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Returning to Dragonfable

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11/12/2017 8:11:00   

Recently, I've been thinking about how far Dragonfable has come since I stopped playing a while back. Obviously, this led me to remember that I had, in fact, stopped playing Dragonfable for a great number of years before I returned...about a year and a half ago, maybe? (Scary to think that it's really been that long)

But hey, I know I ain't the only one. So please, share your stories.

How long were you gone for?

Why did you stop in the first place?

What was the trigger that brought you back?

For me, I stopped playing around late 2007 or mid-2008. Bearing in mind that this was back in my "less patient" days where I didn't appreciate just how much went into each weekly update (if I even knew that there WAS a weekly update back then), I stopped because I'd basically done it all at the time and just got bored with the game. My interest slowly diminished over time and eventually disappeared altogether.

The next time I even thought about Dragonfable after this was, oddly enough, in a dream. I don't remember the specifics of this dream, but since this dream occurred during a period of time where I was digging into the "origins" of dreams I'd had in the past, I went searching for the focus of this dream, and after about a day of thinking and searching, I once again found myself at the login screen of Dragonfable. Only this time it had music as well, which immediately piqued my interest about what else had changed.

And that's how I ended up returning to and enjoying the heck out of my favourite Web Browser RPG once again. Been playing regularly ever since.


The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.
- William Arthur Ward
DF  Post #: 1
11/12/2017 10:12:18   
Da Awesomancer

I first started playing DragonFable back in grade school. I can't remember what year I was in, or what year it was at the time. All I do remember was that the kids would show it to one another and get more people to play during our times in the computer lab.

The game had been around for a while when I started playing, the Wind Orb Saga having already been completed, as had a few other arcs. I then played for about half a year before my school decided that games with magic were too "satanic" and blocked it on the school network. I didn't have a good internet connection at home, so I wasn't able to continue playing regularly, and eventually just stopped.

Then, back in 2010, I found myself thinking back on my school activities and remembered the old thing. On a whim, I returned to the site and created a new account, and I've been here since.

Though I do still have a bad habit of just stopping playing for months on end for no other reason than I missed an update, fell out of my schedule, and was just too lazy to get back into it.
DF AQW  Post #: 2
11/12/2017 11:31:02   
S Prime

My relationship with Dragonfable is an odd one, though it seems to be a recurrent theme with it. It's basically that game I play every 2-3 years and then forget about.

Back in the era of cringy modem Internet, I had given AdventureQuest a try but was kinda fed up by how everything was level gated, even with Guardianship, you could barely finish one of the very first story quest without being crazy high level. Then as is usually the case for those games, Dragonfable started showing up in Ads around the Internet, it looked Interesting, so I gave it a shot. It may not have been in beta back then, but Surewould and Elemental Foothills was basically all we had and we liked it! I eventually decided I liked it enough and got myself a Dragon Amulet, a decision which I surprisingly never ended up regretting.

Last time I dropped off was around the middle of the Void Ship saga and the start of Sulen'eska, came back after the Caitiff Saga ended. Took a lot of catching up, but what really surprises me is that I'm still playing right now. The catalyst seems to have been me deciding to do a dragon/class showcase as filler on my YouTube channel. I then decided I needed motivation to get Rank 20 in the Battlespire and that's pretty much what has kept me going since then, despite finding out recently that Book Tree Battlespire is an easier way to farm PVP tokens.

I'm actually really surprised at what I've managed to accomplish this time around, I've hit the level cap, maxed two sets of Doom/Destiny weapons, changed class, actively participated in a war, crazy stuff! My main objective right now, is catching up on yearly events and unlock some of the classes I'm missing, like Frost Moglin, Togslayer and so on...

The Great Pumpkin

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DF  Post #: 3
11/12/2017 13:52:24   
Baron Dante

I didn't quite STOP playing Dragonfable at any point, but around 2014-2015 I kinda hit this point where I wasn't really feeling it, so I just played the weekly releases and got the rares, because I've been playing the game for nearly 11 years now, I couldn't justify stopping.

However, at some point, we started to play text-heavy games with a friend with some high-quality voice-acting by ourselves, and well, Dragonfable sorta hits the bill, in the sense that it's a huge game, and it has text and wacky characters in it.
Go figure, replaying the entire game like that brought me back full force.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
11/12/2017 13:54:34   

For me, Dragonfable was kind of a bonding experience as a kid? Like, me and a few other kids had to spend all our breaks at school cause our parents worked there. So we would sneak into the computer lab and one of us mentioned Adventure Quest, which led to Dragonfable, and the rest was history.
I have real fond memories of us learning how game mechanics worked (like us learning what a 'tank' was or how to spec a character lol)
I think the thing that led to me falling out of Dragonfable was just us...not getting together as much? Like once we hit high school and got into different circles there was just....no point if we couldn't talk about it together.

