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Level 136 X-Guardian Character Advice

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9/12/2017 19:18:44   

Character Advice

Character Link : http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=35829707
Level & Status : 133 X-Guardian (rate as though i am 136 please)
Build : FD Mage (Ranger/100 pro warrior later)
Armor of Awe/UltraGuardian Element (If Applicable): Neutral
Custom Weapon None

  • Element:
  • Accuracy Lean:
  • Special Rate:

Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions : 0-130 (think only my destruction burst is 130)
Alignment (Good/Evil or Chaos/Unity) : Barely Good and Middle.
Notes :
Goals :
Z-Tokens (If Applicable): 1666 (A lot in vault)

I made him a guardian now, are there any classes i should max out (any race), any GGBs worth getting, what should i take from my other character http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=6670231 what to upgrade, etc.

What element for Guardian element?

Any and all advice is appreciated

Was going to quote the previous ratings but, that'd probably make it harder overall. Also, i didn't have my contacts last ratings lol, i now have glasses so it'll go smoother lol.



Lion's Growl
Lightning rod was updated to 135, take advantage of the level to gain more mana to cast spells.

Use Vault to obtain seasonal/rare items, may need to downgrade levels.

Pumpkin Fang
Feather Buster location
Sell Geoto, B ane, Club, inactive except Glacial

Wicked King
Aegir's Docto r for Elecomp spell location
ReignD ragon
Bulk from Yulg ar
Sell Ave nger to Hunter, Void, Knights, Dairy, Ep Pig, jacket and store Robes

Cerebus Ward
Tectonic Tower Shield from Adder
Grounded Flora Shield
Sell inven tory except Hozanek and Piety

Fruitcake Fury
Chocolate Syru p from Warlic's Dessert quest
Biggest Fan
Graveyard S mash
Archmage Researc h
Sell Red to Frigid, So ul and Fire to Embrace

Floating Pie from Dessert
Fruitcake Zard
Ice Cream Gole m
Bulba/Pikazard fro m Frogzard Hunter
Undead Archer
Sell Templar an d store Turkey

Amulet of Drakonnan
Void Visor for lower up keep as Horo removed turn cost efficiency
Large Shock Collar
Shikyo Mask
Sell Galin, Dr , Liquid, Skull to Diamond and store feeder


200 Str/Dex/Cha 75 Luk at Lv 135.
Aegir if from Warlic's MC quest, Celt ic and Dessert sets.
Bulk and Tectonic is from Adder.
Its Quester's Gunner.
The previous rate for t his char has items listed to be vaulted over from Lv 150 char.
Underworld quests are from East Map, Mount Thrall, Garage, click Hollow and go thro ugh speech
Legendar y Shadow Crystal V1 is the only Legend of Lore item to be obtained once at appropriate
The on ly thing that changed with nine levels is MC tier to 120, your two shields needs to be

My inventory is a mess lol.

Edit: I want to have FO and FD armors for this character, will practically act as a FD ranger/100 proc warrior primarily, but FO 0 proc ranger/warrior sometimes as well.

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AQ  Post #: 1
9/13/2017 17:34:58   
Legendary Ash

For Rouge Tone set element to Earth.
Shield of Agony's Blood
Upgrade Piety
Oracle's Taladosian Ward
Blazing Solaris Shield
Mecha Knight Defender to pair with Bth leans/ Twilight's Regalia doubles as Shadow

Gravity Crush
Monkakazi Boom through Vault
Archmage Research
Sell Car and store Pollen

Floating Pie
Sedna's Chaos
Undead Archer/ Twilight's Harbinger

Amulet of Drakonnan
Crystal of Restless Shadows

For Ultimategamer
Honourable Light Katana
Ken Boseki transfer over

Store Mecha

Pick one and choose other element as Awe element for shield, until Fireworks returns to keep Buckler and all -26% active
Shield of Agony's Blood
Father Time/ Pie
Macka-Lot Buckler from Grenwog

Gravity Crush

Pikazard from Frogzard Hunter
AQ  Post #: 2
9/13/2017 19:01:24   

For such a weird ranger/warrior, I'd look into compression bows such as the Weather Remotes and swords (Ultra) Omni Knight Blades, Star Sabre, Ultra Krieger Blade etc.

Then use mainly FD armours in inventory and (FO) Shapeshifts in spells. Good shapes include Gogg, Psycho Fiend, Stone Golem, Baby Sacragon and Brainspider.
AQ  Post #: 3
9/15/2017 9:11:21   

@Shiba I only plan on having 2 Guardians, want one to be a mage and one to be a warrior/ranger. My main i use FD armors, but it is going to be extremely rare, so there's really no need for me to keep any fd armors for him since being a fd mage is probably really slow, and I could see him being overly dependent on mp potions.

The other character, I may switch up with being in a fd or fo armor a lot more frequently, never played really played as a true ranger/warrior. Even if i do get used to both, i'll probably still flip flop lol. I like to try things out myself, this seems the best way to do that since i won't have to re-train my stats.


