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=AQ3D= News September 9th, 2017: Elvenguard Dragon Travel Form + Hair Ye! Hair Ye! Beards & Braids

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All Forums >> [Artix Entertainment Games] >> [AdventureQuest 3D] >> AdventureQuest 3D General Discussion >> =AQ3D= News September 9th, 2017: Elvenguard Dragon Travel Form + Hair Ye! Hair Ye! Beards & Braids
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9/10/2017 0:51:10   

Majestic Feline of AQ3D & ED


Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 9, 2017

New! Greenguard themed dragon travel forms
Gaz, the shady sneevil on the cart in town is now selling Elvenguard and Green Dragon travel forms. Transform at will and hover across the land at 130% speed.

Get your Dricken travel form while you can!
If you want the Dricken travel form, you do not have much time left. They will disappear from Gaz's shop and be replaced when Greenguard goes live! Replaced with what? Well, I retweeted Cysero's leak on my Twitter.

This weekend only! Early collectors save 10%
As per tradition, we are releasing these new travel forms at a discount for a limited time. The price will increase to the full amount at the end of the weekend (actually, due to the hurricane coming through here in Tampa, FL... it will increase after we get power restored.)

  • Elvenguard Dragon
    Armored dragon which matches the Elevenguard armor set found in Greenguard
  • Green Dragon
    A dragon... that is... green. The title of this one really hits the mark.

  • quote:

    Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 9, 2017

    The hair-pocolypse has begun!
    Head to the barber shop for all new ways to customize your hero including....

  • Beards
  • Braids
  • Eye color
  • Lip color
    ... yes, we added black
  • New Skin colors
  • New Hair Colors
  • Spin your character around!
    Even if the spinning is a wee bit wobbly due to the pivot point on your hero's idle position (fix for another time.)
  • Random Button!
    ...which potentially creates wondrous and horrifying results!

    Your hero looks better in the light and the dark!
    We have adjusted the characters to pop a little more, while still being effected by nearby lights. This will make your character look better in the dark... which, if you already played the new Greenguard release you know is VERY IMPORTANT.

    Hair-etic! Freedom to customize regardless of gender
    When adding beards, braids, and customizable lip colors, we were asked if only males would be allowed to have beards. But we all have a dwarven friend that likes his womenfolk bearded with a battleaxe. So we decided to give ALL customization options to both genders. This took a little extra work, because the male and female heads are different shape-- but we are sure someone out there will appreciate it.

    Female heroes no longer look alien!
    Thank you for all of the positive feedback on this! We spent a lot of time on the female hero's geometry, texture, and expressions. Oishii, who designed the characters in DragonFable did the final pass on the face and we were really proud that it finally made it out in this release.

    New hair styles coming! "Hairdo's and Don'ts"
    A few weeks back I asked for your suggestions on anime-esque hair styles and we have the first batch of the new ones coming soon. It is exciting to see how unique everyone looks now... and the more options we add, the more interesting it will get!

    Post a "barber shop selfie!"
    I would love to see your character. Post a link to a screenshot in the comment section below of your character. You can post either in the barbershop or just zoomed in on the face--- which reminds me, we increased both the pinch to zoom & wheel zoom so you can get a better shot of your character now.

  • quote:

    Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 9, 2017

    The grass really is greener on this side
    "OMG! I can transform into a Bush!" - a random player who should have been talking about the world plot, cinematics, mini-bosses, surprises, secrets, challenges, puns, and ...yup, you really can find a secret that lets you transform into a bush.

    The world plot begins
    Who is this strange scythebow wielding guy? What does that gold symbol on his chest mean? Who does his hair? Wait... scythebow? How do you use a bow made out of two scythes!?

    "Feels like an Artix Entertainment game now!"
    Check out the new Greenguard and you will find we not only listened to your feedback, but also poured in a little of the secret sauce. (R.I.P "The Grind")

    The Zard Hunter
    Go into the field with the world's foremost Frogzard Expert. He knows them inside and out... literally.

    King Sneed got himself a frogzard mount
    He also now lives atop an impressively tall Sneevil Tree fort. Perhaps you can claim that box crown for yourself?

    Brutalcorn lives!
    50% Unicorn, 50% BRUTAL!!!!!! Do you have what it takes to challenge our dude-bro version of Monty Python's Black Knight?

    Better crafting!
    As you progress through the story you will unlock different things to craft-- starting with the Zardscale armor set. You will find it is much faster and more fun to make items now.

    Challenge fights & secrets!
    We hid things around Greenguard forest for you... most you can handle yourself with the right gear. But to battle the Clawg, you will need to bring a few tough friends.

    This is just a nice picture...
    Not sure if you are still reading at this point. Just checking.

    Beating around the... bush!
    There is a secret hidden in the forest which... if found, will allow any hero to transform themselves into a bush at will. Excels at hiding, sneaking, espionage, and x-treme bush racing. Moves at 0% travel speed.

