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RE: =AQW= Class Discussion Thread

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3/15/2018 11:37:10   

Is a stable weapon good for LDK or an unstable weapon. I use full luck.
MQ AQW  Post #: 676
3/15/2018 11:44:49   

Strength's only up side is that it gives more Crit Chance.
That's it. Physical Damage is attributed to the weapons damage range instead of stats.
Wiz increases Magic dmg and Haste.
Luck increases Crit chance(slight) Hit chance(slight) and Crit damage(A FREAKIN LOT) and a whole load of other things.

I don't think the other stats can compete which is why this has been reworked in the Test Servers that Luck only gives more Crit Damage(PERIOD).
Post #: 677
3/15/2018 12:31:47   

The crit chance you get from strength when you are a fighter class, is very low. With full fighter enhancements, you'd get about 0.60 CDM and 10% crit chance. It actually decays as your strength gets higher too, so most of that crit is gained from the classes base strength anyway (tested on testing server)

That change on testing server is alright for a start. luck will go from being 50x better than fighter/wizard to maybe 20x better? Unless they buff strength/wizard enhancements, there's no way anyone is going near them. We can definitely adjust to this change by using Stonecrusher and Archfiend in every boss party for a 60% crit rate buff. I suppose we could use a potent aim elixir or stinging elixir too. But this will only work if crit rate buffs are additive and not multiplicative. I'm guessing they're additive because crit damage buffs are also additive.

Most classes would be alot weaker, but i suppose Elemental Inversionist and Blazebinder wouldn't really mind since they're nukes don't care about crit rate.
AQW  Post #: 678
3/15/2018 13:31:41   


Or bring back the old rank 10 passive that reduced all damage received instead of just magic damage.

The 60% damage reduction that EI used to have had nothing to do with the rank 10 passive, at least it was active before rank 10.
I don't get the point of having the magic damage reduction in the first place, unless it has a synergy with the class itself, like with Necro, where it decreases self damage from Infest. Outside of certain PvP matchups and maybe 1 or 2 enemies (I don't think Blood Titan has magical damage anymore) it does nothing.


Also why would you even put Wiz enhancements on EI? Isn't all its skills supposed to be Physical?

I guess it was to prove a point, although without the comparison with full fighter as well, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. With full fighter enhancements at level 85, you should hit just above 1k, which proves the point of Luck being absurdly good, or all other stats just being horrible.
All of the skills except Statis are physical, according to the skill descriptions.

It's really up to you which damage range you choose, I will always recommend a stable/static damage range on any class, but I am heavily biased, because I really don't like using unstable weapons, it makes it hard to judge how well a fight is going. If a class' heal is affected by the damage range, like LDK is, it can be a gamble, you might heal for almost nothing, you might heals for 1.5-2 times as much, with a high enough damage range. An unstable weapon on a crit regen class also gives a higher chance of running out of mana, because not only are you dealing with needing crits, but you are also dealing with needing to actually hit high with the crits to get any substantial mana back.
AQW  Post #: 679
3/15/2018 16:13:43   

I already have chaos slayer, I'm considering EI. My problem with chaos slayer is that although damage is high, it can be hard to spam attacks for fast farming in some farming situations due to paragon. So still not sure, I'd love more peoples' opinions, but I think I will go and try to get ei soon

Wish there were a solid physical damage farming class like chaos slayer but without the chance to buff the enemy, one with solid survivability against high level farming

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Post #: 680
3/15/2018 23:15:11   
Edme MacHeath

Strength gives the highest non crit values for physucal damage.

It's just anything that doesnt have either a mix of Luck and main stat(STR or INT) suffers huge damage problems.

Ideally you'd want both STR and LUK in good amounts but no enhancement gives you that. On the magical side wizard does this quite well with INT and LUK and that's why magical uses wiz instead of luck.
Since physical classes can only focus on one, they want to focus on the better one which is Luck. Crit damage is far more valuable than any amount of non crit damage.

But it goes quite further than this. STR has 0 luck, Thief has even less STR than fighter and still has 0 luck, meaning far less damage than what little damage str has to offer.
Hybrid classes still use LUK because again while hybrid gives you both STR and INT, it still has no LUK, meaning you are still only raising non crit damage. So that's why hybrid classes fare well enhanced by luck.

