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RE: =DF= January 5th Design Notes: The Otherworldly Challenge Has Arrived!

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1/7/2018 22:29:26   

How do you get 5 potions? Am I missing something that I should know?
Post #: 101
1/7/2018 22:50:18   
Autophobic Destruct

Use the Final skill on your base class with the Cloak Scrap equipped and you'll have a 50% chance of getting an extra potion. You get the Cloak Scrap from the quest, The Evil Artifact.
DF  Post #: 102
1/7/2018 22:58:15   

oh ok thanks
Post #: 103
1/7/2018 23:18:20   
H port

@Autophobic Destruct
I don't understand how you can have 5 potions from Cloak Scrap, but also run Patient Dragonlord. Can you farm up potions on your base class and then switch to PDL?
DF  Post #: 104
1/7/2018 23:26:32   

Yes you can, potions will remain from class to class.
Post #: 105
1/7/2018 23:55:53   

However, when you re-equip yourself after changing classes, you can't us a "heal and potions" button, as it will reset your potions down to 2.
DF  Post #: 106
1/8/2018 0:09:15   
Autophobic Destruct

@Greyor_42 Doing that never reset my potions for me.
DF  Post #: 107
1/8/2018 1:55:04   
H port

I beat the Duo using liger's DmK strategy, I ended up with an extra potion and my Seaweed left over. Stacking nature resist is absolutely essential though, I picked up the following equipment pretty easily and finished with 53 nature resist.

Adventure Pack
Cute, Cute Queen Ring
BraveSirRobins Fearless Helm (you won't be able to get this unless you have the storybook since it comes from Chapter 12 Mogloween)
Andazoth's Necklace
Leorilla Mane Belt IV (I'm assuming that if you're taking on the duo, then you've probably beaten Leorilla and Bearginion, so you probably already have this)

P.S. If you haven't beaten Leorilla solo yet, Riftwalker with BoA showing got me through him first try with no problems. Just cycle through Final, Double, Triple, and Power. As long as you only use those skills, he'll never put you in any danger. Since Riftwalker hits so many times per turn, the healing from BoA kept me above 75% pretty much the whole battle.
DF  Post #: 108
1/8/2018 2:29:15   

I um.... I think I accidentally discovered a new mechanic with Leorilla:

I had brought Rolith and Artix with me as guests so that i could deal damage a bit faster and they could soak up damage for me as well(I figured they were decent choices since they don't have any buffs or debuffs that Leorilla can sense). After Rolith got taken out, i saw a new popup that i had never seen before that read "Leorilla senses weakness and pounces". When this popup showed up, he attacked Artix, who was a full health, and killed him in one shot. He then proceeded to do the same to me.
DF  Post #: 109
1/8/2018 3:33:45   

Woo! I beat the duo!
Post #: 110
1/8/2018 8:27:26   
King of Zards

It's probably not an intentional reference but Sir Bearginion reminds me a lot of banderbears from Edge Chronicles: he's a bipedal bear from a place called Deepwoods and appears at the EDGE of Time.
His second moniker is a more obvious reference to something else.
Post #: 111
1/8/2018 10:04:19   
Baron Dante

@Greyor: I took note of that as well when I did the Hard Mode fight at level 1. Some of the attempts, Leorilla would just do that. I assumed it had something to do with me, or the other characters being at low health, since outside of that fight, I don't think I'd ever go low enough for that to happen (Since Bearginion already has that at 40%)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 112
1/8/2018 10:16:10   

@Baron Dante

Well, it might be specifically that a guest had been defeated that triggered it, because Rolith was down to 620 or so health the turn he was taken out, I was at near full health and like i said, Artix was still at max(he didn't even have to use his heal skill yet, either), and the "sensing weakness" didn't trigger until the turn after Rolith's health was reduced to 0.
DF  Post #: 113
1/8/2018 14:10:33   

I've never been very good at these, beaten one or two by myself but relied on the Forum for the rest, however I can't beat Sir Bearginion at all. Beat Leorilla using Evolved ChivkenCow Lord, with BOA showing and also invited Artix, (did that last night before Geryor mentioned), but without any guests or pets is way too difficult for me. Don't have DmK though do have DA as well as Armour Closet and the Storybook. Only level 66 so can't get all equipment, but the Duo (and hence Sir Beargninion) must be beatable by non-DA surely?

