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RE: What's with the faces?

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10/11/2017 0:54:03   


~original: @Greyor_42
...though, neutral being feminine is also a bit awkward and technically incorrect in the case of dragonfable's hero, since you can end up referring to "male" heroes as "her", and i'm PRETTY sure that my hero is definitely not a her, last i checked...

Ah, you think the English language is fundamentally logical. That's not a mistake you make for long.
You can refer to males using the neutral tense. Since feminine is neutral, this means you can refer to them that way. If you think about it, most cases of referring to animates with the neutral tense is either a case of male or female. You're not referring to them as women; just with feminine pronouns. In fact, in English, pronouns are only an indication of sex/gender if they are masculine.
On the forums, unless a member has categorically stated that they are male, it would be technically correct to refer to everyone here with the feminine. Not that I recommend it.


"they" could actually be gramattically correct if referring to The Hero, instead of your own personal hero.

I'm not aware of any rule that dictates either way in this case. Since you're describing the actions of a single entity, under the category of multiple entitites. Also, the terms 'is' and 'are' can come into conflict when dealing with the plural and singular forms. You can say 'they are', but not 'the Hero are'... which is why singular 'they' is incorrect.
If a Rose member performs an action, does that mean the Rose in general performs it? What if all Rose members were the same character? Would that character be Akanthus or Jaania?


~original: @elixxon
In my country they teach Oxford English.

In Australia, we basically use whoever's grammar and spelling we feel like at the time, and it's still correct. There are subtle differences, but the general grammar is still essentially Queen's English.

I'm... not entirely sure, but I think I may have somehow diverted a thread with... grammar. Take that, Godwin's Law.

I do think @elixxon has a point about the Hero's recent failures. The structure of a questline in Dragonfable is something like that of a short story.
A short story shows the turning point, the crux of an event, then ends. In this case, the Hero's role is something of a catalyst for the different stories, in true Hero of a Thousand Faces fashion. This sometimes has the effect of putting all the weight of every other character's uselessness onto the Hero's shoulders.

In short, the King Arthur are really hard to write.

So the Hero must surely question why other people can't deal with their own problems, something I suspect many of us can relate to. Why are the guardians so incompetent as to always die like stormtroopers? Why aren't there any other cynical adventurers with meta-knowledge? And why can't the Rose kitchens screen for quality control in their staff?
This is probably one of the reasons so many of us like Faust. Someone else can deal with the basic human decency and storyline progression for once.


~original: @Solargeo
And to be honest I know it sounds like i hate her, But Jaania is extremely stupid. A SMART person try and get on the Hero's Good side. And not push their buttons due to a POSSIBLE future.

But a person with such traits as resilience and mental fortitude would try to take the course of action they considered correct, regardless of the actions of others. And isn't Jaania's main appeal that she is open about her intentions? The Machiavellian scheming is Akanthus' job. It's actually a sound PR reason to separate openly honest and less honest methods of operation.
Both are requirements for any organisation such as the Rose.
DF MQ  Post #: 26
10/11/2017 10:47:38   
Lord Run

wow some one that want the old ways back other then my self now that surprising if you came back now and you are shocked and angry
wait until you will see what happen to Serenity and Tomix you will cry i sure did.
and if you liked the old characters style you will scream at rage when you will see Valencia and Robina ,tho not all bad
they are some good things to and actually other then the antego saga yes i call it saga that still makes me highly disturb and what happned to Serenity
and the fect we killed a child and the new Robina cinquefoil style that might did or might didn't was based on Cloud Strife look at the link below
with all honesty i like Cloud if he would join like Leon from kingdom hearts did i would be happy tho makeing Robina to be Cloud is a bit nostalgia ruining it wouled be like dressing Artix
like Luke Skywalker and ruining his heroic paladin style or dressing Warlic like Solas from Age and ruin his blue mage style or dressing Galanoth like Dovhakin from Skyrim......wait the last one i said about Galanoth dressing like Dovhakin was kinda kick ass....but still wouled ruin the nostalgia and the thing we used to love that maded Artix Entertaiment characters to what they are.
as for the face..... its AWESOME! outher then the new face of the guardian armor that one is wrong its have whit brows even if your hair is black or red or green and its stand in a very strange way. as for the female hero face,well i admit i liked the old ones better the new ones might have face expressions but the eyes are cold and well uncute some of the new male NPCs have cuter eyes then hers like that guy from Gorillaphant warfair he sure is looking disturbing but his eyes are the 4th most pretty eyes i ever saw if the female hero had his eyes every guy here would fall in love XD.

many good stuff are going on:

like Leon from Kingdom Hearts he is now in our team thats swag look at the link below

now we have in DF Squall and Zack and Sephiroth:
now lets bring Cloud he dosen't even need to bring his outfits from home he could just take Robina's cinquefoil cosplay XD
but now honestly BRING CLOUD BRING CLOUD! ^_^

but i must say "the Grhapics are cool the game play mecanics improved intresting plot that make you question who is evil and who is good and the gray that is between
the battles are finally challenging and the new characters are cool well most of them...... like 75% of the new ones.
and over all Tomix doing a good job even tho i myself had few days i had my doubts about him,but give the guy a slack he holding the entire game without him you wouldn't have a game to return to or a game that is worth to returning to.

