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Shiba's Beastmaster Suggestion Thread

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1/11/2018 6:36:32   

Hello, and welcome!

This is my suggestion thread, in which I will mainly suggest new equipment to make the life of the well-respected Beastmaster better. This is not restricted to Pets and Guests, but every item category in-game. Read up on what I have to offer and share your opinion or suggestions how to make these better!


Beastmaster Whips

Basic Info:

- Element: Any
- Type: 100% Proc Ranged, 20% special-special
- Description: A beastmaster's whip is the perfect tool to motivate your beasts. At the crack of your whip, your pet and guest jump your enemy furiously, dealing much more damage as a result.

Long, metal-barbed whips, curled up. Handle is decorated based on weapon element.

The whip uncoils and hits the enemy as realistically as possible with AQs 100% Proc animations. The special-special hits the enemy viciously multiple times.

Pay the listed [SPCost] to boost pet and guest damage by +25% each*. Attacking with the special-special further increases this damage by +25%^.
* The mere presence of the whip makes them give it their best.
^ The sound of the whip cracking stimulates your pet and guest to fight harder!

Frostval Lights Whip

Basic Info:

- Element: Light
- Type: 100% Proc Ranged
- Description:-

Frostval Tree lights that are used as weapons. The little lights are in several different colours.

The whip hits the enemy. Shortly afterwards there is an animation quite like Pokémon’s ‘Paralysed’ status or ‘Wrap/Constrict/Bind’-like animation with Frostval lights.

Gives up some of its damage and an MC to inflict a stackable Entangle.

RC Monster Truck

Basic Info:

- Element: Energy
- Type: 100% Proc ‘Ranged tome’, compresses Energy guest
- Description:A remote-controlled Monster Truck. Watch out, as there’s something off about this toy.

The weapon is a controller with a few buttons and an antenna. The Monster Truck guest is rather big, huge tyres and there is ‘something off’* about it.

Has several animations based on whether it’s a player attack, a guest attack, or skill.
- The player attack is controlling the guest, directing the Monster Truck towards your enemy and back.
- The guest attack is NOT controlled, shows *the true nature of the Monster Truck: rides up to the enemy, gets level to the enemy, and, surprisingly, bites three times with metal teeth.
- The skill has a light turn on on the controller and the Monster Truck launching in the air! It lands on the enemy and the player.

- The player attack is a simple 100% Proc Ranged attack, 2 hits.
- The guest attack attempts to paralyze the enemy, 3 hits.
- The skill works like a guest attack and thus the guest won’t have its own attack this round. This attack uses CHA, gains extra damage for the ‘loss’ of a guest turn’ (like the Pzycho Sabres). Gains a further boost, for its size hits you hard, but the enemy harder! 1 hit, +10 Bth for its sheer size.

Lavistria Surfboard

Basic Info:

- Element: Fire*
- Type: 100% Proc Ranged
- Description: In preparation of the Design-Your-Surfboard Contest in May, I present to you: Lavistria Surfboard!

Lavistria stands out amongst Adventure Quest's NPCs as one of the best archers of Lore. Older players may remember her as the owner of some of the best bows of bygone days. This suggestion is a reminder to those who have forgotten that Lavistria has never lost her vigour.

A long surfboard covered entirely by the image of Lavistria, bow in hand. The background is a blue and green flame, not unlike her outfit. However, the similar colours should not drown her out. Lavistria must be the centre of attention.

The player holds up the board (as with every 100% proc weapon), making Lavistria's image stand upright. Her image knocks an arrow, draws the bow and shoots two highly accurate arrows at the foe.

The moment Lavistria's image 'comes to life' inspires fear, so this attack takes -50% damage + MC for a powerful Fear Status. +10 BtH lean.

*Although she owns many different element bows, I believe her 'main' element could be Fire. From the 'pedia: "Daughter of the House of Embers."

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3/13/2018 19:11:22   


Frostval Tree Shapeshift

Basic Info:

- Element: Ice/Light
- Type: Fully Defensive armour with a Magic Defense lean, in spell slot
- Description: Last Frostval, the Frostval Tree was carelessly thrown away after all the Guardians were given their Frostval gifts. As the winter season came to an end, it was forced to retreat into the mountains, where its cheerful heart froze over. Now it is back and wants revenge.

With its last magic, the Frostval Tree transformed you, so that you must feel his suffering.

A large, bulky tree, covered with ice and snow. The green is of a dark shade and the ice and snow very pale. The colour palette should bring out the Ice part of this compression armour, with just enough lights to remind us that it is also partly Light. Vaguely festive, but the dark, vicious nature of this cold tree should have the upper hand. Player weapon/shield could either appear in miniature versions on the tree as decoration, or simply be displayed under the character.

The Frostval Tree attacks with whips of Frostval lights. The lights' colour aligns to your weapon's element. The skill has the Frostval Tree wrap its lights all around the enemy.

- Converts Melee into Ranged attacks.
- +15% damage, paid by having -9 MRM*
- A skill with a powerful, hard to save against Entangle

*You have become a tree, heavy with ice, snow and decoration. As such, you cannot block as well, but you surely pack a punch!

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4/21/2018 20:04:22   


Call White Shepherd

Basic Info:

- Element: Undecided
- Type: Support
- Description: Your faithful companion will guide your pet straight towards your enemy, allowing it to attack multiple times!

A beautiful White Shepherd. Wagging tail, tongue out of its mouth. Cute, but cool looking.

The dog either barks from his guest spot, or if it is possible, appears next to pet and barks.

The White Shepherd does no damage. Instead it gives your pet Celerity and a small damage boost.

Summon Energy Djinni

Basic info:
- Element: Energy
- Type: Magic, MP upkeep
- Description:

A female Djinni of the Energy element. Floats on an animated thundercloud. Skinny and not as muscular as her already existing male counterparts. Colour scheme should be like this: Link

The Djinni casts spells with her recoloured Lightning Rod.

Click the orb of the staff to toggle between the following attacks:
- Chain Lightning
- Shocking Burst
As if it were the updated Lightning Rod.
This attack occurs 66.67% of the time.

The other 33.33% of the time, this guest "charges" itself, taking some MP or HP from you. This enhances the damage or the paralysis on its next attack.

(If the guest can't have both a damage mode and a paralysis mode, just focus completely on paralysis)

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5/8/2018 8:33:35   


Basic Info:

- Name: Brontus’ Memory
- Element: Light
- Type: Shield with an EleComped Light SPell
- Description:As a tribute to the great Orc leader, the Elves led by Lavistria crafted this shield. They also imbued it with the memory of Brontus, which will attack the enemy when summoned.

A bulky shield decorated with Brontus’ armour pieces. Different shades of brown, several spikes, the red stripes – they’re all there. Just like Chieftain’s Ironthorn, the center of this shield is blank. In this area a transparent image of Brontus can be seen.

When clicked on, the image of Brontus enlarges and appears in front of the player, where it will charge the enemy and hit the enemy with his weapon.

- The SPell is a 3-hit Melee attack
- Uses CHA for damage because it’s (a memory of) an NPC attacking.

- Possibly MRM penalty for a damage boost to the SPell?

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