IF we just had fighter ditch pretty much all of it's END for some LUK, fighter would actually be one of the best enhancements for physical classes.

Wizard is the only class that gives a viable amount of both main derive stat(INT) and LUK and fighter doesnt mirror that at all, instead focusing almost entirely on STR and END, the most useless stat
Spellbreaker is like a worse version of wizard, in that it trades an equal amount of WIZ and LUK for WIS and END. A horrible trade if you ask me.

Ideally if we want LUK to stop being the best...

Fighter> Focus instead on STR and LUK, with END or DEX being the last priority
Hybrid > STR and INT being equal and LUK being next and take away some END and DEX for LUK
Spellbreaker > Take away the added END over Wizard and add it to WIS
Healer > focus what little wis it has on LUK
Thief > More or less fine as it is.
Luck > Too fine as it is.
Wizard > Fine as it is.

I think all the enhancements are pretty much skewed.

We have no true physical DPS enhancement like wizard is. (Jk we have luck aka bad joke)
Spelbreaker is supposed to mirror Thief and it doesnt quite do that.
Healer mirrors Fighter
Hybrid is a mess of stats, Luck is a balance of stats (Wow they really do mirror eachother.)

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AQ  Post #: 681
3/16/2018 4:06:51   

Thanks for merging my thread here Shadowhunt. If anyone wandering what we're talking about, go read my post on page 27 of this thread. It's a post that shows why LUK is the best stat. just wanted it to be available somewhere for me to link to. I worry that new players are using the recommended class enhancements.

Since I made that post, I've tested a bit with the Felicitous Philtre potion (50% luck for 45 seconds). I found out that the crit damage cap is 5.0x and that you can reach this cap with full luck and the potion. (there is no cap). This potion has always been really strong, but now it stacks to 99 instead of 3 so you can realistically use it. And you can buy it for only 2k gold. Great potion to stock up on before fighting bosses.

Oh EI is a physical class, I didn't even realise and it's my main farming class lol.
I tested it again with full fighter.

No STR or LUK from enhancements: 850
Full Wizard EI 5: 1219 (these enhancements give a small amount of LUK)
Full Fighter EI 5: 1270
Full Luck EI 5: 2170

This is all unbuffed. If you mix in any buffs, then luck becomes even better. I tried mixing fighter and LUK too, but every fighter enhancement just lowered my damage compared to full luck.

@Adme MacHeath
It's true that you need a balance of your main stat (STR or INT) and luck to maximize your damage. But you get more than enough of your main stat from your classes base stats. At that point, you just want to maximize LUK. While wizard enhancements give INT and LUK, the far more valuable stat is LUK. So the 60 LUK from luck enhancements is much better than the 60 INT & 20 LUK from wizard enhancements. (not quite. Fighter enhancements still suck. But Wizard compares pretty evenly with luck because it has decent chunk of LUK as well)

I think you are still valuing STR and INT too highly. They give a negligible increase in damage when compared to LUK. But yeah like you pointed out, in most cases the value of each enhancement is determined solely by how much LUK they give.

You'd probably want Void Highlord, but that's a really hard class to get. Despite being a single target class, VHL outpaces most of the aoe farming classes if you are fighting enemies with really high hp. Try EI though. Spamming and fast farming is what it does best. Survivability is ok and should get you through most situations. It's not a boss fighting class though.

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AQW  Post #: 682
3/16/2018 8:32:45   
you stop

hello Loftyz I'd like to ask, would Dark Potion produce better results than Felicitous Philtre? I have a few stacked up in my bank but I don't know the maths behind the former potion. Also, regarding your Luck guide thing, I had a test with lvl 85 Enh Unarmed Lightcaster. Full wizard seems to be doing more dps than full luck would. I get that you explained that some classes that have guaranteed non-crits would and might need more base stats than luck but the dps difference was at 500 after 5 rounds. I was fighting Ultra Akriloth. Some people have told me (I have not tested myself) that Full wizard Stonecrusher also does more DPS than Full Luck would. I cannot confirm this one but I guess it's some thought that came along with Luck vs Wiz enh.