I honestly can't even remember what led to me getting back into it a few months ago. I think I remembered an old pun and wanted to remember the context so I logged back in and...well, a lot has changed in the 7 yrs I've been gone. I wanted to catch up, see what changed, and wasn't disappointed.

I'm a sucker for a good story and some worldbuilding.
DF  Post #: 5
11/12/2017 14:30:00   

I've only ever been lost to Dragonfable once. In about 09 I discovered MQ and really got into AQ. I stopped playing for nearly a year until I began to find MQ a little rough around the edges and forgot my AQ password. Wasn't able to track down which of my parents' emails I had it logged to and so, weeping for my level 90 char, I returned to the light and haven't stopped since.

(I never recovered that AQ account. Knowing that I have a guardian account out there still haunts me sometimes)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
11/12/2017 14:34:48   

My cousin introduced me to DF in elementary school, and I played for ~2 years before gradually stopping. Then out of the blue, I think about DF 7 years later, come back to it, and really start appreciating the lore, storytelling, and general vibe of the game. I'm a person who needs background and a storyline in any game I play, and DF fit the bill of what I like so well that now I judge other games based on it. Present day I have become pretty invested in the game and community, and really enjoy it's various aspects. BATTLE ON!


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Post #: 7
11/12/2017 16:01:58   

like baron, i never really stopped playing, but i did kind of lose my passion for the game around the time that book 2 started. at that point i had reduced my login time to somewhere between once a month to once a YEAR. buy i was still playing and doing some of the holiday events the entire time(and yes, i did the void ship saga all the way to completion during that period). it wasn't until about halfway through the black winter war that i really started enjoying the game again. i was thinking to myself "hey, i haven't played DF in a while now, i should go check it out......wait, there's a war going on? serenity's dead?!? who's caitiff?!?! our dragon was STOLEN?!?!? what the heck did i miss?!?!" so i did some catch up on the gathering shadows saga, hopped into the war, joined the forums, and here i am today.

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DF  Post #: 8
11/12/2017 16:10:52   
Vanilla Icecream

I started playing the game when I was 10 years old in 2007. I think I was a little too young to understand what I was supposed to do in which order. It was just randomly playing quests in random order for me until I eventually grew tired of it after a couple of years. I still logged in every few months, but I think what the final straw for me was that the AQW account connected to my Dragon Lord DF account got hacked.
Then last year, I was going through my old stuff when I remembered this game. I was kinda surprised and happy at the same time that the game still existed. I replayed all the quests and was impressed by how deep the story had gotten. I'm not much of a heavy gamer, so I still don't play it as often as others, but I try to stay updated this time.
DF  Post #: 9
11/12/2017 17:23:26   


lol I'm glad I wasn't the only one pretending to be 13 yrs old to play the game.
DF  Post #: 10
11/12/2017 20:35:10   

Like a couple others here as well, I never really stopped playing. There were only a few times where I stopped playing for longer than a week. I think the time I lost my first account (Because I was a dumb kid and gave out my password :P) around 8 or 9 years ago was the first time I stopped playing, and I think I stopped for a few months. The last time I stopped playing was a long time ago as well, upwards of 4-5 years ago, and that was for around 6-9 months. I came back and I've been here every week since :)


Shadow Warrior is Best Warrior!



DF  Post #: 11
11/12/2017 21:21:33   

I first started playing back in 2010 shortly after I started playing AQW, if memory serves me right I played for about 3-4 years and stopped when I started playing other games. I played for like a month during that and bookmarked DF. Then during my senior year I saw Dragonfable bookmarked and checked to see if my log in info was still saved, saw that it was, and have been playing weekly ever since.
DF  Post #: 12
11/13/2017 10:37:13   

I've never really stopped playing since I started 11 years ago. There have been periods where I only did the weekly quests thanks to real life, whereas now I'm playing more frequently. Going through the books again has brought back many memories, and I'm reminded why Dragonfable holds a special place in my heart.
AQ DF  Post #: 13
11/13/2017 13:03:47   
wild guy12

At the risk of sounding, well snobbish, I remember when they announced the release of their second game, and signed up for it. I got my Dragon Amulet that new years eve, and it has stayed my favorite Artix Entertainment game since. I have come and gone over that time the first time was after the End of the Orb Saga, I came back while the Dissonance was half way done saw it to the end, and then came back on and off through the Rose Saga. I have to admit it feels like it has grown up with me. It started off with the classic humor, but has grown into this compelling story with great characters and emotional events. I think I'll stick around for awhile this time.
Post #: 14
11/16/2017 15:10:26   

I remember I stopped playing it for a few years, after the Hatching, but before Nythera ever appeared, because the game just kept crashing. I liked it, but I was unable to reliably play for even an hour without it crashing six times. That's one crash per ten minutes spent playing. By the time I came back, the Storm war was completed, but the Rise of the DragonMage had yet to begin, and the game would no longer crash every ten minutes.
DF  Post #: 15
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