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=AQW= Design Notes Februrary 20th : Building a Better Prologue

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2/21/2018 11:25:26   
creepy gy


February 20, 2018
Building a Better Prologue
Swordhaven and ShadowFall Level Up
Return to Swordhaven and Shadowfall this weekend as we rebuild and revitalize two of the most popular areas in Lore with a smoother progression and new shop and farming rewards.

This week's revitalization changes take place in:
  • PortalUndead
  • WarHorc
  • SwordhavenUndead
  • CastleUndead
  • ShadowFall
  • ChaosCrypt
  • Castle
  • Prison
  • ForestChaos
Changes to these areas include...
  • Adding more "Guide Notes" like you see in Robina's text box in Swordhaven Undead, to help new heroes understand where to go next.
  • Updating many NPCs text boxes to help guide new heroes through zones.
  • Adding an Enhancement Shop and instructions to Cleric Dawn, so new heroes have one visible and handy before entering battle.
  • Monster level adjustments, to better match new heroes' levels as they play through the opening areas.
  • Updating item levels in the Chaos Shop: most new heroes are only level 5 when they unlock this. We're adjusting levels give them a few rewards sooner, but also give them a reason to come back to the shop as they level up.
  • Hiding "bonus NPCs" until new heroes have played through the zones at least once.
Featured Armor Set: Dark Knight of ShadowFall
This weekend, find the Dark Knight of ShadowFall armor in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu. Buy the armor for 1000 AdventureCoins to unlock the rest of the set for free in Battleon's Curio Shop. (Each of the accessories will cost 0 ACs, so you can store them in your bank for free, forever!)

The set includes:
  • Dark Knight of ShadowFall armor
  • Dark Knight's Blade
  • Dark Knight's Spear
  • Dark Knight's Crested Helm
  • Dark Knight's Helm
  • Evil Horns of the Dark Knight
  • Evil Horns + Locks of the Dark Knight
  • Dark Knight's Hair
  • Dark Knight's Horns
  • Dark Knigh's Face Morph
New Good Rewards
Theeeeeeeeey're great! This weekend, complete Empress Gravelyn's daily quest, Inquisitor Inquiry for a chance to get the pieces of the Golden Knight of ShadowFall set.

Then battle the Undead Giant in /SwordhavenUndead for a chance to get the pieces of the Royal Knight of Swordhaven set!

2009's Horc War Returns
This weekend, answer Cleric Dawnís call! The Greenguard Horc tribe has been quiet since 2009Ö but this week, Dawn needs your help to prevent them from over-running her Portal and reaching BattleOn!

If you were around back in the early days of AQWorlds, you might remember our micro-wars. These zones and their rewards were never intended to go perma-rare, so this week we'll be returning a permanent, static version of the Horc War (and over the next few months, we'll add the rest back in, as well).

If you're a more experienced Hero, we've got you covered. We've expanded the Horc War map and added increasingly difficult Horc monsters.., including the level 75 General Drox Ironhide. Get the item drops from the Horc Warriors, then battle the higher level mobs for a chance to get runes that will let you increase their damage ranges (and a small boost to gold)!

Why Go Back to Old Zones?
Good question! In the last (close to) 10 years, we've introduced over 1,000 unique zones, 3,000+ monsters, and almost more gear than a hero can count. With your help, we've had an incredible amount of amazing adventures, and have built a game we are truly proud of. But just like a Hero never stops training, WE never stop working to improve what weíve built. Join us this weekend, as we introduce changes designed to help new and experienced heroes enjoy opening zones of our story and the towns of Swordhaven and Shadowfall.

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[Sarcasm]Daily quests!!!! Wooooooo best thing ever. Can we get atleast one daily quest per week?[/Sarcasm]
On the bright side its very nice to see Horc War returning. Can we get Sneevil one too?

Have a tag! ~ kaos rules x

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1
2/21/2018 11:30:54   
Digital X

ArchKnight AQ GD

Royal Knight looks superb.

