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Ancient, Primordial Beings [Some spoilers]

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1/29/2018 12:58:50   

In a previous thread discussing something Secundus said about the Plain of Elemental Spirits and its original inhabitants in the newest release, a post was made brings up Uthuluc from the Meet Aegis quest, I asked Dove about it out of shear curiosity and in this tweet he said Uthuluc was a primordial being like Kathool and was the first inhabitant of the Plain of Elemental Spirits. I feel this raises the question of if that plain and Lore both having ancient, immortal, beings then whats to say all the other plains don't have beings like them as well?

I made this thread since I feel like this could be a fun discussion to have that as far as I can tell we've never really talked about on here.
DF  Post #: 1
1/29/2018 13:54:35   

It seems interesting, I wonder if it is just the fact that the biggest and ugliest abomination wins the most fights and claims it's own piece of the Planes, or whether they are tied to the plane's origination somehow.
Post #: 2
1/29/2018 15:34:07   

Does it was first? Or there are Primordals tied to each element (Is there Nyarlathotep or Shub-Niggurath one?) Uthuluc sounds very watery (You know Cthulhu) (And we can suppose in Meet Aegis we were in ice realm as Aegis is ice.) so when it got free it wanted to retake it realm, does it have agenda? Or just want a piece of land for itself?
So many questions...
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
1/29/2018 15:49:05   

^ I'm not trying to sound mean but did you read the tweet, it says that Uthuluc I was THE original inhabitant of the Plain of Elemental Spirits, itís probably not that it wanted a specific realm back, it would make for sense that it wants the entire plain rid of what it considers invaders. I think itís more likely that each plain of existence has its own primordial that existed before anything else.
DF  Post #: 4
1/29/2018 16:11:19   

Reclaiming is what i meant by "wanting a piece of land for itself" (I wanted to be poetic and look ow it ended :p) i just wonder if there are others (Most likely as there many elements) And if any of them tolerates Spirits.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
1/29/2018 16:42:35   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept

Lore is created on the foundation of ancient beings and deities. There are Avatars, Elemental Lords, beings before time such as Kathool, and then your everyday super ancient being who existed before everything and considers existence "pollution".

As for this Uthuluc, perhaps we've already seen it before, maybe even on multiple occasions. I was pondering over what that ball of tendrils was in the middle of the Fire and Wind Paradigms. Maybe this is the original inhabitant of the Plane of Elemental Spirits. Looks eldritch enough.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
1/29/2018 23:21:03   

^ We have seen Uthuluc before, in the Meet Aegis quest. Since the Primordial ones seem to be based solely on the Cthulhu mythos I think Cthugha might be a more likely candidate for that for the all of tendrils, or maybe the tendrils are based on the ruler of the outer gods Azathoth.
DF  Post #: 7
1/30/2018 12:16:49   

DF  Post #: 8
1/30/2018 14:33:56   

Well, having now done some research on Cthulhu Mythos (I want to scrub my brain now), I feel that a Cthugha-like being is our better choice for the sun-creature. After all, it was imprisoned in the Sun...
Post #: 9
1/31/2018 6:21:29   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept


While something like Cthugha would make sense, Uthuluc has already been established as the primordial being of the Plane of Elemental Spirits. It's not impossible that there is another, similar being, but nothing other than Uthuluc has been confirmed.

While speculating within the realm of what's currently known, my hypothesis is that Aegis froze the majority of Uthuluc, but some of its tendrils were left unfrozen. As such, it could currently be semi-conscious and be wiggling about in its icy prison.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
2/3/2018 1:46:18   

I hadn't noticed that @Dove had linked an picture, We now have a more detailed image of what Uthulu making the Cthulhuness of him much clearer. Now I'm curious as to what Kathool is based on.

EDIT: I'm also now paranoid about how many of Dove's other comments have had links in them and I haven't noticed.

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DF  Post #: 11
2/10/2018 1:40:39   
AQW Tester
Lore Adept


Kathool and Uthuluc both seem to be based on Cthulhu. It could be that they are two halves of the same coin.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 12
2/12/2018 3:18:14   
AQW Lore-titician

Great sketch ^^ I imagine these deities would make a great theme in the Inn at the edge of time as a new duo/trio of bosses. Also, might serve as inspiration, this Darksiders boss reminds me of Ctulhu and your sketch a bit.
DF AQW  Post #: 13
2/12/2018 11:02:47   

Well since we may have two halves of a Cthultu based being, I'm now having flashbacks to the Anukete from Teen Wolf.

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
2/14/2018 12:55:15   

I'm just thinking though, why would Uthuluc be unique? Perhaps there are more eldritch beings, but we don't see them beside they are solitary, each claiming their own territory amongst the planes of reality. Ancient creatures, strangers to the realities they find themselves in, may be more common than we believe.

Do we believe that Kathool and Uthuluc are related somehow? Or is it more just like convergent evolution, and their similarities are superficial.
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