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RE: =AQW= Class Discussion Thread

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1/14/2018 6:02:30   

Ah man, DSG has been making me feel quite confused these days tbh. On one hand, I kind of feel like it's of no real use to me, and feel like discarding it, but on the other hand there's always that nagging realisation that I'd have to rank up Dragonslayer to 10 again if I ever want to use the class again.
Could definitely use an AC tag tbh.
AQW  Post #: 501
1/15/2018 13:17:24   
Edme MacHeath

The thing is.. Footwork has always been a wonky skill that was heavily affected by lag, at lower levels back when it was 30 seconds, you could loop the skill at 48-49% haste.

The skill could also cause disconnects.
But it seems to not be able to really cheat the system by looping it despite technicalities due to lag. It can't really do that anymore. 32 seconds seems out of reach for server weakness.

The way I see it, the skill will always be one of those skills that is wonky. changing the cooldown doesn't seem to really help it, as either you have to make unloopable, or it's gonna be loopable with some weird lag issues.

However other skills have similar issues and we don't see those skills being changed. Oh well. I hope they find a better solution.
AQ  Post #: 502
1/16/2018 7:41:59   

I've had Legendary Archfiend for a while, and I'm loving the buffs added to it but I have no idea how to proc the Rank 10 Passive: Blood Rage, the Description says: "Gives a 25% chance to perform a fatal blow to your enemy if they are near death." I'm focusing more on the "near death" factor here, just how much % HP must the enemy have to left to be considered "near death"? Is it in the range of 5%-15% remaning HP?

< Message edited by yasesay123 -- 1/16/2018 7:56:51 >
AQW  Post #: 503
1/16/2018 17:56:20   
Legendary Ash

10% of remaining Hp.
AQ  Post #: 504
1/16/2018 18:17:43   
Edme MacHeath

@Above: Fatal Blow, as in instantly kills them? Or a set amount of damage? I assume it has 1 chance to activate during a fight too? Or perhaps if in pvp a player heals back up, it can activate again?
It wouldn't make sense if it had more than one chance to activate while under 10% hp.
AQ  Post #: 505
1/16/2018 18:53:12   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

It's 25% chance per AA when the enemy is under 10% HP to do a large, one-tick DoT. I'm not sure if the damage amount is determined based on monster HP or just a set amount, though. If it's a set amount, then way back in the day it was (unboosted) about 25k, which on a weak enemy would probably be enough to finish them off, but on some of the high-HP monsters like the Doomknight Overlord or Binky, it wouldn't kill them, though if you got another one it could. Ultimately the skill is really only useful for HP sponges since a lot of monsters' 10% threshold is like 5k or less, so you if you're in a party (and why would you be using LAF solo?) there's a really high chance the party will kill the monster before the rank 10 procs.
AQ AQW  Post #: 506
1/17/2018 1:13:54   

Is there much difference between stonecrusher/arachno/archfiend having full luck or full wiz? I want to change them both to full luck so I can stash my other gear to save inventory space

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AQW  Post #: 507
1/17/2018 13:57:42   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

Arachno is generally most useful with full Lucky anyways, so that would be fine. Stonecrusher can go Lucky or Wizard. It used to be that you'd want to go Lucky for solo stuff and Wizard for group stuff, but since the level cap increase I think it's gotten to the point where Lucky does fine pretty much all the time. I haven't used LAF in a really long time and not since they updated it, so I'm not sure if it'll run Lucky well. But there's also pretty much no reason to use it in the first place. And since you have SC there's not much reason to use Arachnomancer either, unless someone else is already using one and you want to do support instead of DPS. So you can save a couple spaces by banking or selling both of those, too, but if you do want to occasionally use them then Lucky should be fine.
AQ AQW  Post #: 508
1/18/2018 14:44:14   
Edme MacHeath

I guess this doesn't really matter, but I've determined AQW doesn't use 16bit integers to store damage values. I also highly doubt AE uses 128 bit as that was extremely uncommon in a flash game designed in 2008. Even youtube didn't use 64 bit until a few years ago. So I guess i'm down to whether AQW uses 32bit signed or 64bit signed.
AQ  Post #: 509
1/18/2018 15:12:28   

Pretty sure it's just 32-bit like gold based on some things I did on the testing servers a while back.
Post #: 510
1/19/2018 10:46:40   
Edme MacHeath

If it's 32 bit on gold values, it's almost certainly 32bit on damage values aswell.

