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RE: =DF= January 5th Design Notes: The Otherworldly Challenge Has Arrived!

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1/6/2018 17:59:29   


All resist effects every single element. In DF, if it affects your hitpoints in any way, or is a stun, it's an element. This INCLUDES healing. In other words, Health resist is included in All. so that +18 Health on the level 75 Hidebehind actually translates to a total -18, thus you're healing an additive 18% more than usual. Combine that with the Hidebehind's defensive stats, and now you're healing better, and harder to hit.

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DF  Post #: 76
1/6/2018 18:27:20   


My bad, the -25 was my total all resist at lvl 85 with other gears stacked, meaning the Hidebehind has a greater negative resist. The mechanic works just as @Greyor_42 described, though, and overall works very well.
DF  Post #: 77
1/6/2018 19:34:18   

The only thing I have to say about the helm for SWoT is, are you trying to make us look like Alucard? And can we get SWoT in red?
Post #: 78
1/6/2018 20:15:30   

^ ...


Please. please, make this a thing.
Post #: 79
1/6/2018 21:45:38   

Anyone else find it ironic that the Bear only wants honorable 1v1s, yet the duo match is a 2v1 lol
DF  Post #: 80
1/6/2018 21:55:05   


Yeah, shouldn't he be one punching Leorilla to make the fight fair?
DF  Post #: 81
1/6/2018 22:32:04   

How do you beat Sir Bearington with Evolved pumpkinlord? How do you beat him in general?
Post #: 82
1/6/2018 22:49:11   

With EPL, make the OHKO skill trigger. If it doesn't trigger, you'll eventually die out since you can't outdamage him without it. If it does trigger though then you can just kill him with whatever remaining HP he has, or he'd be already dead (NANI?!) if you damaged him enough before the OHKO skill even went through. At Lv85, the OHKO skill takes away about 8k from his HP.

Basically, just try and try again until you get that 1% OHKO because only then can you win. Other alternative is just stack Nature resist and call it a day.
DF AQW  Post #: 83
1/6/2018 22:59:11   


One can also use Axpower's paladin strat:


Barrier of Sanctuary -> Prismatic Strike -> Light of Dawn -> (Angelic Blessing/Greater Heal/Holy Wrath/Phoenix Song/healing pot) x2 -> rinse, repeat

Keep health over 1000 or so, and if you get the DOT Omae wa Mou Shindeiru Use either Greater Heal or Seal of Salvation immediately.
DF  Post #: 84
1/6/2018 23:13:09   

How do you make the Ohko skill trigger?
Post #: 85
1/6/2018 23:27:47   

Be lucky.
DF  Post #: 86
1/6/2018 23:44:05   

Oh so you just click a move and hope it triggers it

Oh wait enfeebling scythe

How do you beat Sir bearinion with DmK? I just got the class lol

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Post #: 87
1/7/2018 1:27:12   

#1. Keep track of element resistances if you have Doom Dragon Scythe and can thereby switch elements without switching weapons.
#2. (Optional for 1 v 1. Not optional for Duo battle) Build your nature resistance
#3. Get Rotten Hardtack and Seaweed as emergency heals
#4. Weakening Blow whenever you can. Use Lingering Doom, Seek, and Life Carve as well when you can.
#5. If possible, use Corruption followed by Life Carve (additional healing occurs during this stack). TBH, I'm not 100% sure how the stack works but I know that this sequence pretty much guaranteed additional healing for me.
#6. If possible, use Corruption followed by Malefic Binding to stun the bear.
#7. While the Bear is stunned, use Dark Ritual to unlock Inner Darkness.
#8 For the duo, eat the Rotten Hardtack/Seaweed and immediately follow with the multi-stun or else the Lion is gonna gobble you up. Additionally, against the Lion, only use Life Carve, Seek, Stun, Ritual+Inner Darkness (if you have it) and Attack

tl;dr: Stack Corruption+Life Carve+Malefic Binding = Very Favorable Decision

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Post #: 88
1/7/2018 1:51:12   

What items are good for stacking nature res?
Post #: 89
1/7/2018 2:38:27   
Raphael 777

