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=AQ3D= News Janurary 10th, 2018: Sir Vey survey's the Survey

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1/10/2018 19:28:45   

A Swimming Good Time ( AQ3D / DF Q&A )


Artix Krieger| Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Talking to Artix about AdventureQuest 3D
Over 2,000 players gave their deepest thoughts about AdventureQuest 3Dto a survey that deep down inside they figured no one would read. SURPRISE! We did. All of them O_O.

2,197 Responses to the Survey
I say about 2,000 players because at least 100 of you sent in multiple responses-- some of which were clarifications and additional thoughts which I am really grateful for. So... time to talk.

Our Community's Super Obvious Goal!
We want are going to evolve AdventureQuest 3D into one of the greatest games of 2018. We are going to do whatever it takes to make this happen. Step #1 is creating a shared vision, which shall henceforth be unironically known as, "THE GAME PLAN*"
* Actually, that is ironic. Also, there is more to the plan involving the cross-platform conversion of our other games, but this post is focused solely on AdventureQuest 3D.

New Years Resolution
Normally I would joke and say, "1920x1080" but seriously, it is 2018, it has to be 4K resolution or bust. Every year I work through the holidays and spend the first week or so of the year entrenched in deep planning & organization.

There is no Eye in Team
I met with the AdventureQuest 3D leaders (Zhoom - Programming team, Yergen - Content team, Oishii - Balancing & Q/A, Nythera - Player Support) and reviewed our accomplishments and list of the most important and critical goals for AdventureQuest 3D this year.

But we needed more...
Needless to say I talked to everyone at the lab. But before finalizing any plan, I wanted to talk to you too. So I released that "talk with Artix" survey. Glad I did.

Sir Vey... surveying the Survey responses
I vote, from now on, we use the Pactoganal Knight, Sir Vey, to post and conduct all of our future surveys.

Yergen and I sat and read through the responses taking careful notes in a separate doc. Instead of trying to tally frequently requested features we put "a few", "lots", and my personal favorite, "999999" which meant basically everyone mentioned it. There we sooooo many responses. Our eyes bled.... but worth it! Look at this beautiful result!

Here are some of the things the community REALLY wants!

-Potion and Travel Form Buttons on the main interface
-Hotkeys for EVERYTHING
-Emote button on interface & more emotes
-Loot Improvement (not needing to click to pick it up + hotkey)
-Better drop graphics including colors so you can see if there is something good in there
-Inventory sorting by tabs (like AQW)
-Bank Previews
-Skill Trees
-PC Interface
-UI Scaling
-Better PC UI
-Render Distance Slider
-% and/or numbers on Health and Mana
-Black outline or custom mouse for snow maps
-Mobile Interface
-Mobile Camera Improvements (lots)
-Fix being able to tab between combat buttons
-Move jump button
-Option to lock movement pad in place
-Battery Indicator
-Fix iPhone X resolution issue
-Swipe menus for potions/travel forms/ emotes
-Chat bubbles (like AQW)
-More info when you inspect characters including what they are wearing
-Mini Map (This one might not be possible)
-World Map ("Death to /join!")
-Combat compatible Travel Forms (Which would really be "Transformations" at that point)
-Shealth Weapons on your back
-Alerts when your friends come online
-DragonCrystals from watching ads (was surprised by this one... seems like something we would have inflicted on you, not a reoccuring feature request)
-DPS Meter
-Book of Lore to travel progress

... and then a few mentioned so many times they deserve their own list!

-Voice Chat
-Guild Wars
-Controller Support

A GAME PLAN designed by both the players and the team
We combined the wants and needs of the players and the team into one massive Game Plan.

This plan combines the Programming teams goals, which include....

-Combat system upgrade <that we are not talking about yet... experimenting>
-Daily Login Reward
-Daily Quest (tracker)
-Class Unlocking
-Combat Mechanics + Classes (Paladin, Ninja, Alpha Pirate, Necromancer)
-All Kickstarter goals and custom rewards completed
-Mega upgrade to Unity 2018
-Guest Login
-Hair Shops
-Sound API
-Mob Mechanics
-Treasure Chests
-Dungeon Improvements
-Regular Mode
-Long respawn 30+ seconds
-Player soft Cap +3 to 5
-Dungeon resets on party wipe
-Challenge/Extreme Mode
-No respawn unless room is cleared
-Enforced Player Cap (cannot exceed)
-Dungeon resets on party wipe
-Dungeon Objective Tracker
-Interface revamp
-PC Version
-Mobile Version
-New Death / Respawn Screen
-Summoning/Goto-ing a player places player at exact x,y coordinates
-Extend Waypoint system to include quest objectives and other transfer methods
-Interruptible use bar
-Non-Combat (Fishing, Smiting, Mining... for bitcoins?)
-Class Ranking
-Not to mention Bug fixes

And the classes...

-Alpha Pirate
-More to be announced!

And the Content's Teams goals....

