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=AQW= Design Notes, August 25, 2017: PTR Update: Combat + Power Level Testing

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8/25/2017 17:54:57   
The ErosionSeeker


August 25, 2017
PTR Update: Combat + Power Level Testing

Player/Monster Power Level Improvements in Testing
Thank you to everyone who logged in earlier this week to give feedback on PTR combat. Your comments were invaluable! The positive feedback was awesome to see, and the constructive suggestions were really well-thought out. After talking with Artix and working with the dev and tester team this week, we've got several new changes up for testing on the dev PTR server.

Look for this on the live PTR later next week, when you'll be able to try out the changes yourself!

Yorumi and Arklen are adjusting:
  • your character's power level / damage
  • Monster HP
  • Monster power level

We have two main goals for this:
  1. You should feel stronger on the PTR than you do now
  2. Combat should feel even closer to the live servers

Testers are crunching numbers and taking names to help Arklen and Yorumi refine the new power level scaling. You'll see larger damage numbers and higher crits, and monsters will scale up, too. These larger number ranges will also give us more flexibility as we go back to update and improve older classes.

Note: there are currently several class bugs on the live PTR which affect your damage output. These will be fixed after the new server goes live. If you are play-testing on the live PTR and see lower damage numbers, please try switching to a different class and note the differences.

Tags: Alina


August 25, 2017
This Weekend: Battle Killek DeadChewer

The Dragon of Lust's story continues this Friday!
Last week, we release Lascivia's zone, the latest update in our 7 Deadly Dragons Saga. With an enchanting-but-evil dragon (from the human point of view, at least), beautiful royal captives to save, and a plot twist that'll have your neck cracking, the Dragon of Lust became a fan favorite for the storyline. If you aren't caught up on the story, head in-game and /join lust to begin the adventure! If you are.... prepare to meet Killek Deadchewer this Friday.

The Story of Killek Deadchewer
Not much is known about Killek's life before devoting his blood, breath, and blades to the Dragon of Lust. What IS known is that he was one of the most ferocious warriors in the Bonebreaker Bandit Brigade -- before being exiled for having a midnight snack... on his comrades.

Of all the creatures on Lore, only Lascivia, Dragon of Lust, understood his hunger and rage, and what he needed to feed them. He became the most devoted of her admirers... until he grew TOO dangerous to the rest of the hoard.

With great sorrow, she ordered him locked away, to protect the rest of her princes and princesses. But after the events in last week's release, Killek is even angrier. Hungier. DEADLIER.

With his mistress gone, he MUST be...restrained. Good luck, heroes.

Killek Deadchewer: the First Battle
AdventureQuest Worlds is a timey-wimey game and, much like the nature of time itself, it's not always linear. This week, in addition to battling Killek in the present, if you have the BoneBreaker Adventure Pack, you can head back in time to 2014 and encounter him Braddock Bonebreaker's fortress.

If you have access to the BoneBreaker adventure pack, I recommend going there and completing Shara KinRunner's 5 new quests to (re)introduce yourself to Killek, then head to the new 7 Deadly Dragons update.

Learn the backstory of how Killek came to leave Braddock Bonebreaker's fortress; why he needed to venture out into the world, where he met Lascivia, the Dragon of Lust. Then battle him to unlock his armor!

BoneBreaker Adventure Pack Update
Back in 2014, we released the BoneBreaker Fortress: an exclusive zone, quests, boss battles, and gear. All you need to gain entrance is the Adventure Pack OR an active membership.

The Adventure Pack comes with:
  • 3 armors: BoneBreaker, Minion, Outcast
  • BoneBreaker Fortress map
  • Character page badge
  • Access to the /bonebreakfortress
  • Boss Drops and a merge shop
  • A farming quest that will reward 1 of 15 potions or game boosts plus merge shop resources
  • 3 months of membership*
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

This Friday, the zone will get:
  • New armor: Bonebreaker DeadChewer **
  • New cape: Dark Spikes of Bonebreaking
  • New axe: Axe of Boneshearing

* Plus all the usual member perks
** The art (used to create the Killek monster) is a variant of the Bonebreaker set originally released with the update, and is only available from the /bonebreak map.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why an expansion package instead of a normal upgrade set?

We had a ton of players excited for Dage's new Bonebreaker Berserker set, and so were we! But rather than just attach the armor set to a 3 month membership package, we wanted to do more with the character and give you more value for the money you'd be spending.

Can I access this if I have an active membership but don't buy the package?

