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RE: Who is the strongest character in DragonFable?

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1/9/2018 6:04:16   


I disagree with the idea that it hasn't healed. Consider that, when he was draining our dragon and his "disguise" flickered, the Hero didn't say anything. We, in-lore, have no idea that Amadeus is Sepulchure. You could argue that we were too busy looking at our dragon, but Amadeus was directly across from us, and I think it'd be hard to miss someone flashing in to our arch-rival. No, I think that the "disguise" isn't a disguise, but was a "THIS IS WHO HE IS HEY GUYS LOOK" from the staff, in case people didn't clue in to who he is yet. But that leads me to another point-

If we go with your idea that it's a disguise, and Sepulchure hasn't healed the chest-hole, that means he's continuing to function with a massive hole in his chest, directly through the middle of his ribcage, and his heart. I don't agree with the idea that he's not human anymore, as his race continues to say Human. All through Book 1, every encounter with him, Human. I don't think, if he was human while holding the NBOD and wearing the parasitical Doomknight armor, that he would lose his humanity after LOSING the NBOD and the armor. I believe he is still human. He's just a human so hyped up on power that he doesn't have to obey human limitations anymore.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 76
1/9/2018 8:48:04   


It's not Sakurai's "idea" that Amadeus' appearance is a disguise or that Sepulchure was no longer human, it's actual facts that are stated in game(even if not directly stated, very heavily implied by basically everything. For one, Jaania mentions hidden scars in his debut, and Akanthus even says he can see through his illusion:

Akanthus: Have you forgotten I can see through your illusions?

Heck, in Book 1, during an expisotion dump, it was outright stated that what is is no longer human.
Besides, what human do you know that has green blood?


I don't agree with the idea that he's not human anymore, as his race continues to say Human. All through Book 1, every encounter with him, Human.

Yes, the ONE encounter in Book 1 that actually leads to combat, where his race is actually shown to be Elemental. Even during the 2014 Frostval, Merged Sepulchure's race is Elemental.

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DF  Post #: 77
1/9/2018 10:03:45   

Maybe it's regular human blood that just looks like that because it's been sitting in his veins for years.

*realizes what he just said* nevermind, that's disgusting....

Anyway, maybe it's like Jason Voorhees or a Darth Sion. Technically, Jason is alive, even when his flesh is rotting. He also is considered human (excluding the garbagefire that was hellbaby Jason), e being altogether unable to die. The cause is even alleged to be Jason's mother with the Necronomicom, meaning the source of his power may be similar to Sepulchure's.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 78
1/9/2018 10:34:28   

Why is it an debate when you fight him it writes elemental. That kinda proves that he is not human the staff does not writes their type in a haphazard.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 79
1/9/2018 12:06:51   

I have just realised we are all wrong. The strongest character is Baron Dante. Am I wrong or right.?


With every loss we have in our lives, it only strengthens us to get us to our best. Out of failure comes success.
Post #: 80
1/9/2018 21:31:48   

Absolutely right. When you have to raise the level cap because it's level 80 and the Baron is level 83, that pretty much ends the discussion right there.

I'm suddenly wondering if Dante has secondary characters on his account. If so, his account could probably take over the entire Dragonfable world.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 81
1/10/2018 1:14:04   

He does at least two of them are called Baron Dante so in total at least three Baron Dantes.


With every loss we have in our lives, it only strengthens us to get us to our best. Out of failure comes success.
Post #: 82
1/10/2018 1:34:04   

Yep, Baron Dante isn't just one person, as we learned during the mogloween war last year. He's a team of three clones. And all three of them wavebreak during wars, so take that as you will.
DF  Post #: 83
1/10/2018 10:44:58   

All right, so there are 5 contenders for Tier 1 in my opinion and these are:

Nothing needs to be said about him and also about the “My powers surpass that of Voidstar” if i remember correctly back then elemental avatars were the elemental lords so he is like a doom elemental lord at that time.
2.Wargoth Sir
Also a very forgotten character because he got cut from the story pretty quickly. We see Warlic/Wargoth as half as big as him during the cutscene where he betrays him and even then Wargoth Sir was able to defeat Warlic and somehow drain all his powers.Also he is not confirmed to be dead so he could be like Warlic in another world but i doubt he will appear again.
Even though he is a reality breaker it is said that a fight between him and Warlic would be a tie so he is below Wargoth sir in my opinion but i gave the third spot to him because somehow i get the feeling he was being modest and he is kinda like a deus ex machina warlic was destined to be anyway.
The only thing he couldnt/wouldnt defeat was SMUDD and his father. Granted, he is not a fighter but a raw power source. Like he can destroy a planet but i think Seppy would defeat him in a fair fight. This is why he is below Ashendal in my opinion.
5.Elemental Avatars
They are often defeated to show how big a threat we face like all of a sudden we began to understand Wargoth’s powers when he enslaved Fiamme or we saw that Warlic is leagues aboves us or Nythera when he defeated the Avatars so you get the idea.