(Yes, only level 66 though I've played every single week - mainly because I play the weekly release and rarely do farming. By the way, keep up the great work Tomix/Dove, Verly and the rest of the DF team, the stories (not the insane boss fights :P) keep me coming back.)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 114
1/8/2018 15:12:27   
The ErosionSeeker

1) get normal CCL so you can spam 12 hits every turn instead of every other turn
2) level up so you have more stats and more access to better quality equipment
3) consider reallocating stats to END for more healing from those healing weapons, damage isn't relevant because Bear doesn't get harder over time (like Legion Crawler did)
4) get more nature resist, this plays in part with 2), because higher level items have higher stats
5) since you have DA, you can just get the free heals from the Drowned Fortress (only good vs Bear and not duo) for two 1UPs.

Alternatively, roll dice a hundred times using Evo Pumpkinlord.
DF AQW  Post #: 115
1/8/2018 15:51:04   
DragonFable Boxcat


It's probably not an intentional reference but Sir Bearginion reminds me a lot of banderbears from Edge Chronicles: he's a bipedal bear from a place called Deepwoods and appears at the EDGE of Time.

Whoa, I've actually never heard of this before. That's a pretty crazy coincidence!
AQ MQ  Post #: 116
1/8/2018 16:58:37   
Shadow X Ascendant

so i guess it's almost impossible to beat the duo without Doomknight, so i will need to wait some months to beat it, i will wait for next challenges then, i just hope for the level 66-85 Doom weapons come too, as the destiny have come there too.

< Message edited by Shadow X Ascendant -- 1/8/2018 16:59:08 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 117
1/8/2018 17:04:07   


That was with regular Chickencow, 74 Nature resist, and 4 All resist.


What items did you use?
DF  Post #: 118
1/8/2018 17:22:11   
The ErosionSeeker

@above, and anyone else curious

Spystaff of Static III: +15
shown ChamPAIN Skullcracker
ChickenCow Lord
Togsmas Cloak IX: +12
Grimey Ring: +10
BraveSirRobin's Fearless whatever: +15
Cheesemonger level 85: +12
Elemental Unity VII: +3
Leorilla Mane: +10, or Hunter's Flexible whatever +8
Legion Bracer: +1

5 potions from Cloak Scrap, although I only needed 2 because I got an unlucky stretch of no heal procs.
DF AQW  Post #: 119
1/8/2018 18:32:33   
Raphael 777

Hmmm. Think I'll try getting ChickenCow Lord later from stone circle. Did a little test with Frost Moglin Armor and defeated Sir Bearginion using ErosionSeeker's equipment (though I used crystal necklace, not cheesemonger's gratitude so I have only 70 nature). Anyone wanting to try this just stock up on health potions and mana potions (I think you can use pirate to increase your mana potions to 4 with the last skill). I used 2 health potions and 2 mana potions because the FMA spirit thing happened a few times. Gingerbread and weapon with a healing on hit special is nice. Still lost against the duo though.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 120
1/8/2018 19:59:04   

So wait, has anyone beaten the duo without using Doomknight Mk. 1 or 2?
Or is it Doomknight or bust?
Post #: 121
1/8/2018 20:53:47   

@TheErosionSeeker Thanks for the info! :D
DF  Post #: 122
1/8/2018 21:57:03   


erosionseeker just posted his build for beating the duo using regular chicken cow.
DF  Post #: 123
1/10/2018 18:59:16   
Shadow X Ascendant

Yeah , I Finnaly Beat out Sir Berginion with my DeathKnight (With DA) - 85

i used :

5 potions from Scrap Cloak
Togsmas Scythe IX
Chessemonger Gratitude Lv 65
Aika BackGuard Lv 75
Unahllowed Deathknight Belt Lv 80
Baltael's Aventail Lv 80
Runestone Lv 80 Trinket (For a good damage with Dot)
And The seaweed When my Hp got less than 1000

Thank You for the Acessories Guide, ErosionSeeker XD

(It is my bank since is a DC Tagged (Free storage) item to remind me of this Victory, i will not equip it over my Unahollwed DK Belt to not Decrease my "Empowered Armor Strike" Damage, and my HP/MP stats.

< Message edited by Shadow X Ascendant -- 1/10/2018 19:27:13 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 124
1/11/2018 18:34:53   

Went item hunting and got my Nature up to 51 (with All at 2 making 53), redid my stats shoving all into End and then Str, got 5 potions, Seaweed and Rotten Hardtack then took on Sir Bearginion and after a couple attempts beat him. Used ChickenCow, Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elements so I attacked with a different element each turn and used BoA to get some healing (Light of Destiny on full health to get a little extra damage from special).

Don't think I stand a chance against the Duo though as I don't have Doomknight.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 125
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