Good to see areas being rebuilt, that could open more places having the same procedure done to them I would imagine.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
2/21/2018 11:50:24   

Golden Knight of ShadowFall can only get as daily and rng on that ???? what
Post #: 3
2/21/2018 12:32:42   

i'm excited that the mini wars are returning
so much memory's with these mini wars
i can't wait for dwarfwar's return
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
2/21/2018 12:43:26   
creepy gy


It sounds more like you get one piece a day or you get one ingredient per day to get the pieces. Hopefully they wont go as far as not geting anything.

< Message edited by creepy gy -- 2/21/2018 12:44:04 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 5
2/21/2018 13:08:59   
  kaos rules x

Shadow Slayin' ArchKnight of AQW GD

I really like that Swordhaven and Golden Knight set. Iím glad theyíre not super long grinding items, as Iíve never been good at farming long term...since Iím still working on my first BLoD for either of my characters.

Iím also happy to see the return of the Horc war. I personally donít remember it, so I think itís one of the events that predates my character. Itís cool to see older events like that return so other people can enjoy them too.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
2/21/2018 13:14:06   

Man, I remember those mini-wars, including a certain, sneevil-infested one that was less "mini". They were pretty fun, and I think I still have some rares from that very first undead war somewhere in my bank.

I wish that the Shadowfall Knight set could be farmed, instead, or at least let us buy individual pieces of the set. The armor itself isn't bad, but I would love to use the spear or helm on AFDL without having to drop 1k ACs on an armor I doubt I'll use.


Clever, witty, and slightly Daemonic.
AQW Epic  Post #: 7
2/21/2018 13:45:18   
chida rijal

i am hyped for that royal knight armor, looks real good
AQW  Post #: 8
2/21/2018 13:48:05   

Looks cool. I don't mind the daily thing, gives me a reason to log in every day at least once. The drop rate can't be too low either when it's a daily.
Why does Gravelynn give the good armour set though? :x

I don't remember those mini-wars at all, despite playing every release every week when it came out since Beta... Odd. o-o
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
2/21/2018 13:51:10   
Iron Volvametal

Woah, woah, wait.

I never played one of these "mini-wars," I'm guessing from everyone's reaction they were really fun? How many mini-wars were there?

Also, does this mean that the loot it had will return?
AQW  Post #: 10
2/21/2018 13:59:38   
creepy gy

Dwarf War, Elemental War, Horc War, Lionfang War (I remember this one being big + its already rereleased), Mobius Part I, Pirate War, Sneevil War, Undead War, Voltaire / Live. There might be some more all I did was CTRL+F in war section on wiki and typed 2009.

Just looked at the Undead war and realized that this was actually my first war ever. I always thought that Sneevil one was but i remember getting Curve Bladed Polearm. I have been playing aqw for too long...

All of the items have Unknown Rarity so rare hunters shouldn't really be a problem here so fingers crossed.

< Message edited by creepy gy -- 2/21/2018 14:06:46 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 11
2/21/2018 14:28:10   
Iron Volvametal

I vaguely remember the Lionfang War, I think...

Was that one during Christmas or something?
AQW  Post #: 12
2/21/2018 14:48:32   
creepy gy

I think it came out on October together with 1st-upholder and doomknight class
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 13
2/21/2018 14:59:52   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester


These zones and their rewards were never intended to go perma-rare
So yes, the gear that came with the war will return as well.
AQ AQW  Post #: 14
2/21/2018 22:57:15   


All of the items have Unknown Rarity so rare hunters shouldn't really be a problem here so fingers crossed.

Here's the problem: items created before the standardization of using the Rare Rarity to signify perma rares, might actually have been intended as perma rares, but tagging them with the rarity was just not done for some reason. This is also why we have been able to send in items to have their rarities updated to Rare Rarity.

Items created after the Rare Rarity began being used for this are all good, though.

