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RE: =DF= Design Notes: December 1: Legion Challange at the Arena!

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12/4/2017 17:30:50   

For those of you who are non-DA players like me, these bosses are probably one of the hardest challenges so far. I'd suggest taking Ranger class and focusing on maxing the venom and then cycling Spotter > Powershot > Multi. If you are against Abomination, stun whenever you can. Take your draco as your pet (Preferably 200 protection and 200 fighting) As non-DAs sadly can't get book3 Artix and Nythera, I went with Kara and Ash. Check if you can get Mritha instead of Ash but I think you can't take Mritha out of the Sulen Eska quest with you. You'll need to have some luck and max level potions. This way you can defeat both bosses individually after some try. But defeating them together? I am afraid that just seems impossible for non-DA players.
Post #: 126
12/4/2017 17:53:22   



Check if you can get Mritha instead of Ash but I think you can't take Mritha out of the Sulen Eska quest with you.

mritha is a DA only guest, but she CAN be taken out of the dragon rose war, as several people (Myself included) have attepted this challenge with her, and she's a pretty darn effective guest.


I am afraid that just seems impossible for non-DA players.

still almost impossible for DA players as well, actually, unless you do a LOT of preparation beforehand. and even then, it's still pretty dang hard.
DF  Post #: 127
12/4/2017 17:57:06   
Aura Knight

I tried the challenge with rogue. Failed, as expected. Only got crawler to 7500 hp before eventually losing. I even tried dragonslayer. Did a little better as I was able to get crawler to 6400 hp but lost shortly after. I'm gonna try cryptic with the same setup as when I used SWoT. Hope I can win with it this time. This fight is hard enough as a DA. I can't even begin to imagine how bad it is for non-DA.

As a guest, aren't non-DA able to use Sir Leon from The Shears? Since adding him to my group, I was able to do a lot better in most attempts. Mritha is still a guest I can't find a replacement for just yet.

Kara and Rolith have stuns but I'm not sure if either would be good to have.

Ascended Chickencow came close. Got crawler to 700 and abomination beat me with its poison nuke. There must be a class that can do this that isn't SWoT.

Also beat the challenge with Deathknight. I did have to use one food item though and that was the Rotten Hardtack. Same strategy as before. Keep abomination stunned as long as possible and take down crawler before it becomes a problem. If anyone has a non-DA strategy that's successful, I'd love to hear it. I've tried but can't do it.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 128
12/5/2017 3:07:09   

@Aura Night
I was able to take both of them down with Cryptic with no potions and above 70% health, use Nythera and Mritha.
Cryptic has a very strong defense setup, Use Stun on Abomination first, use Mritha's turn to increase defense, give Crawler the best damaging attack that Nythera has got (Void Spear, and other heavy fire attacks as well as keep absorbing health back whenever you get the chance).
Keep attacking crawler and take him down in the minimum number of turns cause he gets stronger every turn, after your 3 turn stun gets over use earthbound by Nythera on abomination and after that turn stun abomination again with mirtha and keep your defenses up with Illusion and Stealth. Use blind on abomination if you have cooldowns on your stun attacks and use every move at your disposal to keep crawler from executing those multi moves. And whenever you go below 50% hp , try to use illusion and use the Steal Potion move because it definitely worked for me, you might miss once but generally it hits (given the 50% chance). Abomination should not be that big of a problem if you keep stunning and blinding him.
I feel like cryptic is much better than deathknight or necro in this challenge because of the extreme defense capabilities and really good crit damage, my cryptic kept giving almost 800 damage on throw and around 1000 with rapid (my crit was 57). I used the same setup that is on my character page just Blade of Aww was shown instead of destiny weapons.
SWoT was also able to do it but had a much more tighter window of attack.
Sir leon is helpful but i prefer Nythera becuase she has healing moves (2 of them) and potions to go with em, mritha is very useful because of her stun and sheild, plus she damages around 300+ every three turns with her second skilll.
It took me quite a few tries, i played the challenge with Necro, Paladin, SWoT, Deathknight, Dragonlord (No artifacts), Soulweaver (i barely missed abomination with this armor as he nuked me right at the end) and even Paragon armor (even though it is same as necromancer), Ascended ChickenCow (got rekt by abomination again).
For non-da, i really think its next to impossible without having insane real life luck and the character missing all the attacks throw at them by those two. Other helpful guests would be Aegis and use good ice weapon because aegis weakens enemies to ice and any other npc with decent attack moves and the ability to stun and if possible also those who reduce the bonus by -50 or more.
DF  Post #: 129
12/5/2017 3:59:58   
Aura Knight

I'll try that with Cryptic. Got close a few times but lost both guests and when that happens, game over. I was only able to beat the challenge with 2 classes. One of which is the calendar one we are still able to test. The reason I prefer Sir Leon as a guest is because he has a stun as well so between myself, him and mritha, abomination does next to no damage for a long time. Crawler is just a nuisance. I was also using my pet dragon. Only has 135 to protection but that helped enough.

