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RE: =DF= Design Notes November 3: Blood Moon Challenges, SWoT DA testing, and more!

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11/5/2017 19:05:23   
Sakurai the Cursed

@Greldracion - The reason I used 33.33% and 50% for the DoT is, as I said, that weapon damage only accounts for a portion of total damage, 2/3 in my case. It's simply incorrect to count 50% weapon damage the same as 50% total damage, though it will depends on your build of course; using your proposed 0 Luk, weapon damage's contribution would instead be ~81% for me, making the numbers 40.65 and 60.98 instead. And, sorry, but it only hits 4 times. I'm not sure where you're getting 5 turns from other than my typo in the rundown...

That said, you're right that all that is based on a fully-offensive build (240 Luk though, not 250-260), but the difference is far smaller than you think. Using 0 invested Luk for only 40 total, meaning 10% less chance to crit, 20% less crit damage and 10 less stat damage, the numbers become 5,065% for Ant/Umbra dancing and 4,530% for Hands, almost the same relative difference; 11.8% stronger instead of 13% stronger.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 151
11/5/2017 19:37:35   

^You're right, it's 4, my bad. And really, only about 1.2% difference? I would have thought that the less crit damage would have made moves with good base damage better, but then again, I forgot that LUK added damage and crit% too. That's really interesting to know. So would you consider the Ant/Umbra combo balanced? Also, just as a weird sort of suggestion, do you think adding a damage boost to Antumbra based on shadow charges consumed would be a good idea?

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AQ  Post #: 152
11/5/2017 20:16:40   

Just unlocked the edgelord mask replaying the cutscenes is hilarious XD jack looks like a HUGE narcissist
Post #: 153
11/5/2017 20:22:11   
Dark Lord Urmi

i beat the rose agent/dragon boss without a guest or doomknight as swot silly as it sounds this is a big deal to me.

this class is the one...fleshweaver is going to need to do a lot to surpass this!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 154
11/5/2017 22:04:47   
Sakurai the Cursed

@Greldracion - Is it balanced in relation to other classes you mean? I already detailed why I think it discourages ever using some skills so I'm not sure if it's a good thing for the class itself, but it's not bad in terms of effectiveness versus other classes. Just, not great either.

And for your suggestion, well, it's one way to go, but it would actively discourage the CD management playstyle which is something unique to the class atm. Personally I would rather have adjustments that would resolve the issue of some skills being largely useless while still allowing for the CD management to be an option at least.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 155
11/6/2017 0:23:37   
Max Monarch

I have some comments on the testing of the new armor, Of course this is just IMHO.
the art is above criticism.
I wonder why the equipped weapon has a duplicate?
I think that it should be possible to use shadow people on turn 1, more like dragonslayer's call forth the fire dragon.
and that the eternity ray cooldown shouldn't persist between battles.
I don't understand why the shadow indicator can't be more like that for ranger.
Impaling hands animation is too good for the effect, also I feel that its animation would fit well for umbra mode attack.
Phantom hit has the same animation as umbra mode attack.
I think it would be better if the Umbra/Antumbra was more like the old deathnight's curse,
meaning persists between battles and consumes no mana.
I think it would be fairer if eternity ray consumed mana like kathool adept's shadow/kathool's madness.
I don't think that all the moves should consume shadow while in umbra mode, but I think that some should consume more than others.
I think that two 2-turn stuns is a bit much, I would rather have a stun and a blind, and I think that chronic lock's animation is better for a stun than doomsday clock. Also I feels that doomsday clock's animation calls for more than one hit.
I think that penumbra should also apply a powerboost.
I don't understand why decay's mana cost is 31, and why it has a six turn cooldown, while its status effects really compensate.
Waiting for shade spike animation to finish with 3 opponents is a pain, I would prefer if it has no cooldown, in exchange for being a little weaker and having another status effect.
The armor as more tanky than a glass cannon, and consume the shadows fits this trend, it is a bad heal move especially compared to entropy, kathool adept and avatar of time, it should have a different effect maybe more oriented toward a powerboost.
Personally, I really enjoy the shadowhunter's combo mechanics, and wouldn't be against new armors having a move or two that combo.

