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RE: What Would Happen If....?

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12/29/2017 17:24:51   


Technically we did, but I'm guessing we'd have just let it be unless Seppy came for it or we needed it.

What if the Hero had kept the blade ofAwe for them self instead of hiding it?(Note: It seems to be much more powerful in DF than it is in AQ.)
AQ DF  Post #: 26
12/29/2017 17:30:16   

Probably we would have less issues defeating our enemies from then on but nothing really changes we still defeated them after all.

What do you think we rank among our other selves in the inn beyond time?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 27
12/29/2017 17:36:58   

The bacon orb so early on would initially appear to be a quite useful artifact to already have in our possession...however, due to Sepulchure's network of spies, he'd soon find it and simply add it to his list, which in turn would make the Doom Dragon that more powerful, assuming that the Bacon Orb could be added to the Ultimate Orb's power. With the power of the Bacon Orb no longer useful against SMUDD, it'd soon become clear that we'd need another weapon to take it down; likely the power of Void Dragons, I can imagine, though if worse came to worse I'm sure the avatars would lend their aid; particularly Voidstar.

EDIT: I'd assume that we'd be considered weaker by those who'd done better in their respective universes, and stronger by those who had consistently failed.

What would happen if both Sepulchure and The Hero decided to destroy their respective Dragon Eggs in an attempt to destroy the prophecy itself?

< Message edited by OpprobriousPinecones -- 12/29/2017 17:38:37 >
Post #: 28
12/29/2017 18:28:08   

OP: SMUDD specifically said he was MORE powerful than Voidstar, so...

Anyway, to your question:
The prophecy would be destroyed. Seppy would've still gathered all orbs, and they'd still be taken by Drakath, who would in turn be taken over by MS. However, without Fluffy, he'd probably take a smaller, humanoid form, but with roughly the same amount of power.
With the ultimate bacon orb at our disposal, the combined powers of us and Seppy would be great, but without Fluffy's advice, we'd have no knowledge of how to defeat the SMUDL. He'd eventually kill us and either take control of the planet, get stopped by the avatars, or have to face Wargoth later on (I guess SMUDL would've won).


Zorbak would find the remains of the destroyed eggs and create baby dracoliches from Fluffy & "Draco", sending them to help us in the decisive moment. We'd ride along with Seppy on two dracoliches to fight SMUDL with the ultimate bacon orb, and defeat him. The bacon orb would allow us to restore the flesh to the dracoliches, returning them to life. We'd end with an uneasy truce between us and Seppy.

What if Caitiff had fully awoken Kathool while studying it?
DF  Post #: 29
12/29/2017 18:52:31   

Nothing will change again because Kathool can be defeated as he was defeated before by our dragon and Aquela as all the elements are still here.

Do any of you think the Rose knows rival nation that opposes the Shapless empire and ask for its help if an war starts?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 30
12/30/2017 2:34:17   

The Rose seems kinda clueless about the other continent, but during the course of the upcoming war I'm sure that will change quickly. At that time they may, but expect an expedient betrayal.

Can powerfully weapons of an alternate element, like the Awe weapons and Ice katanas, be corrupted into Doom Weapons? And, more importantly, what would you call the corrupted Awe weapons. The Necrotic Blade of Awe? The Awefull Blade of Doom?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 31
12/30/2017 7:55:10   

I don't see why they couldn't be periodically corrupted. However, I imagine it'd take an extremely powerful Darkness spirit to actually corrupt it significantly; take the Frozen Claymore, for instance. If a Darkness Spirit inhabited it (let's say a relatively weak one), it would probably just still weaken Akriloth and use the power of darkness in tandem with ice, instead of solely the power of darkness or ice.

As for the Blade Of Awe, I feel like the same thing would occur; you could still implant Elemental Orbs into it to enhance it's power, though the power of earth, fire, wind, energy, etc. would probably only be, again, somewhat augmented by darkness instead of being completely pure. This would somewhat stifle it's power against beings with resistance to darkness, but granted since it's still the Blade Of Awe you're using, it'll probably still be able to seriously wound them anyway. An exception for this, I imagine, were to be if you implanted the Light or Darkness orb into the blade; Darkness would probably not only work great with the darkness spirit dwelling within the blade (good thing for it, bad thing for us), it might even soak up some of the darkness now flowing throughout the blade and become stronger from it. If it managed to completely fuse with you in this state...well, you're doomed. And everybody else. Same thing if it managed to do so with any other orb (aside from Light) happened to be in the orb. You'd get a being 1 part darkness spirit, 1 part legendary artifact, and 1 part human.

If you just popped in the Light orb, though, I think that the darkness spirit lurking within the blade would pretty much be instantly annihilated. Maybe if it's stronger, it might be able to escape the blade in time, but there's no way the spirit is going to stay into the blade. Good question, though; really makes you think. As for the name? I'd probably call it the Blade Of Dread, maybe?


