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RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread

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7/8/2018 21:51:24   
you stop

1. Legendary Archfiend. There's an NPC called Oblivion in the very first room of Tercessuinotlim. He can give you quests on farming the Fiend Tokens, which you need 30 of to obtain the class. If you have the Orb Clones (BH Drone for example), then I suggest farming that instead. Has a fairly high droprate for Fiend Tokens as well as having the chance to farm other Nulgath Reagents which you would need for Void Highlord.

2. Void Highlord. It's pretty much just your average farmfest of all reagents. There are a bunch of guides out there but let me give you a list for all the basic reagents
a. BH Drone (or other orb clones) - pretty much just spam the quest and you'll obtain all
b. Voucher of Nulgath nonmember - Crag&Bam just keep doing Escherion Helms till it drops (I believe the said pet has a quest which makes the said helm drop instantly)
c. Unidentified 13 - Crag&Bam, just get 3 Diamonds of Nulgath
d. Diamond of Nulgath - Crush the Weak quest from /evilwarnul, requires a Uni 13 to accept. If you don't have one yet, do the method above or spam Larvae till it drops.
e. Dark Crystal Shard - Essence of the Defeated Reagent quest from Sword of Nulgath.
f. Gem of Nulgath/Totem of Nulgath - they drop from the same quest called Voucher Item: Totem of Nulgath. You need a Voucher NonMem to accept the quest. Quest is from Drudgen
g. Bloodgem of the Archfiend - Kiss the Void quest from Nulgath
h. Tainted Gem - Cubes Reagent quest from Sword of Nulgath
i. Gold - Crag&Bam + Sword of Nulgath. Obtain Uni 13 from C&B and then do The Leery Contract from Sword of Nulgath
j. Emblem of Nulgath - ShadowBlast Arena, there's a quest called Nation Recruit: Seal Your Fate from Tharanak Hrii

The rest of the Reagents you need for Void Highlord are obtainable easily might as well just look at them in the wiki. There are also entrance items you need to move about in tercess but I suggest just getting an alt that has finished at least about the 2nd Chaos Lord Vath to save bagslots.
AQW  Post #: 176
7/9/2018 9:55:59   

@Shadowhunt & you stop: Thank you. This is all very daunting from the start.

How many bag spaces would I expect to use? 20-30? And while farming for VHL can I use any of the reagents to farm for Archfiend as well?
Which reagents from Supplies and The Assistant are relatively useless for the sake of getting those 2 classes?

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 177
7/9/2018 12:39:27   

15 or 16 spaces for VHL. Alot of the reagents are AC tagged though. Archfiend only rly takes 1 space. You just need Fiends Seals from Void Knight Sword/Bounter Hunter Drone or Feed the Fiend Tokens.

You'd want to keep these from The Assistant
- Unidentified 13
- Tainted Gem
- Dark Crystal Shard
- Diamond of Nulgath
- Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
- Voucher of Nulgath legend

Could keep Unidentified 10, 4, 5, 7, and 8 for Swindles Return Policy, since Dark Crystal Shards are a bit of a pain to get if you don't have Void Knight Sword/Bounter Hunter Drone. I would just do Tenduurs Daily Quest for 10 Dark Crystal Shards though.

Unidentified 19 and 26 are used for getting Archfiend Doomlord. I'd recommend at least farming the locks/helmet so you have a damage to monsters item to wear with any damage to dragons/chaos/undead stuff.

Unidentified 22, 23, 24, 25, are extremely rare and used for some Nulgath set. Drop them if you don't want it, but you'll likely never see them again.
DF AQW  Post #: 178
7/9/2018 13:45:37   
Constructive & Helpful!


15 or 16 spaces for VHL.