-50+ Levels of Main Storyline Content
-Guardian Parallel Storyline
-Class Mini-story (Quests)
-Sound FX & Music Revamp
-New Interface
-Daily Dungeon Boss Fights
-New Areas
-Yulgars Inn (non holiday verison)
-Mouse Hole (Gonna need a shrink potion)
-Barber Shop
-Pet Shop
-Cysero's Forge
-Bank (Move collections and add Stocks here)
-Parkous Map
-PvP Areas
-Guardian Towers
-Existing Area Revamp
-Livingston Caverns
-Dragons of Ashfall: Part III
-Dragons of Ashfall Bonus Adventures
-Darkovia Parts 3,4, & 5
-Shaman Forest
-Dragon's Graveyard
-Tower of Necromancy
...and a lot more

Alongside our team's other important tasks....

New Help/Support System
Administrative Tool upgrades (so we can create maps and items faster)
AQ3D.com website revamp


Making the Game Plan Public

I really liked what we did when we started AdventureQuest 3D. We put our main goals public and crossed them off as we achieved them. This was really great. One drawback, is often it looked like we were working on random or unrelated things because unless you are physically here, how could you know if Yergen is waiting on things to come back from other people and instead of twiddling his thumbs he creates a Mouse Hole adventure for Yulgar's Inn? I would really like to put our game plan public for you to see. Let me know if you like this idea.

Can you have everything done tomorrow Plox?


WHAT!?.... O_O

My toughest job is to prioritize the tasks in the Game Plan. Sometimes really important things take a lot longer, and have blockers which have to be done first. (Like, even thought we have the Barber shop 3D, hairstyles, and NPCs ready-- we do not have the barber shop interface feature done yet which is a blocker to its release.) Sometimes really easy things are so low priority that the before mentioned important things. Also, some tasks are required by people who may be out sick, family emergency, be on jury duty (this list accurate describes thing things that happened since yesterday).

I suggest we focus on making massive momentum forward. Because no matter what order we tackle that list... if we are making massive momentum forward we will inevitably get all of it completed-- and a lot more.

Breaking down the survey
We learned a lot... sharing is caring.

Who took it?
Answer: Our most hard core max level players.

I was surprised at how many of you who followed the initial link I posted on Twitter and instantly filled out the survey were doing it from your PC! It makes sense. But while the vast majority of our player base is on Android devices, our most tight knit vocal players are on PC. A few important notes here... most of the feedback is also from long time players who definitely played AQWorlds prior to this. We really did not get to hear much from new players-- and we definitely need their input too. So next time we are going to put the link to this directly in game. (Smart!)

Getting to know you better
"MOOOORE SKULLLLS!" I loved reading through your answers. Statistically, 23.7% of you are "milk shooting out of the nose" funny. The more I read, the more I understood the different ways (and things) that you play. In our normal daily interaction on Twitter I see one side of you-- but in this more personal communication I got to know you and our fellow players a lot better.

A few fun facts

Favorite type of character: GOOD (33%)
Favorite activities: Questing, Farming, Hanging out
Play Session: 1+ Hours
Favorite weapon: Sword (38%)
Can you lift the Blinding Light of Desitny?: Yes (42%)
Best release yet: Darkovia (24%) ...basically tied with Ashfall

The Team Meeting
Yesterday, we assembled everyone working on AdventureQuest 3D and did a comprehensive review of the raw unsorted Game Plan. Everyone is in agreement, and dedicated to making this happen. I hope that after reading everything above (you and the two other people who had the reading endurance to make it to the bottom of this novel!) you are with us too.

Battle on!
So here we go... boldly into 2018.

2018 seems like it is going to be a lot of fun! Here is hoping we can get stuff rolling for 2018 ^_^
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1
1/11/2018 6:00:39   

too bad no one mentioned true action combat game play instead of tab targeting.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
1/11/2018 6:06:15   

Not a single person mentioned Item Trading?
Post #: 3
1/11/2018 17:07:15   

They didn't necessarily mention it, but here's hopes for a change! :)

-Combat system upgrade <that we are not talking about yet... experimenting>

True action combat game may be hard to make on a phone without making it more advantageous for PC players. (which it already is, to a certain extent)

OK, about skulls on items:
I get that Dage is more than passionate about it, so those items end up amazing.
But do people REALLY like skulls THAT much? the skull motif is already this overused, and people want even more?
I'm worried, because skulls seem to be getting "pasted" onto everything. Undead items I understand, but not any "dark" item should be given skulls. Pirate stuff gets skulls, halloween stuff gets skulls... It's already a huge chunk of the art items there are in the game.
It's just not really my thing. We should be able to have a bigger selection of "dark" sets that do not involve skulls. :(

< Message edited by Vypie -- 1/11/2018 17:10:10 >
Epic  Post #: 4
1/11/2018 19:21:49   
One Winged Angel1357

@Vypie there was a running joke in the guest team that it didn't matter how cool you made the gear the players would set every color to black
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 5
1/11/2018 19:46:41   
Iron Volvametal

I'm surprised people want Pets more than Classes. Classes actually change playstyles/gameplay, we know nothing of what Pets are going to do yet(cosmetic or bonus stats?), I wanna see Berserker(Beta Berserker for those of us who have the Beta set), Paladin, ArchFiend/Void(I would not mind if this Class was super powerful at the cost of being incredibly grindy/requiring rare items such as Soulbourne Axe being related to Nulgath), Pyromancer/Cryomancer, Shaman, & Healer As for Dungeon overhall, the only thing I would really like are to have less "Defeat All Enemies!" & more puzzle-oriented ones to help break the monotony. That & a permanent, randomized spawn for dungeon chests at the end of dungeons.

