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What about reducing base energies?

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9/4/2017 11:40:55   

Common knowledge that energy control is essential to Epic Duel at this point. I can accept dex staying as the stat used to increase sidearms (while I despise it) I get it. What has puzzled me (and much in Epic Duel does) is why base energy is so high. Every since my debut in late 2011 it never seemed anyone ever invested in energy. Isn't that a tell tale sign that base energy is too high? Having dex and tech increase the effectiveness of attacks you don't even need to max out attacks for them to emit good damage output. So, instead of strengthening strength (Lol) or returning sidearm buffing with strength Or debuffing drain or any of that nonsense. Why not just reduce base energy by 200? Is it limiting? Sure I guess but this would bring down dedicated looping/stall builds while arbitrarily buffing those who go more offensive roles. I personally feel that 150 for healing is absurd.

Moved to ED Balance. ~WhiteTiger

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9/4/2017 22:27:10   

This should be in the balance session.

However the answer I can give is this. As it stands right now energy is overstressed even more than it was before the passive to active change and costs to cores, and it was because of this that field medic for example got lowers to 150 as you called it. It was also why a lot of other moves had their costs lowered, all classes can regain energy (some better than others) Etc.

your suggestion would nerf all but strength builds (since said build is the only one that has a repeating free strength move aka strike) and would make modes where you need to tank (Juggernaut, legendary bosses, Boss Etc) that much harder.


Here is another reason I forgot to mention. Blood mage's energy parasite which basically works based off of energy had. Most people refuse to invest simply because of this move as well.

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9/10/2017 18:19:41   

The ideal is to nerf dedicated loop/stall/tank *insert word* builds. People have always complained that matches last too long. The reason is clear, it's because of energy being too plentiful. I was suspect but wasn't sure if healing was buffed and it was so I wasn't being paranoid. Anyway, does this increase the effectiveness of strength builds? Yes, but it is the only stat that needs it. This change to my knowledge, would not nerf 5 focus, or high dex/text and would help high support without nerfing any skills or strategies. Players could play the game the exact same while having to invest 15 or 20 stat points into something that isn't dex/tech.

About energy parasite. The definition of overpowered is a characteristic in an object in a game that forces a preferred playstyle in order for it to be competed against. Paraphrased of course. And if there's anything that has made me roll my eyes more is watching legendary enemies being brought down because of that single skill.

About juggernaut, with how often people are paired with A.I lol..... Yeah I don't think that'd be too bad either.
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9/11/2017 3:26:17   

@ ValkyrieXIV

Only 2 of the 4 1 vs 1 legends can be beaten by blood mage (I don't count the legendary dragoniod since this is a 2 vs 2 boss and thanks to the changes the staff made to make the AI focus on one player at a time instead of attacking an opponent randomly they will only focus on one person at a time until they kill them meaning that this boss is an even easier and even more of a joke than ever) and those are Legendary god of war, and legendary Matrix and here is why.

1) Their side arm, primary and aux all do the same damage in other words either energy or physical only.

This makes so a blood mage doesn't have to use energy to add shields and can focus on holding energy for healing seeing as in the end game Blood mage will only get small amount of energy from the bosses once their energy is nearly if completely drained.

2) The boss has reroute

this means the blood mage control the bosses energy so they can loop energy parasite to keep getting the needed energy for healing.

the other two bosses legendary titan and dage can't be beaten by blood mage because due to the nature of the ai having both physical and energy damage with their strike primary and aux (for dage) the player doesn't have enough energy after the boss's energy drain to cast effective shields and heal loop. If you were make the other two bosses have both types of weapons or remove reroute then blood mage would never be able to bring these bosses down even with energy parasite.

But even if this wasn't an issue here is the thing. For the legendary bosses the only build that works for them are heal loop, stall, tank (Insert name here) builds to endure their attacks as they burn their energy, and then chip away their health bar to earn the win. There is no way around this and nerfing these builds for the sake of strength builds (which are worthless against them) would indirectly buff legendary bosses, and change them from nearly impossible unless you have the right build/class/luck to impossible and here is why. The very same stats player use for defense and resist would be forced into energy for healing and shields meaning less stats to defend yourself with. This means the bosses will hit you harder and do more damge to you. This would lead to needing to heal more often and you only get one source of looping healing every 4 turns. you already have enough to worry about without this against them but with this unless you get extremely and I mean extremely lucky (getting constant blocks and deflections) you won't be able to beat them in this state.

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9/12/2017 9:42:48   

@ValkyrieXIV There's a phrase that describes exactly what you're describing for OP that you can use in future to describe it to people easier:

Something is truly overpowered when it warps the meta. This is what you said, forcing all other builds to play in a certain style in order to deal with it. Hearthstone currently is dealing with this issue with Jade Druid (in the process of being nerfed), where the deck is so strong and so prevalent on the ladder that every other deck in the game needs to specifically have an answer for that deck, or else they need to accept that the matchup is completely unwinnable.

It warps the meta around it, rather than finding a place within the meta.

Another issue with EpicDuel is that while battles feel too long, they are also too short. There is no sweet spot for battle length, and the meta only really contains builds that are extremely fast or extremely slow.

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