Since the DNs specifically state that these particular items were never intended to be perma rare, there shouldn't be a problem here, unless somehow, some of the items have since been tagged with Rare Rarity.
Post #: 15
2/22/2018 2:06:51   
Aura Knight

I'm liking the colors on royal knight of swordhaven but now that I look at the image more closely, somehow I feel the overall design will not be to my liking. I'll be optimistic and say it'll be fine though. The other two sets I care very little for.

Regarding the return of past mini-wars, that's nice I guess but I didn't care for them back then and likely won't care now. Since I've got to be somewhat smart with inventory space due to the desire to continue farming certain endgame items, I cannot pick up all non ac items even if they may look nice. Need to be a bit picky with those. Having checked the wiki regarding this particular war, I've concluded I don't care for any of those rewards.

This brings me to wonder if many others really do care for them returning. No one mentioned missing these mini-wars, so why decide now to return them? If this is just an excuse to add a bit more game context, I'm not sure it's worth doing. But I suppose we'll have to wait and see how this turns out.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 16
2/22/2018 2:25:14   

We all know that Royal Knight of Swordhaven won't have proper holding of the shield.
But I'm glad that it's farmable so I can just get it.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
2/22/2018 3:53:19   

Guess I have to wipe off the cobwebs from my stuff to visit these wars again. Sure is nostalgic, haha.
Is it just me, or have we remade the Prologue before?
DF  Post #: 18
2/22/2018 9:48:30   
Iron Volvametal

The prologue has been remade like 5 times already.

I remember the first time I played this game, looking valiantly atop the mountain while the game's name shows up.

...Where I proceded to fall off & roll down the mountainside for what seemed like a full 2 minutes.

What a great start to my adventure.

< Message edited by Iron Volvametal -- 2/22/2018 9:50:38 >
AQW  Post #: 19
2/22/2018 9:51:59   

This is like the 7th time the Prologue/Intro has been remade.
Post #: 20
2/22/2018 11:01:43   

The prologue/intro keep being remade probably because AQW is trying to keep new players from leaving and continue playing (and paying). I'm sure they have metrics showing that a lot of people create an account, play for maybe a few hours or days and then just leave. And they leave because the initial story is confusing and/or not compelling. And also probably because every zone they go to is completely empty... (And very few people are willing to help new players. They should find a way to reward people for helping others somehow...)
So they redo the prologue, redo the Book of Lore, try to make things less confusing, etc. It's all about the new players.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
2/22/2018 11:32:00   

Mini-Wars are coming back? Wow, I never thought I'd see them again. Kinda caught off guard/surprised, I thought they just dropped after 2009. Are the Horcs going to be the big pig ogres or are they going to be the new Horcs (originally the Orcs)?
AQW Epic  Post #: 22
2/22/2018 13:29:07   

If they did the Battle of Dwarfhold map, we will be able to fight D'wain Jonsen again.

A recent design note showed an Orc instead of those pig-like creatures that were first called Horcs. Then it started to get confusing from there. For all I know, somebody created the pig-like creatures by splicing the DNA of a pig and an orc. Now if we can only know how Dage the Evil and Laken created the insect-like Legion Airstrikes as a way to build the Undead Legion's army. We already know that Legion Fenrirs are enhanced werewolves that were created from a combination of Fenrir skulls, Dage the Evil's blood, and the Breath of Death where their only way of reproducing is by throwing copies of their armor into the Undead Legion's alter where they will find sleeping Legion Fenrirs in them the next day.
AQ  Post #: 23
2/22/2018 18:39:24   

We have had multiple tutorials.

First, there was the /intro and /newbie maps. Not really tutorial though, more like a game intro.
Then, there was the /tutorial map. An actual tutorial.
Also, there's a /tutor map.
Then, there was /breakstone, and /stonehand, and now /oaklore...
AQW  Post #: 24
2/23/2018 0:20:28   

Dang, I've still got the Savage Warlord armor from that first Horc war. It's a rad armor, so hopefully it comes back so others can use it. It'd be cool if this new Ironhide boss has a cool rendition of the Tyrant blade.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 25
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