It's actually 22 spaces, counting everything needed to get to the NPC, all quest items, requirements to accept quest and all rewards needing to be kept in inventory (Uni 10 and Roent). Of course, you can reduce that to 18 (technically 16 if you use bank spaces for Roents and Uni 10, but that is highly impractical), by using an alt with the traversal items, but I would generally suggest having them all on 1 account if possible, to save the trouble of using 2 accounts and goto'ing multiple times. Of course, if that is not the case, it's completely valid to have another account dedicated to travelling through Tercessuinotlim. It also makes it easier when you want to mass farm Makais to have everything on 1 account.

Speaking of which, would leaving the /Nulgath map put you on screen 4 of Tercessuinotlim, the screen from where you can enter the /Nulgath map by the middle entrance on the bottom of the screen. If so, you can skip the need to Escherion's Chain and Strand of Vath's Hair entirely, even when needing to go to Nulgath. You just wont be able to go back in once you enter the screen with Oblivion though, that would be the only downside.

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AQW  Post #: 179
7/9/2018 14:59:31   

Ahh alright. Thanks again to all of you. Since I already have the Hadean Onyx & the Non-mem voucher, I can start the VHL quest. Is Roetgenium of Nulgath a 100% drop? Because if so, then i have no more questions and I can start without pestering y'all anymore.

I think I'll likely buy some more bag space before the AC promotion expires. I need some for SDKA/BLoD farming anyway.

@Loftyz: Good thing I kept all of those! Only thing I am missing is a Legend Voucher of Nulgath, i never got it yet.

I think the biggest thing I need is to farm for gold. 2mil per Roetgenium is a lot considering a 4mil cap. lol.

I hope farming for VHL early on is a good thing to do for me. I know it's end-game stuff, but I am HUNGRY for classes.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 180
7/9/2018 15:26:06   
Constructive & Helpful!


Is Roetgenium of Nulgath a 100% drop?

As of the most recent version of the quest, yes, it is a 100% drop. It used to be a 5% drop and require less resources per turn in (namely not having the Tainted Gem requirement), but a 3.75 million gold item instead of a 2 million gold item, plus only needing 4 of them to merge the class, but due to heavy demand from the community, they changed it. I am personally happy about this change, I can't imagine turning in the quest for several days in a row and get literally nothing for my efforts, which I did turn in the quest 3 times before they changed it, so I know what I am talking about, all while some lucky fellow out there could have gotten the class in less than a week.

Essentially, you would need to turn in the quest on average 80 times to get the class, with insane variance between people. I think any sane person prefers the current version.
AQW  Post #: 181
7/9/2018 17:04:35   
The ErosionSeeker
*insert cheesy pun here*


Speaking of which, does the /Nulgath map spit you out at the location at which the entrance is from Tercessuinotlim?

/nulgath connects to the back end of /marsh. Good for getting Dreadspider Silk if you have a Hanzo Orb, but then again you could go to /twilight and get a Dreadspider there.
DF AQW  Post #: 182
7/9/2018 19:45:02   
you stop


I think the biggest thing I need is to farm for gold. 2mil per Roetgenium is a lot considering a 4mil cap. lol.

For any Crag&Bam owner, gold should be your least issue. Just stack up Diamonds, convert them to Uni 13, then do The Leery Contract (I included that in the list). Assuming Diamonds have been stacked, it would take less than 5 minutes to get to 4m gold, provided you have Cape of Awe and a 2x Gold Boost (you can get free 2x boosts from Ragnar). Gives 100k per turn in, 250k with boosts.

An alternative is doing Game of Gemstones, a quest from Tendurrr The Assistant. Gives 200k gold per turn in, 500k with boosts. Additionally, as Loftyz mentioned, the pet has useful dailies for owners of Crag&Bam as well as Drudgen which will greatly help towards your farm for VHL. I fully recommend doing these dailies as one of them has the possibility of dropping Elder's Blood, which is a daily quest drop that you need for Roentgeniums. These dailies drop huge quantities of the reagents you need.


Which reagents from Supplies and The Assistant are relatively useless for the sake of getting those 2 classes?

