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Jinter Poseidon's Stories

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10/31/2017 16:31:42   
Beshin Adin

One peaceful day in Lolosia, a young woman named Jenna Poseidon, wife of Naval Commander Dangris Poseidon, gave birth to two twin boys. The couple had much previous deliberation, so the twins were named Jinter and Rakham. “These boys are special,” my father said, “their destiny is a great one, I can feel it.” As a kid, I didn’t believe I was that special. My brother, Rahkham, was stronger, faster, and a better sailor, his destiny would surely be better. However, he just wanted to follow his own rules, and idolized pirates and smugglers.

My dad led the strongest ship in the Lolosian navy, the Narwhal. It was made of yellowish wood, and, in addition to being armed with powerful cannons, its port bow had a thick spear-like extension used to destroy enemies at ramming speed, like the single horn of its namesake. With the power of the Narwhal] my dad seemed invincible. However, he was done in by the threat……….of betrayal.

One of Dad’s crew members sold him out to a bunch of cut-throats, and led him into a trap. They didn’t destroy the ship or kill the crew, they just killed Dad and ran. Maybe it was some kind of mafia? Anyway, with Dad gone, the Narwhal needed a new captain. We all thought it would be Rakham, but he ran away to join the pirates, so that left me……….

I spend time training in swordsmanship with Yokai Island masters, reading up on human psychology and deception, and researching my new crew inside and out, all so the Narwhal wouldn’t lose another Captain. Once ready, I attained the rank of Naval Commander, and received my first orders from Swordhaven.

Alright, time to move out.

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11/8/2017 10:34:57   
Beshin Adin

My first orders as Commander sounded pretty boring. The ChronoSpan should’ve been uninhabited ever since the Hero fought Iadoa, but travelers have reported seeing signs of life. If there are people in the area, we are to find and evacuate them, as the ChronoSpan has become a restricted area. Also, a land convoy may not be as useful for evacuation as a ship. Recon and rescue? Not the heroics I dreamed of. But Dad started at the bottom. I guess I have to, as well.

The shore was mostly steep cliffs, so we anchored the Narwhal at a narrow beach, and I climbed up alone, leaving the crew to guard the ship. When I made it, I surveyed the scene. It looked like a waterlogged ruin of a city. Really, there might be people here? More likely to be dragons using this place. Nevertheless, I began patrolling the area.

Eventually, I found a woman standing alone in the ruins. She was dark—skinned, and quite pretty. Was she one of the people who had started residing in the Span? “Excuse me, ma’am, but a royal decree says that people can’t reside in the Span.” She looked at me. “Yes, but that decree didn’t apply to us Golems.” I scratched my head. “Us….Golems?” She smiled. “Did you not know? The sole residents of the ChronoSpan are the Golems, magical replicas of key figures in Lore’s history. I am Odessa, a replica of a woman who ruled Lore’s greatest city-state, Soluna, centuries ago.” I sighed. “Well, if you’re SUPPOSED to be here, I guess I got bad information. Sorry, I’ll go back.” Odessa gripped my arm. “Wait. Golems can’t leave the Span, we wait until history magically records itself, then safeguard it. Therefore, we can’t observe current events. Please, stay a while, and tell us of the present day world.”

“In return, you may look at any piece of history you wish….”
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11/18/2017 12:35:07   
Beshin Adin

Odessa led me through a series of pathways in the ruins. Eventually, we came to a room that had much more technology than the ruins would suggest. Also, the room was full of people, who I assumed were all Golems. “Alright Commander,” Odessa said, “in this room, you can find anything you want to know about the past. But first, tell us about Lore’s present, as only one with first-hand experience can do.” So I told them everything I could. About Dad, Mom, Rakham, Lolosia, what Lore’s doing, and what Lore’s planning to do. When I finished, Odessa looked thoughtful. “Wow. History sounds so different when human emotions are involved……Anyway, you’ve fulfilled your end of the deal. Now, what would you like to know?” I had my answer already prepared. “I said that Dad was killed by a pirate mafia. Do you have their history?”

Odessa got back to me in about 15 minutes, with a computer disk. “Dangris’s death was, on a historic scale, pretty recent, so there’s not much on that event. However, his killers have an extensive history.” She slid the disk in, and the information came up. They called themselves the Dark Dubloons, a secret syndicate that collected information on naval officials, and sold it to pirates. Occasionally, if paid enough, they'd even assassinate targets. The information wasn’t great, but, in recent history, the name Zayi Orhas kept coming up. I thought to myself that now I needed to find this Zayi Orhas, and interrogate him myself.

I said good-bye to Odessa and the other Golems, and returned to the Narwhal. I didn’t need to return to Lolosia immediately, so I’d spend some time hunting for Zayi Orhas, or some other Dark Dubloon bigshot. They’re a seaside mafia, so my search won’t take me too far inland.

Alright, murderers. Here comes trouble.

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12/1/2017 11:12:03   
Beshin Adin

Our supplies were running low, so we needed to stop at a port, and resupply. Also, I’d use this stop too see if I could find out about Zayi Orhas. We came to a fairly large, rocky island, surrounded by reefs. It seemed dangerous, but we could make it to the town if we were careful, and we did. When we did, a dark-skinned man came to greet us. “Not many ships can cross our reefs. Welcome to the Cape of Great Hope. I am Dosugenedo, lead official of the Cape.” I nodded. “I am Commander Jinter Poseidon of the Lolosian Navy. Our destination is, of course, Lolosia, on the other side of the continent. But, we stopped here for more provisions.” Dosugenedo nodded back. “You chose well. The Cape is among the most prosperous places in these lands Come, Commander, let us get refreshments while your crew resupplies.”

We sat at a table in Dosugenedo’s house, while his maids served us tea and cake. “Now then,” Dosugenedo said, “I am known for my incredible instincts. And they tell me you’re here for more than just supplies. The town’s resources are at your disposal, so what is your wish?” I looked at him. "I am seeking information on a man named Zayi Orhas. He belongs to a sea-going criminal organization known as the Dark Dubloons.” Dosugenedo sighed. “These Dark Dubloons must terrorize eastern Lore, because I’ve never heard of them. However, we have someone who might be able to help you….”