What would happen if we'd managed to rescue Sepulchure immediately after he was betrayed by the Mysterious Stranger, and enlisted his help directly afterwards?
Post #: 32
12/30/2017 8:25:17   

Nothing much to be fair he is an doom knight who uses darkness against an mass of darkness that was SMUDD so no help at all. That being said he does does look like hes ungrateful and holds an ton of hate towards the hero for some reason so later he will not do anything to help us.

Does the presence of Faust the only human for now known to keep up with the hero fair and square means that the of humans of Greenguard or better said the Land of Dragons is underperforming in individual strength?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 33
12/30/2017 10:06:50   

About Seppy, I don't think you're right. He did help us in the fight against SMUDD, and later sent us the letter about the cloak scrap and also purified our dragon.

Anyways, about your question: I've been thinking about that, and I was surprised that it seems you're right- The only humans ever to truly challenge/defeat the hero had some sort of extremely powerful magical assistance (orbs, special weapons, etc.).
The only exceptions I can think about are Akira, Xan in the Wrath of Xan war (Although he's more an elemental than human by then), Jaania (who seems to be SOMEHOW on the same league as Xan or even stronger, although she was frozen as a simple apprentice), and we never fought Valen before he became Seppy.

I highly doubt the humans of our continent are weaker in any way, and one Azaveyran who kept up with us (partially- the fight didn't end) doesn't say anything about the entire continent. Also, Faust's name possibly means he does have some kind of outside power which strengthens him.

What if we had exposed the MS and destroyed it with a light weapon (easy, probably) long before the end of book 1?

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DF  Post #: 34
12/30/2017 14:37:59   

Well then book 1 would have ended the moment we beat Dragon Drakath and there will be no Wargoth because Warlic will not need to hold an shield of light and no Wargoth means no freed Jaania which means no frozen hero which means no Rose. So I guess it will be an better place.

If the hero can resurrect someone which is not out of the question yet who do you think it will be?

< Message edited by dragon_monster -- 12/30/2017 14:39:02 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 35
12/30/2017 15:21:43   


I don't know if Jaania would be our equal in a straight up brawl. She turned on us suddenly after defeating Wargoth, likely surprising the Hero. If the Hero knew something was up we potentially could have dodged or blocked the attack, but without knowledge we were sitting ducks. Treachery seems to be our greatest weakness.

Faust is also inhumanly fast. With red eyes. Wearing clothes that seem to be from the future?
I don't think that's just from hitting the gym every day.
Post #: 36
12/31/2017 9:55:57   

@Dragon_Monster- Honestly, I don't think he'd resurrect anyone. Serenity asked not to be resresurrected, and the only other one I can think of to save would be Demento (Did you know he was a Guardian in AQ? I did not), and, considering all that's happened in the 8-9 years he's been dead, I think it would be better to leave him with a warrior's death than to make him a man out of place in the new world.

This is sort of an unintentionally shameless tie-in to my own thread, "Keeping Falconreach Clean", but I'll ask anyway just because I'm curious: what do you think will be the side-affects from having a giant dracolich, countless undead hordes, whatever artifacts that may have not been recovered from the Guardian Tower, Caitiff goo, and Kathoolian magic in our town's water supply? Especially since that same water supply now provides for an incredible number of magical creatures?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
12/31/2017 23:25:58   
Dark Lord Urmi

honestly brotherinlaw i think there is nothing going on with the town trophy and unless the staff decides to do something with it we have nothing to worry about.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 38
1/1/2018 5:39:23   

dragon_monster, brotherinlaw: The hero would resurrect Tomix.

What if Kordana had all her power brought back, instead of only being able to activate in short bursts?
DF  Post #: 39
1/1/2018 14:52:18   

Two things:

One, resurrection requires a soul. Most important part. Otherwise, you haven't resurrected them, just made an identical, blank copy. ...Kinda weird ...Don't do that.
Tomix's soul however is MIA, and we don't know what happened. Basically, the two main theories (that I know of) are that a) Tomix is erased from existence completely. The Void Core annihilated every aspect of him (this one is depressing). Or, b) he has been partially reborn in the body of Poitr.* Either way, the soul that we would recognize as Tomix is ...unavailable at the moment. Thus, resurrection of our favourite Soulweaver seems to be impossible. Of course, the point stands that the Hero WOULD resurrect Tomix if possible. Just wanted to give clarity though.

Two, why IS Kordana only able to work in short bursts? Has it ever been stated?

*The Great and Mighty Dove could also decide that Tomix's soul got turned into a chocolate Doom Weapon**, so take nothing as canon-fixed yet.
**It was just a-kidding Dove. Haha. Heh...
Post #: 40
1/1/2018 20:41:26   

If not Tomix, we can resurrect many others. Celestia. The kid Yashta killed. Fluffy. Yix (although he doesn't need that as much).