Arcane UltraGuardian Scythe against flat resist
Blade of Agony's Blood
Silver blade
Enchanted Pixel
Honourable Light Katana
Ken Boseki from Captain F roglar
Sell AQxe, Fishes as seasonal, Br ight, Dark and store Omni, Crook to Black

Horo Vigilante for Pre-Status lean slightly above Neutral intake with high Elecomp skill
High Oracle as above
Sell Rush, Ire, 135 Wa qaya and store Hero, Pyro

Sell Wyrm, Chim, Bac ler to Cub and store Macka-Lot Buckler next Grenwog

With 200 Cha use Summons for maximum damage from mana
Summon Inferno/Whale/Cloud/Bliz/Toad/Storm/LightZard
Summon Undead Army from Warlic
Sell Frigid, Mino, Ziggy and store all spells
Or with current build
Chocolate Syrup from Warlic's Dessert quest
Poe/ Gravey ard Smash/ Archmage Research
Sell Frigid, Mino, Ziggys and store Pixel

Floating Pie from Dessert
Ice Cream Golem
Pikazard from Frog zard Hunter
Sell Rein, Trjegul, Badb, Ghost, Ball and store Mino

Eye switch with V1 on Hydra day
Urn switch with V1 on Roc day
Void Visor for lower upkeep as Horo removed turn cost efficiency
Head switch with 13th on Minotaur day
Solaris helm
Sword Master Emblem switch with V1 on Minotaur/Naga day
Sell Horo, Liquid, Magic, Galin, Trophy, Poly and store Bell, V1

This was the rating for UG.

Also, thank you so much for doing both.

Ran and running out of gold, so I am not getting/upgrading some things yet.

So far I am missing for UG:
150 Ken Boseki

Macha-Lot Buckler (have painting)

Archmage Research

So far i am missing for RT:
Based on your ratings, guessing using spells is the way to go, didn't realize pumpkin fang boosted water spells, only looked it since i thought a 100 proc magic weapon would be best, but using spells and mp potions should suffice. Should I get Sila's Staff, and if so what should i remove/what else should i get?

I put the weapons in order i think i should be using, btw they do have the same benefit for spells even if not upgraded?

Need to upgrade wicked, bulk, quester's, and bacabs' Finesse

What element should my Guardian armor be for when I am a fd ranger and/or fo warrior? Do both use the same guardian element or is it different? (Currently still Neutral)

Bought Communicants Zeal and high cz (2) thinking it was the best fd for earth and light but either didn't pay attention or forgot radiant warhorse protects all 3 (wind, earth, and light), should i just sell them all or does high cz have a benefit?

Not sure what i should have for ice
Need to upgrade Cerberus Ward, Horo (pies is 135), Tectonic, Luminous, Ethereal
Missing Oracle and Mecha/Twilight (leaning towards twilight because of the extra light resistance)


Need to upgrade Star Forge
Biggest Fan? (do i get this over no lemons, no melon, had an extra from UG)
Archmage Research
Summon Undead Army from Warlic (I can't find it)

Note: I think i messed up, i forgot about the mp costs for using the guests, my warrior/rouge is the more likely of the two to have 200 cha more often than my mage. What guests should be used for him?

I do have 13 free spaces in my UG's inventory, so i don''t have to sell them now, if they are good for RT.


Need to upgrade fairy godmother, bulbazard, and pikazard
Still need to get Undead Archer/ Twilight's Harbinger
not sure what the wind pet should be


Missing Large Shock Collar
Shikyo Mask (Will downgrade from ug)
Minotaur pride?

So far for UG (thankfully you can see what i don't have upgraded for the most part):
Element still Earth


Arcane UltraGuardian Scythe
upgrade ken boseki

Still need High Oracle

Still need to grab Macka-Lot Buckler (will grab soon)
May upgrade Cerberus Ward (possibly a good stand-in for Fireworks until it comes back and i don't miss it lol)

Graveyard smash (probably keep it under-level for now)
Missing Archmage Research (will grab soon)

Think I am good on the pets, maybe?

Not 100% sure about the miscs

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9/15/2017 17:42:11   
Legendary Ash

For RT Neutral no drops at Lv 150
Temp Warhorse, Wicked King, FlawFish, ReignDragon, Gunner, Twilight's Mantle
Pzycho Fiend Shapeshift
Cyclone Wyvern Shapeshift
Baby Sacragon Shapeshift

Father time for Rewind cost free skill pairings with Healing Seeds, Mending Vines, Purifying Pollen or Pie for Cha with 6 guests in 5 spells slots + Angel bell + Ocarina from Grenwog
Call Poutine Golem from Chilly in Frostvale
Call Chupacabra Water/Dark from Dead Goat encounter
Call Wind, Energyzard
Call Nezujimbo

For now use Lemons, don't go after Summons unless you have Cha, Army in Zorbak's shop from click bag or barrel at Warlic's,
May choose Dino or Nerfbat for Wind from April Fools.

Father's Day Sock on Father's day
Sell Urn

For UG
Good on pets and miscs.
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