I don't necessarily recommend focusing on these two quests. The Assistant uses up 100k Gold per turn in (Blood Cloak) but shouldn't be an issue as an owner of Crag&Bam. Additionally, I recommend only doing Crag&Bam's version of Supplies as the said pet has easy access to Escherion's Helm. Keep the items Loftyz mentioned with the addition of Totems and Gems of Nulgath.

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AQW  Post #: 183
7/9/2018 21:00:05   

So using a Chaos Slayer, what's the best way to farm for spirt orbs? Honestly, feel like the Soul Searching method is a bit too slow at this point.
Post #: 184
7/9/2018 23:23:52   

Just to summarize, for my own bookmarking, the way to farm VHL is, without the Orb clones or the Void Knight Sword:


1. Non-mem Voucher: Via Drudgen/Crag using Supplies/The Assistant (Have it)

2. Hadean Onyx of Nulgath: via the Shadow of Nulgath in the Carnage area of Tercessuinotlim (Have it)

3. Archfiend's Favor - 4500 total, 300 per quest turn-in : kill Legion Monsters in /evilwarnul.

4. Nulgath's Approval - 4500 Total, 300 per quest turn-in: kill Legion Monsters in /evilwarnul

5. Gem of Nulgath - 300 total, 20 per quest turn-in: "Voucher Item: Totem of Nulgath" from Drudgen the Assistant

6. Elder's Blood - 15 total, 1 per quest turn-in:"Experiment 107: Elder's Blood Potion" from Reens in /arcangrove

7. Unidentified 13(The Contract of Nulgath) - 15 total, 1 per quest turn-in: "Diamond Exchange" from Crag&Bamboozle

8. Black Knight Orb - 15 total, 1 per quest turn-in: "Hardly Suiting Armor" from the ghost in /greenguardwest

9. Elemental Ink - 150 total, 10 per quest turn-in: Convert 4 Mystic Quills for 10 Inks (2:5 ratio) through Escherion

10. Nulgath Shaped Chocolate - 15 total, 1 per quest turn-in: 2million gold from the Citadel shop.

11. The Secret 1 - 15 total, 1 per quest turn-in: "Secret Item" from Drudgen the Assistant must be accepted, kill Hidden Spy in /willowcreek

12. Essence of Nulgath - 750 total, 50 per quest turn-in: Kill Dark Makai from /Nulgath

13. Bone Dust - 300 total, 20 per quest turn-in: kill Undead from BattleUnderB while farming for BLoD(kills 2 birds with 1 stone)

14. Aelita's Emerald - 15 total, 1 per quest turn-in: buy for free from Yulgar's Weapon Shop in /yulgar

15. Dwakel Decoder - 15 total, 1 per quest turn-in: click the "!" icon in the farmhouse at /crashsite

16. Tainted Gem - 1500 total, 100 per quest turn-in: "Cube Reagent" from Sword of Nulgath

17. Emblem of Nulgath - 300 total, 20 per quest turn-in: "Nation Recruit: Seal Your Fate" from /shadowblast


18. Unidentified 10 - 200 total: obtained via 10 passes of "Void Highlord's Challenge" (20 Uni 10 * 10 = 200) from Void Highlord in /tercessuinotlim

19. Gem of Nulgath - 150 total: "Voucher Item: Totem of Nulgath" from Drudgen the Assistant

20. Dark Crystal Shard - 200 total: "Essence of Defeat Reagent" from Sword of Nulgath

21. Tainted Gem - 200 total: "Cube Reagent" from Sword of Nulgath


22. Diamond of Nulgath - 200 total: "Crush the Weak' from Klunk in /evilwarnul

23. Blood Gem of the Archfiend - 30 total: "Kiss the Void" from Nulgath

24. Totem of Nulgath - 15 total: "Voucher Item: Totem of Nulgath" from Drudgen the Assistant

25. Elder's Blood - 2 total: "Experiment 107: Elder's Blood Potion" from Reens in /arcangrove

Is there anything else I forgot? This is what I gathered from the guides as well as your advice. If there's some quest I should do that's better, please tell me.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 185
7/9/2018 23:39:16   


