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Make EpicDuel Great Again!

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10/12/2017 17:46:27   
Pain Killer

Hello guys, I am Pa1N K1ll3R, legendary blood mage earlier/cyber hunter at present, hope you're all doing great, I am a beta player and actually this is my first time on the forum, I came today asking for your feedback and support if possible, I started a youtube gaming series earlier and I might just need all the help possible because I started it with a 35 minute video just about EpicDuel and Artix, I really want to see EpicDuel crowded again, if you find this video good, because no one is doing browser games reviews these days frequently please try to spread the word so that the game could have new comers, anyways long story short this is the video, Poor Gamer Reviews #1, hope you enjoy

Post #: 1
10/12/2017 21:24:24   

While that is interesting to say the least, I am saddened to say the game is barely on life support.

The game needs massive, and I mean massive recontrustive surgey and massive amounts of changes if it were to ever be as crowded or more like it was in the older phases.

With the decline of flash, games that have far better balance, and best of all aren't Pay to win, people just aren't looking at epic duel like they did back in older days anymore.

It also doesn't help that AE has moved all the staff members of all their games to AQ3D in the hope of making it self-sustaining, and the pulling of the suggestions forum makes things look even bleaker.
Epic  Post #: 2
10/13/2017 12:19:54   

Eh, I would love to see this game being like in its peak back in the day. Hopefully someday we will get a dev team working on the game again and atleast try to make it work.
AQW Epic  Post #: 3
10/14/2017 7:51:58   
Pain Killer

That's all sadly true, they should really give it the proper attention the game is very profitable
Post #: 4
10/14/2017 11:21:26   
One Winged Angel1357

How about we don't funnel resources into a flash game with an ever declining user base and a lack of means of discovery due to its format.

EpicDuel, upon company review, had finally reached the point where the profits didn't justify the development time. And with the company recently going through a very rough period of finances it is crucial that projects doesn't drain unnecessary resources. So the EpicDuel team was moved to AQ3D where Titan has been pulling some strain off of Zhoom's load, Rabble has been helping the balance team overhaul all the classes to break away from Artix's vision of frankly boring one dimensional class design, Charfade has been redoing the games UI, and NW finally has an excuse to learn 3D modeling on a project.

EpicDuel is dead and the best you might get is the stand alone build released at the cost of losing all your progress.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 5
10/14/2017 12:02:35   

Huh, I didn't know what their new stations were as of late. Thanks for the info OWA! :)
I always wondered what they were up to now hah.
AQW Epic  Post #: 6
10/14/2017 15:36:58   
One Winged Angel1357

No problem Wootz. It's always easier to break the news of the game having no Dev team when I can point to specific jobs they are all doing elsewhere in the company.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 7
10/16/2017 18:49:24   
The Jop

Warpforce is dead, Herosmash is dead, Mechquest is dead, Oversoul is dead, and now Epicduel is dead. When will they learn that they shouldn't keep creating new games if they don't have the resources to support them?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
10/16/2017 21:59:31   
One Winged Angel1357

Herosmash died because it was a poor clone of AQW. Warpforce of AQ. Mechquest had all of it's resources moved to other games and the keys given to Korin where he had to do basically everything except write and create zones. Oversoul was/is buggy as sin and the core team behind it left. EpicDuel had almost the same core team from creation to death and lasted ten years until the resources finally dried up.

One of these things is not like the others. Ones of these things just doesn't belong
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 9
10/17/2017 3:15:51   


Sad but true, but at the same time all good things eventually come to an end.

Off topic

When I read the topic I instantly thought of Donald Trump.
Epic  Post #: 10
10/18/2017 6:44:01   

^ I think that was the entire point of the title of this post...
Post #: 11
10/18/2017 10:37:25   
Lord Zhen

we were all talking here but no admins are reading our ideas and suggestion we all love the game but admins are not taking it seriously how could we possibly save the game we really love?
DF Epic  Post #: 12
10/18/2017 17:39:51   

There's nothing the community can do to save this game. Many players throw away hundreds and even thousands of pounds away during the gifting event for the past few years and it just goes into Titan's pockets lol. The only way this game can be saved is if the devs decide to care about it again, which simply put just won't happen.
Post #: 13
10/19/2017 0:45:55   
One Winged Angel1357

Two minor corrections. One the money goes into Artix Entertainments pockets. The money from every single project goes into the same pool and all employees are paid salary.

Two it isn't the devs aren't taking seriously how they could save the game. It is the company, the dev's included, realizing these projects have a limited lifespan. The EpicDuel team is frankly amazed how long the project lasted with the very limited cards they were dealt and can only thank the community for that but at the end of the day they still need to feed their families which means supporting the company's march forward. This means moving away from flash projects which is why you see so much emphasis on AQ3D and the mobile version of AQW.