This is my slightly biased towards Wargoth Sir opinion but i think these are the strongest beings one could find in DF universe.
Post #: 84
1/10/2018 10:56:53   
Sakurai the Cursed

@Regiroiseel - To quote the Irismancer:


The Irismancer: Then he discovered his cursed weapon, the Necrotic Blade of Doom.
The Irismancer: His weapons did make him stronger but poisoned his mind further. Then it began to poison his body.
The Irismancer: The armor that he wears, the armor of the Doom Knight...it actually wears him.
The Irismancer: He has become something else, bound to the darkness.

@Steel_King -

Is he Tier One caliber? I would argue this: do we think Sepulchure could beat an Avatar? The next rank up, Avatars are guaranteed Tier One. If Sepulchure could beat one, than he is too. What do we think?

Well, if the Avatars are tier one... But from what Ash said, many things are powerful enough to beat an Avatar, considering our own titan dragon has been stated to be able to do so perhaps without even going Primal. Our dragon is said to be about on par with the Great Dragons, and any titan enemy we fought that wasn't a pushover would presumably qualify as well. I think there's no doubt that Sepulchure could beat an Avatar, but I don't think that's anything particularly amazing either.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 85
1/11/2018 1:06:28   

I think people get fixated on times the Avatars were beaten, and thus they may not appear as powerful as they truly are. I mean, who has/could have defeated an Avatar guaranteed?


That's 1,2,3 respectively for the most powerful characters in the game! It is also worth considering that the Avatars likely invested a significant portion their power into the Elemental Orbs, making themselves weaker as well. Could a Prime Elemental Dragon defeat an Avatar? I don't know - I would guess Akriloth + Fire Orb might have been stronger than Fiamme, but the Fire Orb was the single greatest Fire-attuned Artifact on Lore. (Well, it or the Pyronomicon.) If it held a portion of Fiamme's essence as well, that also complicates things, as Akriloth would have been using some of Fiamme's strength. But what about Cryozen? I certainly never got the impression he was THAT powerful. Mighty? Check. Tier One? Ehhhh...

Remember as well that Sepulchure did not defeat Dragon Drakath alone - He was fighting next to the Hero of Lore and the World Destroyer. (And yes, he was dealing a considerable portion of damage, but it is different than him fighting one-on-one.) And, Warlic said that he could defeat Sepulchure, but he chose not to (free will, blah, blah). Warlic seemed slightly more reticent to engage with the Avatars, and for their part they only acknowledge Warlic as their equal. They make no mention of Sepulchure. Now, maybe they are being proud, I'm not sure.

Relating to Ashendal... I'm not sure. Honourable T1 mention absolutely, but, well... I just don't know how he stacks up. As an onlooker he certainly seems powerful, but where do I find evidence to rank him?
(Umm, this is not rhetorical. Any ideas?)
Post #: 86
1/11/2018 1:19:34   


Sure, some things may not have been shown directly in-game, they were stated by Word of God, which, by definition is canon. One such thing being that the Great Dragons ARE more powerful than the Avatars, and that our dragon was as powerful as the Great Dragons.


But what about Cryozen? I certainly never got the impression he was THAT powerful. Mighty? Check. Tier One? Ehhhh...

That wasn't Cryozen in his prime, though. Remember, the one time we encountered him he was drastically weakened and dying because of Frostscythe torturing him. That's like saying a crippled, dying tiger being not as powerful means that tigers in general aren't the most powerful cat(which they are).
DF  Post #: 87
1/11/2018 8:57:58   

I think the term "most powerful" is a bit of a misconception that the Devs are more than aware of. They implement a constant theme of BALANCE. Everyone has their strong points, some to the extreme while some less so (which is what our hero represents). Our hero isn't powerful because he's the best combatant, but because he knows how to balance out all the personalities around him, whatever their affiliation (Light v Dark, Fire, v Water, Pirate v Ninjas). That makes him the most likeable, which is what we as players often strive to be in real life. For the nerds out there:

Artix [He's the moral underdog, which is why he's often never seen as the strongest]

Warlic [Powerful as a demigod, but is very brittle since his magic it TOO powerful and he struggles to get the middle ground with it. Also the Strict but Teacher]

Sepulchure [Again demigod level, AND also a very effective leader, BUT he was forced into a situation where he had to stoop to dark corruption with the doom weapons. That's why he's my personal favourite NPC. He's an alternate version of the hero that's been dealt the bad cards. I hope they give us more of his morally decent side. Something a certain somebody (or somebodies ) could bring out in him. It would be funny if long term, they developed him into a tsundere type parent that treats the Hero like the annoying friend that comes to their house/

Robina, Valencia, Symone etc [Human power level, but make up for it with QUIRKY personalities that are just downright funny and lovable. Also their pretty hot (my guilty pleasure hope is that the devs give us more fan service. Most of us are Teens-Adults by now) (Also I hope, they give us optionas to have a romance arc with either of them. For the people who have love fetishes]

Aria, Ash [next generation doofuses. Symbol for the future, and a work in progress romance ship]

Tomix [A mix between Warlic and Seppy, but mid tier power level. Rebellious child-teenage hood, got himself into trouble which isn't his fault (his father was a bit of a bad parent). Develops the ideal moral compass, but a bit too late since he's partly corrupted himself, which is where the hero steps in to help him achieve his goals since he's not strong enough on his own.]

