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RE: =DF= Design Notes: December 1: Legion Challange at the Arena!

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12/3/2017 2:26:38   

I finally managed to beat C and C with SWoT, Artix, and Nythera. Managed to do it too with 200 fighting 125 magic trained dragon. I also managed to defeat the Crawler before either of my guests died, but both of them did die before the Centaur fell. The SWoT in a clutch has fantastic damage and stun lock capabilities. It is a difficult fight, going at them both at once, but I managed to do it with almost 1,500 health left.

Oh by the way, does anyone know what the Legion Bracer does exactly? Just curious.
Post #: 101
12/3/2017 2:48:43   


Legion Bracer

Besides giving really good stats, it doesn't do anything special at least right now. Which may change in the future.

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12/3/2017 8:03:07   

I feel this reskin idea is a great one, especially since many people feel dragonfable is getting a few too many classes for the way it's game mechanics are designed. In fact, between that and the newest calendar class, which will release every year but with a different artifact that will change it's gameplay and look, AE has a real basis for solving this problem.

I wonder what is next. A Nulgath themed deathknight skin, perhaps, or a paladin's communicant armor reskin. Perhapse a new Ranger artifact that makes you appear elven and has a more magic based attack, or one for the G.P.S. that turns it into a hot rod.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 103
12/3/2017 9:23:12   


A relic for Ascendant that makes the Rune Animations quicker.
DF AQW  Post #: 104
12/3/2017 9:53:33   

Or... and it's just a thought, they could fix that crap running animation Dmk has had forever. God, the up and down motion on the sword while running is garbage. https://media.giphy.com/media/d47IF8Mzp3tN5Eo8/giphy.gif

Btw I beat the Legion challenges with that Lvl 15 Dmk. It's not hard.

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12/3/2017 13:32:37   

Since these challenges gave us the Necro Paragon, will the next set give us the Pala Paragon ?
Post #: 106
12/3/2017 14:38:07   

Have to admit, Necro Paragon is a sweet reskin of Necromancer! It makes sense and is absolutely gorgeous to look at! I'm not fond of Legion in AQWorlds. Too much of it. But DragonFable does it in much better moderation.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 107
12/3/2017 15:02:17   


highly unlikely, as there isn't a "pala paragon" in the lore(there IS a legion paladin, however, but still unlikely to be made). also, because this was a project that Dage himself had started working on a little over two years ago.
DF  Post #: 108
12/3/2017 15:05:38   

Thanks for the tip to use poison resistance to help outlast the attacks by the Centaur abomination. This was still challenging........ near the end I had the centaur down to 500 and then it healed back to 4000+ and didn't really think I had a chance after that but the poison resistance helped me stay alive long enough to finish. Glad that is done!

DF  Post #: 109
12/3/2017 16:45:04   

I like the armor. While the next challenge might be a summoning gem or trinket for upgraded, I think because its been a while, the NDAs probably going get cape version of whatever been summoned average scaled size or miniscaled-sized on the shoulder.

Like a summoned whatever demon saying something from hmmm...like exactly four Nalmir's Gift spinning around in a magic circle, wielding the updated Legendary Magma series for a chop/bash/daggers basic attack given flames for flair or basic seen red wind rifts like from the Atealan classes.

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DF  Post #: 110
12/3/2017 18:30:46   

Will someone help me step by step on how to beat them together? I can easily take them out 1v1, but together seems a bit hard. I tried the methods posted here, enTropy, SWoT, etc. None of them seems to work.
Post #: 111
12/3/2017 19:23:07   
Sakurai the Cursed

^Bring Mritha and Book 3 Aegis along with you, and use the most offensive class you can (I used Ascendant, but if you're not a Mage then SWoT should work or any other high-tier offensive class). Both guests have both a stun and a shield skill that will affect you too, so keep the Abomination stunned for as long as you can and keep the shields up as much as possible. While the Abomination is stunned, try to keep the Crawler blinded if your class can, otherwise just try to kill him as quickly as possible. Once the Abomination is unstunned, keep him blinded instead so his DoTs don't land as much. Once the Crawler's dead, the Abomination by itself is very easy with those two guests, he never even managed to put a DoT on anyone during my fight with them.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 112
12/3/2017 19:52:05   