“About 20 years ago, a man from eastern Lore came to the Cape with his pregnant wife. They stayed long enough to birth a baby girl, but disappeared shortly after she was born, leaving her in our care. We named her Kowafri, and provided her with everything she needed to live. She has grown into a genius hacker and researcher, so she can probably find this Zayi Orhas for you.” Dosugennedo smiled. “But I warn you, Kowafri’s a bit of an odd baboon……….”

I found the address Dosugenedo gave me. Odd, huh? I’m up for the challenge. I knocked on the door. It opened a crack, and a hazel eye peeked out. “Wtf? You don’t have the pizza I ordered. Are you another troll here to harass me?” I kept the door open. “Please, Miss Kowafri. I need you to get me info on somebody.” Kowafri’s stare didn’t break. “Smh, gtfo already.” Her eye scanned me from top to bottom. “Duhuhu, alright, maybe I’ll do it for some naked pics. Come in, I got a camera.” I sighed.

WAS I up for the challenge?

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12/11/2017 15:44:42   
Beshin Adin

I looked around Kowafri’s house. It was dark and messy, as expected from a shut-in. Kowafri knelt down to get her camera. Unlike the town’s other residents, she had pale skin, made even more pale by a lack of sunlight. She had long blond hair, hazel eyes, white nightclothes, and bare feet. Extremely beautiful, for a hermit. Kowafri looked at her camera disdainfully. “Facedesk! I’m out of film!” She looked at me with a pouty face. “You owe me……..” Just then, the door knocked. I answered it, and brought the pizza Kowafri ordered. She opened the box, and looked at me. “Do you want some?” My mom always gives me a little something before I go out to sea, so I was covered. I pulled out my little pouch of moglinberry tarts. You’re supposed to eat dinner before dessert, but that rule doesn’t apply to survivalists like me. Kowafri looked at the tarts curiously. “Hey, I’ll trade you a slice for a few of those.” You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten my mom’s baking, so I agreed to the trade. The exchange was made, and she took a bite. “”………Omg, no one in the Cape has ever made something this good!”

While we ate, I told Kowafri why I was here, if she could help me find Zayi Orhas. “I still wanna see some nudes,” she smirked, “but I guess those tarts were a good enough down payment.” Kowafri went over to her computer. “Alright, noob. Prepare to get rekt.” She then went to work .After about 15 minutes, her smirk disappeared, and her eyes grew bloodshot. “DIE, YOU MORONFLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He not only denied my access, he infected me with a virus. Sry, Jinter, this might take a while………”

I spent the next few days with Kowafri, bringing her meals while she struggled with Orhas’s defenses. Finally, she slammed her hand on the keyboard. “Raaugh! Every time I delete one virus, he ends me another. Sry, Jinter, I’m out….” I sat on the couch. “It’s OK, Kowafri. We now know we can’t fight Orhas on a cyber level. But, I’ll find him eventually.” Kowafri was silent for a moment, then went over to the couch, crawled to me on all fours, and put her face close to mine. “Jinter, these past few days, You’ve stayed with me supported me, and brought me food, even though I was fighting a losing battle. That’s just the sweetest thing ever. So then I…….what I mean is……..oh, wth.” She put her lips on mine, and stayed there for about 20 seconds. “Wow, 10 out of 10,” she whispered dreamily, before she resumed the kiss. Then, she pushed me down, climbed on top of me, and…..well, you know what happened next.

The next morning, I was putting my clothes back on. Kowafri’s eyes didn’t open, but she smiled. “Gonna go get that Orhas a-hole?” I sighed. “Yeah, gotta catch those early morning mistrals for good departure. I promise I’ll come back one day.” She got up, and wrapped her arms around me. “I know you will. Give Orhas a good smack for me.” We kissed one more time, then I had to leave. “Goodbye, Jinter,” Kowafri whispered, “I love you……”

Meanwhile, a man in a dark room sat at a computer. On screen was Kowafri’s information. “So, you’re the one who tried to hack me. Nice try, sweetheart,” he smiled evilly, “but now, it’s my move.”

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12/15/2017 15:39:50   
Beshin Adin

Our maps said we were finally getting back to eastern Lore. I decided to make one more stop before entering home waters, the thriving Sandsea harbor of Port Roadrunner. When we docked, I went to the harbor tavern, for a drink and information. After 20 minutes there, the bartender approached me. “Excuse me? Are you Jinter Poseidon? The man in the back room wants a word.” I went to the back room, which was deserted except for one man sitting at a table. He had black hair, black clothes, reddish-brown eyes, and an evil smirk on his face. “So, you’re Jinter Poseidon? Disappointing how unintimidating you look. My name…..is Zayi Orhas.”

My pupils shrank, and my hand went for my sword. “Now, now,” Zayi said, “be so quick to lash out at me, and you’ll end up like your girlfriend.” I looked at him. “Wh-whar?” He handed me a folder. “Take a look. This is what happens when you mess with the Dark Dubloons.” I opened the folder, and my jaw dropped. It was a profile of Kowafri’s information. But stamped across the profile, in red ink, was the word EXECUTED. “Did you………Kowafri………she was innocent…………” Zayi smirked and shrugged. “It’s business.” I threw up the folder, drew my sword, and charge at him. “ORHAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!”

Despite how quick my attacks were, Zayi dodged them with frustrating ease. Then, he delivered a kick to my chest that felt unreal, and sent me crashing onto a table, breaking it. “Why?” I gasped before losing consciousness, “she wasn’t much of a threat to you. Why’d you kill her?” Zayi smirked. “I know it’s unprofessional, but I like to combine business and pleasure. I’ve chosen you as my toy, Jinter….therefore, I want to see you squirm. It gives me goosebumps to think who I’ll take from you next. Maybe your old mother back in Lolosia. Or your brother, the smuggler. Or perhaps go fall in love again, so she can die, too.” I grit my teeth. “Orhas, you…..” Then, my world went black.