Personally, I found it much faster, and easier, to just grind the skeletons in the first 2 screens of /battleunderb. With it's AoE attacks, Chaos Slayer can do that decently, though I would recommend using and/or grabbing Vampire Lord, Shaman, or Blaze Binder for the job, since any of those classes will be much better at AoE farming than Chaos Slayer with it's slow speed. Just kill the undead for an hour or two, until you've collected the max amount of undead essence (along with a good amount of bone dust), head to Artix and turn all of it in for spirit orbs, and repeat. With any luck you'll get from 750-1000 spirit orbs each time.
AQW Epic  Post #: 186
7/10/2018 0:14:50   

So im on my way to getting stonecrusher and at the moment farming arcangrove rep and was wondering if the swag token method is worth it? or if i should just farm rep by doing the quests in that area.
AQW  Post #: 187
7/10/2018 0:34:11   
you stop

Just some few tips while you're at it:
1. I really recommend doing the Tendurrr Dailies. You can also obtain Elder's Blood in this way.
2. I think "parasiting" people from /terces is much more efficient for farming Essences of Nulgath rather than doing it personally in /nulgath. It's a small break and all you need is to sit there and possibly heal yourself and others while you're at it
3. Get 350 Bone Dusts, you will need 50 for the entrance purposes.

I think it's been established before that if you're nonmem, all Swag Token Reps are not worth it unless you're farming SandSea specifically. I recommend having an alt in front of the Tower of Magic (first screen of /arcangrove) so you can just /goto if you're gonna turn in. Also, accept all quests from all NPCs, as they all require killing the exact same set of monsters while having different temp items. Another thing is that there is a daily that gives 1500 rep in /mudluk that requires you to go to a different map. In that different map, there is also a daily that gives 1500 rep while requiring you to go to /mudluk.

Try this out see if it works for you while using Chaos Slayer (otherwise just do what Stronius said):
1. Copy paste /join battleunderb-123123
2. Press 5 (should one shot the room)
3. Rejoin the copypasted room (it'll make you go to a different room)
4. Press 3 then autoattack them all to death
5. Repeat steps 2-4, also get Dual Chainsaw Katanas to make things smoother.

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AQW  Post #: 188
7/10/2018 1:29:22   

Ah ok thanks man. i only found out about the swag tokens yesterday and wasn't sure if it was worth it because it takes a long time to even get 1 swag token A.
AQW  Post #: 189
7/10/2018 7:41:57   


17. Emblem of Nulgath - 300 total, 20 per quest turn-in: "Voucher Item: Totem of Nulgath" from Drudgen the Assistant

That quest doesn't give emblems. The quest for Emblems of Nulgath is Nation Recruits: Seal your Fate. You need a Nation round 4 medal to accept the quest.

I'd recommend getting one of each Nation round medal, since the Round 4 Medal is turned in for Assisting Crag. Once you turn in Assisting Crag for 10 Dark Crystal Shards, you can do each Nation Medal quest once so you have all 4 medals again. You can farm a few emblems while you're getting the medals back too.

All four of the Nation Round Medals are AC tagged, so you can bank them when you don't need them.

For Assisting Drudgen/Crag, where it says "you will receive one of the following items", if you have a full stack of all of the items except one, then you are guaranteed to get that last item as your reward. I usually manipulate Assisting Crag to always get Blood Gems since they take so long to farm. But you can also manipulate the quests to give you guaranteed Vouchers.

DF AQW  Post #: 190
7/10/2018 9:21:37   

@Loftyz Oh, I see. I must have had an error when copy-pasting something. I;ll make sure to change it!

And you read my mind because I was about to ask the difference between "you will receive, at random" and "you will receive one of the following items"; I take it that I can't manipulate the "at random" quests but I can max out the reagents to manipulate "receive one of the following".

