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=DF= Design Notes: December 1: Legion Challange at the Arena!

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12/1/2017 18:37:48   

Phantom ArchKnight of AQW GD



December 01, 2017
Legion Challenge at the Arena!

Hey there, Heroes!

Happy December! To start off this month, we have the final section of the Nefarious Challenges board in the Arena at the End of Time!

Your rewards for taking down the creepy Legion Crawler and The Abomination include materials to create the Necro Paragon armor!

The Necro Paragon armor is a reskin of the Necromancer armor, made a while back by the one and only Dage! While there are no mechanical differences between Necro Paragon and Necromancer, Necro Paragon will let everyone know how stylish and awesome you are.

Another reward is the Legion Bracer, which has very strong stats, and may have a future additional use!

There has also been a small update to ShadowWalker of Time testing- weapon spinning has been reduced, and bugs should be fixed.

The Storybook Collection shop has been moved to the Special Shops button in the Book of Lore as well.

Can you take down the Legion Crawler and the Abomination? Can you take down both at the same time? Will you complete your set of Necro Paragon gear?

Good luck!


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Paw printed, and tagged! ~Gingkage

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DF AQW  Post #: 1
12/1/2017 18:48:01   

well. i found my new main class....
DF  Post #: 2
12/1/2017 18:48:12   
Winters Key

I saw this post roughly an hour ago. Luckily I had a Timetorn Sigil, so I just had to beat the two bosses to get the armour (Crawler's easy, the Abomination is extremely annoying with the corruption skill). It's a pretty cool variant!

If any of you guys want to play against my NP character, the ID is 24473678.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 3
12/1/2017 18:49:08   

You still need to fix umbral form eating a shadow charge without it being used, it's messing with my cycles :/
Post #: 4
12/1/2017 18:56:45   
DragonFable Boxcat

Still trying to track that down. Reprogramming it doesn't seem to have worked so it's something a bit more insidious.
AQ MQ  Post #: 5
12/1/2017 19:04:11   

Following up with Chewy905, the charges are still being consumed too soon while in Umbra form. The weapon spinning reduction is a welcome modification. Not one I was concerned about, but it is much more convenient for elemental changing weapons.

I completed both of the challenges individual and will get to the two at once challenge in a bit. I got the class, and I have to admit that I love it far more than I expected. Dage and the Legion has never really been a thing that clicked with me, but I love using the class in DF. Now I haven't used Necromancer in a long time, but it seems like Necro Paragon is significantly more powerful than I remember Necro being? I got a single critical hit of over 1300 non-weakness. Granted, there were a few buffs going at the time, but combined with the Necro's high defense, I kind of feel like this is breaching the boarder of tier 4. Maybe I just got really lucky.

EDIT: Okay, so the class overall does not seem to be as broken as I thought. Just one skill. Apparently, if the class is able to get a summon on Shroud of the Undead, it will deal some pretty wild damage values. Either 0 damage, or over 600 damage. And the elemental immunity effect is still there. This skill alone is kind of crazy. Is it suppose to be working like this?

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Post #: 6
12/1/2017 19:14:09   


nope. that's a bug that happens. and it's not just because you got a summon to go off on it. it's something i noticed while using regular necromancerin the timetorn matrix where if i used a certain skill before using shroud(like rage for example), shroud will suddenly out of nowhere start USING the previously used skill, and deal damage to your enemy using their own element(for example, when i used it vs a heart elemental, it would suddenly deal absurd good damage, despite my weapon being bacon) THEN apply the 140% elemental resistance to you as normal.
DF  Post #: 7
12/1/2017 19:23:42   


Thanks for clearing that up. I am messing around with it a little more, and it seems to be doing all kinds of weird things. Fighting against Tauros (because he is my easy access punching bag), Shroud has thus far dealt over 1,300 damage of my void weapon damage, two hits of 0 NaN damage, a normal summon attack, and it has hit for two hits of 11-30 ice damage. I have no idea where the ice came from. This is bizarre.

Other than that madness, this class is real fun to use. Love the style of it. Even though my character isn't suppose to be undead or legion related, I find that the style matches what I am going for very nicely, being a dark mage knight kind of thing. An instant favorite.

Oh, and look at that, it is already in the Armor Closet!
Post #: 8
12/1/2017 19:30:06   

hmm with my low level account im having bit of trouble with doomcrawler any suggestions ?
Post #: 9
12/1/2017 19:35:24   
necro emperor

Five years ago, I would have snapped this Necromancer variant up in a heartbeat. I played against Winters's NP character and it was a pretty impressive sight.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
12/1/2017 19:36:02   

For the doom crawler you will need guests, take artix and nythera and kill it as fast as possible. If you wait too long his multiple hit attack stacks up enough to kill you in one turn. Fun release, took a while but beat all the challenges, first time i had to use potions.

Also the legion bracer and eternal locket items dont add to the total stats or show any changes, i dont think they are working properly.

And one more thing, when using the skill "Shroud of the undead" against The Abomination, it seems to bounce back its poison stack. Is this intended?