I woke up in my bed aboard the Narwhal. “Commander,” the ship’s doctor said, ‘the crew found you unconscious in a tavern, all beaten and bloodied. Someone’s after you, we just know it. No more stops, we’re going back to Lolosia. The King will protect you.” He then leaves the room. I was worried about my family, but one thought plagued my mind at the time. I sobbed into my pillow.


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12/23/2017 16:22:41   
Beshin Adin

I spent the next few days in on and off sleep.. It seemed that the slam on the table had done more damage than Orhas’s kick. But, I kept wondering something. Would everyone be safe if I never began my pursuit of the Dark Dubloons? Then again, is there any predicting next move of a sadistic psychopath like Zayi Orhas? I could hear the men outside saying we were passing the coast of Oaklore, so at least we were almost home. Suddenly, they seemed alarmed, as a large ship was approaching. But it was the Royal Justice, which was an ally. The Royal Justice? King Brentan was here?

Two Pactogonal Knights stood guard at the door as Brentan entered my room. “Jinter? Is the message true? Did you finally track down the ones who murdered Commander Dangris?” I looked down. “I did. But, those same people just murdered my lover, and are threatening my family. I can’t go after them until I know my family is safe.” Just then, a knight rushed in. “Your Highness, urgent news from Swordhaven! A group of assassins broke into the palace! Lady Victoria is safe, but several knights were killed in the struggle!!!”

We docked at the port closest to Swordhaven. Brentan wanted to protect his sister from any more assassins, so he hastily ordered a carriage to take u to the castle. While we were waiting, a hooded man came up to us. “Jinter Poseidon and King Brentan? I brought a video message for you two.” I had a feeling I knew from who, so I played it. I was right, as Zayi Orhas came on screen. “It’s been a few days, Jinter,” Zayi smirked, “how’s Kowafri doing? Oh wait, that’s right. Heheheh. I trust King Brentan’s listening, too. And, you’ve probably heard about the attack on the castle. That’s what happens when you mess with the Dark Dubloons.”

“You might be thinking ‘But Zayi, how can the Dark Dubloons take on the entire Swordhaven army?’ Well, a small pack of geniuses can easily topple an army of idiots. Also, you might be thinking ‘Why are you doing this? Were the Dark Dubloons always this bad?’ Short answer, no. But when I took over, we started doing things differently. So, I have things to do. I’ll see you two in your nightmares.”

The video ends.

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1/22/2018 13:38:09   
Beshin Adin

While King Brentan took a carriage back Swordhaven, I took a separate carriage to Lolosia. If the Dark Dubloons were in the area, Mom wasn’t safe. Especially so, since Orhas would have her killed just to see me suffer. When I got to Lolosia, I ran to my family’s house, and ran inside. Inside the foyer, there was a tan-skinned man with a pirate hat, and a scarf covering his mouth. “My mother’s not dying tonight, BUT YOU RATS WILL!!!!!!” He drew his sword, and attacked me.

I blocked his strikes with my sword. “Rakham, stop,” I said, “it’s me.” My brother stopped. “Jinter? Who are these people? Why are they after Mom?” We were twins, but quite different. We both had Dad’s long hair. His hair was black like Mom’s, my hair was brown like Dad’s. His eyes were red like Dad’s, mine were green like Mom’s. His skin was tan like Dad’s, mine was pale like Mom’s.

I told Rakham what I’ve learned about the Dark Dubloons. He looked at me. “So, these dastards killed Dad? And they murdered your lover? AND they’re now targeting our family for sadistic pleasure!?.......Let me feed this Zayi Orhas’s head to a bracken.” Rakham may be a pirate, but his sense of justice was strong. “It’s not that simple,” I said, “Orhas can obtain ANY information he needs. And he’s almost unstoppable in single combat.” Rakham tisked. “Hurricanes are unstoppable, kaiju are unstoppable, scum like him are not. Make us regret messing with him? We’ll make him regret messing with us!”

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2/1/2018 11:38:10   
Beshin Adin

On an offshore boat, without any enemy eyes to give away their position, a small group of ships hides among an obscuring reef. In a room on one ship, Zayi Orhas sat there thinking, silent, not moving. It was only when a messenger came into the room did Zayi’s eyes open. “So, have our new friends done anything interesting?” The messenger speaks. “Swordhaven has just decreed the Dark Dubloons as top-priority criminals. The King said that, for our crimes and attempted crimes, the Dubloons shall face ‘extreme justice’.” Zayi looked thoughtful. “Extreme justice, huh?” Then, he got a big smile on his face, and sprang up doing a little dance. “Hahahhahhaa! That was a better reaction than I could’ve asked for! This is why I love humanity! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!” His smile then turned back into its usual smirk. “Call my advisors. It’s time to plan the next party.”

Units of the SIR (Swordhaven Intelligence Retrieval) had been dispatched to nearby port towns, to find the Dark Dubloons. Rakham and his associates were searching the seas. I was heading to Yokai Island, to the Tsuki Shiranui school of swordsmanship, the art I was trained in. There was little doubt in my mind that I’d face Orhas in single combat again, so I needed something new.

Ah, the city of Akiba, I hadn’t been here in 10 years. Oooh, I smelled curry rice, my favorite Yokai Island food, I’d grab a bowl later. I quickly found the Tsuki Shiranui school. But, before I could open the door, it flung open, and a young woman tackle-hugged me. She had peach-colored hair, red eyes, and a pink kimono. “Oh Jinter! I knew you’d come back! After 10 years, you’ve come back! For me!” I stroked her hair. “Hello Chisa. You’ve certainly,” I stared at her large breasts, “…..developed…….as a woman. Let’s go get a bowl of curry rice, and I’ll tell you why I’m here.” Chisa smiled. “Oooh, a date? We haven’t dated since we were 11.” She hugged my arm. “Lead on, my honey.”

We sat at a table in the curry rice restaurant, talking while our food and chopsticks were brought out. Chisa looked annoyed. “While I can’t believe this Kowafri chick got you first, these Dark Dubloons DO seem like really bad guys. They killed your dad? And they killed your girlfriend? And they tried to kill your mom? AND they tried to kill Princess Victoria?” Her face grew solemn. “Grandpa knew you’d return one day, so a technique was prepared for you upon your return. Tsuki Shiranui style – Raijin no Yushio……..”