Also, do we know if Grams is still alive? We last saw her at the final 13th.

But you know who my #1 vote for resurrection would be? Lynaria. Think about it for a moment.
DF  Post #: 41
1/1/2018 20:47:31   

Yeah in one of the latest quests with the rose lead orphanage one of the caretakers there looks very very exactly like Granny. You know its very possible she could have survived many bugs fly after all.

Now Lynaria does not work the Hero has no idea who she is why would the Hero want to resurrect her?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 42
1/1/2018 21:05:43   

Right, forgot about the orphanage.
About Lynaria- obviously the hero has no idea, but if somehow they did resurrect her anyway we'd have Seppy's eternal gratitude (instead of the grudging truce we get now).

Steel_King: I don't think we really know what's going on with Kordana. Obviously she has only little power left after losing the wind orb, but she (it? I'll stick with she) recently took part in a world-deciding fight against SMUDD (super mega ultra doom Draco), so I'm not sure what to take from the whole thing. That's why I asked.
DF  Post #: 43
1/1/2018 21:20:17   

guys, we're getting sidetracked from the original point of this thread:


Rules are simple. I ask a question, next person gives their best answer and poses one of their own, then the next person does the same, and so on. Fairly simple. If you wanna dispute an answer given by the previous bloke, you can either make another thread based solely on that question/answer, or just keep it short (1-2 sentences preferably) in your response to their question. Case in point, this is not the place for those kind of arguments.
DF  Post #: 44
1/2/2018 5:04:14   

Yeah, alright. I"m still waiting for an answer about Kordana.
DF  Post #: 45
1/5/2018 10:44:20   
Grandpa Oz
How We Roll Winner


What if Kordana had all her power brought back, instead of only being able to activate in short bursts?

It would be an even nicer ally, but nothing invincible that couldn't be brought down by the right means (like the Popsprocket Titan).
Maybe we could use her to break the Siege on Atrea or something like that though.

WHAT IF... Kara decided to ally with the Magesterium during their (presumed upcoming) invasion?
DF AQW  Post #: 46
1/5/2018 17:25:33   
wild guy12

If Kara did such a thing I believe it would cause a division between the Resistance forces since some of the others leaders in the group are very loyal to her. While others are only fighting to remove a tyrant, and could see this as trying to replace one with another. It would also put alot more stress on the hero since kara has apparently become a close confidant to them.

My question, probably asked before on another thread, what would be different if the Hero was a little bit faster and avoided Jaania's Freeze spell?
Post #: 47
1/5/2018 19:25:37   

The hero would attack, but Jaania would probably get away using magic. However, the hero would (almost) immediately unfreeze Warlic and Xan.

Jaania would still try to fight magic, but with the hero around to take care of most problems, she won't get the chance to become so influential (the world will have less unsolved magic problems, and the hero would counteract her attempts), she'll have to resort to anti-magic terrorism and guerilla warfare.
Since the heroes, guardians, and king's soldiers would remain on the same side, we wouldn't have any extra difficulties handling any threats, including Valtrith or Caitiff (although it wouldn't get easier).

If there would be no Amadeus- since Seppy wouldn't hide within the ranks of the rose- perhaps our dragon wouldn't get fully purified from Caitiff's doom.

What if we sided with the most powerful parties capable of protecting the orbs, when possible? Let Sek-Duat keep the light orb and have total control of the Sandsea, leave the darkness orb inside Vayle, convince Trey to work with fight with us against the entropy dragon, and do nothing when Simas Prime flew to space with the energy orb?
DF  Post #: 48
1/5/2018 19:47:56   

^ Xan would still take Dracolich Akriloth into space, then he'd beat Simas prime and have the energy orb as well as the fire orb.

What if... the hero had opened that chest in the inn's attic when dealing with the Spirits in the Inn. You know, the one Caitiff was in? That one. What if the Hero had found that last doom weapon years ahead of schedule?
DF  Post #: 49
1/5/2018 20:07:13   


The Hero, already having a doom or destiny weapon, would have taken it to Artix to be purified and granted to someone else who wished to be a paladin, and Serenity wouldn't have been driven mad by Caitiff's influence. However, Valtrith would have still kidnapped her and devoured her soul for his rebirth, this time, not having Caitiff to serve as his right hand and eventual betrayer. Perhaps he would have put Opprobrious in her body instead, but he wouldn't be very powerful in Serenity's body, and Valtrith would quickly discard of him. Our dragon would never have been corrupted by doom, so Amadeus would never have to purify them, but this means that whatever was unlocked when he did would stay locked.

What would happen if our dragon had let Aegis break us out of our ice prison early?
DF  Post #: 50
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