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AQW  Post #: 683
3/16/2018 8:44:55   

While not a fully Physical class, I think Vampire Lord is a pretty good option for what you want.
AQW  Post #: 684
3/16/2018 9:29:06   

I'll do some testing now for dark potion vs luck potion.

I don't have Lightcaster myself, but it looks like they're main damage comes from they're non-crit ability, which would favor wizard enhancements. Surely stonecrusher would prefer luck, but they're damage skills both deal a % of your spell damage. Idk if that matters but ill have a look.
AQW  Post #: 685
3/16/2018 12:06:49   

Stonecrusher's Magnitude multiplier also affects the Crit Mod so Luck actually gives more DPS than Wiz especially if you proc Magnitude a lot, and when you're in a room with other people you will proc it a whole lot.
Post #: 686
3/16/2018 14:31:34   

Here's a screenshot of all the tests I did. https://prnt.sc/is5wkp

Dark potion only very slightly beats the luck potion. You get between 200 to 700 more damage with dark potion (or Honor potion, Malice potion, and Senna Bun). I tested both unbuffed and buffed situations, and it was the same result. Luck potion would give more crit rate though. I can't account for that with just the numbers. Given that you can easily buy 99 of the luck potions from /alchemyacademy, I think they make a very good substitute for dark potions. They also last 10 seconds longer than dark potions.

LUK is certainly better for fighting classes, But I was wrong about wizard enhancements. They give more non-crit damage and plus-or-minus 5% damage on their crits compared to full luck. DBSK loses some crit damage with full wiz, while Stonecrusher gains some. It's a bit of a toss-up. Full wizard has more haste but less crit chance. I don't have an effective way to compare them. You could definitely make an argument for either, but I'll just stick with full luck for more mana sustain and so I don't have to change enhancements every time I use VHL.

Also I was wrong about the crit damage multiplier. It doesn't cap at 5. It keeps going. I'll edit my earlier posts to reflect the changes.

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AQW  Post #: 687
3/16/2018 23:06:50   
Edme MacHeath

However DBSK does better with wizard in both non crit and crit damage than lucky, excluding potion usage.

DBSK crits 1819 and 5254 vs 1715 and 4953, making wizard far better.

I really hate that SC's skills claim to be magical when they aren't. They're hybrid. That's why they deal more with luck on crits.

I'd love to see how luck based classes fair with comparisons between the two (Dark vs Luck potion)

Crit Mod has no cap except for the maximum integer cap.
The only thing that has a cap is haste as far as I'm aware. Even hit chance, crit chance, evasion all can go past 100% but that's only useful if something has a nerf on you.
You can see this in the testing servers when you use classes like Vampire Lord that boost you way past 100%.

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AQ  Post #: 688
3/17/2018 9:10:27   
you stop

does anyone know how to manage mana properly as Horc Evader? I can't seem to do it properly even if I try to maximize the duration of the spells. Also I believe this class uses HP Vamp yes?
AQW  Post #: 689
3/17/2018 9:53:27   

The best thing you can do is run the timers as close as possible to their expiration and if done properly, which is easier said than done, you should be able to loop all buffs, including Enrage if you get enough crits and do it almost perfectly. The durations are actually quite a lot longer than you might think. Enraged lasts 16-17 (I guess 16, because off the cooldown length), Shadow and Shadow Strike lasts ~10, Smell Fear lasts 13 seconds and Hunter's call, both buff and debuff, lasts 13 seconds. It also important to keep Hunter's call looped at all times, both for damage and for mana regeneration and Shadow + Smell Fear for survivability. Enraged is second priority behind all the other skills, but you should definitely try to get active as much as possible.
AQW  Post #: 690
3/17/2018 21:22:50   
Edme MacHeath

The class has 89% dodge with full luck and 94% with thief, IIRC. So if you using luck, HP vamp is better, but if you are using thief then mana is better as you'll almost never be hit with full buffs + thief.
If you have a dodge elixir then you can breeze past fights with ease, making yourself a "budget" great thief.

The best advice is to maximize durations and not use shadow strike too much because even though it doesn't cost much its too spammable and that hurts the ability to use other skills, which all add up.

