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=AQ3D= News January 11th, 2018: Titles are coming

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1/12/2018 1:02:08   

Majestic Feline of AQ3D & ED


Artix Krieger | Thursday, January 11, 2018

You are going to get Titles!

"Badges? We don't need no stinking badges.... wait! They give you Titles now? YES. YES WE DO! GIMME THE STINKING BADGES!"

Yesterday, we changed the database so that some badges will now award you titles. For example, if you completed the Frogzard Hunter challenge, you will get both the badge and unlock the title "Frogzard Hunter". Other titles include things like "Closed Beta Tester", "Guardian", "Kickstarter Backer", "Founder", "Brutalnub" (for slaying Brutalcorn), and moving forward... anything that gives you a badge can also give you a new Title!

When can you set your Title?

We are working on a new feature that will let you select which title you want to display from a list of all the titles you have unlocked. You can have one title equipped at a time. Which one you choose is purely on your personal taste. When a player inspects your character, they will see your tile. It will also be displayed on your character page.

Why add Titles now?

Titles is one of the few remaining promises to the Kickstarter Backers. It also happens to benefit all players-- and is pretty quick to do. This will either release with the next game client update, or the one right after.

Want to help come up with titles?

Post your ideas in the comment section below. What are titles you would like to see obtainable in the game? And how do you feel you should get them? Maybe you want to have something in game that just because you like the way it sounds or what it means to you? For example: "Dark Souled" or "Pony Knight" or "Whovian" or "Sith Poster" :P The community can probably help you come up with some clever ways for them to be earned in game that make sense :D The main categories for badges/titles include:

  • Game Achievements
  • Quest/Story Achievements
  • Combat Achievements
  • Exploration Achievements
  • Loyalty
  • Kickstarter
  • Special / Collectables from HeroMart

    P.S. Any ideas on what title should come with the T-Shirt on Heromart? While I added titles to all of the badges on the loyalty, special, Kickstarter, and also for existing in-game achievements-- I am having trouble thinking of a good one for the T-Shirt.
    P.P.S. Charfade did a mockup treatment for the Guardian and Kickstarter custom nameplates yesterday. Will post a preview as soon as it is ready
    P.P.P.S. We had our first round of play testing where we new players who never played before go from just having the name of the game to installing it, playing it, and getting through the intro to town. OMG, we had no idea people were having THAT much trouble with the mobile camera! We already have good ideas on how to improve it.
  • AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    1/12/2018 2:46:00   
    Iron Volvametal

    Oooo, I like making lists:

    - Beta Berserker

    Equip 7 pieces of the Beta Berserker set.

    - Crafty Craftsman

    Craft over 100 items.

    - Master Crafter

    Craft over 300 items.

    - Defender/Defender of Battleon

    Reach Rank 20 Battleon Defender

    - Rare Hunter

    Loot a Rare Chest item(ex. Soulbourne Axe, Doom Ripper, etc).

    - Keeper of Souls

    Equip the Soulbourne Axe.

    - Bringer of DOOM

    Equip the Doom Ripper.

    - Traveler of Worlds

    Equip the Traveler's Pack

    - Greenguard Grinder

    Equip a full set of Golden Armor from Greenguard Chests.

    - Doomwood Dweller

    Equip a full set of Night Guard Armor from Doomwood Chests.

    - Tower Thief

    Equip a full set of Oroku Armor from Tower Chests.

    - Looter

    Loot 25 Dungeon Chests.

    - Gold Guardian

    Reach Rank 10 Vault Security Bank.

    - Evil Slayer

    Defeat the Ancient Evil.

    - Chiropteran Champion

    Equip 5 pieces of the Chiropteran set.

    - Acolyte of Evil

    Equip 7 pieces of the Ancient Evil set.

    - Slayer of Valek

    Equip the Red Dragon Plate armor.

    - Shadowguard Sentinel

    Equip the Shadowguard Blade X sword.

    - Voidwalker

    Equip the Crimson Staff of the Abyss.

    - Fiend Slayer

    Defeat the Abyss Warfiend.

    - Necrohen Slayer

    Defeat the Dark Necrohencer.
    AQW  Post #: 2
    1/14/2018 1:47:16   

    A bit late for this but I think it would be a great title if we have title for warmongers
    Like what Iron said, aside from Defender.
    How about Warmonger with different adjectives to determine the "rank" of the warmonger.

    I'm glad that the forums isn't being neglected.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
    1/14/2018 12:06:23   


    - Rare Hunter

    Loot a Rare Chest item(ex. Soulbourne Axe, Doom Ripper, etc).

    This should probaby be renamed to something else so as not to confuse people, as "rare" in AE games refers to an item that is no longer available. Even if an item has such a low drop rate, that no player is expected to get it within 1 billion runs, it is still technically just as rare as anything you can buy in any shop. "Rare X Chest" is simply just a misleading name, leading back to the original AQ, but does not imply that the items inside are truly rare. No reason to further confuse newer players with the term.

    Something that refers to hunting down a specific item, or to being lucky, would likely be a better idea, and make people less confused in the long run. And yes, I do know that even staff members have sometimes used the term "rare drop" to describe something that is unlikely to get; that does not help the confusion either.

    @Iron Volvametal: That would make more sense in my opinion, yes.

    < Message edited by Ninjaty -- 1/14/2018 13:08:05 >
    Post #: 4
    1/14/2018 12:59:05   
    Iron Volvametal

    ^ I was going to put Artifact Hunter before. ^

    Would that help?
    AQW  Post #: 5
    1/15/2018 2:12:56   
    Zeo Zentnights

    How about a title for how much gold a player has accumulated? Perhaps a title like [Money Bags] for gaining 100k gold?
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