What moves does SWoT have to blind them? Can I use DL?
Post #: 113
12/3/2017 20:17:20   


SWoT doesn't have a blind, but it does have two stuns, and a somewhat decent shield. of course, you could always use a trinket that inflicts a blind of you have one.
DF  Post #: 114
12/3/2017 21:59:59   

Finally beat the Undead challenge. I had SWoT, NSTB, Artix and Mritha, and my strategy was to keep the Abomination stunned and keep the pain down on the Crawler as much as possible. After the Crawler goes down, the challenge is pretty much a cake walk. Me and Mritha together could pretty much keep him stunned for the rest of the fight, and when he did get out of the stunlock, I had NSTB to fall back on. The only thing I couldn't stand up against was the Abomination's nuke, but he only managed to do it once because he kept getting stunned :P

This fight made me realize how scary SWoT is. I used Penumbra and Gear to boost my damage, then used Eternity Ray and Final back to back. I'm 99% sure I did almost, if not more than 5000 damage with those two skills alone XD


Shadow Warrior is Best Warrior!



DF  Post #: 115
12/3/2017 22:20:41   
Dark Lord Urmi

hrm.....another challenge i can't win.

on their own sure i can beat them but together it's impossible maybe if cooldowns weren't a thing, there is just nothing i can do.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 116
12/3/2017 23:58:00   
Aura Knight

Seems lots are having trouble with the fight against both, myself included. Strategies mentioned work for a while but at some point, the monsters get the better of me. I can't be sure on which to actually focus on. If I go with the abomination, there's the crawler's annoyingly slow attack that seems to last forever to deal with. Then if abomination is ignored, the poison could just take you out by surprise. I've tried various classes, different combinations of guards, but no luck yet. Best I did was getting abomination down to around 700, but in ignoring the crawler, I eventually lost to its multi hit attack. Another time I got crawler down to 1200 before being beat by the abomination's nuke-like attack. This may not be an impossible challenge as it has been beat but it sure is gonna take more effort to beat it. I just wish the crawler would simply end its attack once its target is dead. I'd hate to lose in two hits and then have to wait for another 10 attacks to happen before I can try again. Attack speed on the multiple hit attack is rather slow too. This is a frustrating challenge but that just means it'll be more satisfying to eventually beat it.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 117
12/4/2017 0:43:40   

@aura knight

yeah, i've actualy ended up mixing several of the offered strategies together. on my last attempt, using lower level versions of zekrom's gear setup(minus the trithril cobble belt, haven't gotten that yet), this recommended turn strategy:


turn 1: Doom (abomination)

Turn 2: decay (crawler)

turn 3: melee (crawler)
turn 4: umbra + penumbra
turn 5: gear of time (crawler)
turn 6: eternity ray (crawler)
turn 7: final (crawler)

and strength's guest set up, with mritha using her shield on turn 1, and stunning the abomination on the turn doom would wear off, and then just rolling with it from there, i actually managed to kill the crawler, and get the abomination down to below half health before i got killed by its second nuke. i feel like if i had higher END than i do currently, i actually could have beaten it, so i'm going to grind out two more levels so i can wear the level 75 comedy mask at least before my next attempt as well as put 10 more points into END(i'll probably hunt for that belt as well, and upgrade the poison ward amulet, to increase my poison/all resist a bit higher).

