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RE: Return of the Dragonfable Riddles!

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10/26/2017 12:25:27   

Yeah, so as a bonus I have this riddle broken into verses and each one has an explanation (a brief explanation) under.

In a way we are so alike,
(Hero is a hero, and Sepulchure was a hero)

On the other hand we are so different.
(We now save the world and Sepulchure wanted to destroy it)

We both have things to fight for,
(Hero - Friends, and Seppy his daughter)

And we both did things we didn't meant to.
(Like hero not winning the first time agaist Akriloth and allowing him to kill so many people,
and Seppy being only pawn for MS, he didn't wanted to be only used.)

We both can be dark,
(hero can be Doom Knight, and he failed to be the "light" for many, like Konan)

We both can be light.
(Seppy was a hero in the past, and he should be "light" for his daughter)

We are not strangers,
(no explanation needed)

But no way we are close.
(we never tried to understand each other, didn't we ?)

What bonds us is twisted,
(We were enemies but at the same time we joined forces, and he even saved our dragon using his evil powers.)

Cruelty and distress.
(no explanation needed, that is just how Seppy is... or was)

But there were times when we were close,
(again about the time with darkness dragon drakath and him saving our dragon)

Those single moments

In the oceans of dark.
(both times happened when there was darkness covering the world... or shortly after)

I was looking for you,
(Hero was looking for Seppy, a few times)

not wanting to know you.
(just to defeat Seppy)

You are you
(A Doom Knight)
And you are me
(A hero)
But you are not you
(No longer a Doom Knight)
And you are not me
(No longer a Hero)
Post #: 51
10/26/2017 14:23:29   

Nice! I love how each segment feeds back into the whole and can be explained.

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sincerely, your friendly neighborhood warrior thespian dark lord and counter guardian Gamma Cavy
DF  Post #: 52
11/1/2017 5:00:14   

Okay. Since no one wants to try anymore, i'll solve the riddles on friday
DF MQ  Post #: 53
11/2/2017 19:05:58   

HEy docblade, I tried answering teh one that goes

Creepy i am, as all of my kind
as we all come from a twisted mind.
What we all like to do is to stir up some tension
as i come from moving pictures of another dimension

You never got back to me about it. To repeat my guess, was it the creepy girls and dolls from the Quest Creepy? Sally certainly counts as a twisted mind.
DF  Post #: 54
11/3/2017 8:03:14   

@^ I saw that and replied that it was very close, but not right on point. There's a special name i want. Look at the last line
DF MQ  Post #: 55
11/3/2017 15:27:07   

Gammacavy- Stolen Wing means it's either Xan (Akriloth's skeleton) or Frostscythe I guess? My bet's on Xan, judging by the last line.
Edit: Greyor, your explanation does seem better (assuming it's the old riddle and not a new one).

Defeated once, so long ago that you don't remember
Then once again, when on your team there was another member
But I will rise once more.
The one who took the one who destroys
To me was just another toy
In the game of ruling Lore.

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DF  Post #: 56
11/3/2017 16:15:38   


ummm, didn't you post one INCREDIBLY similar to that before, and the answer was the MS(the poem was partly a challenge to return from the hero and partly a threat from sepulchure, iirc)?


stolen wing refers to the fact that he bound himself to fluffy. and the gold being won is a reference to the really high price for the doom weapons, which EVERYONE buys at least one of.

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 11/3/2017 16:18:37 >
DF  Post #: 57
11/3/2017 22:02:39   

It was the old riddle, and I was mostly comparing it to Tas' riddle that used the same formula. Sorry for any confusion i caused with that.
Edit- Docblade, is the answer Annabiel?

< Message edited by GammaCavy -- 11/3/2017 22:59:58 >
DF  Post #: 58
11/4/2017 10:37:28   

@^ Yes, this is the correct answer. At the time this npc appeared first, there was a horror movie with a very similar looking doll ("moving pictures from another dimension").

Thats one down, two to go. Funny that this one should be the most difficult.
DF MQ  Post #: 59
11/6/2017 22:43:29   


Alright, I've done some serious searching. Is the answer to the first riddle A) Galeocerda or B) Seaweed?
Post #: 60
11/6/2017 23:36:48   

@Steel_King Thats impressive. Completely wrong and far away for both riddles, but impressive.
DF MQ  Post #: 61
11/6/2017 23:59:19   
Chaosweaver Amon

Strong and chiseled, I may be
Yet a tragedy in heat did befall me
A brother of mine, though not in blood
Despises fire-breathers, bad or good
Forever in stone, I still stand
With my signature weapon, still in hand.

@mahasamatman Drakath?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 62
11/7/2017 0:03:12   
Da Awesomancer

Nah Amon, that's Dimento (Or however you spell his name). Drakonnan offed him with a fire spear a while back, and he was Galanoth's adopted brother. He got a funeral statue like everyone else who dies, though I can't remember where it was put.
DF AQW  Post #: 63
11/7/2017 0:04:50   
Chaosweaver Amon

@Da Awesomancer Dang, I guess I made that one too easy. Nice job, that was fast!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 64
11/7/2017 0:08:38   
Da Awesomancer

Sorry for answering so quickly, but not that many named characters have died, let alone one's from fire.
DF AQW  Post #: 65
11/8/2017 18:56:21   

Chaosweaver Amon- Nope, not Drakath.
DF  Post #: 66
11/9/2017 13:15:59   
Chaosweaver Amon

You may have won one time, or two, or three,
Though you still have yet, to forever beat me.
Again and again, I've come back even stronger,
Until you can hold me back no longer.
Strongest hero on Lore! Far stronger than you!
And every time you face me, you'll leave black and blue.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 67
11/9/2017 15:06:16   

@^ Akira
DF MQ  Post #: 68
11/9/2017 16:53:19   

mahat- Kathool? It was defeated in a time we don't remember, so...
DF  Post #: 69
11/9/2017 17:02:50   

Repost of my unsolved riddles, but i think you will never solve them, muahahahaha!

My name sounds fishy
but only the name
when i do it out of boredom
then i am not to blame.
Who am I?

The terrible weapon that i own
Nobody can resist.
Though i can fight myself quite good
And may just break your wrist
If i unleash my power
Nobody can withstand
But i am very friendly
if you'd only understand
DF MQ  Post #: 70
11/10/2017 10:30:48   

Gammacavy- correct.

docblade: riddle 1- Chomper.

< Message edited by mahasamatman -- 11/10/2017 10:38:32 >
DF  Post #: 71
11/10/2017 22:32:04   

@^ I thought no one would ever get it. Correct. One left
DF MQ  Post #: 72
11/11/2017 11:18:57   

The second sounds like it could be Tauros, except for lines 5-6...
DF  Post #: 73
11/11/2017 17:12:07   

@^ Tauros is wrong. A little help:
Its someone we all know and love. Mainly because of his weapon....or should i say "weapon?"
DF MQ  Post #: 74
11/11/2017 18:05:15   

So, the criteria are: Powerful, owns powerful signature 'weapon', can be friendly to us.

Seppy just seems like a too obvious answer.
Dove is my next guess, but doesn't seem right either.

Other then that, I've got nothing. And I've checked every npc on the 'pedia, so obviously I'm missing something.
Don't give any more hints. I'll get it eventually.
DF  Post #: 75
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