< Message edited by |3onez -- 12/1/2017 19:42:20 >
Post #: 11
12/1/2017 19:44:07   

After many tries the statistics just don't add up. Both monsters land hits that are not critical despite only have 16 bonus after I apply defensive skills that up my defenses to nearly 200 and also when I blind them. Especially with their heavy damage attacks- the game just cheats you in order to make their heavy hits land even though statistically it's not very likely.
Post #: 12
12/1/2017 19:45:02   

frankly its annoying e.e
Post #: 13
12/1/2017 19:52:54   


i'm not quite sure you understand how RNG works. remember, attacks roll out of 180, and the results are pseudo-random. the game isn't cheating, you just hit a bad patch of RNG.



And one more thing, when using the skill "Shroud of the undead" against The Abomination, it seems to bounce back its poison stack. Is this intended?

like i already said, it's a bug that happens with that skill if you use certain skills the turn before, where for some reason, you deal the damage you would normally heal to your opponent using their element, THEN apply the resistance that shroud is supposed to do.
DF  Post #: 14
12/1/2017 20:01:05   

I just said that after multiple tries, the results were all the same. I had +140 defenses on top of my 40 default defenses and they landed every single hit. Plus, other monsters with similar stats do not land the same amount of hits that these monsters do despite having around 16 bonus as well. In addition, the heavy attacks specifically have a higher hit chance than their normal attacks. I can have my defensive skill on and not get hit by their normal attacks but if it's a heavy one every hit will land.The game is cheating. Period. I understand how RNG works and this is not how it works.
Post #: 15
12/1/2017 20:05:00   



The game is cheating. Period. I understand how RNG works and this is not how it works.

this is EXACTLY how RNG works. and no, the game isn't cheating. you just hit a bad patch in your predetermined seed. and bad patches can last for ANY period of time. trust me, i play an idle game that relies heavily on RNG in certain parts, and bad patches can last for hours sometimes(even DAYS).

i've had the EXACT same stats defensively as you, and without blinding them, parried over 75% of their attacks. it's not cheating, it's just random.

whether attacks hit or not(and even what damage they do) is based on RNG, and certain factors that affect the RNG. sometimes, bad patches happen, and no factors can save that. you just have to ride through it until you're in the clear.

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DF  Post #: 16
12/1/2017 20:05:43   

Yes it is difficult but possible, just beat the crawler again with 200 Int/Luck and 20 Cha with no guests. Once you figure out their pattern it becomes easier.
Post #: 17
12/1/2017 20:06:22   

i still havent maneged e.e ugh
Post #: 18
12/1/2017 20:08:26   

You ignored my evidence on how other monsters with the same bonus would miss a lot more than these monsters and how their heavy attacks specifically hit 100 percent. That's not a coincidence. The string of random numbers that the programming uses to simulate randomness would not care if it was a different monster or attack.

Edit: With -60 bonus, the crawler hit 6 straight attacks that weren't critical. Over the course of six battles, the Centaur hits 100 percent of its big damage attack even with +180 defenses and blind applied. The defensive skills actually work for the most part in the beginning of the battle, but as the battles drag on they become less effective. It is a reoccurring pattern that the crawler's hit rate increases over time no matter what defense you have. I wouldn't mind if this was actually how it was programmed, but I hate having the stats lie about this stuff.

< Message edited by Recynon -- 12/1/2017 20:23:16 >
Post #: 19
12/1/2017 20:09:39   
Henius Lon

I'm not saying this is true, but its possible that the heavy hits are guaranteed to hit. It is a challenge after all... (pretty sure they missed on me fairly often though.)
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 20
12/1/2017 20:10:30   

I've beaten both individually, but fighting both at once is difficult as get out. I've tried pretty much everything (Including using sea-weed and hard-tack), and I either get hit with a bad case of RNG with the crawler, or I get one-shotted by the centaur. Defensive classes are useless against them, since they both get stronger overtime, and even DmK can't take them down quickly enough before they overpower me. This challenge is a little ridiculous, IMO. >.<
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
12/1/2017 20:13:40   

yea i feel they need to nerf them a tad bit
Post #: 22
12/1/2017 20:14:02   

I got close to beating the crawler with IBR teamed with Artix and Nythera. I don't think that is quite enough, I need more power.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
12/1/2017 20:14:47   

May I ask, I understand that you don't have the time, nor the resources to make this class with a bunch of unique skills (It is understable, though, consididering how much work you have to deal with the calendar classes already) However, taking in account how hard is to get this "reskin", it wouldn't be better at the very least, that it got some numbers in it skills better than necromancer?

I mean, like if necromancer does 120% in his ATTACK button, Necro Paragon could do 135%, and something like that in all it's skills, it would not be a rework, but it would be quite a nice buff... (Like changing it's shield of BPD to MPM, or instead of giving +140 defenses, it could be +180 or +200...) Overall, a buffed version of Necromancer (Necro Paragon) wouldn't hurt anyone. (Without touching Necromancer armor of course!)

Other solution could be doing this armor a reskin of death knight instead of necromancer (But I understand that it could have some problems with DK beign DA only, some "paladin" based skills that wouldn't have much sense, and some other limitations...)

< Message edited by Hokura -- 12/1/2017 20:36:19 >
Post #: 24
12/1/2017 20:18:51   

death knights really good against the crawler ill say that much.
death knight can bloody stun it lol

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Post #: 25
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