Chisa scowled, and picked up her bowl and chopsticks. “So then. Prefer blondes, do you, Jinter?” She then started eating in an annoyed fervor.

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2/9/2018 17:28:16   
Beshin Adin

Rakham walked the streets of Akiba until he came to theTsuki Shiranui school. There, Chisa was sitting in the lobby. ”Excuse me, Miss,” he said, “is there a Jinter Poseidon here?” She drew her knife. “Are you Zayi Orhas?” Rakham sighed. “No, I’m Rakham Poseidon……Who’re you? Jinter’s new lover?” Chisa blushed. “Oh no. Jinter and I haven’t done anything……….yet. He’s in the dojo, learning the Raijin no Yushio.” Rakham tisked. “Fancy Yokai Island swordplay? What’s so great about it?” Just then, there was a loud crash, the building shook. and the lights flickered on and off. Chisa looked at him flatly. “I don’t know. Maybe THAT………….”

"Tsuki Shiranui, roughly translated into ‘mysterious moonlight’,” Chisa explained, “is a sword style that also uses elemental magic. Lore has 8 primary elements, Tsuki Shiranui focuses on 3 of them: light, water, and energy. My grandfather, and a few other masters, developed the Raijin no Yushio specifically for Jinter. It translates into ‘Tidal Flow of the Lightning God’. Using his sword, the user strikes a point of impact on the ground in front of him. Magic is used to replicate the impact in a procession line, and shoot lightning from the points. It was originally made for use on solid ground, but was remade to also use on the water’s surface.”

All the electricity shocking my muscles, and the air I breathe, had caused me to pass out. When I woke up, my head was in Chisa’s lap, and Rakham was inspecting the room. “So, who’s paying for repairs?” Chisa smiled. “Swordhaven said they had us covered.” I opened my eyes, and looked up at Chisa’s gorgeous, smiling face. Rakham smirked. “Chisa snuck a peek in your pants while you were asleep,”

Chisa looked shocked, and glared at him.

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2/23/2018 14:39:18   
Beshin Adin

Chisa, Rakham, and I went to the curry rice restaurant after my muscles stopped tingling. Chisa watched us eat. “You two may not look like twins, but you sure eat like twins,” Rakham looked at her. “We Poseidon men need our spicy food. It puts a spring in our step, and a fire in our heart.” Rakham looked at me. “So Jinter, when’re you planning to put a baby in Chisa?” This made me choke on my food. Chisa slightly blushed, and looked at Rakham, eye twitching. “You know, Rakham, that kind of talk gets people black eyes.” Rakham sirked. “Oh? Is that not what you want?” Chisa covered her face, hiding her deep red blush. Rakham looked at me, but the teasing stopped when he saw my fearful expression at the man who had come to our table.

“Well, well,” Orhas said, “if it isn’t my favorite toy. I stopped by to grab a bowl of curry rice when I heard you were in town. And you’re here with your brother, and your……….new girlfriend, I’m assuming?” Chisa and Rakham’s hands went for their weapons, as my reaction told them who this man was. Zayi smirked at Chisa. “Don’t waste your time with me, Miss Shiranui. You should spend your time looking for survivors.” Chisa’s eyes widened. “Wh-what?” Zayi raised his hand. “The fun begins…….now.” He snapped his fingers, and a loud explosion is heard. Chisa looked out the window, and saw the Tsuki Shiranui school on fire. Her eyes grew fearful. “Oh my gods. GRANDFATHER!!!!!!!” She rushed out of the restaurant. I ran after her. Instead of following, Rakham landed a hard punch in Zayi’s face. “Again you threaten my family!?” Zayi smirked, despite the bruise. “Get used to it. A lot more’s coming.” Rakham charged Zayi, who draws in a deep breath. “Kurokage Akuma style – Majin no Kun.” Even outside the restaurant, Rakham’s scream of pain could be heard.

Chisa was asking a survivor just what happened. “Someone must’ve put bombs along the outside walls of the school, because fire caved in on us. Most of us are confirmed dead I’m sorry, Chisa-dono, we couldn’t find your grandfather’s body. He might be alive, but missing.” Chisa sobbed, turned to me, and burieed her face in my chest. “Jinter,” she finally said, “we have to get Orhas for this.” I stroke her hair.

“We will.”

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3/1/2018 11:52:44   
Beshin Adin

When we returned to the restaurant, Orhas was gone, and we found Rakham in bad shape. So, we took him to a doctor. “I can’t imagine what kind of weapon was used on him,” the doctor said, “his wounds say he was burned and freeze-dried at the same time. Thankfully, it isn’t fatal. He just needs rest.” After leaving Rakham, Chisa and I returned to the Narwhal. I gave Chisa her own room, but she showed up at my room 10 minutes later. “Jinter,” she blushed, “I’ve lost my home, my old life, and my grandfather’s missing. You’re one of the only things I have left, and I want to treasure you. So please……..can we be together tonight?”

I laid in bed, looking up at the ceiling. Next to me, Chisa stroked my chest, and looked at me sadly. “Jinter, I’ve decided. I want to fight, too. But, our school’s been destroyed, so I have to find new training. In the forests of central Yokai Island, there is a temple of onmyojis. Typically, they are petty priest and exorcists. But sometimes, they can acquire and command powerful yokai. Jinter, I want to become an onmyoji....”

Our pillow talk continued a little more. “Jinter,” Chisa said, “they still don’t know what Orhas did to Rakham? What did they find? Maybe I know something. Also, do you know how Orhas fights?” I told her that Rakham was covered in both hot burns and freeze-burns, and Orhas uses hand-to-hand and throwing knives, and the occasional poison. Chisa pondered this. “Hmm, sure sounds like the path of the Ninja….Fire and ice, and ninjas…..the Kurokage Akuma style? It is a ninja fighting style that uses fire, ice, and darkness magic. It boasts to be as hot as Hell, as cold as Hell, and as black as Hell, all at once.” I looked at Chisa. Gods, she was awesome. She hugged me, nuzzling her cheek against my neck. “Jinter, please be careful…….”

