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RE: Do you still enjoy AQW as much as when you started?

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8/13/2017 2:13:28   

You mean back when Miltonius and Dage created items every single freaking weak? Our basic low level boss drops were by those two artists. They were glorious. Let's just say right now I don't even hang out in Yulgar because of how, in general, ugly the game has gotten from my perspective. I am a farmer and rarely do stories. Currently farming NSOD for a while taking it slowly. I just don't see what I will do after I get that. I honestly have no aspiration until some other actually really cool item comes out. May be Seepy's helm or something. Oh I will of course log in for TLAPD... but then again depends on which artist creates the armors. I am only paying money for professional artists. It has always been the case. So since the AQW professional artists are almost gone/inactive/fired, I often find myself playing much less than I used to.
AQW Epic  Post #: 26
8/13/2017 2:50:20   

I quit a while back, but somehow I am still drawn to it (loging on for a quick second just to look around, or to check the forum once every month or so). The only reason I do these things is because of the history I've had with this game. I started this game when i was unable to login into the chat servers, 12. Now I'm in my second year of college. There could be two reason why I quit.

1) I grew up (which could be true)
2) the game isn't what it used to be. (Probably)

The reason I don't think its #1 is because of the sudden disappearance of my friends online, and the server as a whole. If you look back at aqw at its prime, there would be 30,000 people online (or close to that, maybe a little lower or higher,I forget).
The reason I think its #2 is because look at the resources used for aqw then compared to now. Now, AE has so many projects they are working on which spreads their resources out. Before, Most of their resources were put into AQW which was why it did so well. Now, it seems like aqw exist to make a quick buck. If you look back, MOST of the badges were non-ac/member related. Now, there is like a 99 to 1 ratio to AC badges and actual game-play badges. This indicates that their priory on the game, and player base, died. I'm not saying AE doesn't care about AQW, it just that they have other priorities now. Their infrastructure broke down (the member infrastructure) so they now must resort to everything being AC, and AC bonuses, for people to actually buy things now. Before, people bought things because they actually liked the game, now, probably because items look good or its a good deal.

Same game, less love put into it. This is reflected by the almost living/dead player base.

The design notes are also an indication. Before it was connection to the players and excitement for every update. Now its basically just advertisement.

But there could be numerous reasons for why the game died. maybe the core age group grew up, quit, and the wants and need of the new generation didn't align with AQW. The younger people who would usually pick up the game just wasn't interested, so they didn't take the place of the leaving players. Maybe the new 12-15 year olds desire more non-pc game or more realistic games or maybe even mobile games, WHO KNOWS. But staff losing passion and priority for the game was definitely one of them.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 27
8/13/2017 3:52:59   

Nope. But it's still free...

-The releases have been good IMO, especially when compared to the REALLY old ones.
-Non-legend loot has been epic in the last few years. Crulon is almost as good as Dage IMO.

-The combat is far too shallow. Content is not the problem...
-PvP is pointless and unrewarding (you get trophies faster by grinding solo)

@OmilliYo I agree with everything. Well said.
I couldn't be bothered to re-grind in a 3rd AdventureQuest, hence my lack of interest in AQ3D. If they built AQW in 3D instead and fixed the combat, then that'd be something special.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 28
8/13/2017 5:54:06   

^^ I think it's because Flash Games/2D Browser games are dying in general.


Nothing special
AQW  Post #: 29
8/13/2017 11:30:01   

While I agree 100% with Darches, (Aside from the shallow gameplay part... I prefer simplicity most of the time. Class skills already are getting more and more complex...) I've recently just outta the blue stopped losing interest. It was about after Greed or so... Not hating on the 7 Deadly Dragons thing. It just feels too rehashed. Its all Dragons. Diversity was keeping me more interested...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 30
8/13/2017 21:20:33   
The Finnish Phoenix

I enjoy it a lot more than when I started. I arrived in Beta shortly after everyone's accounts had been deleted without warning. The lag was incredible, most players would kill Jack Spratt a few times for a Bone Sword, maybe level to the cap of *5* and then get back to AQ/DF/MQ which were much more developed and fun, and if they wanted to talk about them they could via forums. There were like 5 weapons and you'd see the same ones over and over, especially Reignbringer which was super easily acquired for what was an uber weapon in AQ, and it lagged like hell. The odd eccentrics would grind slimes for a few hours and get a Big 100k, which looked hideous and lagged horribly compared to the original sleek Big 100k design in AQ classic (which they'd later update to be like AQW's... .) Of course there was no real reason to get anything beyond your default weapon besides minimal prestige based on gold prices as no weapons had triggers or features of any sort.

