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RE: =DF= Design Notes: December 1: Legion Challange at the Arena!

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12/8/2017 11:30:03   
Silver Sky Magician


I don't think non-DAs can use trinkets at all.

Non-DA ranger seems pretty terrible to me. Ranged Focus is interesting but it's only good in long boss fights, in which case you'd probably prefer some defensive options instead like Necromancer or Paladin.

Epic  Post #: 151
12/8/2017 11:37:01   
Aura Knight

Defensive options are somewhat wasted if the monsters can hit past your high defenses anyway. It's likely better to focus on increasing your resists to dark and poison.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 152
12/8/2017 12:26:47   

^This exactly. And rather than healing a bit occasionally (which is even lesser than what these bosses deal), have normal amount of damage and high cd stuns, having some nukey power and low cd stun is more useful IMO

And also about mischief, I find it a bit useless except for the stun and even then it is a one round stun. Fighting helps better with its great DoTs and tiny stun chance, helping at nuking down. I don't give any other points at any other skills as it decreases the chance that Draco uses his DoTs or Protection skills

@Silver Sky

If you invest enough points at END with ranger you generally can overwhelm more bosses than you can with Necro or Paladin as even though they have defensive skills they are far behind at damage output that they can't kill strong bosses in a little amount of rounds and get killed anyway while a Ranger can finish the battle much quickly and face some damage at the same time.

Necro and Paladin are better at
-Bosses with normal damage output and high hp
-Bosses which have imobbility resistance and charging abilities which can't pass through your defense

While ranger is better at nuking bosses with high damage or high hp but low damage. And especially the bosses which have scaling damage over time like in this challange.

Overall, I'd say Ranger is more useful at killing more radical bosses.

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Post #: 153
12/8/2017 16:13:38   

From what I am seeing, was it cheap of me to use aegis, me as an Icebound Revenant, the necsnowmancer, and my dragon, all using ice? It was extremely easy.
Post #: 154
12/8/2017 16:39:20   


the shrink effect is super useful. as is the all resist reduction. it can also reduce the opponent's bonus, and their boost. all of which are incredibly useful survival skills when paired with protection.


well, since this challenge is borderline impossible without the perfect setup(which even THEN has varying results of success) even for DA-holders, using IBR is a perfectly acceptable way of dealing with this fight.
DF  Post #: 155
12/8/2017 18:05:35   

^Shrink is only a %10 effect and it is not stackable. Even then, I am not sure if the bosses are shrinkable. I believe they were not? The other skills might worth it tho, so I might also give it a try maybe.
Post #: 156
12/8/2017 18:09:00   


someone earlier posted an image of them shrunk. and a 10% reduction on the amount of damage you have to do is pretty big, since you have to spend 10% less turns on the fight. at level 73, they have 11k max health each. shrinking cuts that down to 9.9k health. that's a whole lot more manageable. and considering their bonus,boost, and all resist can get nerfed alongside it, mischief is debatably one of the best skills your dragon can have.

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DF  Post #: 157
12/9/2017 11:50:07   

^Hmm... That actually sounds pretty good. Didn't know that shrink decreased the max hp, this itself is a pretty nice reason to invest points in mischief. Along with all the bonuses, I will definitely give it a try!

I can't find a guest B which can stun for non-DA :/ Can someone help me find that special person? :P Tried Zhoom but he only becomes a guest A :(

< Message edited by xelessarx -- 12/9/2017 15:24:25 >
Post #: 158
12/9/2017 17:02:16   

Riadne can stun the enemy for one turn and she is a guest B. You should try with her.
DF  Post #: 159
12/9/2017 17:28:58   


1 round stun is not enough tho :( Leon + Artix combo is better for now as Artix debuffs the light resistance (Crawler is a bigger problem I think so I try to nuke it first)

So far with ranger + Full skill Protection, Fighting, Mischief Draco + Leon and Artix + some random stat and build I could get crawler's hp to 1000s and Abomination's to 6000s


I might give it a try then hmm..

< Message edited by xelessarx -- 12/9/2017 17:51:44 >
Post #: 160
12/9/2017 17:44:48   

Riadne has an increasing damage DOT though. Really good on long fights.
Post #: 161
12/9/2017 17:52:14   


Did you try with the temporary frozen claymore?
I got the crawler´s hp to almost 0 with full magic ECC + frozen claymore + Stan orb + Book 3 Aegis and Riadne. I didn´t use my dragon pet because i noticed that it´s mischief debuff resets the frozen claymore one.
DF  Post #: 162
12/9/2017 18:27:54   

^No I did not. That might work better! I don't know how to get Riadne out of quests and how to get book3 Riadne at all. She was locked when I checked.


I was trying to get her from the Gate quest. I see now! Will give it another try tomorrow.

And most importantly, isn't there anyway that I can get Aegis to guest B ;_; If I can, I believe I will beat the challenge. Or Leon or Kara? No? :(

Edit: Gosh, I am getting even closer. Crawler dead, Abomination 6000 hp
And I believe it is quite possible to be succesful if you can full stat END at first and then get your guests. Then if you stat yourself back to your more optimal stats and maybe get some extra potions with base class' artifact before the fight. I am too lazy to do that tho. And I don't wanna waste my golds untraining and training like that :P

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Post #: 163
12/9/2017 18:35:33   

You can get her in Altar Hill (Book 1 Ravenloss saga)

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DF  Post #: 164
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