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Jinter Poseidon's Stories

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10/31/2017 16:31:42   
Beshin Adin

One peaceful day in Lolosia, a young woman named Jenna Poseidon, wife of Naval Commander Dangris Poseidon, gave birth to two twin boys. The couple had much previous deliberation, so the twins were named Jinter and Rakham. “These boys are special,” my father said, “their destiny is a great one, I can feel it.” As a kid, I didn’t believe I was that special. My brother, Rahkham, was stronger, faster, and a better sailor, his destiny would surely be better. However, he just wanted to follow his own rules, and idolized pirates and smugglers.

My dad led the strongest ship in the Lolosian navy, the Narwhal. It was made of yellowish wood, and, in addition to being armed with powerful cannons, its port bow had a thick spear-like extension used to destroy enemies at ramming speed, like the single horn of its namesake. With the power of the Narwhal] my dad seemed invincible. However, he was done in by the threat……….of betrayal.

One of Dad’s crew members sold him out to a bunch of cut-throats, and led him into a trap. They didn’t destroy the ship or kill the crew, they just killed Dad and ran. Maybe it was some kind of mafia? Anyway, with Dad gone, the Narwhal needed a new captain. We all thought it would be Rakham, but he ran away to join the pirates, so that left me……….

I spend time training in swordsmanship with Yokai Island masters, reading up on human psychology and deception, and researching my new crew inside and out, all so the Narwhal wouldn’t lose another Captain. Once ready, I attained the rank of Naval Commander, and received my first orders from Swordhaven.

Alright, time to move out.

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11/8/2017 10:34:57   
Beshin Adin

My first orders as Commander sounded pretty boring. The ChronoSpan should’ve been uninhabited ever since the Hero fought Iadoa, but travelers have reported seeing signs of life. If there are people in the area, we are to find and evacuate them, as the ChronoSpan has become a restricted area. Also, a land convoy may not be as useful for evacuation as a ship. Recon and rescue? Not the heroics I dreamed of. But Dad started at the bottom. I guess I have to, as well.

The shore was mostly steep cliffs, so we anchored the Narwhal at a narrow beach, and I climbed up alone, leaving the crew to guard the ship. When I made it, I surveyed the scene. It looked like a waterlogged ruin of a city. Really, there might be people here? More likely to be dragons using this place. Nevertheless, I began patrolling the area.

Eventually, I found a woman standing alone in the ruins. She was dark—skinned, and quite pretty. Was she one of the people who had started residing in the Span? “Excuse me, ma’am, but a royal decree says that people can’t reside in the Span.” She looked at me. “Yes, but that decree didn’t apply to us Golems.” I scratched my head. “Us….Golems?” She smiled. “Did you not know? The sole residents of the ChronoSpan are the Golems, magical replicas of key figures in Lore’s history. I am Odessa, a replica of a woman who ruled Lore’s greatest city-state, Soluna, centuries ago.” I sighed. “Well, if you’re SUPPOSED to be here, I guess I got bad information. Sorry, I’ll go back.” Odessa gripped my arm. “Wait. Golems can’t leave the Span, we wait until history magically records itself, then safeguard it. Therefore, we can’t observe current events. Please, stay a while, and tell us of the present day world.”

“In return, you may look at any piece of history you wish….”
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11/18/2017 12:35:07   
Beshin Adin

Odessa led me through a series of pathways in the ruins. Eventually, we came to a room that had much more technology than the ruins would suggest. Also, the room was full of people, who I assumed were all Golems. “Alright Commander,” Odessa said, “in this room, you can find anything you want to know about the past. But first, tell us about Lore’s present, as only one with first-hand experience can do.” So I told them everything I could. About Dad, Mom, Rakham, Lolosia, what Lore’s doing, and what Lore’s planning to do. When I finished, Odessa looked thoughtful. “Wow. History sounds so different when human emotions are involved……Anyway, you’ve fulfilled your end of the deal. Now, what would you like to know?” I had my answer already prepared. “I said that Dad was killed by a pirate mafia. Do you have their history?”

Odessa got back to me in about 15 minutes, with a computer disk. “Dangris’s death was, on a historic scale, pretty recent, so there’s not much on that event. However, his killers have an extensive history.” She slid the disk in, and the information came up. They call themselves the Dark Dubloons, a secret syndicate that collects information on naval officials, and sells it to pirates. Occasionally, if paid enough, they’ll even assassinate targets. The information wasn’t great, but, in recent history, the name Zayi Orhas kept coming up. I thought to myself that now I needed to find this Zayi Orhas, and interrogate him myself.

I said good-bye to Odessa and the other Golems, and returned to the Narwhal. I didn’t need to return to Lolosia immediately, so I’d spend some time hunting for Zayi Orhas, or some other Dark Dubloon bigshot. They’re a seaside mafia, so my search won’t take me too far inland.

Alright, murderers. Here comes trouble.
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