The game has come a long way since then, we have over 100 classes with increasingly deep and well-animated skills, we have worlds of storylines that produce iconic items with context and lore that makes grinding for them more meaningful, we have PvP and duels where people can and do set stipulations to make things fair and competitive with sub-communities and guilds devoted to it, we have a range of artists with different styles, we have a lot more to keep players involved than we did 9 years ago when the game was a skeleton (and its name was Jack Spratt).

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 31
8/14/2017 0:04:33   

No, I've been honestly burnt out... this is a part of my point of view and opinion of the game:

It's always the same thing every year with non-interesting quests with: "Find this, find that! Oh and kill these, and kill some more of these, and some more of these as well while you're at it"
The game became too repetitive. Not only did the quests stop becoming creative but these new gear that came out would almost always 100% be rare items. This game is sadly all rares locking out a majority of the content for new players. I don't mind the AC items and such being released because the game needs money to run, but I just hate how they're *rares*.

I don't get the mentality of adding more rares and rares just so a few people can feel special about their "collectibles" that no one else can get anymore. It's just created content thrown out the window and into the dumpster never to be seen again.
To be honest, the ongoing rares mentality in the game is what really makes me avoid recommending the game to any of my friends =/

The game's just lost its touch in being a story-driven game to more of a "play this story and event to get these COOL gear!"...

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 32
8/14/2017 0:16:48   
Crystal Lion

I no longer feel I enjoy the game as much as I used to, mostly because the story seems to be all over the place.

Also adding to the fact that the fandom seems to have changed as well, and the staff's attention is often sent elsewhere.

Besides, I found I still prefer simulation games after all this time.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 33
8/14/2017 0:36:01   
Aura Knight

If the game was more focused on giving us consistent stories we could be excited about, I'm sure many would say they love the game. Unfortunately, AQW has just become a game mostly focused on gear and that's what's hurting it. Don't get me wrong, many of the items we have access to look amazing and the artists should definitely be proud of their work, but what AQW lacks a lot of is depth or meaning in the stories. If that's worked on, maybe AQW can once again become the fun game it once was. There's too much focus on insignificant things when it's obvious to many the focus should be on improving gameplay and the experiences players have. There is nothing fun about spending hours or days (sometimes longer if RNG is not in your favor) getting something that only looks nice. This is just my opinion and others may disagree but this game hasn't been too fun for a while. I don't know how often feedback is heard but a lot has been given over the years. Make the changes that can improve the game instead of having tunnel vision towards throwing items at us each week that serve no purpose other than to make the game a quick buck. AQW is way past its prime but perhaps with certain adjustments it can be a game we can truly enjoy once more.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 34
8/14/2017 3:32:28   

Too much dead content

Not enough variety in game play... and with the core combat system being already unengaging and the aging player population

AE really needs to start focusing on making more interesting gameplay to keep going. I do know that they already have a massive workload on their plate what with AQW:Mobile, AQ3D and all, as well as flash limitations making a) coding and finding coders difficult and b) forcing a change of pace as to where the future of the game is going

But once AE gets to a more stable place I hope they can focus on quality rather than quantity because AQW is really, a massive game... but at least 95% of the game is rehashed same old same old, which realistically makes this game a very limited experience.

Trade skills were something that AE tried but I feel like they did it so half heartedly that it had no chance of ever taking off

If AE is going to revamp something, I feel like minigames with atypical gameplay would be a good place to start, after the rather droll combat system
Post #: 35
8/14/2017 11:11:18   
thulsa doom

Well of course I don't enjoy the game as much as I used to; back when I first started playing everything was new to me. Now I know all of its secrets.
I guess I continue to log on mostly for nostalgia or for just some brain dead activity while I listen to music.
this may just be the ramblings of an old timer, but I can't say that I like the new art either: it's just too detailed and, well jarring with the overall feel of the game.
The Story is OK. The grind is tedious, and quite simply not Fun and rarely worth the effort.
I guess, I'd like to see more "secret/surprise" (as in not announced) content added like hidden quest and areas... you know, something we could just stumble upon. I think that (or at least the possibility of that) would breathe a a bit more life into the game for me.
I still like the simplicity of the gameplay, but wish I also wish the content was more tailored to an older audience (just a little more violence -- less Twig talk and more Kezeroth brutality).
In either case, I will still probably regularly log on because in the end I guess I'm just a creature of habit.....
AQW  Post #: 36
8/14/2017 14:12:55   

I couldn't have said it better myself.
AQW  Post #: 37
8/14/2017 16:09:36   
The Finnish Phoenix

In my opinion 2017 is already one of AQW's best.