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AQ  Post #: 691
3/21/2018 3:48:53   

so, not sure if this is the right thread, but I was wondering if Felicitous Philtre only buffs a class' base luck or all of it including enh on gears? Seems like the latter but I can't really tell

With the introduction of increased potion stack sizes, especially ones like Felicitous Philtre, are luck based classes getting a huge edge over wizard ones or only a small edge?

To anyone that hasn't realized it yet, the aforementioned potion is really strong AND is fully loopable (for me at least) and you should totally stock up on lots of it,
for reference, I did 2720 crit on EI's 5 skill without the potion and 3748 with, both at lvl 85 with lvl 83 luck enh and BB 2.0 + AFDL piece

(good to be back after a pretty long hiatus )

< Message edited by Aggreron -- 3/21/2018 3:49:36 >
AQW  Post #: 692
3/21/2018 8:08:07   


I was wondering if Felicitous Philtre only buffs a class' base luck or all of it including enh on gears?

Wouldn't it be as simple as going to the testing servers, pop the potion and observe the stats? I would do this and give you a definitive answer, but I keep getting "Error Connecting to Server" when I try to go on PTR servers, and before anyone mentions it, yes, it was the right URL.


With the introduction of increased potion stack sizes, especially ones like Felicitous Philtre, are luck based classes getting a huge edge over wizard ones or only a small edge?

I don't think it will shake up the class meta in any major way, the class itself still needs to be good in order to be good with the potion. Master Ranger is still bad, no matter how many of these potions you chug. Good classes will still be good and bad classes will still be bad, although slightly better, I guess. The only time I see the difference between a class that uses luck + potion vs. a class that uses wiz + potion, is when the classes are already neck and neck, and it just so happens to benefit the luck class more, giving it an edge. But all of this is still subjective, not objective and we are talking differences of a couple seconds when doing the same task.


the aforementioned potion is really strong AND is fully loopable (for me at least) and you should totally stock up on lots of it

You need a haste of minimum 25% to be able to loop it, because the potion effect lasts 45 seconds and potion cooldowns are 60 seconds. It was just out loopable reach with your standard haste of approximately 20% with most luck classes at max level The couple seconds you are without the buff are not the end of the world though.

I think people are overrating the potion, it's nice to see bigger numbers and bigger numbers equals better farming efficiency, but the time saved seems minimal, unless your mission is to solo a boss multitudes of times. The total damage increase is only about 10-25%, depending on class anyways, taking into consideration the average crit rates of a class, with a couple exceptions like Vampire lord and Glacial Berserker with their crit rates of basically 100%, and even in those cases, the damage increase is only about 35%. The potion also doesn't necessarily pay for itself, both in terms of time and gold spent. It's probably worth picking up a stack every now and then, if you are online and not doing anything anyways, though. For the most part, it's just unnecessary, in my case.

My personal issue with spending money on all those potions is that with my gold being way over the cap, I cannot gain gold, so my gold would just disappear, 2000 at a time, which adds up. My situation is of course very rare, I realize that, but I don't like throwing money away like that. I already spent enough on enhancing whatever new gear I obtain, or old un-enhanced/wrongly enhanced stuff in my bank, when I want to use it.

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AQW  Post #: 693
3/21/2018 15:29:02   

Yeah, I just use luck potions for bosses mainly. They're great for Chrono dragoknight and VHL. They help EI one shot some enemies with their guaranteed crit too.
I grab a stack every now and then, and they last me a good week or so.


with, both at lvl 85 with lvl 83 luck enh and BB 2.0 + AFDL piece

These don't stack on normal servers, so you were either gaining 30% damage or 15% damage, depending on which one you equipped most recently.


so, not sure if this is the right thread, but I was wondering if Felicitous Philtre only buffs a class' base luck or all of it including enh on gears? Seems like the latter but I can't really tell

EI 5 with no damage buffs, lvl 85, full luck enhancements, 315 total luck
without potion: 2170
with potion: 3012 (39% more damage)

with a luck of 315, using the formula on page 27 of this thread, gives me a crit multiplier of 3.68x. Which means the base damage of my EI 5 is 2170/3.68=589.67 damage

With a luck potion, I dealt 3012 crit damage so my crit damage multiplier was 3012/589.67= 5.11x. So I gained about 1.43x from using the luck potion, which is always consistent. Substituting this into the formula gives me an effective luck of 522.09. Compared to an expected luck of 473 if the luck potion includes luck from class and enhancements.