Early that morning, to avoid detection, Chisa prepared to leave. I sent two bodyguards with her, to get her safely to the temple. Before she left, Chisa threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me on the lips. “Many more kisses in the future……….” I watched sadly as she disappeared down the forest path.

Well, time for me to head home.

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3/9/2018 12:52:48   
Beshin Adin

Once I returned to Lolosia, I decided to take a look around town, to see if I could find any signs of Dark Dubloons’ musterings. The difference between Akiba and Lolosia was clear. Akiba was lively and colorful, Lolosia was shoddy and plain. While walking, my head began to be pelted with small rocks. “Is it raining rocks?” There was an overweight, brown, mustached moglin on a balcony above me. “Yeah, a sandstone front. We can expect a minimum of 2 to 3 concussions on your head.” I sighed. It was Bubba, the rudest moglin in Lolosia, possibly the entire world.

Upon coming down, Bubba sniffed me a few times. “You smell like a broad. Did you nail a broad while you were at Yokai Island?” I scowled, and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. “Don’t call Chisa a ‘broad’.” When put down, Bubba gave me a condescending look. “OK, Mr. Moral, we won’t do that. Come on, what happened to the teenage Jinter, the one who knew how to party?” I narrowed my eyes. “I grew up, YOU’RE the one who needs to grow up.”

After getting away from that annoying moglin, I went home to visit Mom. I sat at the table while Mom brought out tea & snacks. When she was young, she had incredible black hair that fell to her ankles, Dad couldn’t resist her. Now, in her age, her hair was shortened, and bunned up. She never remarried, Dad was forever the man of her dreams. “So Jinter,” she sat down, “I was told you met a childhood crush on Yokai Island, and now you’re dating again. That’s good. I was worried that, after losing Kowafri, you’d never love again…..”

“Jinter,” Mom said, “I know you’ll probably refuse, but consider quitting the Lolosian Navy. This Orhas is insane enough to declare war on all of Swordhaven. It shattered my heart to lose Dangris. It will shatter my heart if you die, and REALLY shatter my heart if you keep suffering…….” I look down at my tea. “Now, it’s about more than just avenging Dad. Under Orhas, Kowafri was killed, Chisa’s home was destroyed, and we almost lost Rakham. There is only one way to end everyone’s losses.”

“Orhas must be eliminated.”
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Beshin Adin

Rakham was now well enough to head up into the mountains near Lolosia. I sighed, knowing why. The mountains were home to a population of Drow : violet-skinned mountain elves. The Drrow women of this population tend to offer ‘special time’ to our local men. Our men return safe and unharmed, so few people advise against it. Rakham visits the mountains after a harsh journey at sea. I shuddered to think of what he’s doing right now.

Mom was one of the few who didn’t trust the ‘droozys’, as some people called them, so she sent me up to the mountains to check on Rakham, sternly warning me that, if I let a ‘droozy’ seduce me, she’d tell Chisa the next time she sees her. Mom, Rakham and I were 21, you didn’t need to be so overprotective……. I came to a sizable building cut from the mountain face. Was this the ‘brothel’ Rakham went to? I went in to check.

The air smelled of women’s’ perfume. Rakham was sitting on a couch. Two Drow women were cuddled on either side of him, stroking his chest. “Jinter! Come for a ride on the wild side?” He talked like he had too much to drink. “Grab a girl, and unload. What Chisa don’t know won’t hurt her.” A Drow woman walked up to me, and stroked my cheek. She had the standard Drow features: violet skin and white hair. Her hair came down to her waist, in zigzag locks. Her eyes were as violet as her skin. She wore an open purple jacket, under it was a shoulder-less, white shirt that showed plenty of cleavage and midriff. She had a short purple skirt, and knee-high, high-heeled purple boots, showing a good amount of thigh between skirt and boot. “Hey, big boy,” she purred, “my name’s Maida. I’m free right now. Want to have some fun together?” Rakham looked at me. “Take this chance, Jinter. Maida’s one of the most popular girls here. You won’t regret it.” Maida took me by the hand. “Commander Poseidon, right? Come, let’s use my favorite room.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Maida,” I said once we were in the room, “but I already have a woman, and I will not cheat on her.” Maida closed the door, and sighed. “Commander, we didn’t come in here so I could sleep with you, we came in here because I don’t want to sound selfish and ungrateful to the other women. I tire of this life. I go from man to man to man, with no love at all. Also, I hear stories of places in the world that have never even seen a Drow, much less would call me a ‘droozy’. I want to see the world, make the story of Maida Huron known to Lore, and……I want to experience actual love.” She walked over, and held my hands.

“Please take me with you.”

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Beshin Adin

When I finally came out of the room, Rakham greeted me. “So Jinter, did Maida show you the time of your life?” I gave him an annoyed look. “We just talked……..” Rakham rolled his eyes. “Uh-huh, suuuure………Anyway, we might have a problem. A gang of draconians showed up, demanding that all the women here become their prisoners. Gods only know what their intentions are, but I don’t want to guess.” We went outside, and saw a bunch of draconians cornering two Drow women. “OOH, ME WANT THAT ONE,” one said, pointing to the cute, young one. Their leader smirked. “WHOLE GANG GET HER. WHOLE GANG GETS EVERY GIRL HERE!” I stepped up, ready for a fight. “You know, I really can’t stand that whole ‘might makes right’ attitude.”

The draconians surrounded me. “HUMAN PICKING FIGHT WITH US? THAT HOW BONES GET BROKEN.” The girls gasped fearfully. Maida and Rakham joined the spectators. “No,” Maida said, “they’re going to kill the commander.” Rakham remained calm. “Don’t worry. Jinter always has an ace up his sleeve.” The draconian leader raised his claw. “SNAP HIM LIKE TWIG!” They were surrounding me, I had the perfect technique. “Tsuki Shiranui style – Jibashi Uzumaki

This is a technique where a vortex is created around the user, drawing enemies to the center. Electric energy radiates from the center, shocking anything trapped in the vortex. You may be wondering when I learned this. After I mastered the Raijin no Yushio, Master Shiranui gave me a book of techniques, saying that my skill might be enough to master some more.