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 130
12/5/2017 5:30:56   

@Aura Knight You can use MSW with aegis and Mritha as guests, their defense abilities definitely benefit your longevity in battle while Aegis and Mritha's stuns and MSW's Soul Banish attack and Soul Vacuum "stun" greatly helps in battle. I've managed to defeat C&C with it. Why not give it a try?
AQW  Post #: 131
12/5/2017 9:41:54   

ugh. Still no luck with the double boss fight. Got close with double Ice Katana specials proc on both of them, ending with Abomination with 3000~ health but that's all I've managed. I guess I'll need to level to get more damage on the table
DF AQW  Post #: 132
12/5/2017 10:38:02   


You can get her against Saellah with non-DA while you are playing as Draco but I suppose she doesn't stay. Need to try it tho
Post #: 133
12/6/2017 9:54:47   

After getting my dragon hide handed to me for the nth time I broke down and took Zekrom5's advice on how to beat the darn thing. Thanks btw Zekrom5. If we ever cross paths in some inn somehwere, I'd like to buy you some Moglinberry Juice.

I'm a level 83 Dragon Amulet Holder. I used ShadowWalker of Time and used the Ultra Omniknight Blade, Necro Paragon Cape III, Golden Dravir Helm, Spiked Ring, Poison Ward Amulet IV, Trithril Cobble Belt, and the Summon Honda Trinket. I ended up with 65 Poison resistance and 22 All Resistance. It was tough to farm for the Cobble Belt and Scorpiarc Venom for the necklace most of all, took so many tries.

I brought along Stan the ScanOrb, Mrithra, and Sir Leon. My strategy was to kill the Creeper first and defeat the Abomination afterward. I am now the proud owner of the Legion Bracer! Haha!

There's a lot I want to discuss further but frankly I'm tired and it's almost 11 PM where I am. I'll leave that for another day. Battle on adventurers!

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"No I'm not really the wisest."
DF AQW  Post #: 134
12/6/2017 10:52:00   

Did it at level 28 using Mritha and Artix as guests and ChronoZ armor. Full end for stats, otherwise it would have been almost impossible.
Post #: 135
12/6/2017 11:41:42   

did the opposite. Reset my stats to max str for the extra damage. Got lucky with Ice Katana again, which proc'd on Crawler on turn 2 or something which allowed for Aegis and I to burst it down. Chained Stuns on Abomination as much as possible so it couldn't do a single nuke and in the end, took it down with 600~ HP to spare
DF AQW  Post #: 136
12/6/2017 13:13:28   
Aura Knight

Has any non-DA beat the challenge yet?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 137
12/6/2017 17:06:10   
Dark Lord Urmi

ARGHHHH stupid crawler and its infinite attacks that go through EVERY defensive move! whats the point of skills that block if enemies go through them with full damage?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 138
12/6/2017 17:32:51   

@dark lord urmi

it doesn't always go through them, though. in my experience, the defensive skills are successful more often than not unless it uses the hand stabby thing. the continuous slap attack almost always misses when i use whatever defensive skill my party has, unless it gets a crit and i don't have high M/P/M.
DF  Post #: 139
12/6/2017 17:45:52   
Dark Lord Urmi

hrm does mithra no longer defend you then?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 140
12/6/2017 18:48:20   

Anybody know if there's a reward from the challenge of both the Crawler and the Centaur, or is it just bragging rights?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 141
12/6/2017 18:52:09   

@dark lord urmi

by "low M/P/P" i mean specifically when mritha's shield skill isn't active. or any defensive skill that increases M/P/M. my stnadard M/P/M when i don't have it buffed by a skill is currently around 40-ish, which isn't enough to prevent the crawler from slapping me to death. when mritha uses her shield, it's an almost guaranteed miss in my experience. and when i use a B/P/D buffing skill, unless a crit lands, it tends to be successful aside from the critical success roll that happens occasionally, and the crawler's poke attack which seems to ignore defenses from my experience. but since that's its weakest attack otherwise, it getting through really doesn't matter.
DF  Post #: 142
12/6/2017 19:25:20   


Legion Bracer
DF  Post #: 143
12/7/2017 19:42:41   

@Aura Knight

I will probably give the duo challange a try as a non-DA after my midterms are over. Ranger is probably going to be the best choice again. I am pretty happy that Ranger is now so much more of a strategy class as it is my fav <3 Necro might also be nice a bit but I do think that the only armor which has the chance to defeat this challange for a non-DA and non-DC armor user is Ranger.

