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As you imagine it to be the customs, secrets and politics of Azevoyr, about the Shapeless Empire

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1/9/2018 17:59:45   

Hello guys!!
Well I decided to make this post thinking more about the Teeknae Region, where is the cities Mortem, Azevoyr, Uii and the Capitol where is located the great Shapeless Empire, which is involved with much mystery that only the members of the magisterium know, as you realize in the Swordhaven saga where two members of the magisterium attacked the royal ball in Swordhaven to capture Jaania, she is the main interested in knowing more about the fissure that is connected to the mana core, as King Alteon was badly wounded in the attempt to escape the attack , the hero had no choice but to take him to Sulenska, and at the request of kara the hero will go to mainland Teeknae.
I would very much like to know how a conventional mage can become a magister, what kind of powers they have, what their real reason is that they want the mana core for themselves.
Is it possible for the hero to have any Magister class or armor? or something like that?
I'm not counting on Chaosweaver where Secundus is going to intercept the hero, as we know that in a few days / weeks / months / years Vaal and Roirr (Secundus) went into the capitol to absorb core mana and become immortal.
And mostly I want to know why people who have magic are taken, as far as I know we have seen two cases of children who were born with magic and their parents had to flee their continents as is the case of Raven and Jacek the cold boy who spent the 12 days of Frostval with us.
So I declare open this post so I can see your opinions about this place that I'm sure will excite us and maybe we'll have another war in the future:
The Rose against the Magisterium
I hope you liked my thread
DF  Post #: 1
1/9/2018 18:09:58   

Okay lets answer.

You can have an magister class if non canon as the hero is very versatile and being an magister means he can not be any other canon class.
As showed their taken to be trained in magic from an young age and probably learned how to rule and get all king of high class education as mages are on an higher social order then the rest in the Shapless empire but it comes with its downsides like being taken from your family.

And this is about all

For an normal mage to become an magister they probably have to work the system and compete in intrigue and other things against each other maybe in an way like Tevinter in Dragon Age.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
1/9/2018 20:55:27   

Don't forget about the Ignominious. I think that an even a non-canon Magister class is a bit of a stretch, considering lore-wise the Hero would have to travel with a walking mana-filled husk of a person at all times, in order to use their unconventional magic. Then again, canonically speaking the Hero can use Necromancy and apparently devour their own Soul Ally in order to gain power, so I guess whether or not the Hero would be willing to use such extreme measures might be debatable...
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
1/9/2018 21:06:27   

Azaveyr is the continent's name.
Mortem and Ull are not cities.
The region where Mortem, Ull and Edelia (Baltael's legacy, the soulweaving school) are is called Tkaanie.
Capitol is not in Tkaanie, it's in the Shapeless Empire region.
DF  Post #: 4
1/9/2018 21:47:07   

It's my headcannon, unless contradicted by the staff, of course, that the Weaving Schools over on Azaveyr are semi-autonomous, with members of them technically obliged to be citizens of whatever countries are there (if there's even more than one) but not wary of laws regulating magic in the conventional sense of the word, since the Weaving Families seem to operate by different rules.
DF  Post #: 5
1/10/2018 13:53:06   

So let me understand something the Shapless empire has 2 regions that are independent of them and an ocean until Greenguard so basically the logistics make it very hard for them to invade Greenguard. Doubt there will be an war.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 6
1/11/2018 12:48:01   

While its not entirely connected to the tread name I'm curious of 2 things. Will we be able to use SoulWeaver if we get ChaosWeaver? And more importantly why do we need to devour Aegis to get FleshWeaver? We know that it isn't really necessary, after all look at Roirr, hes a FleshWeaver and he still had Secundus. So why do we need to devour Aegis, which by going off of Tomix/Dove's own words would do more harm then good.
DF  Post #: 7
1/11/2018 13:26:52   

@Hermitpriest: As far as the Fleshweaver question goes, I'm not 100 percent sure, but here's my best theoretical answer.

You see, before Roirr became a Fleshweaver, he was cured from his mysterious illness by Tanislav's Last Will, which is used to sacrifice an entire village to make a potion. Thus it's possible that the potion made from Tanislav's Last Will served as an equivalent to eating a soul-ally.

If what I'm saying turns out to be correct, then it basically means that we'd either have to eat Aegis or sacrifice an entire village to become a Fleshweaver. And since our character isn't likely to sacrifice a village, well...
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
1/11/2018 13:46:39   

How do any of you know that Roirr later did not eat an soul-ally later?
Also where was he an lord of the Shapless empire or Takaanie?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
1/11/2018 14:14:28   


Well, he was Emperor or whatever of the continent before the Shapeless Empire was founded, remember?


When exactly did Dove say that consuming Aegis would "do more harm than good"? And he did already say that to become a Flesh Weaver, we have to consume Aegis and give up Soul Weaver and Master Soul Weaver.

As for your first question, Chaos Weaver is going to be a DC class, so why would it take away the Soul Weaver class?
DF  Post #: 10
1/11/2018 16:22:16   

Roirr was the ruler of Mortem and the Tkaanie region.
Shapeless Empire doesn't have kings/queens/rulers, it is lead by a gathering of people, the Magesterium, which resides in the Seym (centermost building of the Capitol).
All this info can be found in-game :)
DF  Post #: 11
1/11/2018 16:59:54   

@Greyor_42 I'm somewhat paraphrasing when I say the class does more harm then good, so I'll go into more detail.

Aside from the loss of 2 classes and the best guest in the game, In the design note from February of 2016 where Dove laid out some of the potential plans for being quests getting locked off, and NPCs being locked off.

So to me it just seems like we'd be getting a decent class and the cost of a fair bit of content. As for the ChaosWeaver thing that was a misconception on my part, I remember reading somewhere on the forums it being said that Secundus will also teach CW.

@dragon_monster We're not saying Roirr didn't eat a soul-ally at a later point, we know he did. Its just he didn't eat his soul-ally to become a FleshWeaver.
DF  Post #: 12
1/11/2018 17:39:16   

It has also been stated that some of Roirr's abilities are unique to him, and not something your run-of-the-mill Fleshweaver can pull off. So, using him as an example of what is possible could backfire.
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