When the vortex ended, the draconians lay burnt and smoking. I sheathed my sword, and turned to the women. “Did they hurt you?” I barely had time to react before the two women, along with a bunch of spectators, swarm me, shrieking and cooing excitedly.
“I get him next!”
“Did you see how he was looking at me? He wants me next!”
“Don’t overwork yourselves, girls! My schedule’s free right now!”
Rakham facepalmed. “Learn a Yokai Island fighting style, and you get a harem of women. I need one.” He looked at Maida, and sighed. “You too, huh?” Her face was deep red, and she held her cheeks in her hands.

“Oh my. Commander........”

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5/7/2018 11:54:54   
Beshin Adin

Rakham, Maida, and I descended the mountain, and headed into town. “It’s been a long time since I came into town,” Maida said, “and I’ve certainly never been out to sea before. I can’t wai-“ Maida stopped, shocked, as Bubba was using his moglin height to look up her skirt. “Yeah, aww yeah, we are gonna party tonight. Hey honey, ever had moglin before? Well, tonight is your night.” I used the way to deal with annoying moglins in Lolosia, and punted him into the distance. Maida looked at me. “Don’t ask,” I said.

Soon after we got home, Rakham and I found ourselves at the mercy of Mom’s broom. “NOT ONLY DID I TELL YOU NOT TO TOUCH THEM,” Mom fumed, “YOU BRING A DROOZY INTO MY HOUSE?!” Maida waved her hands defensively. “No, no. I just came to join his crew.” This made Mom hit me even harder. “OH, SO YOU’RE LETTING THE WHOLE CREW HAVE A GO AT HER? WHAT OTHER SICK AND PERVERTED THINGS DO YOU DO OUT AT SEA? AT LEAST YOUR FATHER TREATED WOMEN WITH RESPECT!”

While Mom and Maida had tea, Rakham and I sat on the couch. “Mom’s a typical Lolosian woman,” Rakham sighed, “temper like a maelstrom…….So Jinter, what do you think of Maida? Any attraction? Does she ‘do it’ for you?” I looked at him. “……………No. I love Chisa.” Rakham closed his eyes. “Because I think Maida likes you………”

“No, she CLEARLY likes you………”

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5/10/2018 19:18:53   
Beshin Adin

After parting with Rakham, I set sail for Yokai Island again. It had been about 3 weeks since she left, so maybe I could see her again. While we were on route, Maida came up to me. She had a new outfit for her adventures at sea. She wore a white and red jacket, and a black undershirt with buckles (Explorer Naval Commander). “Hoping to see her soon, Commander? Tell me, what kind of woman is Chisa Shiranui?” I remembered that Rakham had told me about Maida’s feelings for me, and she still didn’t know that I knew. Nevertheless, I spoke from the heart. “When I was 10, I came to Yokai Island to learn swordsmanship from Master Zashima Shiranui. While under him, I began a relationship with his grand-daughter, Chisa Shiranui.”

“You asked what she’s like? Well, she waited 10 years for me to return, so her devotion is almost peerless. She gets really annoyed with Rakham, like most women do. She spent her life researching martial arts, so even though she’s not a fighter, she’s an expert. Right now, she’s training as an onmyoji, a priest specializing in purification, exorcism, and yokai summoning. And…………..she is extremely special to me. I love her…….”

“Oh, I see……….” Maida turned away from me. Her shoulders quivered. “Well, love sounds amazing. I wish you two a great future.” With that, she hurried away. I sighed. “I needed to choose eventually………………..” After Maida went a distance, she buried her eyes in her hands. “What chance do I stand? I want to just give up, to just forget about him, but I………..Oh Jinter, please……………leave my heart………….”

She fell to her knees, and started sobbing loudly.

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5/19/2018 18:34:48   
Beshin Adin

Finally, Yokai Island was in sight. If we docked at Akiba, any enemies we have might follow us to the Onmyoji Temple, and that might put Chisa in danger. So we searched for a secluded beach to dock, as close to the central forests as possible. The natural beauty of Yokai Island was even greater than the colors and energy of Akiba, it was hard to believe that some yokai grew evil living in such a paradise. As we approached, a purple portal appeared on the deck, and a hulk in samurai armor materialized.

As if on instinct, the samurai marched up to me at the captain’s wheel. “You’re a young man, yet you captain this ship. There’s one more thing I need to confirm. Draw your sword!” Maida appeared behind the samurai, with a knife. “Leave the commander alone!” He turned to Maida, and grabbed her throat. “Draw your sword, or this woman dies!” I released the wheel, and put my hand on my sword. “You let her go…….”

We spent time exchanging sword strikes. The samurai was adept with a katana, which was typical for a samurai, but showed that he wasn’t an average yokai. Still, I needed to protect my crew, so it was time to use a Tsuki Shiranui technique. Tsuki Shiranui style – Ao Hikari Totsugeki!!!!”

The Ao Hikari Totsugeki, or ‘Blue Light Assault’ is a technique using a supercharged sword rush. The accumulated magical energy gives off a blue light. The samurai managed to block the sword slash, but the impact sent him crashing back, knocking the fight out of him. “You’re a young man, you captain a ship, and you can use Tsuki Shiranui style……..”

“Yes, you’re the one Zashima sent me to find………..”

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6/4/2018 11:47:01   
Beshin Adin

As we found a shore to dock at, the samurai told us about himself. He was none other than Kitsune, the former Chaos Lord who terrorized Yokai Island years ago. Recently, Master Shiranui had freed him from his dimensional prison. Kitsune no longer had any desire to subjugate Yokai Island, and devoted his life to rivaling Tsuki Shiranui. For about a week now, Kitsune had been hiding an injured Master Shiranui, and looking for who did this….

We landed at a beach near Yokai Island’s central river, and continued inland on foot. Maida was delighted. The Yokai Island forests were nothing like the Lolosian mountains, THIS was some of the new life she was seeking. She blushed, as she contemplated holding my hand. Just then, a gigantic, white tiger appeared in the sky, and a person jumped from its back, diving towards us.