We got a class obtainable only through sheer hard work with no AC variant. It is hands down the best class in the game and it is free-to-play. AQW is by no means a pay-to-win game in the year of 2017, also introducing a +5000 amulet for free players where their previous best was +1500. Granted, Legends now have +5500 amulets, but a difference of 500 is much better than the previous situation where Legend amulets were +1500 greater and twice as effective as free players'.

We got class rebalancing and the level cap was raised by an unprecedented +20 levels with enhancements to match.

I really don't feel any of this complaining and negative talk is warranted at all, the game is as good and complete in 2017 as it has ever been and there's always more to do to improve your character. For me "the story" never constituted a major part of my gameplay experience (which is mostly PvP and grinding) and I don't think it does for most players, it's always just been something to catch up on for a half hour on Friday and then get back to achieving your goals.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 38
8/14/2017 16:09:53   


Mysterious Stranger remains a mystery for a decade. Ancient Evils rebooted. Drakath on-hold. Book of Monsters on-hold. Tara on-hold. ToD not currently relevant. Desolich scrapped. 13 Dragons forgotten. Faust and Vaxen forgotten. Zorbak raising army of dracoliches forgotten. Fae scrapped. Exos and Dreamweaver forgotten. Xan forgotten. Sepulchure on-hold. Allies against QoM on-hold (ToD, Tyndarius, Karok, Kyanos, Malorie, Nevanna, etc). 5 months until 7DD ends.

And the most mismanaged of all, the concept of Elemental Planes/Avatars/Titans/Champions. They were going to incorporate all of these in Ancient Evils, which sounds amazing on paper; but the meaning and significance of these concepts needed to be the driving focus of the story. Without that focus, people were just playing through BrightOak, Firestorm Onslaught, etc (very high-quality releases), with no understanding of the plot, apart from "do the quests, find boss Gaiazor, kill boss, do next quests". I hate how the Frostval events namedropped Kyanos as the Avatar of Ice with no explanation, as if everyone has played DF and knows what that is. And during Book of Monsters, we see that Aria is the "Champion of Nature", and I guarantee 99% of players do not understand this and forget about it. I don't even understand it, because there is no explained "Avatar of Nature" (Kolyaban?).

I enjoy the finished stories, and wish they would finish existing stories more often.

On another note, combat is stale and always has been. Boss fights should make some use of movement and positioning, like displaying enemy skills with "red-carpets" before they're used; but I know that player/enemy position is updated client-side, which leads to errors sometimes. If movement can't be utilised at all, I'd prefer they just remove it from boss battles or hardcore bosses ("Do what DragonFable does" is pretty much a meme at this point). so DF combat with a bit of structure & scripted events, but with AQW's classes and cooldown system (instead of turn-based), and maybe allow class-changing in the middle of a fight, with a long cast-time/cooldown. Only way I can think of, for new server to make the current combat more engaging.

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AQW  Post #: 39
8/14/2017 16:23:41   
The Finnish Phoenix

DF is a pretty wooden, tedious game and its combat structure isn't all that. Sure, all classes have 14 skills, but only 4 would actually be consistently useful with most of the others being throwaways, lesser versions of the skills you prioritize, and super situationally useful stuff. DF also has randomized drops from long quests with unskippable cutscenes and unskippable tedious scaled mob fights and *a lot* of time clicking and walking due to the absence of a /join feature.

In general, I'd rather AQW not "do what DragonFable does", I consider AQW a better and more fun game, and if you want DragonFable then play DragonFable. :\
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 40
8/14/2017 16:28:22   

That's ok, but I was only using DF as an example to explain the concept of a boss fight without movement, since movement is functionally useless in PvE.
AQW  Post #: 41
8/14/2017 16:41:15   
Aura Knight

There will always be room for improvement. So this negative feedback should do a lot more good than it does harm. Especially if it comes from people still playing the game even if they've got complaints about it. I want the game to be better. Already stuck with it this long anyway. And I do think it will improve if certain things are changed.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 42
8/14/2017 16:43:17   
The Finnish Phoenix

@Loftyz: Sure thing, and now that you mention that it would be cool if movement were functionally useful in PvE a bit more. We've seen it a bit in fights like the Ledgermayne boss battle, but more in that vain would be nice to see. That said, such fights aren't so fun when lag's a factor. :S

I think my main gripe with DF is that the monsters' levels usually scale but the equipment's levels usually doesn't, so it's a chore and a half constantly replacing and re-replacing your many equip slots in DF whenever you level whereas in AQW the monsters levels don't scale and we have enhancements to power up any weapon we think fits best with our aesthetic.

