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RE: =AQW= Design Notes, August 25, 2017: PTR Update: Combat + Power Level Testing

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8/26/2017 1:00:52   


the 7DD is still not over and there's still that upcoming Saga that will tell Galanoth's story.

If it's a 4-part story, I can only imagine it would be The Awakening (Akriloth's 3rd/4th? rebirth). If you remember back in /fearhouse, it showed Galanoth's only fear was Akriloth, who destroyed the world alongside Sepulchure in the pre-'slaying EDoT' timeline. He has a bit of a beef to settle.

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AQW  Post #: 26
8/26/2017 1:04:35   

OK I cant count we need two more keys to unlock the box.
Im betting its a box full of dirt. I want to dance around saying "I box of dirt, I got a box of dirt"
More likely its some recolor.

So apparently the jasper doesnt drop on Galanoth.
First turn in got me Banners, Spartan Armor and the regular helm.
Second turn in got me nothing at all.
Third turn in got me the Shielded Cape and Helm+scarf.
Fourth gave nothing.
Fifth gave Blade and Shield and Blade

The set itself needs to be cleaned up a bit and also have a color option added besides the eyeholes (which is weird)
Theres dual swords but no dual spears, what a shame.

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AQW  Post #: 27
8/26/2017 1:14:59   

2 more actually.
We still have to face Envy.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 28
8/26/2017 3:18:57   

Umm where is the daily quest in the bonebreak fortress i cant seem to find it anymore.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 29
8/26/2017 3:22:26   

Naw, Jasper does drop on Galanoth. I got 2 there. I think you need to have the quest accepted for it to drop though.
DF AQW  Post #: 30
8/26/2017 8:07:44   

Does the Void Spartan quest only have a chance to give one reward or is it possible to get more than one item from the reward list?
Post #: 31
8/26/2017 8:17:54   

Every item's chance of dropping is independent from one another, so you could theoretically get 0 or all in a single turn in. That's how the reward scheme works for other quests like this.

I can also confirm that I have received 2 drops at once from the quest a couple times.

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AQW  Post #: 32
8/26/2017 15:19:44   
Doxus the OverLord

I can confirm 3 drops at once for a single turn in.

So, I agree with your theory.
Post #: 33
8/26/2017 18:41:15   

What's up with evolved leprechaun? I've never used the class nor do I go on the testing server so I'm left in the dark about PTR updates.
Post #: 34
8/27/2017 16:39:24   

Basically it can continuously raise your crit. modifier resulting in 60k auto attacks and higher.
AQW  Post #: 35
8/28/2017 3:52:27   

Hey everyone the PTR server is Ok now. i tried full fighter Enh on VoidHighlord and its DoT is 2K now and no mana problems just continuous skill spam like full Luck. so...is the server rewrite gonna end soon?
AQW  Post #: 36
9/2/2017 22:51:18   
Legendary Ash

The PTR changes rolled over to other test servers, I have to say having a *5.36 boost to weapon damage is a wild decision by the Devs to quell the outspoken belief that we were severely nerfed by the changes to combat modifiers, using a Lv 1 weapon compared to Lv 50, the difference is only 120 from a base of 714, thats 14.4% while stats contribute 85.6%.
They didn't split the boost to the enhancements weapon damage, a glaring blanket error, note that weapon damage is composed of 45% for casters and 51% for melee classes of weapon damage enhancements, while stats contributes to the remainder.

This worries me quite a bit knowing that monsters will receive similar treatment to compensate and what will happen to classes afterwards in powercreep.
AQ  Post #: 37
9/2/2017 23:30:35   

I decided to try out a few classes auto attack damage on the PTR

Various Class Enhancement Tests on the PTR

Level 85 enhancements were used for all of these tests.
All tests were done with Unarmed equipped.

Void Highlord Full Fighter auto attack non crit - 2465
Void Highlord Full Fighter auto attack crit - 5040

Void Highlord Full Luck auto attack non crit - 1325
Void Highlord Full Luck auto attack crit - 6345

LightCaster Full Wizard auto attack non crit - 2660
LightCaster Full Wizard auto attack crit - 11250

LightCaster Full Luck auto attack non crit - 1420
LightCaster Full Luck auto attack crit - 6940

I also compared live and PTR servers enhancements

Live vs PTR enhancements

Full Thief Ranger Live Servers auto attack: 280 Crit: 673
Full Thief Ranger PTR auto attack: 1260 Crit: 3585

Full Luck Ranger Live Servers auto attack: 276 Crit: 1050
Full Luck Ranger PTR auto attack: 860 Crit: 4020

Full Luck Arachnomancer Live Servers Venom Fangs skill damage: 110 Crit: 392
Full Luck Arachnomancer PTR Venom Fangs skill damage: 225 Crit: 1045

Full Hybrid Arachnomancer Live Servers Venom Fangs skill damage: 112 Crit: 193
Full Hybrid Arachnomancer PTR Venom Fangs skill damage: 340 Crit: 580


Best enhancement for wizard classes: Wizard
Best enhancement for fighter classes: Fighter
Best enhancement for thief classes: Thief
Best enhancement for hybrid classes: Hybrid

Fighter and Wizard still seem to do more damage than Thief and Hybrid.

Luck enhancements will do less non crit damage but higher crit damage when compared to the recommended enhancements for a class (except wizard, always use wizard enhancements for wizard), so hypothetically speaking, if you were buffed enough so that you could crit 100% of the time, you would want to use luck enhancements in order to maximize your DPS.