Although I'm wondering how you found that out since gold is capped at 4 million, will incremental ways to go over.
AQ  Post #: 511
1/24/2018 10:24:23   
omega overlord

Is Glacial Warlord worth grabbing?
AQW  Post #: 512
1/24/2018 10:52:42   

You surely must mean Glacial Berserker, because Glacial Warlord has been rare for a good couple years now.

Glacial Berserker is definitely worth farming for, not so much getting for ACs. It seems like you already got Lightcaster and UOK as solo/DPS classes though, so GB not a must have class, but it's still a great addition to any class roster. If you got the spare time to farm it before it's gone, I would recommend going for it, if not, it will come back in December anyways. You can farm the rep for it all year long, but the shop is only available during the season.

Glacial Berserker got various buffs/debuffs, and with a decently chunky heal on top, it got good sustainability. It may not hit fast, but it's guaranteed to hit hard, especially with it's insanely high crit rate, you will see a lot of big orange numbers when using the class.
AQW  Post #: 513
1/24/2018 10:52:58   


Although I'm wondering how you found that out since gold is capped at 4 million, will incremental ways to go over.

This wasn't the case for quite a while on the testing servers. Concerning damage, I ended up healing a monster for 2,147,483,648 after smacking it really hard.
Post #: 514
1/24/2018 10:59:54   
omega overlord

Ah, I did mean Glacial Beserker.
What are the best classes in the class shop and where would G. Beserker rank amongst them?
AQW  Post #: 515
1/24/2018 11:05:41   

AFAIK Glacial Berserker is one of the better soloing classes, not quite on the level of super-meta ones like Lightcaster and Void Highlord but it's definitely very good and much easier to get your hands on.
AQW  Post #: 516
1/24/2018 12:02:13   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

@omega: It really depends on what you mean by "best", though ultimately I'd say it's better to farm for classes than buy them. Assuming the linked CP is the character you're interested in doing this for, you've already got Lightcaster, Shaman, and Stonecrusher so you're pretty much set for solos, farming, and support respectively. There are actually a number of classes you could get rid of, if you needed some space. Because you're talking about GB, I'm going to assume you're mostly interested in solo stuff, in which case it's definitely not worth dropping 2k ACs on it since you've already got Lightcaster. If you want to try out the class, farm the rep for it and get the rep version, but don't use ACs on it. You can use them on more useful things like inventory space.
AQ AQW  Post #: 517
1/25/2018 22:12:47   

So this question has probably been answered already, but when using Immortal/Eternal Chronomancer, do Temporal Rift and Enter infinity stack once you've applied them via deadlock? Or is there no reason to stack them past the initial stack?
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 518
1/26/2018 7:40:02   

So I just noticed that the description for both Necromancer and Scarlet Sorceress mentions that the recommended enh is Wizard, but I've used Full Lucky on both of them for a long time now. Just wondering if there's any difference between using Full Wiz for both and the current setup or is it just another case of Full Lucky just being too good for other enhancements.
AQW  Post #: 519
1/26/2018 8:17:23   

Lucky is best because crits are everything in this game. Also their attacks are mostly a mix of both spell and physical damage.
Luck though is entirely different in the Test Servers so that recommendation is probably for AFTER the re-write.

It's best to stick to Full Lucky for now.
Wiz does give better healing but its minimal and it's more important to have Higher DPS than survival most of the time since you probably wont be using those classes to face 1shot challenge bosses.
Post #: 520
1/26/2018 9:56:55   


So this question has probably been answered already, but when using Immortal/Eternal Chronomancer, do Temporal Rift and Enter infinity stack once you've applied them via deadlock? Or is there no reason to stack them past the initial stack?

Once you have 3 stacks of Deadlock, using The Fourth Dimension (5) will activate the "The Fourth Dimension" and as you have this buff applied, whenever you use The Fourth Dimension (5) you will gain 1 stack of Temporal Rift on top of the usual Deadlock stack. It works the same way with Eternal Deadlock (2) while having 3 Deadlock stacks, this will activate "Enter Infinity" which means Eternal Deadlock (2) applies a stack of Infinity Rift on top of Deadlock.

There's a couple things to note about this.
Firstly, when you use either Eternal Deadlock or The Fourth Dimension while at 3 Deadlock stacks, you enter the respective state, but it resets your Deadlock stacks before it applies Deadlock again, meaning you only need to use 3 Deadlock applying skills to trigger the next Enter Infinity or The Fourth Dimension buff. This is good, because it means if you use both skills equally, you are guaranteed to activate both states at some point, assuming you hit every time, which is usually the case, if not, you lose a couple seconds having to adapt to the new stack count to get whichever buff you need.
Secondly, if you miss with ether of the 2 skills while having 3 Deadlock stacks, you still get the buffs which allows you to stack Temporal/Infinity Rifts, but you don't get a Deadlock, nor Rift stack.

