don't remember the detail of how I found out about AQW, I think it might have been an ad somewhere, I had played AQ and DF before (although not to any decent level, I just created a free account and messed around, I also remember never getting past lvl 55-ish in AQ, it was just so slow paced and I never had the patience for that, even today, it's still feels soooo....sloooooow to play), so i knew about AE beforehand.

Back then, I enjoyed the game for it's simplicity, it was easy to get in to (pick class, click buttons, kill monsters, can't get more simple than that), it was always fun to just run around and kill stuff, gain levels and whatnot, I didn't care for the story at all, I basically skipped every cutscene, maybe skimming through it, but I never really took my time to read the dialogue thoroughly (refer to the "AQ being slow paced" comment). It also didn't help that I was never able to kill Slugfit until they reduced his hp, so I could barely even start the whole 13 Lords of Chaos storyline.
Even though I started out on Twilly, the canned chat was more than enough for my needs, I didn't really play to socialize to any extent, just to play the game.
I also remember I started out using my mom's email with her permission, that's how much I wanted to play. Note that I didn't need to do the whole email verification process, I just needed to type an email to make an account in the first place. Later on she found out and then told me to create my own email address. It's funny to look back at that nowadays.

Nowadays, I still enjoy the simplicity, to some extent, but because I'm more grown up now, I also care about how a game feels and AQW being simple is not a good thing when you start to want deeper mechanics.
Again, story wise, I couldn't care less, I do read more of the cutscenes nowadays, but I never really go back to it once I'm done and try to connect any pieces of the puzzle. I enjoyed the ToD cutscenes more than any other and even with that, I would only be able to tell you the most barebones explanation of the plot, it was mostly the humor that made me want to read more.
Combat wise, it's definitely more enjoyable when you have access to a lot of classes to switch between, depending on need and there's always going to be some satisfaction in hitting higher and higher numbers as we level up. I don't mind a skillset of only 4 pre determined skills, as long as classes can feel different to play and there's enough to be able to switch it up every once in a while.
The only thing that bothers me with current AQW's combat is the classes' reliance on crits, I don't like how common it is to crit, it feels like a norm and not and extra bonus. That being said, if a class is based around crits within it's skillset (take GB as the perfect example), then it's more acceptable for this sort of stuff to happen, but it doesn't feel much different than your average luck using class (in terms of crit to non crit damage ratio), so it's just "another luck using class".
AQW  Post #: 20
8/5/2017 8:36:16   

From what I can tell, most of us (or at least myself) were young kids when we played the game. AQW hasn't changed much in regards to its simple game mechanics, but the majority of its playerbase has changed to an older audience who want a more interesting gameplay experience. I still enjoy the game but I think certain changes could really improve the game to make it more enjoyable.
Post #: 21
8/11/2017 12:19:47   

I started playing this game in 2008 (woot aqw grampa!) and it's nowhere near as fun to me now. When the game started, there was so much promise and potential, a flash mmo blew my mind, and every week the team would excitedly talk about new classes, functions that they're working on. Fast forward nine years later, and short of stats, aoe attacks and bare-boned guilds, the game is roughly the same as it was at launch. I understand this is due to some of the limitations of the current engine, and I'm excitedly looking forward to the revamp after they iron out the inevitable glitches and bugs upon release.

I will always have a soft spot for the game, because over the years i have put in a considerable amount of money into my account, as well as developed nostalgia for the game, but I don't play nearly as much as I used to. I may log on for weekly releases in the summer, but I often go weeks or months without playing, because all of the things i want (Dage, VHL, Leveling up to 70+) take a ridiculous amount of grind time, time I just simply don't have anymore now that I'm older. For those who like to grind, I respect that, but the game's core combat mechanics are nowhere near complex enough to make grinding compelling enough for me, especially with the payoff being so relatively marginal.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
8/11/2017 17:51:29   

The loot and fashion makes the game for me.
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 23
8/12/2017 21:58:34   
AQW Game Tester

I still enjoy the game when I'm playing on my non-staff alt. Don't have to worry about players asking to be mod and asking for free stuff whenever I'm on that xD


DF AQW  Post #: 24
8/12/2017 22:29:16   

Umm not really because ATM I only use Puffin browser on iOS with horrible WiFi speed to play AQW (Old Laptop I played AQW with broke over 3 yrs ago I think) which amounts to massive framerate lag. I also don't really feel much sense of accomplishment or being much excited like I used to but this is mostly because I've been feeling lightheaded and unable to concentrate for the past 2 or 3 years.

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Nothing special
AQW  Post #: 25
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