Well overall I can't say I'm complaining about this damage, and I'm happy to see that every enhancement is way better on the PTR than it is on the live server.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 38
9/5/2017 1:50:52   

Hold on, LC has a 10K auto-crit with full wiz? Guess I am most definitely picking it up when it comes around then.
DF AQW  Post #: 39
9/5/2017 2:42:40   
The ErosionSeeker

The power crank probably involved something like boosting all player damage by 1level/10, autoattacking for 1000+ noncrit with almost any class seems... degenerate.
DF AQW  Post #: 40
9/5/2017 2:49:30   

Yeah, and what are they planning with skill dmgs? 6-digit hits to be the norm? I don't see how that is normalizing power levels... if anything I want to see something like what Blizzard did with WoW's numbers, think they called 'stat crunching' or something...
AQ AQW  Post #: 41
9/5/2017 8:24:15   

WoW uses a stat rating system.
AQ3D uses that system too.

I don't think changing over from one kind of system to another practical though.

The number one thing that Caster Classes have over Melee classes is that their damage stat also increases Haste not just Spell power so it increases their DPS dramatically.
Melee classes don't have an equivalent. It does however have higher Crit chance the more Strength they have but Wizard Enhancements also increase the Luck stat directly which means caster classes still have better crits than Melee.
Post #: 42
9/5/2017 11:25:05   

Yeah, but main point is that higher and higher numbers can become very hard/confusing to parse over time. For example those ridiculous 10k auto crits beg the question is that the direction the game is heading in or are those numbers just artifacts of the uncontrollable powercreep already in the system? I don't mind scaling but if numbers get large like that combat will feel shallow/gimmicky.

For the record I've started playing way even before open beta, experienced the first few months of releases, and have farmed /lair for countless hours... back then Red Drag was the only boss in the game and the highest crits only did about 1k, but they felt like the most glorious thing in the world. So playing the game now and seeing 5-/6-digit hits just sound outrageous to me.
AQ AQW  Post #: 43
9/5/2017 11:44:52   

Wow I can one-shot myself with Necro's 4th skill once I buff with it's 2 skill lmao.
AQW  Post #: 44
9/5/2017 11:44:58   

Snow Angel of AQW GD/Q&A/Guides

10k crit's nothing Full Wiz level 85 CDK was hitting 4k noncrit and 19k crit Auto Attacks. I got an 806k non-crit nuke, though most of them were in the 400-600k range, and the one crit nuke I got was 2.96m. This was all without any support classes, I was fighting alone. It seems maybe we've gone from a bit too weak on the test servers to way too strong. I haven't really tested many other classes to see what they're doing though.
AQ AQW  Post #: 45
9/6/2017 13:41:40   
Aura Knight

I played on the test server for a short while and boy is our damage amazing. Hitting 4 digit numbers on the auto attacks seems too good. Monsters occasionally jump/slide back making attacks with no range unable to hit and the monsters are dealing rather low damage. But I do like the player damage numbers even if they appear to be a bit too high. I wonder if monster damage will increase as well to balance things out. Feels pretty nice to be able to solo things with warrior. And I wasn't even using fighter enhancements. Had full thief and was too lazy to change. I'm liking these changes and seems the test server has improved. Still seem to be a few issues with banking as I wasn't able to bank any drop I got while playing on the test server. Worked fine on regular servers so it's likely an issue that will be fixed in time. DoT and HoT seem to be working fine even if there are times when the second tick of an HoT or DoT is 3 or even 4 times what it should be. The heal on lycan was alternating from 575 to around 1600 in some situations. Dunno if that's meant to happen.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 46
9/6/2017 13:47:14   
thulsa doom

I just tried my Unlucky Leperchaun on Safiria and.... Wow is it crazy! I'm doing AAs in excess of 200k.
Is it the Crit dmg. modifier that's broken or does it have to do with the fact that I'm using three 25%damage boost along with the 50% Dragon Blade (I'm dragon slaying), or is it a combo of it all?
I know all of the classes are OP right now on the testing servers, but this seems a bit extreme.
AQW  Post #: 47
9/6/2017 13:59:18   

can u guys make a list of class that u have try out on the ptr so i can try out other class that not on the list yet
Post #: 48
9/6/2017 14:08:09   


DoT and HoT seem to be working fine even if there are times when the second tick of an HoT or DoT is 3 or even 4 times what it should be. The heal on lycan was alternating from 575 to around 1600 in some situations. Dunno if that's meant to happen.

HoTs and DoTs can "crit" on the testing server, it's an intended feature, as it was advertised for when the void challenge bosses were released. It does so for self HoTs, enemy HoTs (presumably) self DoTs, DoTs, enemy triggered DoTs (presumably).

@thulsa doom
It's a mix of everything, the servers new damage modifier, damage boost items and Evo/Unlucky Leppy being well... buggy. They have been like that for well over 5 months now, nothing new.

What list?
I would just say you should use every class you have, it's free to use the auto enhancement button, so you can just put on 1 set and keep using the auto enhance button on that 1 set, you will have to manually enhance the items again once you return to normal servers.
Don't bother trying out TSS though, the damage is extremely low for some reason, only a couple 100 damage with full stacks before this update.

I feel like just increasing the players damage with a direct damage modifier is a bad idea, unless mobs and bosses also get some defensive abilities to at least even it out a slight bit (but not too much ). I like doing 4-5 digit damage per hit, it definitely makes me feel very powerful, but it just seems a tad extreme and we still have the very high crit modifiers, which just makes it even more crazy.
There's also some classes like Necro and Soul Cleaver who basically can't use their self damaging abilities without taking immense damage, or litterally just 1 shotting oneself.

Also a side note, the 7 Deadly Dragons are finally accessible on the testing servers, guess it would be smart for anyone who hasn't farmed drops yet, to do so, like Plague Knight items maybe?
AQW  Post #: 49
9/6/2017 14:13:53   

ptr dont save data i have try doing a quest turn in and return to normal server it didnt save the progress
Post #: 50
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