That's strange, it seems like it's buffing my luck by 75% instead of 50%.

EI 5 with no damage buffs, lvl 85, 2 luck/2 fighter, 153 total luck
without potion: 1670
with potion: 2080 (25% more damage)

Using the same calculations as before, i get an effective luck of 245, which is about 62% more luck.

EI 5 with no damage buffs, lvl 85, full fighter enhancements, 39 total luck
without potion: 1219
with potion: 1329 (9% more damage)

Effective luck of 63, which is also 62% more luck.

So the potion seems to be giving slightly more than 50% luck although it seems to vary between 62% and 75%. Not sure why. However, you can clearly see that the effectiveness of the potion goes up dramatically if you are using luck enhancements, so yes the potion does affect those too. I'd like to see what's happening on the testing servers but consumable items like scrolls and potions do not work there.

AQW  Post #: 694
3/22/2018 3:20:59   
Edme MacHeath

What was the crit modifier with half luck and half fighter and full fighter, just out of curiosity since I never use fighter at all. (has nothing to do with anything, just curious)

I believe I used to have some data on values skewing at different levels. stats changing values as levels go up. I lost that and cannot state this as a fact.
To explain i'm almost certain 1 luck point does not give the same amount of increases at lvl 65, compared to lvl 85. So it might seem like you're gaining 62% luck when you're just gaining more crit modifier increases..
I think I talked about this many a class discussion threads ago but since I no longer can pull any of that up, this is again a theory since i'm basing it on only my memory.

You can however use skills that increase stats and those also have been proven to be affected by total stat values in the testing servers, so use those as a placeholding for that...although I pretty much just told you that they do infact scale...which defeats the point of going onto the testing servers to check it...But you can still see the values increase on the stat panel...

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AQ  Post #: 695
3/22/2018 12:59:09   


What was the crit modifier with half luck and half fighter and full fighter, just out of curiosity since I never use fighter at all. (has nothing to do with anything, just curious)

1.50x is the crit multiplier you have at 0 luck.
With fighter class, full fighter enhancements: 1.77x (1.93x Felicitious Philtre)
with fighter class, 2 fighter/2 luck: 2.56x (3.19x after Felicitious Philtre)

I found out why the Felicitious Philtre appears to give more than 50% luck. The Felicitious Philtre is giving 2 seperate buffs. I'll handle them seperately below in 2 parts.

Part 1: The LUK component of Felicitious Philtre

lvl 85 Paladin auto attack, full luck, no potion
non-crit: 282
crit: 1008 (3.57x)

lvl 85 paladin auto attack, full luck, 50% Felicitious Philtre
non-crit: 302
crit: 1394 (4.61x)

if you remove the base crit multiplier of 1.50, then you get an increase of exactly 50% more crit multiplier (which translates to 50% more luck):
(4.61x -1.50x) (3.57x - 1.50x) x 100 = 150%

Part 2: The STR/INT component of Felicitious Philtre that is not mentioned in the item description

For some reason the 50% luck potion is increasing the non-crit damage of my auto attack and exorcise (magical attack). LUK has no effect on non-crit damage so I think this potion is giving you extra STR/INT. I came up with a test to try and prove this.

Hypothesis: Felicitious Philtre is giving some INT
Testing - lvl 85 paladin using Exorcise, full luck enhancements, damage in brackets

1. non-crit (371)
2. non-crit using luck potion (399)
3. non-crit using INT tonic (388)
4. non-crit using both (417)

IF 3=4, then hypothesis is False (Felicitious Philtre gives no INT, so the damage is the same)
IF 3 does not equal 4, then hypothesis is True (INT tonic is buffing INT given by Felicitious Philtre)

CONCLUSION: Hypothesis is true. Felicitious Philtre is giving some INT

I've seen that the Felicitious Philtre also gives some STR. It appears to give very similar amounts of STR and INT, so I assume it's the same. The amount of STR/INT given varies between a small, non-zero amount when you only have your classes base LUK, and goes as high as 168-173 STR/INT with full luck enhancements and 32 class LUK. Maybe up to 200 STR/INT for wizard classes and their higher base LUK.