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Post #: 27
10/11/2017 14:06:56   


Relatively recently, I made a thread to discuss potential storyline genres and directions players might want to see in Dragonfable. There were a number of interesting responses (and it certainly assisted with some of my projects), but there were two that were reiterated by a number of members:
Some of the members wanted horror, more types of storylines that created conflict and questioned the Hero's status and role.
Others preferred things to be heartwarming, focusing on character interactions and kindness, perhaps as a reminder to what is pleasant and gives life meaning. The Hero is meant to be kind, after all.
As you can see, these focus on two very different aspects of the Hero's characterisation. The horror shows their adaptibility, perhaps instilling hope in the manner in which the Hero overcomes the obstacles relentlessly thrown in their path.

I wonder... What if we could do all of that at once in a crossover-ish storyline, where heroes from realities/timelines get together because of plot and have to face of the defining adversary of their respective worlds.
We could have different heroes.
-The current Hero.
-One resembling the Book1 Hero if the Book3 one deviated enough from that character
-And two others based on kind of "extremes" the world could be, like:
-one who is a broken mess from a world that is a literal psycho horror with his adversary being a Caitiff on steroids kind of foe molded from the "shadows of his failures", while being crushed by the responsibility of the whole world depending on him to survive
-one who is basically a "Symbol of Hope and Peace" kind of borderline superhero who faces any danger and horror fearlessly and also greatly inspire others. Like lot. A comically LOT.
These characters could shape each other through their interactions and by showing a different point of view by facing someone else's adversary, like the "Symbol of Hope" facing the Broken Hero's "friggin psycho horror fuel of an antagonist", being shaken by it in the end but explaining their idea of a hero and how does their world works and worked out exactly.
Bottom line for the Player Hero would be that those examples doesn't really apply to their world, since those others are just way too different(the Broken Hero being completely alone, while the "Symbol of Hope" having a huge amount of comrades supporting them for example), but will take conclusions from the experience with the other two/three and gain resolve and confidence in the path they want to walk.

That would be a cool movie.... X,D

@Lord Run

the eyes are cold and well uncute some of the new male NPCs have cuter eyes then hers

OF COURSE!!! How did I not realize? How could I forget? The main tool for the manga/anime style to express emotion and personality are the eyes!

Now I see the issue with the Heroine's face specifically.
Her stare is cold which is amplified with her :( mouth. It gives her a "focused/serious" expression in fights, but when idle or there is nothing to worry about it comes off as a cold stare.
A "warmer" or "cuter" eye could help it I guess and a different expression on her mouth too if necessary.

The male hero doesn't seem to have this issue. Probably because of his small eyes.
DF  Post #: 28
10/11/2017 22:41:22   

I've been rather unbothered by the female hero's face, personally, except when I was trying to paint a fully fledged Pyromancer hero in a 16x20 canvas. It came out pretty well in the end, but I redid the face something like eight times before I was satisfied with the eyes.
DF  Post #: 29
10/12/2017 1:01:14   
Nessa Ellensse

Starting with Dragonfable you choose a set gender at charater creation, it's the same in AQ Worlds and Adventure Quest 3D

I sympathize with being behind in Dragon Fable I started playing AQ Worlds and got behind with DF then real life happened and I got behind in well everything so I'm playing catch up in AQ, DF AQWorlds and I'm even behind in the whenever we get it ready o clock release gam AQ I agree the faces look siweird. It looks like something that was coded into the game long after release and sticks out likce a sore thumb. I think they could use some better artwork and coding, some of the expressions seem to exceed the size of the charater's head and at times reseamble bad amime
AQ DF  Post #: 30
10/12/2017 2:43:17   
Lord Run

its not the only thing the Robina head in the princess outfit of book 3 have hair problems you can clearly see its the new Cinquefoil face and hair with the old princes hair from book one its like some one super glued her hair from book one on her hair as Cinquefoil like a quickly meshed up unfinished work that puted to the game.

< Message edited by Lord Run -- 10/12/2017 2:44:04 >
Post #: 31
10/12/2017 2:54:50   

@lord run


the Robina head in the princess outfit of book 3 have hair problems you can clearly see its the new Cinquefoil face and hair with the old princes hair from book one

that's kind of the point/joke. she's wearing a wig to (poorly)disguise the fact that she's actually cinquefoil from the rose, which the hero falls for...
DF  Post #: 32
10/12/2017 2:58:06   
Lord Run

ahhh lol XD now i get it now thats funny!
Post #: 33
10/22/2017 5:29:49   
King of Zards

I'm satisfied with my character's face. That unchanging expression, rotting teeth and that yellow lizard eye... Yeah, totally suits me. Only problem is that most of the time my speech bubbles come from the base of my neck.
Post #: 34
10/22/2017 13:49:44   

I have the solution, use Ascended ChickenCow and all your worries will be whisked away.

Feast your eyes!!!! Tada!

You'll never have to be in eye contact with those pesky NPC's who think they have a right to your attention. Let your chest do the talking!!

Having a touching moment with another character?

Talk to the chest, girlfriend!!
Post #: 35
10/22/2017 14:37:47   
Lord Run

^ dud as funny as it is its obviously fake.
or at list i think its fake i don't actually having that armor to check it.

< Message edited by Lord Run -- 10/22/2017 14:38:51 >
Post #: 36
10/22/2017 14:43:22   

@lord run

it's legit. acended chicken cow lord is one of the few armors that makes your character's model absurdly tall(alongside chronocorrupter and i believe chronomancer).
DF  Post #: 37
10/22/2017 14:45:45   
Lord Run

oh well my mistake.... sorry emperor my bad ^_^:
Post #: 38
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