    Hair ye! Hair ye! Beards & braids are here!
    Head to ye' old barber shop for all new ways to customize your hero including beards, braids, and....

    You can now change your eye color, lip color, and we added new skin & hair colors. We also made it so you can spin your character around while customizing-- and added a random button for awesome and sometimes horrifying results!

    Elvenguard & Green Dragon travel forms
    10% off this weekend only from Gaz. Transform into a Green or Elvenguard Dragon at will and hover across the land at 130% speed.

    Play the new Greenguard
    Did I mention the Stone in the Sword in the Stone thing? Come play the new Greenguard with us. Simply login and choose Greenguard from the travel menu. Battle on!

    P.S. We (Artix Entertainment / The AdventureQuest 3D Team) are located in Tampa, Florida. We have secured the lab and are now bracing for Hurricane Irma which appears to be coming for a visit. It is the biggest hurricane in current history. Do not worry, the game servers will not be effected, they are in Texas. But the staff and I may be unavailable/offline for a few days if the power goes out, or we have to fight sharks or whatever else the hurricane hurls at us. If you see anyone ask why we/player support/Heromart has not responded right away, please let them know we will get them fixed up as soon as we are back online. To everyone in the path of the hurricane, be safe.

    P.P.S. If you have any problems be sure to go to options on the login screen and "Clear Cache"

    < Message edited by WhiteTiger -- 9/10/2017 3:02:53 >
    AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    9/10/2017 3:06:32   

    Some bugs I noticed in this release

    In the barbershop, when changing colors, not every hair change colors. Leading to mismatch results such as the beard not having the same color as the hairstyle.

    Another one is that, the Runed Elvenguard Armor and the Elvenguard Armor has missing textures which shows the skin. This is more noticeable in the Runed Elvenguard armor since the Elvenguard Armor cover some parts of the legs.

    The game also need to have a feature to hide armors as part of the Costume.

    < Message edited by LouisCyphere -- 9/10/2017 3:08:38 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    9/10/2017 22:55:06   
    Iron Volvametal

    Fun release, lots of cool stuff to collect(those Clawg Shoulders & Sword in Stone items look amazing). Really dig the new Barber Customization, too. Crafting the Bush Transformation & am really excited for it to be done so I can be sneaky-beaky.

    Not too thrilled about having to fight a powerful boss what I assume to be several times that can almost 3-shot me for a mediocre Lvl17 blade.

    And lastly, stay safe, AE.
    AQW  Post #: 3
    9/11/2017 7:36:00   

    I really loved this release. Even being at max level i had a lot of fun doing the storyline quests and challenges. This release is on par with the two Ashfall releases, and if they keep this quality level the game will surely be a masterpiece. My only concern is about Treevenge, i think would be better to it be similar to Enraged Valek and Firezilla, hard but fair. It is not fun to waste potions on a monster that can one hit your whole party at any instant, and take several minutes do be defeated.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
    9/11/2017 13:04:03   

    There's a trick against the tree. Just like the stationary worms from ashfall, this tree also does not move, and also has lower range than it's combat range. (why???)

    This means there's a certain distance where it doesn't reset but you can still attack from a safe distance. This sweetspot is very small, in the case of the tree. Perhaps itīs not even intended at all, but this way you can even AFK-farm it with auto attacks. =/
    It's probably the reason why it's hard to find people trying to fight it. Who would bother doing it the regular painful, risky, costly way(potions)?

    For the future, this type of stationary monsters should be tested to see if it can be exploited somehow.
    Epic  Post #: 5
    9/11/2017 13:48:05   
    Iron Volvametal

    So, what excuse does AE have to make Chewed Mystic Robes a 1-time-only item? Why isn't the monster respawnable in future dungeon runs?
    AQW  Post #: 6
    9/12/2017 9:34:14   

    I find it strange that the base Elvenguard Armor looks better than the upgraded Runed Elvenguard Armor.
    Just my opinion though.

    Plus I don't think the armors showing skin is supposed to be intentional. I think it's just clipping. Why it doesn't follow the color custom skin color however may be due to coding errors.
    Post #: 7
    9/12/2017 11:06:34   

    It shouldn't be because of clipping. There is no model underneath clothes. The armors simply replace the default model. It probably does not follow the custom skin color because it's part of the texture.
    Epic  Post #: 8
    9/20/2017 1:29:09   
    Iron Volvametal

    So, since the Feedback Thread is lost/locked, I might as well post here.

    The tree boss has waaaaaay too much HP/Defense. It's bad enough you gotta find a "sweetspot" to even attack it without dying in 1-3 hits, the amount of Auto-Attacks needed to take one down is mind-numbingly tedius. And the payout being around 2-10 Doomwood Guard is bad, it should be at least 5-10 for the "effort" required taking just 1 down.
    AQW  Post #: 9
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