I'm curious how this 2nd buff got into Felicitious Philtre, especially since the 50% LUK part is applied correctly. Is it a bug, or is it a feature. I'm not really sure. Also, potions don't work in the Testing Server. I wish they did. It would make this alot easier to see.

Nah, this stuff is wrong, LUK increases base damage by a bit. Nothing to do with STR/INT.

< Message edited by Loftyz -- 3/22/2018 17:05:56 >
AQW  Post #: 696
3/22/2018 13:34:10   

With the test servers being accessible again, it's definitely 50%.

Lvl 85 Evo Leprechaun with lvl 83 Luck enhancements + Awe: 431 Luck.

With Slanaitheoir active: 496 Luck. A 15.08% increase, rounded to 15%

With Potion active: 646 Luck. A 49.88% increase, rounded to 50.

The Luck increase also stacks multiplicatively with other Luck increasing abilites, the only one that comes to mind being Slanaitheoir. The theoretical total Luck stat with both potion and Slanaitheoir active is 431 x 1.5 x 1.15 = 743.475 and the actual stat was 743 in the end.


I found out why the Felicitious Philtre appears to give more than 50% luck. The Felicitious Philtre is giving 2 seperate buffs. I'll handle them seperately below in 2 parts.

I think Luck just increases non crit damage, period, whether it's by increasing the effectiveness of other stats, or just the Luck stat itself affecting your damage.

To give an example, with a lvl 85 VHL my first Armageddon with Unshackle active, deals 1790 non crit damage, with these specific enhancements:
Weapon: lvl 82 Luck
Class: lvl 83 Luck
Cape: lvl 83 Luck
Helm: lvl 82 Luck

Now with the Weapon and Helm Enhancement changed to lvl 78, which both grants 4 less luck and 1 less END each (I doubt the END has some hidden property that affects damage this much, so I just ignore it), I do 1752 non crit damage, under the same circumstances.

So with just 8 less luck, my non crit damage decreased by a small amount, without changing my STR, nor INT (in the theoretical case I would be using a class with magical skills). This could also just be a hidden mechanic of lower lvl enhancements somehow decreasing your performance, but considering there's no reason to believe the Potion having a separate STR/INT buff, it seems unlikely.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 3/22/2018 13:35:03 >
AQW  Post #: 697
3/22/2018 17:04:16   

I see a flaw in my method before. It didn't prove Felicitous Philtre gives STR/INT.

I suppose you're right Kirby. Luck must effect non-crits. I was sure I had tried different enhancements many times to see if LUK affected non-crits, and I always got back the same damage. Maybe I just hadn't varied the numbers widely enough. In your example, it's very clear because of VHL buffing the damage by 200%.

I just tried it again now with a settup of 70L 70L 70F 70F, and 51L, 51L, 79F, 70F (in the order they appear in enhancements menu). Varying LUK by 42 with the same STR, I got a difference of 4 non-crit damage on Paladin auto attacks.


With the test servers being accessible again, it's definitely 50%.

It is 50% more LUK, but the LUK double-dips during the calculations. Having 50% LUK increases your crit multiplier by 50% (excluding the 1.5x base crit multiplier), which is what you can see very clearly on the testing server. But then that number is multiplied by your non-crit damage which is also increased by having extra LUK. The double dipping only adds a tiny bit more damage though, but it's what was throwing me for a loop.

In the game, 50% more LUK converts to about 38-40% extra crit damage if you're using full luck enhancements. Thats because the 50% LUK only affects LUK from your class or enhancements, and has no effect on the 1.5x base crit multiplier. With Evolved Leprechauns LUK buff they could get closer to 50% though.


The Luck increase also stacks multiplicatively with other Luck increasing abilites, the only one that comes to mind being Slanaitheoir. The theoretical total Luck stat with both potion and Slanaitheoir active is 431 x 1.5 x 1.15 = 743.475 and the actual stat was 743 in the end.

743 Luck is about a 6.65 crit multiplier. I don't know if that actually makes Leprechaun good though. I read their skills and they didnt seem that good. Dealing 50% and 100% weapon damage is pretty bad, and crit damage buffs do basically nothing. SoilSigh increases your Crit Damage by 5%, but what that means is it buffs your crit multiplier from 3.60x to 3.65x.

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AQW  Post #: 698
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