Well, managed to get lucky with EPL, kicked the bear's furry keister, and got the level 85 belt (gives a nice +10 resist to Nature too, so, thanks to that I have a nice 53 to nature, though, they still hit hard).
Tried experimenting a bit with chickencow armor and managed to beat Leorilla using blade of awe. Did the same tactic with the duo and got the bear down to about 4500-5500 hp and decided to use Rotten Hardtack for a full heal and I kinda regretted my decision. The "stuffed" status sent Leorilla into a rage and of course, I lost (same thing with seaweed). I did get Leorilla to about 3500-4500 with EPL in one experimental fight (and thanks to 53 nature resist and the +25 to all from EPL's Draining Roots, Sir Bearginion does around at 15-25ish per hit for a while). Ran into some bad luck though, Creeping Root did a 3-turn stun and Enfeebling Scythe didn't stun Leorilla, so he healed all his HP after he recovered. EPL might have a chance to beat the duo if you are really lucky (in other words. 5 turn stuns with Creeping Root and Enfeebling Scythe stuns Leorilla and/or takes out Sir Bearginion), and maybe Chickencow Armor (if a weapon with a healing on-hit abilty works when you really need it). Seems like for the moment you need a lot of luck to beat the duo without DMK. Think I'll try taking on the duo sometime later, cause waiting for that lucky moment with EPL was a pain. Maybe I'll experiment with Soulweaver later.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 90
1/7/2018 3:47:26   

Ok, I beat the bear with DmK. Now, any strats for duo?
Post #: 91
1/7/2018 11:13:11   

Use the resistance page in the encyclopedia to stack resistance. Someone asked for the link somewhere.

For the Duo, use the same strategy I outlined with DmK but remember Step #8 or else you'll lose. Attack the Bear first then the Lion.
Post #: 92
1/7/2018 12:01:14   

Is there a rotation guide? Sorry Liger, I am a visual learner, so I can easily replicate what I see than what I read. What items did you use? I am level 85 DA so I can pretty much get every accessible item if I want to. It would be awesome if someone did a video for the duo, instead of using DmKv1.

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Post #: 93
1/7/2018 17:06:12   

I used Not-so-tiny-bubbles trinket and it helped reduce the damage from Sir Bearginion to survive so that you could use a potion. Even then, I still needed 4 potions and a hardtack. I used liger98's strategy with the DoomKnight armor. Thanks for the help :)
DF  Post #: 94
1/7/2018 17:28:43   

How do you have four potions?
Post #: 95
1/7/2018 18:28:08   

@littlenessie2 no problem. personally i used Spiked Leather Guantlet as my trinket to give me stat boosts (since in the Duo you can't swap trinkets and a trinket like Bubbles is terrible for the Lion) but I think a trinket like Indecent Proposal would also be very helpful to finish off the Lion or at the very least help you charge up Ritual without getting noticed by the Lion. IDK about you but I didn't have much of a problem beating the Bear as I did the Lion in the Duo since I was running low on pretty much everything by the time I got up to the Lion.

Really looking forward to someone putting out a Non-DA way of beating the Duo without Evil Pumpkin Lord since that strategy is totally luck based.

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Post #: 96
1/7/2018 21:31:04   
Autophobic Destruct

I beat the Weird Duo challenge using PDL with Neutral Cloak and Neutral Mask to boost my nature resist and 5 potions from Cloak Scrap.
DF  Post #: 97
1/7/2018 21:49:40   

Wait what's PDL stand for? And while you're at that, what's RDL stand for? I tried looking them up with no avail
Post #: 98
1/7/2018 21:59:12   

Patience and Rage Dragonlord.
AQ DF  Post #: 99
1/7/2018 22:20:54   
Autophobic Destruct

I forgot to add that you should also bring Seaweed from Drowned Fortress to fully restore your HP and give you a 6 turn boost to Bonus. Be careful when you use it or Leorilla will go beserk on you. Earth Dragon Spirit was useful for protecting me even when Leorilla went berserk. Leorilla also swaps between checking his fur and you each turn (instead of every 5 turns) if his HP is low enough. You can find the Drowned Fortress next to Falconreach in Maguswood on the Book 3 travel map.
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