By the way, does anyone know if I can get book3 Artix without a DA? Also, anybetter Guest B than Ash for non-DA again? Kara is probably the best for Guest A right now (Will try Leon too but he will be worse than Kara I believe as I need nuke in this challange and Leon's final has a huge cd while Kara's is very low. Aegis might be another try.) but Ash is pretty useless... If only I could get Aegis on B...
Post #: 144
12/7/2017 20:07:06   
Aura Knight

Can't book 1 Artix work for you? I assume guests scale to player level. And the Artix from Book 1 does have a heal. Also, Sir Leon having mostly warrior skills means you have access to another stun. If there's a guest for slot B that nonmembers can use, one that could stun it'd be great. Maybe Zhoom?

Also, why is Ranger a good option for a non-DA to attempt the challenge? The left side skills offer no defense aside from the stun skill. I don't get it. I would think a class that offers things like a shield, blind, and stun for non-DA would be better.

< Message edited by Aura Knight -- 12/7/2017 23:38:13 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 145
12/8/2017 4:36:14   

@Aura Knight

The reason is mostly the nice damage overall, thanks to the crit bonus and extra rounds; two nice multi skills with low CD and nice damage; An insanely powerful DoT (when stacked), low CDs overall and the low CD stun (not originally low but your extra rounds will almost cut its CD to half.

When playing ranger (as non-DA) one goes completely offensive and lets the guests tank generally. And having a baby dragon with 200 protection helps a lot on making up for your lack of defense.

And I can't remember if we have any classes which can blind, stun and defend for non-DA (Except for base classes ofc) I tried the challange with ECWL tho and it was a terrible experience. Defend didn't even work any properly.

If Book1 artix can be taken as guest B (I think he can be) I will try him. But there are really very little guests we can take as Guest B. I will also change Kara with Lion but I don't think it will be an as good Guest as Kara. I am very sad that book 3 Ash got nerfed so much (I am not comparing with Book 1 Ash tho, just the old Book 3 Ash ;D IIRC, he was much more powerful than now) while they made Artix an insane nuker in book 3...

< Message edited by xelessarx -- 12/8/2017 4:37:19 >
Post #: 146
12/8/2017 6:05:07   
Fire alandry

Frostval is near, so... maybe Frost Moglin would work? Didn't try it in the last few years, but it does have a full skillset.
DF  Post #: 147
12/8/2017 10:48:25   


Yeah, I can't argue with that. Ranger's power relies on DoT and extra turn bonus.
As a non-DA it's worth a try to use ranger to beat the legion challenge. Abomination can be beaten if you successfully managed to use stun skill well (I invited Zhoom and Valencia). Meanwhile Legion Crawler is the tough one with increasing hit as its HP lowered, so just hope for the best (with the help from Zhoom and Artix (bookI)).

Maybe one of these weapon can help you with the 5% trigger chance on normal attack.
Sir Leon (maybe) can be used to replace Zhoom for Legion Crawler challenge with his great damage, though I never tried it.
DF  Post #: 148
12/8/2017 11:07:00   

Those weapons would work if I was near level 48. I believe I might try to put an attack on somewhere on my skill cycle next time and put that weapon only when I am going to use the attack. Though this strategy depends very heavily on luck.

I think I will give Zhoom a try along with Kara or Lion. Stun CDs are going to be the biggest issue I believe.

And I was actually talking about the challenge against the two at the same time. I could beat others already.

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Post #: 149
12/8/2017 11:21:24   
Aura Knight

Can't pet dragon have points in Protection and Mischief? Those two seem great for a support role. Alongside your class stun, is there no trinket a non-DA could use which stuns or at least blinds? I didn't have that but could be an option. Between myself, Mritha and Sir Leon, we could keep the abomination stunned for most of the fight. The problem was keeping guests alive. Crawler can sometimes take a full hp guest down to 0 in one turn. I want to try the challenge again but I doubt I have the patience for it.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 150
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