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CT Duel - Oasis Arena - Riprose123 vs Caststarter

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2/22/2018 10:19:52   

Gryffin Warrior of DF GD & RP

The crash of waves. The coolness of spray on bare skin. The scent of brine brought by a fresh breeze. All served as constant reminders of the surrounding water. In its depths lurked greatness. In its azure abyss, hid danger and death.

Like an oasis in the desert, the lone sandbar offered brief respite from the churning tides. A sanctuary of white-gold dunes, warm and slippery underfoot. The island showed no signs of life save for a single palm, its branches heavy with fruit, waving in the wind in the center of the island. Clouds, gray and foreboding, blocked the sunlight, washing out the brightness of colors and serving as yet another reminder.

The ocean never remained calm for long.

Let the battle between Riprose and Augustus begin!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
2/23/2018 12:14:54   

Ether-knight of DF Q&A/EDBalance

The great general waited for a time. A time of patience and impatience intertwining, before he was whisked away onto an isolated island. He reared up his head, almost relishing the events that are about to conspire against him.

Armor, sinking heavily to a point in the deserted sand, where it brought no attention to the mind of not only a warrior, but a great general who sought glory. Ostentatious cape, flying with the wind, trailblazing a history that is about to be written by battle. Halberd, still glistening even in the most downtrodden of landscapes, able to pierce the foundation of the land. Standing tall, he marched forward, the bottom spike of his weapon driven deep into the sand. Augustus, a man whose calling is the warrior, general, and power, knows no bounds. He leaned back his head, neck cracking loudly as he glared at his opponent.

His voiced boomed across the entire arena, almost as if he is commanding an army in front of him. "So, you are the one who shall do battle with me?" In an instant, he whirled his weapon above his head, rotating it rapidly before heaving it downward, spike aimed directly at the opposing man's neck. The gem shined with a brilliant light, giving a sharp flash even from a distance, as if it came from the gem itself instead of the sky's light. "Then it shall be I, Augustus, who shall drive a painful memory into your mind! Destiny awaits, come and fetch it!"

Augustus' ennui came to an end, for now the activity he grew to admire came back. Battle, it has returned. Blood shall drip across his blade... and scatter across the sand dunes.
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4/13/2018 0:55:09   

Riprose strode lightly across the uneven, stepping lightly and leaving only the softest of indents on the sandy shore. As the sun beat down on him, threatening to add to his already considerable tan, he was gladdened to have left his thick coat behind before he came to this place. The weather here was much sunnier than the northern forests he was used to. It would be interesting, he decided, to try and fight on unfamiliar terrain. He gripped his bow tightly as he strode towards a tall, imposing figure covered in crystalline armor. The man, if such a behemoth could be called such, caught sight of the whip thin elf before him, and moved as well, closing the distance with heavy, powerful steps. For a moment, Riprose thought of piercing the man with an arrow, but couldn't make out a weakness in his heavy armor, and he knew he wasn't a good enough shot to hit the man's head. Before the long though, the man stopped a spear's jab away from him, booming out in a loud voice, worthy of a field marshall, "So, you are the one who shall do battle with me?"

These words came with a rapid rotation of his heavy spear in the air. Riprose tensed, dropping his bow, not sure if the man intended to attack, or merely intimidate. His concerns were answered a spit second later as the man stabbed fiercely towards his neck. Riprose ducked quickly, the tip of the spear slipping into the empty air where just a second ago his head had sit comfortably. Riprose lept to the side deftly, undoing a buckle with quick hands, allowing his quiver to drop from his back. With his free sword hand he grasped the hilt potruding from over his shoulder, a light ringing illiciting the air as his blade shone brightly in the tropic sun. He drew it before his body in a salute to his opponent, before adopting a light dueling stance, ready to parry or redirect anything that came his way.

"You have an impressive voice," said Riprose, rocking slightly on his feet, "the voice of a man used to leading charges. You're quick too. This will be fun."
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5/13/2018 0:34:46   

Ether-knight of DF Q&A/EDBalance

Augustus cracked his neck a tad, before he glared at the man, now obviously an elf, that stood before him. Seems to be a perfectly normal duelist; mundane, typical. Perhaps it will provide short amusement, considering he removed all possible ranged weaponry. Said amusement would also end too shortly most likely if he manifested or conjure.

The mighty general's eyes quickly analyzed the stance. Too ready to move at least against a normal attack. But he wielded a halberd, a weapon of reach and versatility unmatched by most military weaponry. A sword against it? Advantage in favor of the polearm, as polearms normally provide.

"Hopefully your own quickness will give you leverage," right after he quipped, he thrusted his halberd once more, but off-target subtly; he levied the head near the opponent's knees, quickly maneuvering one of the halberd's hooks to catch on, before drawing inward hoping to pull him down the ground. Then, he quickly spun the halberd with the bottom spike facing at the elf, before giving a swift jab to where ever he moves. Give no moment of reprieve, keep attacking or pursuing.
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