Yeah it sucks that a project we all supported for some part of its ten year span has ended but that's what games do. Also how many games can you name off hand that have been updated for ten years? It is a crazy thing to think about and to write the dev's off as careless, greedy, or lazy goes against all the work and changes that went into the game
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 14
10/19/2017 0:58:48   


You took the words right out of my mouth with your two points.

But I have to agree I can't think of too many games if at all any that have lasted as long as this one has. I been playing the game for 5+ years (not much compared to older players) and I was surprised at how long things went.

Plus to be honest I couldn't see myself playing the game even if it somehow got ported to a better game system due to all the progress I would lose due to my data not moving with me.
Epic  Post #: 15
10/19/2017 8:55:57   

Yeah the game's lasted 10 years, but anyone who played for the majority of those 10 years knows fine well that Epicduel peaked before even 5 of those years. The last 5 years of this game have been very poor, largely due to a lack of interest on the devs part. Sure now at 10 years there isn't much they can do, but there was certainly much more they could of done before the flash issues.
Post #: 16
10/19/2017 14:53:13   
Gold Shock


Sad but true, but at the same time all good things eventually come to an end.


The last 5 years of this game have been very poor, largely due to a lack of interest on the devs part. Sure now at 10 years there isn't much they can do, but there was certainly much more they could of done before the flash issues.

True, nothing will stay forever. However, their actions will. People will know how EpicDuel's Devs abandoned us after they've screwed up.

Seeing Omega happen was a nightmare. If I knew each balance change individually, then this post would be a lot longer. The balance changes made during Omega wrecked the playerbase.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
10/19/2017 19:59:00   

@ goldshock

You want a list I will give you a list of all the balance changes I remember (Note they aren't in order)

1) A nerf to strength while a buff to support
2) A nerf to Support due to it becoming too powerful along with the nerf to massive strike
3) A nerf to focus because everyone complained that it became too powerful
4) A buff to bloodlust only for half of the buff to be removed due to it affecting a class not needing to be buffed.
5) Changing merc's atom smasher to static smash due to player complaining merc had no way of getting back energy
6) Cost to cores which hurt blood mage, and bounty hunter the most at first due to them not being energy classes
7) The passive to active change (worst change In my opinion)
8) Changing Bounty hunter's EMP grenade to Static Grenade to make it so all classes where energy ones.
9) Removing the club and staff requirements off of Assimalation and static smash to make for more flexability (The real reason was because players complained about not having their cake and eating like other classes could)
10) The once again nerf to strength while making double strike work with a club while change Tactical Merc Frenzy to work with a sword
11) The removal of blocks negate all damage (this indirectly made Assimilation drain unavoidable due to the drain being linked to the attack doing damage)
12) Making Assimilation drain a lot more energy and giving the player back all of it.
13) Nerfing the return energy to 50% then to 40%
14) changing static charge back to working with raw damage instead of actual damage
15) Buffing Static Smash to drain more energy
16) Nerfing battery backup's energy return
17) Nerfing Static grenade's return of energy
18) Uniforming all damage bases that each robot has making them do 170 at max (with the exception of the baby, dark, baby yeti warrior, Dark yeti warrior, and Golden yeti's)
19) Making the energy cost of all ultimate skills the same at down the line
20) Making the damage from energy parasite blockage
21) changing the damage done by energy parasite from 70 to 85%

There are more changes I am willing to bet but these are the ones I remember.
Epic  Post #: 18
10/20/2017 9:59:53   
Gold Shock

The only balance changes I can remember that you forgot were guns scaling with dexterity, instead of strength.
Multiplying health and energy values by ten. (Which I still to this day see no point in)
One of the first Omega changes was to remove stats on weapons. Prior to Omega, stats on weapons used to vary (the total number of stats was dependent on the weapon level and whether the weapon was non-varium, varium, or somewhere in between). Instead, you could now customize your stats to fit your level, but this is much more expensive than buying weapons at your level before Omega. EDIT- It's not far of a stretch to assume that many non-varium players went broke during Omega, only the most dedicated farmers could still keep a good stash of Credits. Price inflation was massive, and Varium became a way to get weapons quicker, not a way to get better weapons.


7) The passive to active change (worst change In my opinion)

This ONE change in particular created a floodgate of problems and changed the game forever. Any other balance change after this was only going to make things worse retrospectively. However if I may be so confident to say, there were factors in gamma & delta that began the trickle of the player base. Gamma can be considered as a Gem in a very large desert of ruins. Gamma should have been a time of feature rich updates, full of new Game engine perks and story driven releases. Almost every release was horribly thought out and Varium based, and releases such as the suggestion shop only started coming towards the end of the stage. Delta seemed to be yet another Gamma.