Are any of the features of the shadow walker of time going to be changed?

BTW: I have the chest of time and shadows in my bank.
DF  Post #: 156
11/6/2017 0:58:47   

@max monarch


I don't think that all the moves should consume shadow while in umbra mode, but I think that some should consume more than others.

it's not that moves consume shadow charges while in umbra. shadow charges is a representation of the amount of turns you can stay in umbra form.


Waiting for shade spike animation to finish with 3 opponents is a pain, I would prefer if it has no cooldown, in exchange for being a little weaker and having another status effect.

we've already established a way to completely remove the cooldown for it just the way SWoT is at the moment. shade spike>umbra>antumbra>shade spike. note that umbra to the second shade spike all happens in one turn, because you get an extra turn before your enemy's when you use umbra, AND an extra turn before your enemy's when you use antumbra.

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DF  Post #: 157
11/6/2017 6:30:40   
Fire alandry

The class is great. The art it awesome, of course, and the cool play-style of the class... I have no idea if the class is stronger than others, but it's definitely one of the most enjoyable.

Take Siofra for example- although I couldn't switch elements because of the weapons movement, he wasn't hard. 35 All (Gear+Stan) is annoying, but not too bad. And then my guests done damage as well...

The CD are okay, especially with the turns which Umbra reduce.
Decay seems interesting... It can be very helpful against some bosses.

I'm so sad I havn't the Calendar.
DF  Post #: 158
11/6/2017 14:48:42   

I really like this class, however it needs some work. I've noticed some weird animation bugs. My character looks like he just used Umbra when falling from the Doom Dragon (he's just a black circle). Also Destiny only visually activates on one weapon (link to that at bottom).

Destiny Visual - https://imgur.com/4Jm3ZgQ

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Post #: 159
11/7/2017 2:46:36   

Took me a while to realize that the Hero in the Inn at the Edge of Time who talks about feeling empty is a SWoT.
Now I get the joke! YAY!

What I am actually interested is the character she is talking to.
Is that "speedster" looking character going to be a class too?
Some superhero themed classes would be AMAZING!!!
DF  Post #: 160
11/7/2017 3:06:09   

It's Togslayer.
Post #: 161
11/7/2017 3:11:44   

What a bummer... I was hyped for a The Flash inspired class. X,D

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DF  Post #: 162
11/7/2017 15:33:35   

The Blood Moon Challenge also seems to be out of wack. Bubble has an 11+ bonus to block which is less than 10%, yet consistently blocks over half the time. Very annoying having to grind through health when I shouldn't have to. Love the Necro Paragon items; they're fantastic!

< Message edited by cltjames -- 11/7/2017 15:34:10 >
Post #: 163
11/7/2017 16:25:25   


yeah i mentioned that before. her block and dodge were VISUALLY switched, but function the way they're supposed to during that time.
DF  Post #: 164
11/7/2017 23:51:19   

@ Sakurai

I do see your point about the CD management playstyle, and I do personally enjoy the option myself. However, from what I am seeing, and from what your response has made me think of, the CD playstyle may be overshadowing what is driven to be the main aspect of this class, that is, the shadow charges and Umbral form. The CD management that the class currently has seems like it also discourages using the Umbral skills as it encourages using Antumbra to expedite the use of moves which, to be frank, are given longer cooldowns for a reason. This strategy undermines the current value of the defensive moves, as it creates an almost perfect loop between the stuns and the shield, as well as having the potential to make a 60% heal 15 turns, which is powerful for an offense oriented class to have. Consider also that the 13% discrepancy between our two rotations is mainly due to just that second use of Shadow People, as both rotations are in essence the same. I do agree that some of the Umbra moves could use a slight nudge, but not necessarily to a large extent, and I believe what I have suggested may help fix that.

