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RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread

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5/29/2018 17:22:09   
Constructive & Helpful!

There's really 3 difficulty levels to NSoD:

Non Member: the closest thing you get to hell in AQW, even after the quest requirements for it got lowered by almost half, it still takes well over 6 months, which is an estimate based on farming 5+ hours per day.
Member: seems fairly manageable, it's just killing a lot of smaller guys and 1 easy boss per turn in.
With SDKA, with or without active membership: about on par with harder endgame stuff, which translates to anywhere from a couple weeks to a month+, based on what I have heard.

Since you have SDKA already, it shouldn't be insanely hard, just a longer consistent grind towards the goal, with only a couple points of RNG. I would definitely recommend you get on to doing the Mine Crafting daily starting as soon as possible, since you need 4 Bariums.

So with the recent release and update to Chiral Valley, they removed the Cyclops Warlord from Mobius. This means that it takes ~40-60 more seconds to complete the Bounty Hunter Drone quest, which devalues it a little bit. It's still a very good pet to have, it streamlines a lot of the Nulgath farming process, but it's not the (statically) best birthday pet anymore. I just thought I would bring it up in case someone has some thoughts about this.

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AQW  Post #: 151
6/4/2018 22:15:50   
Lightning Sekkara

With Drone Pet having to switch to 3 rooms, which is the fastest pet nowadays? Is it the CVKS?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 152
6/5/2018 4:44:32   
Constructive & Helpful!

If I recall correctly, the average time for CVKS was only slightly slower than the Bounty Hunter Drone. With the removal of the Cyclops Warlord, CVKS has probably taken the lead by a small amount. Keep in mind that those 40-60 seconds are based on you walking all the way through an empty Faerie instance, which not only increases time spent traveling, but the spawn rate is also not too good. In theory, if you are already in Mobius, it could be faster to use the Spider fast travel and walk from there though. If you used an alt or in general had full rooms (there's now 3 different Nulgath farming quests that requires the Faerie map) to get to the Warlord, you could likely bring the time back down to CVKS. It's hard to say which one is the definitely better one now, both have their ups and down, really. At peak performance, they should be pretty much equal. If I remember correctly, the Drone had a slightly higher drop rate for some items though, granted, without any confirmation on CVKS's drops, that's only speculation. You should just use the one you like the most IMO.

If you wanted to compare every aspect of the 2 pets:
Slugfit: equal
Imps: equal
Makais: equal
Faerie: CVKS wins out due to less kills + direct fast travel option.
Aquamarines/Boar Tusks: Drone wins out and probably equals out the Faerie time loss, assuming the Jellyfish is done solo, which is not too uncommon nowadays.
Overall travel time and room switching: CVKS wins out slightly because of the stacking Aquamarines.

CVKS always had 4 maps go to, the Drone only had 3. Now that the Drone has 4 as well, they should in theory be equal. CVKS's farming pattern does make it (kind of) a 3 room farm, due to stacking up Aquamarines.
AQW  Post #: 153
6/17/2018 3:37:39   

Small nulgath farming question: I have

a full stack of some items (Blood Gems, Essence,Fiend Token, 2 headen onyx, I did not even know you can carry 2. uni 13 and full totems)

and I have a small amount of everything else and am missing a non member voucher.

Is there anything I can do with my full item stacks to either get some items, trade them in for other farming items, or use the full stack for a guaranteed reward?

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DF  Post #: 154
6/20/2018 10:52:41   
you stop

^ I don't know your AQW acc so I don't know what you do not have but try Nulgath Nation House (then the Enchanted version). Void Highlord is also something that requires nearly every nulgath reagents (though not at full stacks for all).
AQW  Post #: 155
6/20/2018 23:03:09   
Ted Zlammy

If one is an upgraded player and bought some Nulgath farming pets with ACs, I believe you can force certain item drops from Tendurr's quests if you have max stacks of everything except for a single item with the "You will receive one of the following items" rewards. Granted, that's a fair bit of work required along with the previously mentioned Upgraded status and need of ACs.

Aside from that though, I can't really recall any other quests where you might be able to force certain Nulgath resources to drop with max stacks of certain items at the top of my head.
MQ AQW  Post #: 156
6/23/2018 10:40:43   

Is it more efficient to farm for Swag Tokens at /dinocaves or at /terrarium or at /collectorlab? I always do the Daily quests for /collectorlab and /terrarium so don't fret.