Lynn [my recent favourite. Share's personalities that's mixed between the Hero and Sepulchure, and like Robina is very quirky and lovable. You could even suggest that Seppy's love interest had the same personality as the Hero, which is why he hates interacting with them, as it brings painful memories. I hope to see more of her as she's like a younger sibling that the hero wishes they could have had]

I could go on and on but I haven't got that much free time. I'll try and edit the DF wiki later down the line if I can, so people can get more of a grasp of the story telling aspect of this game. Because it's SO GOOD.

Now to get a bit philosophical and start kissing AE's booty

This is why I absolutely love Dragonfable as a game. It's got great storytelling (that gets more mature, along with the players who play it), good animation and sophisticated battle mechanics (with purpose) in a 2D package (which I personally love). And the best part of it is that it's accessible to ANYONE with a decent computer. Yes the price can be steep, but you pay in what you get with AE. Often times people rush to the conclusion (as I have once) that AE is corporate. They're not. They give everyone a balanced option to choose from, without being slimy about it. You just have to put FAITH in them that they'll deliver, which they do more than half the time.

To me, only the more mature of gamers will understand AE's business philosophy. It's a alternative gateway into RPGs. Compared to EA, AE is basically Bernie Sanders but mixed with Steve Jobs' business mind. I just hope they're able to keep getting better

I guess you can say AE is...

the opposite of EA. (that's the best pun I can think of... so far)
DF  Post #: 88
1/12/2018 9:07:04   

So basically, you want Sepulchure to become the Shadow to the hero's Sonic (from Sonic X or the comics, Sonic Boom kinda jipped Shadow and Metal Sonic).

Also, I don't think the Elemental Dragons are more powerfull than the Avatars. The Elemental Dragons were given their power by the Avatars to maintain balance, likely because they themselves could only interact with Lore without causing elemental chaos. And what people tend to forget is, yes, Warlic beat all eight, but Nythera couldn't. When playing, it's never your health that kills you, it's your mana overload. As a result it's entirely possible that neither Warlic or the Avatars were even trying hard, with Warlic trying to hold them off and manage his mana untill the Avatars decided that their need to leave and lessen their effect on the environment outweighed their wounded pride.

An alternative argument, if you will. Many of us believe that, if Sepulchure could beat an Avatar, it wouldn't be by a vary large margin. So, the question is: could Sepulchure have beaten Cryozen? Akriloth, before or after the Orb was ingested? His minions alone could take on Gorgok.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 89
1/12/2018 9:14:24   


His minions alone could take on Gorgok.

Well, Gorgok wasn't the Great dragon, so that doesn't really matter, but yes, Sepulchure could have defeated Cryozen, had he been in his prime, and potentially fire orb infused Akriloth(definitely akriloth before fire orb, though), as he was clearly stronger than our dragon, even with a gaping hole in his chest, when we teamed up to fight against Drakath. Remember, our dragon in Titan form was clearly stated to be as strong as the Great dragons, and by that point in the story, our dragon was most likely around fire orb powered Akriloth power due to all the compounding enhancements the two of us had gotten from the orbs we'd collected.
DF  Post #: 90
1/12/2018 9:20:15   

Huh, Gorgok wasn't the Elemental Dragon of Nature? Hmmm, wonder where I got the idea he was...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 91
1/12/2018 9:35:39   


All dragons are Elemental dragons. Gorgok just wasn't the Great Earth dragon. As for why you thought he was, it's probably because he was the strongest Earth-aligned dragon to have been on-screen. The only great dragons we've actually seen so far are Akriloth, Cryozen, and Sqweel. We do know the names of the other ones, though..... Sort of......

Actually, we more just determined what they would probably have been, which was actually how the devs got the name Sqweel for the Great bacon dragon, iirc. Unfortunately, i can't remember what the names were, or which thread it was.
DF  Post #: 92
1/12/2018 10:32:38   

I don't mean to be off topic, but the list is here.

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 93
1/13/2018 1:34:41   

So... Belle

can weave reality.

That might make her godlike when she learns to control it. I'd put a note on the list, Steel_King.
DF  Post #: 94
1/13/2018 19:56:46   

That is true, having played through the recent quest I do see a potential for Belle to be amongst the contenders we have right now. The only problem is that we have never actually seen this Lore-weaving in action, so anything beyond honourable mention seems a little too quick at this point. With the Thorns questline still progressing however... We will have to see.
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