@you stop You make a good point, though I oneshot the Makai at this point. Paladin/Daimon/SSoT usually does the job. I also have a little over 1400 Bone Dust that I redeem for Spirit Orbs sometimes as well, but thanks for reminding me!

And the Tendurr Dailies, i saw, god good rewards. Which should I prioritize, or rather, which reagents hare generally tougher to gain with other quests, that I can accelerate with Tendurr?

Is it generally better to stack all the stackable items (e.g. Archfiend's Favor to 4500x) or earn enough for each quest as I go? Or is it just a matter of preference?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 191
7/10/2018 14:49:47   
Constructive & Helpful!


I take it that I can't manipulate the "at random" quests but I can max out the reagents to manipulate "receive one of the following".

Yes, in the case of "you may receive at random", every drop has an individual drop rate, independent of what other drops you already have.
In the case of "you may receive one of the following", it will give you 1 random drop, but if you already have that drop, it will try another one and so on until it can find something you don't already have maxed out in your inventory.


And the Tendurr Dailies, i saw, god good rewards. Which should I prioritize, or rather, which reagents hare generally tougher to gain with other quests, that I can accelerate with Tendurr?

Of the ones on the "you may choose" category, you should probably use it to get Dark Crystal Shards or Gems of Nulgath. You wont be getting Gems of Nulgath regularly by doing Supplies/Assistant, like you would with Larvae and 10 Dark Crystal Shards is worth more than 20 Diamonds or 20 Tainted Gems, based on how long their individual quests take.

In the "you will receive one of" category, just try to make sure you can guarantee Blood Gem or Totem drops, if possible. While the Elder's Blood can be used to get more than 1 Roentgenium per day, gathering enough reagents for 2 or more Roentgeniums per day requires quite a lot of dedication and getting a couple free Totems or Blood Gems is always nice, plus it gets you closer to the cap of those items, for if you ever want to use it to get a free Uni 19, once/if you decide to farm for Archfiend Doomlord.


Is it generally better to stack all the stackable items (e.g. Archfiend's Favor to 4500x) or earn enough for each quest as I go? Or is it just a matter of preference?

You farm both Favors and Approvals at the same time, Favors stack to 5000 and are AC tagged and Approvals stack only to 1000 and are not AC tagged. I would just stack up until you have 900-1000 Approvals, which is enough for 3 turn ins and then bother with those once you run out. It is entirely a matter of preference, but it CAN be faster to stack up whatever you are farming to the max, like Emblems for example, since it requires you to not come back to the same map as often.

In the case of Tainted Gems and other reagents which drop from Supplies/Assistant/Larvae, it's generally better to leave a little bit of room for getting extra of those. It would be a waste of time to farm up 200 Tainted Gems for example and then do Supplies/Assistant/Larvae for an extended period of time, in which Tainted Gems are a possible reward. In those cases, it's recommended to not stack those items to their cap manually.
AQW  Post #: 192
7/10/2018 16:16:02   

Got it. Maximize other items for Tendurr, in order to guarantee Blood Gem and Totem drops. I don't think I will have much of a problem with Elder's Blood because I think it'll take me way longer to farm for everything else.

got one more question: can I go do the quest in /dreadrock to get Tainted Gems? It only needs 3x of 3 monsters and gives 1x gem.

And save for DCS or GoNs, got it. Many thanks as usual!

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 193
7/10/2018 16:43:26   
Constructive & Helpful!

None of the drops needed for Dreadrock Gem exchange are 100% drops if I recall correctly, the Shattered Dreadrock Gem has the highest rate, Polished is a little lower and Crystal has the lowest drop rate of the 3, from personal experience. All enemies should have a chance to drop all 3 items though. Also, the quest is a "you may recieve at random" and at best it's a 50% drop rate. It takes slightly less time to complete than Cube Reagents, but it's a risk and also needs to be turned in every time it's completed.