YES! To access the /bonebreak map, you'll need to buy the package OR have an active membership. The achievement badge is exclusive to those who buy the package. (If you buy the package, you can access the map at any time, even if you do not have an active membership.)

Will this be part of the main story?

The quest chain and boss battles are all optional side content and will not feature in the main story, but you'll get to battle a massive boss (seriously, this guy's beefy!) and reap the rewards of your victory! If you defeat him, you'll unlock a quest to plunder his hoard to unlock additional prizes!

How long will the package be available?

The Bonebreaker expansion package, unlike our other upgrade sets, is not planned as a limited time offer.

How to Unlock the BoneBreaker Package?
  1. Buy the BoneBreaker package in-game, on our website, or through the Portal site
  2. Get the “Bonebreaker Fortress Map” item in BoL Badge Shop
  3. /join Bonebreak (if you do not have the item in your inventory, you cannot join map)
  4. Talk to Shara Kinrunner in /bonebreak to begin the adventure!

Tags: Alina


August 24, 2017
New: Dungeon Destroyer Set

Available for a limited time!
Descend into the depths this weekend to find the color customizable Dungeon Destroyer set in your Featured Gear Shop, available for AdventureCoins until September 1st, 2017!

You'll be able to get the following gear:
  • Dungeon Destroyer armor
  • Dungeon Destroyer hood
  • Elven Shag hair
  • Chainbreaker Axe
  • Backbreaker Blade
  • Enchanted Dungeon Spirit

The red and blue parts of the armor shown above can be changed to any color! There is a non-color customizable variant available in this week's new 7 Deadly Dragon's release, as well.

Void Spartan Farming Set
Earlier in the summer, we made plans with one of our legendary (though not very active) guest artists -- Zee the Legend -- to release a set we knew all you Void-loving heroes would love as much as Lascivia's attendants loved her.

It was a set to DIE for... but unfortunately, real life got in the way. That's ok, though, because NOW we've got the gear, and instead of adding it into the new Dragon of Lust zone, /tercessuinotlim has received a new update. This weekend, head there to begin the quest to unlock the 0 AC Void Spartan set! (And if you see him in-game, shoot Zee a hearty "happy birthday"!)

Tags: Alina

Fixed a few links and added a tag ~ kaos rules x

< Message edited by kaos rules x -- 8/25/2017 20:45:18 >
DF AQW  Post #: 1
8/25/2017 17:57:19   

Is the new lust update live? I dont know where to go?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
8/25/2017 18:03:37   

I always get happy when we get PTR updates. I'm hoping all this can get done soon so AQW can finally move on, both for AE's sake and the community sake, memes about the server rewrite are only funny for so long.
AQW  Post #: 3
8/25/2017 18:06:09   

Man its been years for this Server Rewrite. I aint getting any younger.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
8/25/2017 18:33:30   

A few things they definitely need to fix is:
The resting HP/MP recovery because its insanely slow
Dragon boss animations. The attack animation moves them a fair bit away from the player.
Your character can run off the screen to auto-attack respawning bosses and get stuck.
They most likely know about Evolved Leprechaun.

Killek drops:
Dungeon Guard Hood
Cursed Dungeon Spirit
Dungeon Defender
Dungeon Guard's Blade (the guard is on the side of the hilt and looks odd)
Guard's Shag
(I was expecting a secondary hair but there been nothing in 50+ kills)

I like how the Spartan looks but not the probable nightmare of grinding Uni 13s and Jasper just to get one piece if I'm lucky.

Asuka, orange you glad I didnt ask if they're all 1% drops?

< Message edited by flyingmongoose -- 8/25/2017 19:24:11 >
AQW  Post #: 5
8/25/2017 19:06:34   
The ErosionSeeker

Void Spartan:

Uni 13 x1
Diamond of Nulgath x15
Fiend Cloak of Nulgath x1
Gem of Nulgath x10
Zee's Red Jasper x1 (2% drop from Flame Soldier)

Random chance to get like 10 VS items

Really wish this was an actual grind, hooray for dumb low drop% on things that eat indeterminate amounts of contracts.
DF AQW  Post #: 6
8/25/2017 19:08:38   
AQW Designer of All Things

Y'all hurt me in deep ways. (especially you, Mongoose )


Im betting they're all like 10% drops.

should be 100% randomised. Its like picking a name from a hat
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 7
8/25/2017 19:16:29   

What NPC has the quests for the Void Spartan Armor?
DF AQW  Post #: 8
8/25/2017 19:18:10   
AQW Designer of All Things

That would b Zee. you can find him Tercess beside the Void Highlord NPC
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 9
8/25/2017 19:21:43   

Blessed be the Ceremonial Void Knight Sword.


should be 100% randomised.