“JJJJJJIIIIIIIINNNNNNNTTTTEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!” Chisa fell from the sky, and landed on top of me, hugging and kissing me. She now wore a white robe, and a Shinto priest’s cap. “My love,” she squealed, “I missed you so much, and I’m so happy you came back for me!” When we got up, Kitsune looked at her. “Is this Zashima’s grand-daughter? Well, she certainly has his peach-colored hair…..” Chisa gasped, and hid behind me. “Oh my gods. It’s Chaos Lord Kitsune!”

Kitsune explained how Master Shiranui had asked him to find me and Chisa. “Grandfather’s alive? Where is he?”Kitsune nodded. “I have a hideaway in the mountains. He is there. Come with me.” Chisa nodded and turned, but went ghost-white, noticing Maida for the first time. She turned to me, her neck sounding like a rusty turntable. “Jinter, why are you travelling with a gorgeous Drow woman?”

Gods help me……
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7/4/2018 15:29:53   
Beshin Adin

We followed Kitsune into the mountains, to a hidden hollow. “Zashima,” Kitsune shouted, “I found your grand-daughter, and your student.” Master Shiranui came out of hiding. Chisa ran to her grandfather’s arms. “Oh Grandfather. I thought you were dead.” Master hugged her. “Chisa, you look beautiful in your onmyoji robes.” He looked at me. “Your magical aura shows that Tsuki Shiranui’s elements have been strengthened. You have been training. That is good.” He then glanced at Maida. “Jinter-san! Are you cheating on my grand-daughter!?” Oh, not this again…….

We all sat down, and had a meal. It was explained what I had been doing, what Chisa had been doing, Maida’s origins…..and stressing the point that Maida and I were NOT lovers. I explained who was Zayi Orhas, the Dark Dubloons, and why they destroyed the school. I then offered for Master and Chisa to come live in Lolosia, since their home was destroyed. Chisa shook her head. “Oh no, Jinter, if Miss Huron gets to live aboard the Narwhal with you, then I’m moving in, too.” Maida got defensive. “We keep telling you, Miss Shiranui, I’m not putting the moves on your boyfriend!”

And so it went. Master said goodbye to Kitsune, and he and Chisa boarded the Narwhal. No sooner was she onboard, than Chisa began unpacking for a residence. Apparently, she fully intended to share the bedroom with me. I got the feeling that Chisa was a tiny bit annoyed at Maida’s passive attitude. Maybe, deep down, she DID want a romantic challenge. Once we got to Lolosia, Master got off, saying he’d do his part to protect the town. So, I resumed my adventures, now with two beautiful women.

This could be a blessing……and a curse………

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Beshin Adin

The Narwhal was out at sea, on standby, between Lolosia and Swordhaven in case of emergency. I was at the captain’s wheel, while Chisa was enjoying an oceanic breeze. Maida came up, with a shy little blush. “Commander? It’s my mother’s birthday soon. Could I, maybe, introduce you to her?” Chisa’s eye twitched. “Miss Huron, if you introduce MY boyfriend to your parents, it’ll create a severe misunderstanding?” Maida got flustered. “N-naturally, the whole crew’s invited…..I just want to show Mom that I’m not selling my body anymore.” I sighed. “You’re a crew member now. It’s the least we can do.”

We headed up into the mountains, and came to a little stone house. An elderly Drow couple met us outside. “Maida,” the woman said, “we grew a little worried when you said you were joining a ship’s crew.” She looked at me. “Is this man your new lover?” Maida’s eyes went blank. “L-l-lover?????????” Maida’s mom looked confused. “Your letter said that you ‘met a very special man, who you’d follow to the ends of Lore’. That sounds like a lover. Or……Oh, have you two already eloped?” A murderous knife sound is heard in the background, as Chisa looked at Maida with angry eyes. “Oh? What else have you told them, Miss Huron?” Poor Maida shrank to about a quarter of her size.

We went inside for some coffee “So then,” Mrs Huron said, “you’re not my daughter’s man, Mr Poseidon? That’s a shame, I was hoping my little girl finally found her prince.” Maida was beet red. “Mooooooooooom……..”Mrs Huron smiled. “Anyway, shall we cut the cake right now?”

In a dark room somewhere, Zayi Orhas was talking with a large man in black armor. “it seems we found Jinter and Miss Shiranui again. A new face has joined the party, a Drow named Maida Huron. Go shake things up, General Bleedas. Leave Jinter, and at least one of his women alive, and you may kill the rest.” Zayi smirked. “Bleedas, say your catchphrase. It rolls off the tongue nicely.” Bleedas kept his eyes forward. “All enemies of the Dark Dubloons have two choices.”

“Obey or die.”
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7/25/2018 19:02:51   
Beshin Adin

There was a knock at the door. Mrs. Huron got up to answer it, and we got scared when we heard a gunshot. As soon as everyone rushed over, Mr. Huron was also shot. To protect Chisa and Maida, I ran the assassin through with my sword. The assassin was carting a message, apparently for me.

Commander Poseidon
I trust that some of the targets have been eliminated? Come and meet me at The Nymph’s Navel Tavern in Lolosia. If you don’t come, people in Lolosia will start dying.
General Bleedas of the Dark Dubloons

I turned to leave, but Maida ran up to me, and hugged me from behind. “Don’t go, Jinter. I just lost both my parents. I can’t lose you, too.” Chisa gently gripped Maida’s shoulders. “He has to go, Miss Huron. Grandfather’s been called away to Swordhaven, so Jinter’s the only one strong enough to save Lolosia right now.” Chisa had tears in her eyes as she watched me disappear down the mountain path.

Maida was sobbing. “Why, Miss Shiranui? Why did you let Jinter go to his death? Don’t you care? Don’t you love him?” Chisa turned away. “Of course I love him. That’s why I trust him so much. I believe in a future with him, and I pour my whole heart into that belief. He’ll come back, I know it, I feel it.” Maida looked at Chisa, in awe.

“So this is……..true love……..”

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Beshin Adin

I walked into the tavern, ready for a fight. The place was empty, except for one large man in black armor. “I commend you for coming. It is a rare trait for a man to face his apportioned fate so courageously.” I continued to glare. “Why did Mr and Mrs Huron have to die?” Bleedas looked unmoved. “To give you a vendetta. I do not kill the uninvolved, so I sent an assassin. You seek revenge on me, so NOW you are involved.” My glare continued. “I thought Orhas wanted me alive.” Bleedas approached me. “I live by one main rule. Obey or die. The weak obey the strong, or are killed. You’ve chosen to defy the Dark Dubloons, so there’s only one future for you. If Orhas doesn’t like it, he can find a new General.”