Cube Reagents is a guaranteed drop for a Tainted Gem, can be turned in, in batches of 6 (Ice Cubes only stack to 6), but you can farm 20 turn ins worth of Cubes before needing to get Ice Cubes in the first place. Because Grizzlespit and the Box Guardians auto aggro you, you can also AFK farm Cubes, if you feel a little lazy.

With all that taken into consideration, I think Cube Reagents is a better method than Dreadrock Gem Exchange, if only by a small margin, will still add up to a lot when you have done the quests enough. The only good thing about Dreadrock Gem Exchange compared to Cube Reagents is that you can farm both Tainted Gems and Legion Tokens on the same map, from the same enemies.

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AQW  Post #: 194
7/10/2018 16:59:21   

Ohh, I understand. I havent started any Legion stuff yet on the character, so I'll stay away,
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 195
7/11/2018 3:47:48   
you stop


@you stop You make a good point, though I oneshot the Makai at this point. Paladin/Daimon/SSoT usually does the job.

Aye indeed but under the same suggestion by metakirby, the Makais auto agro and there would be more people in terces so you can just afk and still get the essences you need. That, and of course be of help for the people there who would probably need your drudgen as well. In any case, it's a trivial matter so do what you think suits your style best.
AQW  Post #: 196
7/11/2018 19:15:12   

I realize that yeah. I've decided to do that so I guess you were right after all haha

is there any alternative to Kiss the Void? Having to farm for Tendurr again and then not having access to his daily quests might be not too appealing.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 197
7/11/2018 21:16:21   
you stop

Unless you have the seasonal BH Drone or any other Orb Clones, then I would suppose no. There's the option of farming for Receipt of Nulgath and using it with the Gem pet but that's a harder route imo.
AQW  Post #: 198
7/11/2018 23:25:39   

You can use the buyback shop to get Tenduur back once you turn him in for Kiss the Void. Although this means if you're doing Kiss the Void alot, you have to run to Nulgath, turn in the quest, log out, use buyback shop in Account Manager to get Tenduur again, log back in, run back to Nulgath, and accept quest again. It's not the most enjoyable process.

You can force Tenduurs to give you 2 blood gems. that'll probably take too long though since it's a daily.

EDIT: I was maxing out my nulgath supplies and noticed I'm only 60 blood gems away from being able to buy Nation House. Guess I'll be doing some Kiss the Void too.

Some tips for Kiss the Void
- Have an alt account sit at the Legion Fenrirs at /evilwarnul and possibly the tercess portal too, so you can just /goto them.
- Farm the 80 fragments of chaos from the 3 Chaos Gemeralds at /blindingsnow (requires partial completion of Nytheras Saga to access). The Fragments only drop while Kiss the Void is accepted.
- Keep a Legion Fenrir Lore Scroll in your inventory, or you will receive like 1000 scrolls from the Fenrirs while farming.

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DF AQW  Post #: 199
7/12/2018 10:10:14   
Constructive & Helpful!


Farm the 80 fragments of chaos from the 3 Chaos Gemeralds at /blindingsnow (requires partial completion of Nytheras Saga to access). The Fragments only drop while Kiss the Void is accepted.

I find it ever so slightly quicker to room hop in /Lair and killing the Water Draconians instead of room hopping in /Blindingsnow, when farming for Fragmenents of Chaos. It is possible to room hop with benefit in Blinding Snow, but it will always require you to move 1 screen up, which is not only an extra annoyance, but also what makes Water Draconians pull slightly ahead. And this is also with using Chaorrupter on Gemeralds and I believe it was using a 15% damage boost to test the Draconians, plus this was when lvl 65 was max level. Since members can get Evolved Dragon Blade easily, 1 shotting the Draconians should be easier than ever.

You will also get Alchemy Reagents, namely Ice Vapor and Dragon Scales while farming Draconians, which is essentially free Alchemy rep.

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AQW  Post #: 200
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