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RE: =AQW= Design Notes Februrary 20th : Building a Better Prologue

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2/23/2018 4:21:21   

So since they're revitalizing swordhaven and shadowfall, how long will it be until we get the NPC bonus "derp" scenes that makes the prologue get upgraded random comedy? Like the thunder/lighting didn't make us fall down from the beginning of the first prologue. then the derpfish comes out to smack us down?

To giant tog fake faint falldown from behind makes us fall from the cliff from the wind pressure, or the gamgam parody moglin distracts us and we fall because somebody off screen punted Twilly at our face?

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DF  Post #: 26
2/23/2018 20:01:23   
Aura Knight

I've checked out a few of the new areas, first being /swordhavenundead since I wanted the Royal Swordhaven Guard set that drops from the undead giant. A nice reward from a simple "boss" but I still have some issues with this. The set itself is quite nice and while I do appreciate there are items for both members and non-members, I can't help but feel disappointed the set isn't ac tagged. Certainly seems like it deserves to be so. If we're considering this is for new players, it would be quite nice for them. Assuming they only have 30 inventory spaces, they can't always hold on to items which is unfortunate. There isn't anything too special about this set but it does look quite nice and I don't have much reasoning to support a possible change to giving it an ac tag other than what I mentioned. Not that such a thing is a good enough reason. However, when we look at some past sets there are some that I can't help but question the decision to give them ac tags. These are sets which are likely farmed for and then banked, never to be equipped. Why do those deserve an ac tag? What makes the royal knight of swordhaven an exception? The daily inquisitor rewards are ac tagged. But why? Are they any special? We don't yet know, but I doubt they are. This is merely my opinion, but between the two, it's the royal knight set that looks better. I just think it would be a good bonus for new players. They can get a new set and not worry about not having space if it does have an ac tag.

Now, about the return of the horc war, it's great that it came back. I don't actually remember it but it's nice anyway. The problem with this, is that like the issue regarding the royal knight set, none of the rewards are ac tagged. And for the same reasons listed above, I think it would be a good thing if they are. The merge rewards give decent enough bonuses so players would want them. And they seem simple enough to obtain, making them more desirable for new players. However, the issue of space should be considered. Now, these rewards aren't anything special in terms of looks. In fact, these aren't weapons or items I'd want to get. But there may be some players who do want these, yet cannot pick them up due to inventory issues. Yes, the solution to this could be as simple as buying more space, but what if that isn't an option? As I've said before, there are other items that get ac tags and those items aren't exactly useful. These can be useful with their bonuses. I'm sure any new player would love to see some extra damage boosts from their starting items.

Also in this area we have another 100k+ hp boss. If the horc war is meant to be an area for beginning players and one where they can have fun, giving them an hp sponge as a boss is a mistake. I've been playing the game since the very start and I rarely, if ever, enjoy a boss like that. By including bosses like that, the game becomes quite boring. We're forced to repeatedly fight high hp monsters and hoping rng is in our favor. Unfortunately, it almost never is. For a level 20 zone, it may be better if the hp of the boss was around 25k or maybe 50k. Still fairly high but not as annoying as near 150k. I don't speak for everyone though and there may be exceptions to this. Some players might enjoy having high HP monsters as they do have their advantages. But, if we're only thinking of new players, given what I've experienced the many years I've played this game, monsters with fewer hp is usually ideal. The undead giant which drops the royal knight set only has a bit under 700 hp and it drops a set. I'm not yet aware of what the drops from the horc war boss are, but I doubt they are worth a new player's time.

It wasn't as if I expected much from this week's release but I feel mostly disappointed. If there are some adjustments, my opinion of it would probably change to a more positive one, but as it stands, this week's release seems like one we could skip and not miss out on much. It's too bad though. I was so looking forward to the royal knight set. Could have matched quite nice with a few sets I use.

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 27
2/23/2018 20:12:46   

Greetings to everyone.

The Royal Swordhaven Guard should stop being a drop set from Undead Giant and become a reputation set (Good Reputation), because for this armor it is much better to be a reputation set than a drop set.

Reason: good the quality of the art in the armor to make it a reputation set of rank 8.( I do not think it's a big reason but it's my opinion anyway)

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AQW  Post #: 28
2/23/2018 21:35:54   

I don't know if anyone else has gotten this, but it seems the Art/UI for at least some of the classes has changed. Abyssal Angel's skills have new art for the icons, but when looking through my classes, none of the other ones seem to have gotten this update. It looks very different to AQW's usual art style, but I like it.

New Abyssal Angel skill icons.


Clever, witty, and slightly Daemonic.
AQW Epic  Post #: 29
2/23/2018 21:38:53   
Aura Knight

Arklen tweeted about how some class skill icons will be getting updates. Today, it was Abyssal Angel and Scarlet Sorceress. I like the new ones for SS more than AA.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 30
2/24/2018 0:43:14   

the changes are a bit ehh for experienced players but it ain't for us so again ehh.

As far as the drop from the undead giant goes, its a nice enough armor but don't care enough to hunt after it. Much prefer the set from the shadowfall daily quest even if it'll take everyone a while to get everything.

Its a nice little nostalgia trip to go back through Horcwar but without drops I really question the rational of there being such a big hp sponge of a boss in a area that by all means is a low level area.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 31
2/25/2018 12:05:16   

When they re-released the Horc War map, they expanded it and renamed the monster that was just named "Horc" as Horc Master.

It was nice of Robina to share in the Lore of the Horcs. The pink ones with pig-like heads are called Pink Horcs and are the weakest species of Horcs while the Green Horcs we come to know and love are the strongest of the two species.
AQ  Post #: 32
2/25/2018 19:19:23   

I hope they bring back more old wars and areas
can wait for more :3
AQW  Post #: 33
2/26/2018 0:30:42   

Don't you mean, "Can't wait for more?"
AQW  Post #: 34
2/26/2018 14:05:37   

Like the one with Dwain Jonsen, the Summon Lich, and the one with Incubus while including a cutscene for the latter?
AQ  Post #: 35
2/27/2018 22:31:09   

Can someone update the wiki? After several hours of grinding I can practically guarantee the "Boss Prize" ONLY drops from General Drox. Nothing else.
It looks like other things are wrong too. I'm pretty sure the Mighty Horc Club does NOT do 30-30 damage.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 36
2/28/2018 1:18:39   

FR & AQW Q&A/Sugg

@Darches: I'm looking into the Boss Prize item. As for Mighty Horc Club, you're correct. One of the wiki editors (for whatever reason, I have no idea why) removed the correct base damage and put an incorrect one. It has since been corrected.

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AQW  Post #: 37
2/28/2018 11:06:41   
Doxus the OverLord

At the end, this release gave me a reason to login to farm for something.
And I'm hoping this week will be cool. Already stocking up my LTs to max stack'em.
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