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DF  Post #: 118
12/4/2017 1:13:36   
Henius Lon

Just to offer another possible strategy, I beat it with book 3 Aegis and Mritha for the stuns, Doomknight, and a bunch of poison resistance. Kept abomination stunned while killing the crawler, then killed abomination. I think both of my guests were dead by the end but I made it through.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 119
12/4/2017 2:10:32   
Aura Knight

Another guest to use that I've not read anyone suggesting is Sir Leon. With a full skillset he can be quite useful. If I hadn't made a mistake and defended with him when I should have, I may have won in my latest attempt. Got crawler to 1500 and had abomination stunned for most of that. Sir Leon + Mritha are the two guests I'll continue trying with since this has given me the most luck so far. This attempt was with the SWoT we can still test, so even if I do beat it, idk if I can with some other class.

Edit: I got so very close to winning. While keeping abomination stunned for most of the fight, I was finally able to defeat crawler. Then focused on the abomination. Lost both my guests and got it down to 1.4k hp. I just needed one more turn for a final skill to win. But, I took 2 poison crits leaving me with 28 hp and then the poison damage finished it. And I was nearly done with this.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 120
12/4/2017 2:59:31   

Really challenging boss fight. My strategy was Baltael's SoulWeaver + Artix and Mritha + Protective Dragon. Without potions, it was pretty close. Luckily, my dragon healed me enough to tank the last attack of 'The Abomination'. Finished up with 56 HP left.
Post #: 121
12/4/2017 16:27:26   
Aura Knight

Using the same strategy as before, I was finally able to beat the challenge. I made a slight error in not including my pet dragon as I planned to do but in the end things turned out alright and I only lost one of my guests. However, right before being defeated, Sir Leon was able to get one final stun in on the abomination and that allowed for my eventual victory. I've beaten it using the ShadowWalker of Time we can test but this seems like the type of challenge to try with various classes.

Strategy: Stun abomination and keep it stunned as long as possible. SWoT and the two guests make this easy enough with maybe 1-2 turns where the abomination is free to attack. Focus damage on crawler and defend as much as possible. Keep guests alive as long as you can. At the very least, they could take a few hits for you. I was also using the blade of awe replica and quite a few times it activated the heal effect. Having skills that hit multiple times is nice. In the end, I was left with around 1200 hp, which is a bit over half. And Mritha was left with 500 or so. I really think Sir Leon + Mritha are the two guests to use for this challenge. Artix as a guest is alright but he doesn't offer much. With a full skillset, Sir Leon allows for more to be done. There might even be a better guest than Mritha to use but this set up worked for me and maybe it could work for you too.

Now, to try with other classes starting with base class. I expect to fail.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 122
12/4/2017 17:07:44   

can someone explain to me why when i use shroud on necromancer against the crawler, he starts hitting me for light damage, instead of his attacks healing me in minus evil damage? way to nerf the necromancer in this challenge. a stupid decision if made voluntarily in my opinion.
Post #: 123
12/4/2017 17:22:46   


actually, it's pretty clever, because it measn the AI is smart and will hit us for whichever of its elements we're weakest against. it's not so much a "nerf to necromancer" as it is a general nerf to having high evil resistance, thus making you have to strategize more instead of just going "all right, imma crank up my evil and all resist to the max and just wail on this guy", which is a good thing, since this is supposed to be a challenge.

all of the challenge bosses so far had some sort of gimmick to them that gave you incentive to think more outside the box from normal gameplay, which is great by a gameplay standpoint because it encourages more strategic thinking and skill, and makes sense from a LORE perspective as well, as the inn's challenges are supposed to be making us stronger and better fighters on what is basically an instinctive level as well as physically.

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 12/4/2017 17:25:54 >
DF  Post #: 124
12/4/2017 17:30:09   

eh, i disagree. For me that ability is a core part of necromancer's ability of outlasting his opponent. Nerfing that ability in this fight is just stupid. Now if the crawler in general just hits you with an element you are least resistant against then it's fine. But if it's just this skill of necromancer being nerfed then no. Why even give him that skill if you are going to render it useless in the future. this means one important ability is useless in this challenge. Necromancer's damage being semi decent, i'd say it would be challenging enough regardless. Anyways, opinions amiright

Moving on, has anyone done the either challenges without any guests? If so what classes did you accomplish this with and what pet?

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