Chisa and Maida were coming down the mountain. Maida was still crying. “Hurry, Miss Shiranui. If Jinter’s injured, we need to evacuate him. Chisa was developing tears in her eyes, and her faith was beginning to wane. “He’ll be alright. He’ll be alright…..Oh, elemental avatars, please let him be alright.” Suddenly, the tavern exploded with dark energy, which horrified the two women. “OH MY GODS! JIIIINTEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bleedas and I were on our knees, surrounded by the building’s remains. “There’s no doubt that you’ve suffered multiple fractures. Continuing is unnecessary. Just lay down and die.” I smirked. “I doubt you can continue, either.” Bleedas looked at his gauntlet, and saw a small electric pulse. His armor was covered in them. “I charged your armor to have the opposite polarity of your magic. You’ve been magically nullified.” He looked at me. “I never thought energy magic could be used in such a way.” I smirked again. “And here’s the game! Tsuki Shiranui style – Denki Kurage no Sasu!!!!!!!!!! The pulses on Bleedas began to glow, he was flooded with electricity, and we passed out at the same time.

I woke up in my bed on the ship. Chisa and Maida were at either bedside. When I woke up, Chisa threw her arms around me, sobbing. “Oh Jinter! I thought I lost you!! I’m done being the cool-headed girlfriend!” I held Chisa softly. “What happened to Bleedas?” Chisa kept her face in my shoulder. “Looks like he escaped. Don’t concern yourself with him right now. You suffered multiple fractures, and Tsuki Shiranui can mess with your body’s natural bioelectricity. You need about a week of rest, dormancy, and occasional medicine.”

“Well, Bleedas,” Orhas said, “did you enjoy playing with my toy?” He laughed. “The game’s far from over, Jinter.”
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8/21/2018 10:26:32   
Beshin Adin

Chisa was in my room, giving me my medicine. I glanced nervously at her. “Chisa, I appreciate you giving me my medicine, and I like that cute little nurse’s hat you’re wearing, but….WHY ARE YOU WEARING A BIKINI????” Chisa giggled. “They say pretty visual stimuli helps you recover faster. Come on, Jinter, you’ve seen ‘all of me’ before………Well, that’s everything.” She strokes my chest, and speaks seductively. “Get well soon, baby. You’ll get a very hot reward if you do.” Chisa walked out of the room, leaving me to smolder.

Maida caught up to Chisa. “Chisa, I got a tip from our last stop. There’s an island nearby called Takei Island. On it grows a rare type of bamboo, whose shoots can be used to make a salve that heals bones. Let’s go get the shoots, so we can heal Jinter………Oh, by the way, please put some clothes on…..”

Chisa and Maida searched the bamboo forests of Takei Island, picking shoots and putting them in their gathering baskets. A strange, tiny yokai slithered up to Maida. It had a furry, snake-like body, and a fox head. “Chisa,” Maida said, “what is this? It’s so……….adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Chisa looked at it. “Why, it’s a kuda-gitsune, or pipe fox! You don’t see those every day. Takei Island must be one of the few places they’re found.” Maida’s blouse was unbuttoned enough to show a bit of cleavage, so the pipe fox grinned, and dove right in there. “Chisaaaaaaaaaaa,” Maida squeaked. Chisa smirked. “Well, pipe foxes DO like crevices……They’re your breasts, Maida. You tell it to get out.” Maida took one look into its big, black eyes, and the matter was settled.

The girls went to hang out in my room while the salve was being made. I kind of stared at the little fox in Maida’s cleavage. “Maida? Did you pick up a garden eel?” Maida blushed, and hid her chests with her arms. “So then,” Chisa said, “decide on a name yet? Squiggles? Spaghetti?” The pipe fox came out, and did something no one expected. It spoke.

“Don’t be stupid. I have a sophisticated name. It’s Suriza.”

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8/24/2018 17:05:06   
Beshin Adin

It didn’t take long for the salve to fix me, so we spent the rest of my recovery leave in Akiba. After we got some food, and saw some sights, Chisa grabbed Maida’s hand. “Come on, Maida,” she said, “there’s a festival tonight. Let’s go pick out some yukatas.” Maida squeaked. “Ooh, a Yokai Island festival? How exotic!” I nodded. “I’ll see you ladies later.” A woman was hiding around the corner. “Jinter’s back in Akiba? At last!”

When I got back to the ship, the crew was in turmoil. “Commander, someone kidnapped the little fox yokai was kidnapped. This note was left for you.”

I’ve taken the pipe fox to a house in northwest Akiba, follow the attached directions. Please tell Jinter to come alone.

“It could be Orhas or Bleedas,” I said, “I’ll go ahead alone, but tell the girls to bring backup.”

When I got to the house, I searched all the rooms, until I found Suriza, in a butterfly cage. “Suriza, who did this? Was it a thin, smirking man? Or a large man in black armor?” Suriza looked at me. “No, it was a cute young woman. Like the one at the door right now.” She wore a yellow-trimmed, Asian red dress, showing very nice legs on both sides, and red moccasins. She had hazel eyes, a bit of lipstick, and her dark brown hair was up in two, large, twin buns. She shut the sliding door behind her, locked it, and slid the key in her bodice. “I knew you’d return, Jinter, my love.” I started to sweat. “Have we met, Miss?” She took the pins out of her hair buns, letting her hair fall to behind her thighs. “Remember me now?” My jaw dropped. “Sh-Shiori Kanzaki?” Shiori backed me against the wall. “For 10 years, I’ve dreamed of this day.” She slid me down to the floor, and straddled me. “Now, finally, it’s you, me, and the rest of the night.” Suriza stared at us. “Whoa, this has become a steamy romance scene.” Suddenly, the door was demolished, and Chisa stormed in, radiating flames of anger.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaad now it’s a horror movie………….”

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