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RE: =DF= Design Notes November 10: Enter the Timetorn Matrix!

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11/11/2017 1:04:26   
Da Awesomancer

I've already dealt with two of those. Kinda disappointing, but whatever.
DF AQW  Post #: 76
11/11/2017 1:21:00   

Just beat the 1000 Room Version and I have no proof since I was too far in an older version!!! But the blade is nice.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 77
11/11/2017 1:22:25   

What are the res stats? Also, congrats! I got it too.
AQ  Post #: 78
11/11/2017 1:23:07   

Despite my efforts, I have ran out of time attempting the Huge maze. I need to get up early tomorrow, so I can't spend too long trying to finish this. I had pretty rough luck overall, only found one chest throughout that entire thing. Ah well. I'll try the shorter quests next time.

I will also give some more thoughts about SWoT tomorrow. It performed very well during this quest. I am happy with where it is currently, but there are still some little things I would like to mention.

Good night!
Post #: 79
11/11/2017 2:22:55   
Da Awesomancer

Hey Verlyus, I think I know what's wrong with the Mimic Rooms in the Timetorn Matrix. Once you've beaten the first one you meet, and have bought the Teleshard from it, the script that deactivates the chest and shop does so for every other chest/shop on the map. Or at least, that's what I think happened, since the first Mimic I see is always the only one with a chest.
DF AQW  Post #: 80
11/11/2017 2:25:36   

^ I concur. I encountered 7 mimics, and only the first had a chest.

After 2.5 hours, I have finally conquered the huge matrix. Wow. That was ridiculously long.
DF  Post #: 81
11/11/2017 2:33:19   
Henius Lon

Yeah I think Da Awesomancer is right. I haven't found more than one chest.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 82
11/11/2017 3:30:28   

Well, I won't be finishing the Huge Maze anytime soon if I get lost so easily in the Medium Maze. So many forks in the path...I don't know how you guys do it.
DF  Post #: 83
11/11/2017 3:32:59   

If you guys are interested, the level 85 Weapon's resistances are the same as the level 85 Destiny Weapons:
10 All Resist
-20 Health Resist

It still winds up being a bit weaker, since the Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny Provides higher Luck, End, and Wis, while having the same primary stat.
Goood Back Up weapon incase the enemy resists light.
Post #: 84
11/11/2017 4:28:02   
Baron Dante

@Branl: It also has considerably lower damage in itself.

So, after 5 hours in an old version, 3 hours in a fresh Huge and and hour and a half on Medium, I now have the mightiest Bacon that ever fried.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 85
11/11/2017 4:30:16   

or is a void-associated creature(like an elemental or dragon), in which case it becomes a much better weapon than the ultimate destiny weapon.

fortunately, not many enemies resist bacon anyways, and those that do have a very easy way to get around it, like using another element, or in the case of rose soldiers, showing an anti-human weapon.

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 11/11/2017 4:39:59 >
DF  Post #: 86
11/11/2017 5:09:51   

Tried this new release, small one took me 1hour to reach the boss and was unable to kill it without da classes, because my dmg isnt enough to break through 200+ water healing power and plus do good dmg to finish them fast. So Huge one would took me 10 hours to reach a boss ???. These new chalenges means that developers are out of ideas , no wonder why popularity is drastically lowered, just make this game pay to play, I done with df that i loved long time ago.
Post #: 87
11/11/2017 5:18:26   


So from looking the NDAs just have to find a mimic in the small maze/unguarded treasures from the medium and huge maze to get the shards to leave the quest as that's considered complete instead of fighting the end maze boss? NDAs just have to wait until the mimic shard drop shop gets fixed. The mazes is consider a exp farming spot that doesn't need to fight the boss right?

< Message edited by LurkBlackSmith -- 11/11/2017 5:36:42 >
DF  Post #: 88
11/11/2017 5:35:15   

On the contrary, the devs are coming up with new ideas. They added a new feature despite the DF team having two staff members only.
Plus, they're challenge battles which are supposed to be difficult. Even the previous challenge battles can be beaten with out DA. The rewards are even non-DA.
You just need to get better.

Regarding rewards, the Necro Paragon Soulblade is arguably the best DA Bacon weapon we got right now.
As for the Timetorn Sigil, Verly is evading the question on what that is.
I suggest get the item by farming the small maze for shards. It might be useful in the future.

< Message edited by LouisCyphere -- 11/11/2017 5:38:46 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 89
11/11/2017 5:48:28   


i guess that's ONE way of looking at it.
DF  Post #: 90
11/11/2017 6:39:07   
necro emperor

Just cleared the small one. That was quite an experience; Evolved DL and Dragon's Patience were both pretty handy against the boss.

I get the feeling that I shouldn't be messing around in the bigger ones if I haven't completely conquered the Neverglades yet. :P
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 91
11/11/2017 7:15:19   

Captain's Log.
Day 1. Hour 4.

I have been stuck in this medium matrix for over four hours now. Pyromancer is having absolutely no trouble going through, but every corner just seems to blend together. Every twist and turn just mixes in with the chaos that is this maze. I leveled. After spending this much time, I think I have no choice but to follow through. So help me god.

Captain's Log.
Day1. Hour 5.

Aaaaand there goes my internet. A Disconnect was inevitable, but I would be lying if that did not sting my soul. Went out of that map with one more level and a shard. All for the low, low, price of 5 hours of gameplay and my sanity. Worth.

Post edited. See your inbox. ~Gingkage

< Message edited by Gingkage -- 11/12/2017 0:46:52 >
Post #: 92
11/11/2017 7:33:43   

2 hours in Huge Timetorn's Quest O_O
Edit: Alone quest and SWoT Class Test use, alright :)

< Message edited by MapCurse -- 11/11/2017 7:40:15 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 93
11/11/2017 8:29:50   

Spent 4 hours (loaded another page by accident) + 5-6 hours on second attempt, finally completed huge, gave in and made a map halfway through second attempt
AQ MQ  Post #: 94
11/11/2017 8:37:54   

...... I did the small maze 6 times, didn't even know the enemies had skills. Probably not the best class, but I went through the maze with DKV2 and a silver wep (showed Ecclense Blade), just Blood Rited everything until I died. Then start at the beginning and keep running. Shame that teleportation point resets on death, but it's understandable.

Definitely going to need to change my strategy now if I want to do the Huge maze without going insane.

< Message edited by fxmybrute13 -- 11/11/2017 8:43:26 >
DF AQW  Post #: 95
11/11/2017 8:44:06   

have currently been on this medium maze run for about 2 hours now.........

.....probably shouldn't have used necromancer.....
DF  Post #: 96
11/11/2017 9:37:09   

Why does the weapon have bacon element instead of Ice? The cape and the helm are ice, shouldn't the weapon also be ice? The Necro Paragon set looks awesome on the Icebound Revenant class.

< Message edited by doomtown -- 11/11/2017 9:44:08 >
Post #: 97
11/11/2017 9:47:40   


it used to be ice, but because isandel already exists as a challenge reward, it got changed to bacon.
DF  Post #: 98
11/11/2017 9:48:09   
Da Awesomancer

It was decided that since there was already an ice weapon as a challenge reward, they would change it from ice to evil, then from evil to bacon when they realized they had one of those too.

[Edit] Ninja'd by Greyor
DF AQW  Post #: 99
11/11/2017 9:49:06   

Perhaps its better of they did turn Isandel to bacon and kept Necro Paragon as ice.
Post #: 100
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