1. Dinocaves offers 3x C tokens guaranteed with a chance for 3x B tokens. The dinos are also slightly easier to kill. (5 quests all with different temp items so I can turn them in at once, 3*5 = 15 C tokens per run)
2. /terrarium offers the For Science! quest, which is a chance for 30x C tokens ( = 3x B tokens), and the Don't Drink! quest offers 26x D tokens with a chance for 6x C tokens.
3. /collectorlab offers 4 tokens for varying C and D tokens, which I find unappealing.

Which is the faster one? I use Daimon for AOE farming for now. I started a new character 2 weeks ago, he's Lv 46 now. I might try to go to lv 50 to get Scarlet Sorceress early but I'm not in a rush.

Also, which Reputation would be most optimal for turning in Swag Token A's for? I was thinking Embersea but I don't even have Rank 10 Doomwood done yet, nor do I have their storyline finished.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 157
6/23/2018 19:21:11   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

The Rep Farming Guide might help you Basically the For Science! quest is the best way to earn the tokens, assuming you're able to actually use it (since it's Legend-only). That being said, for the most part the Swag Tokens method is actually mostly useful only for Legends; pretty much all the reps that are available for it have faster methods for getting rep than by doing the Swag Tokens if you're a Hero. Legends can just get the tokens a lot faster, so it's more worth it for them.

As for which is the best to turn in the tokens for, that's pretty heavily dependent on what it is you're after. Again, most reps actually do have methods that ultimately come out faster than the Swag Tokens, so it's a waste to spend tokens on those. Of the ones that it's not a waste for, that's where what you're after comes in. If you're not really doing the rep for the gear as much as the class, then basically none of the reps are worth spending tokens on. Sandsea is the one most people would probably point to as being the most worthwhile to farm tokens instead of the actual rep, but Master Ranger's not really a great class.

The long and short of it is: what is it you're after? Are you trying to get any particular classes, or are you just trying to get Rank 10 in all the reps? Because the answer to the question of what you're ultimately going for will drive the answer to whether it's worth it to use Swag Tokens.
AQ AQW  Post #: 158
6/23/2018 19:54:52   

I am a Legend on this character( Dinocaves and Collectorlab are Legend-Only). I intend to collect every class I can, I started with all the Legend-only classes and the Rep classes like Shaman/EvoShaman, DBSK, TSS, Blaze Binder, Undeadslayer, Deathknight etc.

I was looking for a strong soloing class because right now, I use Daimon and Paladin to farm for quests, but for bosses, which I need to solo, I don't have any tools.

As for Swag Token use, I'd like to use it at a Reputation area that would otherwise take too long (Except Master Ranger, which I don't particularly like), and preferably give me a class.
For instance, Doomwood is not a good choice IMO because I can farm for the BLoD while I farm Doomwood Rep. Or maybe I don't need to use the tokens on Good/Evil because they have huge Daily Quests that can give me 13k Rep daily. I heard Arcangrove is tedious but I have already used Shaman and I have AoE classes already.

I've used most of the above classes I mentioned except for BB, US, and DK so I dunno what to choose. Is there a better class for Soloing?

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 159
6/24/2018 5:58:27   
Constructive & Helpful!

Of the list of reputations with classes doable with Swag Tokens you have:

Lycan: for the Lycan class, a mediocre 2 hit class with pretty decent sustain.

Mythsong: part of Stonecrusher, widely considered the best support class and for good reasons, also doubles as a great soloing class and the DPS isn't half bad either. It really does excel in parties, it's a staple for group fights nowadays. Mythsong is faster to farm with it's own quest though, you can do the Kimberly quest and get 2k rep per kill.

Arcangrove: Shamand an Evo Shaman. You probably already know how good of a class Shaman is. Evo Shaman is more focused on debbuffing a single enemy, but otherwise is very similar, Evo Shaman is generally considered weaker than Shaman. Arcangrove is also necessary to get Stonecrusher, alongside Mythsong and Brightoak (which is not available through Swag Tokens).