So every turn in gives each item a different droprate, sounds like happy fun times. Not sure if that would even be possible with the current system though.

Btw, pro tip for the Jasper, Pyrewatch has 2 Flame Soldiers, Embersea only has 1. They also happen to be on screens right next to eachother.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 8/25/2017 19:22:47 >
AQW  Post #: 10
8/25/2017 19:22:54   
The ErosionSeeker

Blugh, 2% drops from mook monsters, to get random drops from a quest that eats wads of gold.
I would actually prefer requiring Primarch Hilts or AoA shards, because at least those bring people together. Or something.
DF AQW  Post #: 11
8/25/2017 19:32:59   

Besides the Void Highlord NPC, Asuka already stated it a couple posts ago. It's a single quest with a "you will recieve at random" reward scheme. There's tons of rewards though, so have fun.
AQW  Post #: 12
8/25/2017 19:35:36   
Beshin Adin

This release kinda went nowhere........
AQ AQW  Post #: 13
8/25/2017 19:36:39   
Rancore AQW

@Kirby Thaaaaanks ^_^
Post #: 14
8/25/2017 19:45:57   

3 turn ins:
Cape, Cape + Shield, Blade and both helms.
AQW  Post #: 15
8/25/2017 19:56:37   
AQW Designer of All Things

Okay seems with my mind having no sleep it is not 100% drops from the quest. Still pretty high though altogether
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 16
8/25/2017 20:14:37   
Ted Zlammy

Haha, something else that looks like it'll guzzle up Uni 13s. With this new set, VHL AFDL and other things requiring Uni 13, I can't help but feel being able to hold a bigger stack of them to be appreciated. With them being a requirement to accept some quests, you only really have 2 to work with at max unless you're okay with forgoing access to some farming quests as well.

But, my personal thoughts/groaning on Uni 13 aside, it's nice to see there's gonna be an update in the PTR next week. Always nice to hear the staff is still inching their way closer to the Rewrite.
MQ AQW  Post #: 17
8/25/2017 20:57:45   

Hold on, am I missing something or does the Lust release just end with

Killek and Hwargh riding away in sunset, and that's it? We don't even get to kill Lascivia?
AQW  Post #: 18
8/25/2017 21:45:44   

That Dungeon Destroyer set looks neat.

As much as I like farming for Nulgath items and Zee's art, the Void Spartan looks bland to me and it's RNG too.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
8/25/2017 22:29:14   
Rancore AQW

I loved the Void Paladin idea and Juggernait items of nulgath.It has been one of the best developed ideas so far.If you want an item you can PICK which one you want,not do the quest over and over until you get it.You also get a SEPARATED quest for weapons and armor which is really great if you dislike the other items.The same idea should be here as well.I honestly dislike the whole set (sorry Zee) and i really love the armor.Now i have to do the quest a lot of times for an armor :(.I honestly hope they will change it to few quests separately or recieving one of the following items :/

The AFDL quest idea was also nice (very hard but nice),you can get any item you want like sword or helm and then farm for armor if you get uni 35.Then again,don't make the void spartan hard as AFDL lol >_<

< Message edited by Rancore AQW -- 8/25/2017 22:32:01 >
Post #: 20
8/25/2017 22:49:14   


Why would you want to kill her though? She seemed pretty nice.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
8/25/2017 23:25:21   

@above Okay, a better way to say it would be

Why doesn't Galanoth get to kill Lascivia like the genocidal maniac he is?
AQW  Post #: 22
8/25/2017 23:35:02   

the 7DD is still not over and there's still that upcoming Saga that will tell Galanoth's story.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 23
8/26/2017 0:56:11   

Might just be RNG and confirmation bias, but I think you need to have the quest accepted for Zee's Red Jasper to drop.

But the Lust part 2 release was pretty small. I assume more of the plot around Killek was developed in the bonebreaker map.

< Message edited by fxmybrute13 -- 8/26/2017 0:57:35 >
DF AQW  Post #: 24
8/26/2017 0:57:36   
Rancore AQW

1st turn in 3 drops
2nd 1
3rd nothing
4th nothing
5th nothing
Post #: 25
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