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RE: =DF= Design Notes November 10: Enter the Timetorn Matrix!

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11/26/2017 14:21:17   

@Fire alandry I totally feel your pain! My first attempt at the huge maze ended 2 hours later after a big fluffy cat-zilla walked across the keyboard and sent me off to another website. The only good thing was after beating it the second time, the badge was available. For the Hp/Mp problem, I just used the teleport save at the latest heal spot and then it was fairly easy to use the map to run back to where I left off. I prefered to teleport back to the save spot to recharge HP/Mp and then go back because of the risk of running into a trap and then getting sent ALL the way back to the start .
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12/2/2017 1:24:30   

So, I tried to map out the Small Maze while going through it to get the Sigil. Here's the end result.

I defy you to tell me my path from start to finish. This is five times more insane in the Medium Maze, and double THAT for the Huge Maze. How do you people do this without losing your mind?!


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12/2/2017 1:47:29   



How do you people do this without losing your mind?!

you're making a pretty hefty assumption there.

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DF  Post #: 228
12/2/2017 3:20:55   
The ErosionSeeker

The first thing I would do is stop using that horrifying map system, and start using a different horrifying map system.

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DF AQW  Post #: 229
12/2/2017 4:00:00   


First off, not sure what's more mind-blowing, the fact you took the time to figured that mess out, or the fact that you actually figured that mess out. You sir have my respect.

Second off, is that Photoshop? That looks like Photoshop.

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DF  Post #: 230
12/2/2017 10:26:16   

impressive work with map
im geting the tele shards atm its geting annoying lol

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Post #: 231
12/2/2017 14:43:05   

@ Commander_In_Red When you created your map, how did you decide to use color codes? That looked really awesome but also looks like it took a lot of time. I just used a plain sheet of paper..... used a straight dash for a straight path, a corner for change in direction or T for a spit in the path, a ? if I still needed to explore the other end of the path, a X for a dead end. I kept the pencil in my hand and could make the small marks before my character ran across the screen..... so no real losing of the mind involved except when my map ran off the edge of the paper and I had to use a second sheet. Useful Tip: use graph paper LOL
DF  Post #: 232
12/2/2017 14:59:12   

personally, i use this site to make maps for it. it's got useful little icons that i can place on the squares to notify me of what's on said square(like a skull and crossbones for the triangle traps), and i can even place an "x" as a placeholder for my current position in the maze if i ever have to walk away, that way i can look and remember where i was last. also, i can make walls with one of the other icons, so it ends up looking like a pretty linear, albeit windy, path.

it starts out as a 30x30 gris, but you can increase the x and y axises by pressing the down or right key once you reach the edge.
DF  Post #: 233
12/2/2017 16:27:24   

I give up on Necro Paragon, I don't have the patience to go through this thing even once
DF  Post #: 234
12/3/2017 3:20:38   

did they nerf how many shards we get ?
Post #: 235
12/3/2017 3:47:45   

Probably not. The amount of shards you find throughout a run of the matrices is pretty dependent on RNG. I've experienced getting a total of 6 shards doing small, while sometimes not finding any chests and thus only getting the quest completion one, which is only 1 shard.
DF AQW  Post #: 236
12/3/2017 13:47:14   

This was the technique I used.
When presented with a crossroad, always pick one side but always check the other side (don't attack the monster on this side) just in case it's a healing thing. If it isn't a healing thing or a dead end, go back to the cross road and drop a checkpoint. My order of precedence for choosing which side to go to was Right -> Up -> Left -> Down (meaning I would always choose right if presented with right and up if presented with something like Up-Left). The whole purpose is that you want to eliminate crossroads but at the same time leave monsters to act as designators so you don't end up getting lost. I found that backtracking was a lot better than teleporting to the start point.

For the Timetorn tele shards, I don't know what you people are doing. You should be doing the small maze only. Assume that you won't get any teleshards in the quests; thus, small will get you on average 5x as many tele shards than medium. I picked up 6 tele shards in one run and the end guarantees you a tele shard. Be smart with how you use your time.

In essence, if you set rules up for yourself, you should not have to create a maze ever which means you'll be saving a lot of time.

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Post #: 237
12/3/2017 14:58:44   


well, there ARE people who don't have the sigil yet, and would actually find it MORE time efficient to to one of the larger mazes and get it all done in one go(not to mention doing the HUGE! maze gives you a badge) since the huge maze has a pretty good chance of netting you not only the warblade, but 15 shards by the time you complete it, which is enough to get both the hilt and the sigil.
DF  Post #: 238
12/3/2017 15:26:03   

@greyor_42 I was talking specifically about people who just wanted the sigil.

to break down my reasoning, lets say the chance of getting a tele shard in the maze is 1 in every 100 rooms. therefore it doesn't matter if you do the small or large maze since the chance is constant and you'll pick up the same amount of shards for every 100 rooms you pass. therefore, you can neglect the tele shards picked up from the mazes.

however, each maze also drops a tele shard at the end (you can convert the warblade to a tele shard). small maze has 100 rooms, large has 1000. let's say you go through every room to simplify the problem. you'll end up with 10 tele shards from small maze by the time you finish the large maze.

now, let's factor in the amount of tele shards picked up with the 100 room drop constant normalizing with total number of rooms (that is, you can complete 10 smalls in the time it takes to complete 1 large). Large = 10 + 1. Small = 1*10 +1*10.

i say again, im assuming that the tele shard drop within the maps are a constant and that you don't care about getting a warblade or a war hilt.

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Post #: 239
12/3/2017 15:54:03   

Finally did the largest maze, took 3 and a half hours and I beat around 600 monsters. That was bloody horrifying. Never again. Luckily I'm great at keeping mental maps otherwise I'd still be looking for the ways I'd come

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