It's also good to know what does and does not prevent ability to stack Temporal Rift. Taking Eternity (3) removes both the Enter Infinity and The Fourth Dimension buffs, but you still keep your Temporal Rift and Infinity Rift stacks, but Speed Abrasion (4) removes ONLY Temporal Rift stacks.

The Fourth Dimension, Enter Infinity, Infinity Rift and Temporal Rift all lasts 90 seconds, so once you get up to 4 Infinity Rift stacks, you never really have to worry about that, as long as you trigger Enter Infinity every now and then, since there's no way for the class to remove Infinity Rift stacks via skill uses, so it just becomes a matter of keeping track of Temporal Rift and Deadlock Stacks, then using Taking Eternity and Speed Abrasion at the right times. I prefer to use Taking Eternity just before I use Speed Abrasion, that way I reset the "Infinite Damage" buff and get my HoT on at the same time, not always necessary in a boss fight where you aren't hit that often, but it's just a good habit to have.
AQW  Post #: 521
1/28/2018 13:43:38   

Regarding Ultra Elemental Warrior:

I got curious for this class.
It is worth 2400 AC if you buy all materials for the class but for 2000 ac you can buy other class like Archfiend in Tercessuinotlim
or Legion Class from Dage.

Checking the wiki, the class have skill combo depending for the skill used but it is now cross out.

I hope you could give me a detailed guide for this class and if its worth the AC correspond for the cost.


< Message edited by Shadowhunt -- 1/28/2018 18:47:01 >
Post #: 522
1/28/2018 14:38:41   
Lord GrimDusk

The new Legion Doomknight: I just got it, and I'm really not sure how I feel. The new 4th skill has a very small DoT even with full luck, so am I doing something wrong or did they just nerf it too much?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 523
1/28/2018 15:58:16   

I actually think the new Legion Doomknight is slightly better than Classic Doomknight for a couple reasons.
1. it has 10% more haste than Classic LDK, which means more skill uses, which means more healing and more damage over a longer period of time.
2. It can stack it's debuffs higher than Classic LDK. Classic LDK caps out at 42% and the new LDK caps out at 48% (technically, it should be 35% for Classic and 45% for new, but there's a bug with stacking debuffs, giving the 2nd stacks double effect). It does take a little bit longer to stack it up, but once you reach a certain point in a fight, the new LDK outdamages Classic LDK.

In the case of the DoT, Classic LDK's DoT only last for a little over half the cooldown of Imminent Doom, so you have periods of the DoT not ticking whereas with the new LDK, the DoT has a longer duration, making you able to loop the DoT without extra haste from outside sources.

They are the same class, just with a different spread in damage values, passives and an animation or 2. Classic LDK may be more preferable in shorter fights due to a higher damage passive and quicker debuff stacking, the new LDK may be more preferable the longer the fight goes, because if it's higher max damage potential. The new LDK also has the benefit of not losing all it's Touch of Doom stacks if it misses once, which I find nice.

All of this is just taking into account a soloing situation, Classic LDK benefits more than new LDK from Stonecrusher's haste boost for example, giving Classic LDK an even better burst damage in comparison to new LDK, but it's still short-lived either way.

If you don't like the new LDK, you can just choose not to, I know plenty of people who prefer Classic over the new and vice versa and in a lot of cases, both will give you basically the same result and the same experience.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 1/28/2018 18:22:29 >
AQW  Post #: 524
1/28/2018 19:12:01   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

@frozz: That's a good question. I've always been a bit of a proponent of Elemental Warrior because I feel that it's really underrated. It actually is capable of a very high DPS, but that's contingent on some of the effects that you get, so you're not going to consistently see a high DPS like you would with some other classes. Now, that being said, I'm usually thinking of the class in the context of Legendary Elemental Warrior, which is something I say anyone who has membership should pick up because it's essentially free. Is the Ultra version worth 2.4k ACs with no chance at any sort of refund? Nowadays I'd probably say no.

You're right that you can get other classes for cheaper (and you can sell them back too). Most of those, however, either can be earned another way or aren't worth the 2k ACs. If you really wanted to buy a class with ACs, you could find something that's got more consistent damage and better survival for a lower cost. A lot lower, if that class happens to be Lightcaster, but that one is seasonal. You don't have your CP linked so I don't know what you already have. That would be a factor that goes into deciding what class, if any, to get.


AQ AQW  Post #: 525
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