Daily Login rewards is nice. Daily Quest would help bring some productivity instead of "welp, time to log in & grind s'more"(especially if daily quests gave you a crafting resource for a new daily quest merge shop).

Not familiar with game engines, but an upgrade is an upgrade(so long as, ya know, nothing breaks).

Hair shops would be cool, I don't much like the ones we have access to(as a male character, that is); more accessible skin tones would be great, too.

Titles would be nice, I'd proudly display my title as Berserker/Defender/Knight if they had one.

Long Respawn...what are they getting at? I hope this is for challenge mode/hard dungeons, because I feel like the 3/10sec revive is just fine.

Interface revamp would be great, I'd like to manually move some UI stuff where I please, like swap where my Health bar & chat log are at(it works for AQW, but not AQ3D for me).

A new death screen would be better than the bland one we have, maybe add a soundbyte of Death laughing at us.

Emotes would be greatly appreciated, not enough for me(I want to see sitting down or an AQW /stern one).

Class Ranking has me curious.

PvP would be great...if it isn't the mess that we have in AQW.

A Main Story/Guardian spin-off story would be amazing, more lore, the better. Guardian-only story would be a nice incentive for players to buy Guardian.

Sound/FX revamp sounds great. These stock-sounding...sounds are a bit annoying to hear.

The amount of players wanting more skull-theme armor is...not surprising. Only skull-themed item I want is a Berserker-colored Shadowed Plate/Blood Belt; the Beta Berserker belt we get is kinda disappointing if not using the full set. Heroic gear is needed, most heroic-themed items are Guardian stuff. Would be nice to see more non-Guardian silver/gold items. Not sure what counts for stylish(coats, I guess?), but if it makes me fabulous, then why not. Definitely more weird stuff, I like the silly AE-styled armors we sometimes get, like Frogzard on Your Head. Chaos gear would be awesome, but would it look similar to Drakath's chaos or a new type of chaos? Legion is not surprising, either, but nekkid is(does Friday the 13th's Janet & Brad towel count as nekkid armor? I can't imagine someone running with huge pauldrons, greaves, & sword with a towel for armor...but it sure is a funny thought) Modern is boring in my opinion, unless done well(unless modern means future stuff like J6, then bring on the mech suits!)

Darkovia is definitely those most fun of the releases I've had, so much to do(even though most of it is grinding *cough*shadowslayerreputationandancientevilspawntime*cough*; the maps are great, too. Ashfall is kinda bland in my opinion, might just be me & seeing the vast ocean of lava every time I visit(could use more lava moutains/islands), but at least the gear is cool(still don't know why there's barely any dragon-related stuff, though...). Frostval's event is a nice, fun distraction. Just wished the epic dungeon wasn't one of those "every-enemy-is-a-mini-boss" ones. The Battleon re-make was at first disorienting, but I feel like it was ultimately for the better. I really like the Defender wars, though, makes it more lively compared to AQW's wars in Battleon. Ft13th had a really great event, my favorite actually. Hope to see more events done like that(especially liked the 5min boss that would spawn randomly; notice how I said 5min...looking at you, Darkovia). TLaPD was kinda...disappointing. None of the gear we could craft looked good & most of the advertised sets were from the DC store; glad they fixed that in Frostval. I haven't done Dage's event before, so no comment.

...Ooph, that was a lot of text.
AQW  Post #: 6
1/15/2018 0:43:16   

Man if they can make this game into true action combat where we need to actually dodge enemies. I assure you AQ3D will rise.

If not, like all of their games will just be reserved for hardcore fans. It will be just a big egg that will never hatch, Yes its big but its just an egg in the end.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
1/15/2018 6:36:39   

If it did turn into a true action combat RPG then From Soft will truly sue AE for ripping off their Dark Souls games.
Post #: 8
1/15/2018 9:57:40   
One Winged Angel1357

Why would From do that when there is a genre around their style of game design?

So long as you aren't making Dark Souls or Bloodborne one for one From doesn't care and doesn't have the legal grounds to stop you. Any attempts to do so would be like the PUBG team making Fortnite Battle Royal insanely popular by constantly saying it stole from their genre
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 9
1/15/2018 22:20:52   

One of the things I still hope for, because it is sorely lacking, is private instances. Being able to see what instance of a map you're in with ease, going to any instance by simply adding the preferred number after the map name, etc.. So many times have my friends and I been looking for each other, only to find we hadn't made it into the same room, or spent several minutes trying to join each other due to the rooms being full. These issues should not exist, and are definitely solved by how AQW handles things. AQ3D already works in much the same way, it just needs to provide the players with these few essential tools to use it better.
Post #: 10
1/16/2018 5:53:57   


Why would that make them sue AE. Many MMOs use true action combat its a game play mechanic not a freaking special feature to one MMO.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
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