@Aura Knight: Maybe, but I don't think AQW is in crisis or needs to improve more than any other game to the point where "FIX THIS OR WE'LL LOSE INTEREST/QUIT"-style arguments are going to be particularly constructive. The arguments that the game was much better in the past seem pretty misplaced as well.

People are hammering the staff on all fronts in a thread that isn't even about criticism. The AQW team actually has taken steps in 2017 to give players what they want, things that would certainly be here among the lists of gripes if they hadn't worked on them. They can only do so much at once, and when we direct all our energies towards lambasting them for what they haven't done without appreciating what they have, then it puts them in a situation where they can't win.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 43
8/14/2017 17:37:14   
Aura Knight

Just because it's not in crisis doesn't mean things in AQW can't be better. The game has flaws. That much is obvious. If the problems are addressed, that's one step towards making things better. I'm finding difficulty enjoying the story. I feel no connection to the characters as I usually play through quests just for the rewards at the end. I don't mean to say I'm someone who cares for the story but I at least want to give it a chance. Bit hard to do when most of them are ruined by badly placed jokes. Maybe that's just how AQW wants its stories to be. And if that's the case, can't really expect a change even if I would like to see one. Things have changed over the years but not always for the better.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 44
8/14/2017 21:19:13   
the warden

not really, I havent bothered doing the releases in a while since the story isnt as interesting as it used to be.
plus with nulgath being gone I miss getting new gear from him
really just been doing some of the releases while farming void highlord

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 45
8/14/2017 21:34:45   

We few people can't really "hammer" the staff on problems that have existed for years. Problems they promised to fix. Problems that are supposed to be fixed in the rewrite, years later.
Existing problems also tie into game enjoyment and when you dont enjoy something criticism comes into play.
See how this works?

Addressing complaints on here, most of the time you never saw complaints because as I understand it anything deemed too "critical" got removed for years. I'm sure you understand that's not good.
On large game forums like Diablo III, Planetside 2, League of Legends, Tribes, they make tweaks to the game based on feedback. On here for years it just seemed like they looked at input and had a good laugh before going back to whatever they were doing (which I believe ties into the fixing problems thing.) Thankfully its gotten better, finally.

As for losing interest in the game if things dont change, I'll just let the player count speak for itself. When you compare it to past player counts it just about screams at you. I am well aware your refutation will be "But there's other games out there that dilute the player base, it means nothing." or "Its an old game, we should expect losses."
I also think losing their marketing person didnt exactly help them.

Some transparency would help greatly and this has been mentioned before. If AQW isnt doing so hot, it would nice to know. If AE isnt doing so hot then we should know about it.


Now to get back on track.

I got VHL last week and having the power of a lesser god is good and all but it feels hollow.
The only things left to me is to farm AFDL/NSoD/NNH/Insert X, try to concoct a speed run of some sort or just stop playing for 6 months, the lower bound I've decided upon.
Tried finding a guild that wasn't PVP only but it didnt bear fruit. Best I could find out of 17+ guild officers I talked to was a guild of 23 players with most of them being between level 30 and 40. Its too late to overhaul the guilds in my opinion.
Moving onto the recent releases, I do not like the presentation overall. Dragons should be decently evil and strong, like Smaug, Glaurung or Fafnir. It can just be a stereotypical dragon like the Earnanæs Dragon from Beowulf. I shouldn't be able to roll up with a couple of glorified royal knights and fist fight one to death without proper consideration.

Sun Tzu said this:
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

He also said:
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
So hopefully we can pull that off with the Dragon of Love thats coming up

We have been winning way too much for my taste.
We need a Dragon War. Make it ongoing behind releases and global with goals and consequences.
At this point I would fight for the dragons just because I dont like the forces of good, evil and maybe some of chaos being canonically friends now. There needs to be an upset and there needs to be strife among the factions to breath some life back into the community. Proud to finally be in your faction? PROVE IT!

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AQW  Post #: 46
8/14/2017 22:53:27   
The Finnish Phoenix


We few people can't really "hammer" the staff on problems that have existed for years.

You "few people" aren't any fewer than AQW's staff. The staff have been addressing problems and demands over the years with each weekly release and continue to do so, but looking at this thread that's hardly acknowledged. They continue to have the world asked of them in every facet of the game and continue to do their best. Why there should be a wave of doom and gloom now from a playerbase that's invested time and/or money in enjoying and supporting the game seems entirely irrational to me, but it seems to be the organic eventual trajectory of games like this and it's sad to see every time it happens. The player base is as responsible for the game's success as the staff is. If we choose to give up, why should we expect any different from the staff?