Let's imagine that Antumbra still had it's same current effect, it removes shadow charges and pops you back into your regular form for no turn. Now, however, let's think about what would happen if each of those charges gave a 7-10% boost, and that Antumbra has 4-5 turns of CD. Now we have a move that equally has risks and rewards for using it, as well as creating a situation where almost all moves have equal standing, depending on the situation. This setup would also help to keep the class from being too defensively viable, while promoting an aggressive, but tactical playstyle that offers a variety of options.
AQ  Post #: 165
11/8/2017 0:33:25   

Don't know what you mean. When I use melee, Bubble blocks it with a 11 Block stat. Statistically should happen around 1/20. Visually she is blocking it.
Post #: 166
11/8/2017 1:58:30   


Don't know what you mean. When I use melee, Bubble blocks it with a 11 Block stat. Statistically should happen around 1/20. Visually she is blocking it.

that's EXACTLY what i mean. the 11 block is the visual error. her DODGE is what's supposed to be saying "11" when that happens, as the buff she activates when she does that specifically says "weak to magic".
DF  Post #: 167
11/8/2017 7:12:03   

These challenges are quite easy.

Armors' amazing.
DF  Post #: 168
11/8/2017 8:11:58   

I'm actually sorry I don'the have a calender, I'll be sorry to let it go. I equipped it blind and went straight to the Mogloween bossfight. It's both fun and flexible, and more intuitive than most classes. Plus, I actually have to use my attack more often, which means I can actually use my NSoD
I also used it during trick-or-treating, and I gotta say: there does not exist a helm or cape so stupid or oddly shaped that this class's bluish shadow doesn't make it look awesome! It even makes my Drakonan's Doom helm look cooler. If they ever make anothere Doom-class (still hoping for a Year of DOOM calender), a red version might be a fun design concept to use.

There is one issue I noticed, though it's a minor graphical one and isn'the necessary to be fixed. When you're wielding a Doom or Destiny weapon (I can only attest to the axes), only one of them will glow if their special is used. I only bothered to mention it because the Destiny axe glows on the right side and the Doom on the left, making me think they were designed to both do it.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 169
11/8/2017 8:25:49   

The Necro Paragon Helm is absolutely amazing. Definitely worth the grind.
DF  Post #: 170
11/8/2017 17:10:52   
Braxxus Adarkim

I don't know if you have been asked this or not so sorry if you have.

I just got the 2017 calendar i put the code in to redeem but DF did not show up as a option is this because its not out yet ?
Post #: 171
11/8/2017 17:24:00   

you should have an item called something like "chest of time and shadow" in your inventory. unless you get the chest from the heromart shop guy in falconreach(i don't actually know the specifics of how it gets in your inventory, as i've never bought a calendar before).
DF  Post #: 172
11/8/2017 17:43:02   
Braxxus Adarkim

oh my god i forgot about the guy i will go to him and see thank you :) (ok just checked and nope i guess i will be able to get it when Swot is out)

< Message edited by Braxxus Adarkim -- 11/8/2017 17:46:25 >
Post #: 173
11/8/2017 21:39:33   

@Braxxus If you put the code in the battleon portal, you need to have your df account linked to it, otherwise it wont show up
Post #: 174
11/9/2017 21:51:49   

@Verlyrus Once I "Hide" a cape or helm, I have to re-equip them to show them again. So the Hide/Show feature is bugged on SWoT for capes/helms. Sometimes the game freezes and the unstuck button doesn't appear. Also you switched Decay and Phantom Hit's effects but kept the names the same. Phantom Hits's animation doesn't make sense for a health debuff. Decay is a debilitating cloud so it fits well. Could you switch the names between Decay and Phantom Hits, since you switched everything else. Love everything else about it though, keep up the great work!

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