Sandsea: Master Ranger....is Master Ranger, it's one of the worst classes in the game and definitely the worst reputation class in my opinion, perhaps some of the member rep classes can prove me wrong, but I never used any of them.

Skyguard: for Skyguard Grenadier, I haven't heard great things about it.

Doomwood: Necromancer is a fairly good class still since the buff to it a while ago. Doomwood is also needed for Blaze Binder.

Troll: for Troll Spellsmith, still holds up as a decent farming class although it only having 1 AoE skill kind of outdates it when we have classes like Vampire Lord, Shaman and Blaze Binder. It's also not a bad soloing class, it has 35% damage resistance when fully stacked and the heal has a low cooldown.

Horc: for Horc Evader. Horc Evader is a little weird, it's close to being a good class, but I can never make more out of it than a semi good class for killing low/mid hp bosses, it's also quite hard to play optimally with 3 different invisible timers you need to keep track of.

Etherstorm: for Elemental Dracomancer. I haven't used it within the past couple years, but it's lack of heal makes it's uses quite limited. It could be useful vs a harder hitting boss with someone healing you on the side while being able to dish out a fair bit of damage. It's a real keyboard smashing class.

Chronospan: for Thief of Hours. a subpar dodging class, even as a dodge class with healing, it's cooldowns and/or mana costs are just a tad bit too high. I find it hard to find any real use for it. The only thing it really has going for it, is applying Temporal Insanity to very hard hitting enemies, especially when you apply it to Nulgath and he punches himself for billions of damage, that never gets old.

Thunderforge: for Darkblood Stormking, which is still a decent jack of all trades class, a little outdated like Troll Spellsmith, but still more viable than some other rep classes.

Swordhaven: for Royal Battlemage, it has no healing and very long cooldowns. It rarely does enough damage to justify it though, but it has some support potential aside from probably a great damage output with a Stonecrusher and a large amount of defensive options, but it's lack of heals makes it not that great, kind of like a slower Dracomancer. It has the ability to switch between AoE and single target, it's single target skills dealing more damage than the AoE classes. It feels like a prototype of Chaos Slayer honestly, it has the same kind of playstyle of being able to switch between AoE and single target with the use of a skill, but Chaos Slayer is a good class, whereas Royal Battlemage just falls flat on it's face.

Chaos: for the Chaos Slayer classes. Chaos Slayer is a better jack of all trades class than Darkblood Stormking in my opinion. Even after 4-5 years, it still holds up against newer classes and is my number 1 recommended first rep class for newer players, because the rep is one of the easier ones, with an option for a 5k daily quest, if the individual is lazy about it.

Embersea: alongside Doomwood and Pyromancer will give you access to Blaze Binder. Blaze Binder is well known as a good AoE class, and part of the AoE trio (Shaman, Vampire Lord and Blaze Binder) which I consider the best 3 non rare AoE classes, in no particular order.

Ravenloss: for Arachnomancer. Arachnomancer is a quite limited class, but powerful under the right circumstances. It essentially does one thing (aside from dealing damage) and that's having a skill that instantly makes the enemy take 100% more damage (and an option for quadrupling all DoTs the enemy, in combination with another skill). The mana cost of these 2 debuff skills is quite high though and without a Stonecusher, you are going to have mana issues. It's a pretty bad class to play solo.

Of all these I would recommend getting Chaos Slayer, Darkblood, Troll Spellsmith, Blaze Binder (which almost gives Necromancer by default) and Stonecrusher (which also gives you Shaman + Evo Shaman).
This one is not part of the list, but if you can get to it, I would also recommend getting Glacial Berserker with rep, it's a very strong single target and soloing class with great debuffs on top. The reputation can be farmed for all year long, but the rep shop with the class is only available during Frostvale.

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AQW  Post #: 160
6/24/2018 9:59:36   

I've finally gotten my second AFDL item after a year-long hiatus. It took me just under a week. My first attempt took 3 months, and I gave up on it for a while after Uni 19 refused to drop 325 times in a row. The Drone pet is a massive boost, so that should be another reason for people to get it once Nully's birthday comes around again.