5) Changing merc's atom smasher to static smash due to player complaining merc had no way of getting back energy

Remember when static smash was the only blockable energy skill in game. I would not include assimilation because it could still do damage if blocked. IMO merc was effected most by passive to active change. 1) Losing the toggle-able ability of hybrid. 2) Back when mercs had atom smash, it was not a must have for a build. You were able to play without relying on energy or stealing energy at all.


15) Buffing Static Smash to drain more energy

IIRC this was the lowest energy return skill. A average merc with 45+33 dex would only be stealing 19-21 energy.


4) A buff to bloodlust only for half of the buff to be removed due to it affecting a class not needing to be buffed.

Skill was balanced as a passive. It passively added a percentage of all damage you inflict to your health.

< Message edited by Gold Shock -- 10/20/2017 10:03:14 >


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
10/25/2017 0:59:02   

Can we just stop trying
AQ Epic  Post #: 20
11/6/2017 6:23:26   
Dog food

Agree. ED is done, they'd be better off making a new ED instead of trying to fix ED.

I think ED is AE's best game so far :p

< Message edited by Dog food -- 11/6/2017 6:26:10 >
Post #: 21
11/16/2017 12:50:22   
Digital X

ArchKnight AQ GD

Well it had a good run, there's no denying that. Depending on who you ask.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
11/21/2017 12:48:08   

Hey DeathSpawn/ManThong here. See some of you guys made it to the end. It’s a shame because the dev team in this game were really great and I loved it from the start. However, after gamma things just went downhill with all the equality and “balance” changes. Wish everyone luck with future things to come. Just started playing aq3d and looks like that’s come a longggg way. Maybe see some of you there.
Post #: 23
11/27/2017 2:02:17   

Hello everyone. Hi GOLDSHOCK bro, how u doing man? Loyti here btw.

After reading all these posts, i couldn't help but reminisce the good old days of this game. Yeah i know, all good things must come to an end. But for me, it doesn't have to end this way. PlayerS are just saddened by the fact that it is not them who made this game dead, but instead the devs themselves made very bad decisions which resulted to it being dead right now. As for me, i will always cherish the memories i have playing this game for 8 years. Man, 8 years of my childhood playing this once wonderful game that had shaped me into who i am today.

As for me, i just hope one of the devs (Titan, Nightwraight or whoever is available) can drop here and say a little sorry for the things they messed up in this game. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore since this game can no longer be revive. But i guess to reconcile with the old players who supported this game will be the best way to end this very wonderful journey of ED.

Good luck to everyone, and DUEL ON.!
DF Epic  Post #: 24
11/30/2017 10:22:53   
The berserker killer


Nerf. Thats what has been happening since Omega started. At the start, Omega was great because it allowed players to further variate themselves from other players. The list of builds one could create at the beginning were oh so wonderful, nearly everything was unique in a sense and only a few things were weak to the point where they needed a buff to match the skills of other classes. Yet, instead of buffing these skills, players called upon devs to nerf the ones that were popular at that time.

So they nerfed. And players found, literally, the 2nd best thing. Newer players complained, and it was nerfed. So players resorted to the 3rd best thing, then the 4th and so on so forth. So now you're taking away all of the best things about the game, all of the unique and exciting characteristics of individual classes just because some players lacked the creativity to come up with their own builds.

In the beginning of Omega EpicDuel was a chocolate chip cake with multiple layers, frosting, decorations. Now it's just a regular plain cake. You stripped it of everything that made it Epic, now players only Duel.

I've tried time and time again to stop this from happening with multiple suggestions begging to stop nerfing and just add on content, buti have been drowned out by the masculinity of men. Instead of nerfing one class to match 5 others, use it as a benchmark: raise the customization and efficiency of other 5 classes to be on par with the "strongest" class at that time. Change your perspective. We're supposed to raise up the weak, not break down the strong.

The playerbase ruined this game with insane and immature suggestions but the devs are also at fault for listening to such players complain and encourage nerf after nerf. The devs are at fault for taking away, repeatedly, without putting anything back. It has left us in a deficiency.

Players started to feel entitled to things they havent even fought for. My suggestion for Legendary bosses specifically stated it to be a boss that's so hard only a tiny and miniscule fraction of the players will be able to defeat it. Yet players complained it was too hard and the devs nerfed some of those bosses for a player that feels entitled to such glory. Honestly, if you can't see what's wrong with that scenario, i will gladly read your response but do not expect a reply.

This game has so much potential. But you have to revamp. You have to have a dedicated team of individuals who will test these classes for you. Your art team isn't enough. You have to have that same team of individuals reading suggestions and picking out whats actually viable within a reasonable time frame. The game just needs attention from a small team, who will report to a larger team. And at one point in time, many people would have been willing to do it gladly.
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 25
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