Addressing complaints on here, most of the time you never saw complaints because as I understand it anything deemed too "critical" got removed for years. I'm sure you understand that's not good.

"As you understand it" indeed, though why you'd choose to understand it as it wasn't is your own business. Constructive criticism has been a cornerstone of the community here since the board's inception. We're as free to be as critical as we like so long as it's constructive and doesn't violate rules. Posts that were removed aren't removed for being too critical, but for contributing nothing and/or violating the rules.


As for losing interest in the game if things dont change, I'll just let the player count speak for itself. When you compare it to past player counts it just about screams at you.

Player count and quality are not necessarily correlative. Pong is far more ubiquitous than AQW and even the lowest quality releases only serve to improve its overall quality by adding content that players can take or leave as they choose. The fact that the game is still growing as we approach its 10th year is great and much preferable to the alternative (see OverSoul).


On large game forums like Diablo III, Planetside 2, League of Legends, Tribes, they make tweaks to the game based on feedback. On here for years it just seemed like they looked at input and had a good laugh before going back to whatever they were doing (which I believe ties into the fixing problems thing.) Thankfully its gotten better, finally.

None of those games are peaking either, for what it's worth. The AQW team does make changes based on popular demand, though they seem to veer closer to social media for scouting popular demand than here, probably because it reaches more people in a place that's broader than just AE games where they can attract the attention of people who wouldn't have otherwise been in the loop. This forum remains a place for players to discuss and engage in shared synthesis of content both new and old, which is great.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 47
8/15/2017 10:19:03   

Heres my two cents
i hit burn out really fast with aqworlds starting in 2009
in the beginning i liked aqworlds i like its simplticy
but in 2013-2015 RL came into a factor
The reason i stopped playing because i losted interest in aqworlds badly because it was no longer enjoyble anymore
after 13 chaos saga i pretty much stop playing
after the chaos saga i found more and more a reason to not continue playing after I got BLOD i just dropped the game because the reason is i aged out and grew tired of the game
but in the end aqworlds was a game i wished i never joined
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 48
8/15/2017 10:59:03   
The Finnish Phoenix

The 13 Lords of Chaos saga was not this well-received at the time, it's interesting how people have developed such a fondness for it in retrospect. Each of the 13 Chaos Lords' areas generally underwent the same formulaic plot line of "there was peace, then Drakath came and infected a good person to turn them his purple brand of evil, inflicting great purple tentacled pain upon the land and its people, plants, and animals (which were also purple now). Then the hero would come in, defeat the chaos lord, and everything would be more or less back to normal." This was all well and good the first two or three times but it went on to happen 13 times with little variation, at which point most players just wanted to kill Chaos Drakath already, who didn't register with many people from the outset given his general role of comic relief lackey in DF and the fact that he and the game butchered Sepulchure who was actually a compelling villain in DF.

Sure, the Mother of Monsters sagas are strangely paced and not much different than the 13 Lords of Chaos, but people's interest in the game didn't live or die by how compelling the nth Chaos Lord would be.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 49
8/15/2017 11:39:59   
Silver Sky Magician

I think it might be more useful to list what we did like in the past so we can make comparisons and uncover some lessons.

Some of the storylines I really liked:

1. Vordred saga
2. ToD saga
3. Escherion saga
4. Akiba saga
5. Arcangrove saga
6. Fotia saga
7. Most Mogloween & Frostval sagas

Some of the areas I really liked:

1. Citadel
2. Sleuthhound Inn
3. Grimskull Dungeon

And of course it's hard to deny the allure of Dage and Nulgath releases.

In terms of storyline, what I'm looking out for is tasteful humour, novelty, and mystery. Epic scale is a plus but not a necessity. In terms of gameplay, I enjoy problem-solving and interactivity. And of course, looting and collecting are a huge part of why I play this game - Battleunder E, the Future Dage war, and the Vampirates war were some of my favourite releases.

The reason why I'm unimpressed by so many of the 13th Chaos Lord sagas and the current QoM sagas is that they lack novelty. There's a lot of repetition in both plot and setting. The broader plot mechanic of 'gain even the most dubious of allies' is also approaching absurdity. Another downside is the lack of humour. AQW just doesn't do serious stuff well (perhaps it's the cartoony art). I really didn't feel for Iadoa, Alteon, and Khassandra.

What ties all these elements together? Adventure. Humour, novelty, mystery, interactivity, looting - all essential parts of a good adventure. That's what people want in a game - something different from real life, something interesting to engage the imagination. I think adventure should be the foundation of all releases. In other words, for the next QoM saga, don't start with 'what trouble is the QoM going to cause'. Start with the adventure. The plot should follow from there.
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