On a side note, Asuka's said that most players should get Uni 35 in about 8 attempts of the Nulgath Demands Work quest; however, I'm feeling a little intimidated by another 6 weeks of hardcore grinding. I know a guy who had 25 attempts before giving up; would there be a support option for extremely bad cases of RNG?
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 161
6/24/2018 17:32:08   

@Metabirky: Thanks for the in depth commentary. I will take your advice, particularly on farming for Glacial berserker and Stonecrusher, as well as Blaze Binder. You are right in that TSS and DBSK feel outdated nowadays, and I've used Chaos Slayer for years.

1 more question, how long does it *typically* take for one to finish the Blade of Awe and one of the items of Awe(that give 25% Rep/XP/Gold/CP)? I'd like to be able to use the boosts before I try to farm for Reputation.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 162
6/24/2018 18:30:17   
Constructive & Helpful!


On a side note, Asuka's said that most players should get Uni 35 in about 8 attempts of the Nulgath Demands Work quest; however, I'm feeling a little intimidated by another 6 weeks of hardcore grinding. I know a guy who had 25 attempts before giving up; would there be a support option for extremely bad cases of RNG?

You are definitely not the first one to ask and want this. I'm not speaking from personal experience (luckily), but even if it would have been of no use to me, I would still hate to be in the situation of doing 20+ turn ins. If it ever was to happen, I could see it being some quest that has the same criteria as the last AFDL quest (requiring the first 4 pieces from "Nulgath Demands Work"), in which you turn in a good chunk of Uni 34s + some other resources to get an Uni 35. It probably wont happen at this point though, so you just have to stick with it and hope you get lucky. The quests were designed this way for a reason, right?


1 more question, how long does it *typically* take for one to finish the Blade of Awe and one of the items of Awe(that give 25% Rep/XP/Gold/CP)?

The Blade of Awe takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes (if you were to get everything within just a few kills) to hours, in most cases, usually not more than a couple hours, but there's always edge cases.
The first 3 quests are nothing special, they rarely take any significant time, the 4th quest usually takes a little bit more time than the other 3 quests, but rarely gets out of hand because of Chaos Hydra being 3 chances per room clear. The last quest is what it all comes down to, it's a 0.1% drop from any Chaos Lord, with the Exception of Tibicenas who has a 0.5% drop rate for it.

For your rep boosting needs, you have 2 options:
Since you are member, there's no criteria for unlocking the Armor of Awe quests, which means you can get the cape right now if you wanted, you just need to buy the Legendary Awe Pass from Valencia and kill Binky once with the quest for the Cape Shard accepted, then you can merge the cape.
Alternatively, if you get the Blade of Awe (which you would definitely want later on anyways, because of Awe enhancements) you can buy Awethur's Accoutrements from the Awe-some Gear shop, which has the same boosts as all the other Awe pieces with boosts.

There is a reason to get the cape though, because it allows you to use a damage boosting weapon, which is generally where damage boosts come from, especially universal ones, which are the most useful.

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AQW  Post #: 163
6/24/2018 19:52:43   

I didn't even know that! Thank you for the tip. I guess I have a lot of reading to catch up to regarding missed releases. I regret every Lightcaster/Darkcaster event I miss, and every Upholder event I miss. Now that I have some sort of money, I can actually get a full 1-year Membership to play on-and-off.

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 164
6/25/2018 13:36:42   

Whats the best method for getting Dark Spirit Orbs?

Moved, merged, rephrased to retain sense of the question. ~Shadowhunt

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 165
6/25/2018 13:59:00   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

There are really only two viable methods for it: the Dark Spirit Orbs quest, and Penny for Your Foughts. There is a daily you can do, IIRC, but it's not really that worth it. Between DSO and Penny, I personally prefer DSO. I have found I can usually get it done within about 5 minutes, with the occasional outlier that stretches for a while. Penny for Your Foughts, on the other hand, is a lot more variable: I've gotten the coin in seconds, and I've spent hours before one dropped. Because I tend to prefer consistency, I go with Dark Spirit Orbs.

The other advantage Dark Spirit Orbs has is that the monster you fight will also drop Dark Energy. While it does take 50 of these to get a single Dark Spirit Orb, over the course of doing the quest so many times you'll accumulate a bunch of Dark Energies and you can get a pretty significant number of Dark Spirit Orbs from it. This means that even if you're not getting the drops for the quest, you're still making progress towards the armor by doing this quest, which isn't something that can be said about Penny for Your Foughts. Dark Spirit Orbs (the quest) does require two inventory spaces for drops, though, or three if you're counting the Dark Energy, so it's a little more inventory-intensive than Penny for Your Foughts. If you're short on space, Penny may be the better option.


AQ AQW  Post #: 166
6/26/2018 9:33:19   


You'll be looking at around 12 hours of farming to get BoA
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 167
6/29/2018 13:56:47   

@Foulman yeah it feels like forever. The Runes take so long, I've been killing Kitsune, Escherion, and Tibicenas for days it feels like.

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 168
6/29/2018 15:23:28   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

You probably want to stick to Tibi. He's got a pretty serious drop rate advantage over the other Chaos Lords. The biggest issue is just making sure there are enough people there to make it the kills go pretty quickly. If that's not the case, there are pretty much always people at Escherion, but I'd mostly just do that if you're unable to get a group together for Tibi.
AQ AQW  Post #: 169
6/29/2018 17:57:12   

You're right. Tibi takes more people to kill, and Escherion takes maybe 30 seconds with Scarlet Sorceress + Chaorrupter Unlocked... I think I can kill Escherion 3 times before 1 kill of tibicenas. I'll have to try and assemble a party if I want to kill him though. :(
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 170
6/29/2018 18:45:59   
Constructive & Helpful!

Tibi, while potentially a huge pain to deal with is generally more worth going for if you are farming for Runes. He has an 0.5% drop rate compared to 0.1%, so even with it taking 3 times longer, it's still averagely better. Tibi can also easily be taken down in 5-15 seconds, depending on how many higher level people you can team up with. Just be aware of how dangerous Tibi is if the party does not have enough damage reduction, whether applied to the party or to Tibi himself.

Good thing there's the Let's Party Thread for the purpose of finding groups if none can be found ingame.

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AQW  Post #: 171
7/4/2018 11:14:44   
99th Dracopyre

Where do you grind class points now? I don't even get any CP now. Level 65.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 172
7/8/2018 13:11:01   
you stop

1. /battlegrounde (bunch of stuff there appropriate for your level, not in the first room)
2. /battlegroundf (higher levelled stuff, might take a bit to kill)
3. /bloodmoon (most recommended out of all)
4. /bludrutbrawl or any pve map (err, not as recommended bc mobs dont respawn in live servers)
AQW  Post #: 173
7/8/2018 21:10:34   

Okay. I decided to buy both Drudgen and Crag&Bamboozle, I really like having the pets for me to use.

I want to farm for legendary archfiend and Void Highlord. How do I go from there with the most efficient or quickest way of getting items? I'm not that well-versed with the Nulgath area yet, but I am willing to learn :)
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 174
7/8/2018 21:44:05   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

Drudgen I don't really have a great answer for; the main purpose of that always seemed to be getting access to Supplies if you don't own the pet yourself, and hiring the Nulgath Larvae. In terms of farming, I don't know that it's all that useful.

For C&B, you accept the Bamboozle vs. Drudgen quest, stack up the Tainted Cores to 13, then turn them in and turn in the Helm you get (do it each time since you can only hold one Helm) to Supplies. When you've got 4 million gold, go to Screen 12 of EvilWarNul, equip a single target class with ranged skills, open up Bamboozle's quest box, open Klunk's apop and then the Diamond shop, and leave it stacked. Go to the back items tab of the Diamond shop, so it looks like this. Accept The Assistant, buy the Blood Cloak, hit your single-target ranged skill and it'll auto-target the Legion Fenrir. You've got your Rune so turn in the quest, rinse and repeat until you're out of gold.

Pretty much the big method of getting items from those two pets are Supplies and The Assistant. You're going to have to use other pets to get some of the other reagents, or use other pets to get reagents in a more timely manner (i.e. Tainted Gems from the Sword of Nulgath), but if you're looking to just go up against the RNG by throwing a lot of attempts at it, Supplies and The Assistant are pretty much your options.

You can also take a look in the Nation Guide and Farming Guide, as both have sections about farming Nulgath reagents. I would recommend looking through these because you'll find good methods for obtaining particular reagents faster. For example, you can get Diamonds from Supplies, but you'll get them a ton faster by doing the Evil War quests instead.
AQ AQW  Post #: 175
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